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Nineteenth Century The Oldest Joint Stock Bank of the Country, Allahabad Bank was founded on April 24, 1865 by a group of Europeans at Allahabad. At that juncture Organized Industry, Trade and Banking started taking shape in India. Thus, the History of the Bank spread over three Centuries Nineteenth, Twentieth and Twenty-First.

April 24, 1865's 1890's Twentieth Centuryy 1920's 1923 July 19, 1969 October, 1989 1991

The Bank was founded at the confluence city of Allahabad by a group of Europeans.

The Bank became a part of P & O Banking Corporation's group with a bid price of Rs.436 per share, The Head Office of the Bank shifted to Calcutta on Business considerations. Nationalized along with 13 other banks, Branches - 151 Deposits Rs.119 crores, Advances - Rs.82 crores. United Industrial Bank Ltd. merged with Allahabad Bank. Instituted AllBank Finance Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary for Merchant Banking.

Twenty-First Century

October, 2002

The Bank came out with Initial Public Offer (IPO), of 10 crores share of face value Rs.10 each, reducing Government shareholding to 71.16%. Follow on Public Offer (FPO) of 10 crores equity shares of face value Rs.10 each with a premium of Rs.72, reducing Government shareholding to 55.23%. The Bank Transcended beyond the National Boundary, opening Representative Office at Shenzen, China. Rolled out first Branch under CBS.

April, 2005

June, 2006 Oct, 2006

February, 2007 March 2007

The Bank opened its first overseas branch at Hong Kong. Bank's business crossed Rs.1,00,000 crores mark.

Sh. J.P. Dua- chairman and M.D 8 am to 8 pm- har kadam aap ke sath Introducing banking ji bharke Press Corner 2011

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Allahabad Bank revises Base Rate and BPLR Allahabad Bank declares Audited Financial Results for March, 2011 Allahabad Bank allots 2.95 Crore Shares to Central Government Allahabad Bank holds Extra-Ordinary General Meeting Allahabad Bank increases BPLR Allahabad Bank increases Base Rate, BPLR & Term Deposit Rate Allahabad Bank declares FY-2010-11-Q3 Results Presentation on Performance for the quarter and Nine Months Period ended 31st December 2010

Allahabad Bank revises Base Rate and BPLR Allahabad Bank, one of the leading nationalized banks of the country, has decided to revise its Base Rate alongwith the Benchmark Prime Lending Rate (BPLR) upwards by 50 basis points. In consideration of changes in the interest rate scenario and other relevant factors, the Base Rate of the Bank will now be 10.00% up from 9.50% and the BPLR will be 14.25% up from 13.75%. The revision will be effective from 6th May, 2011. The existing customers of the Bank will have the option to switch from BPLR to the Base Rate whenever they so desire for which no fee would be charged. Publicity Department Head Office Kolkata 5th May, 2011 Allahabad Bank allots 2.95 Crore Shares to Central Government ALLAHABAD BANK, a Premier Nationalised Bank of the country, allotted 2,95,15,418 Equity Shares to the Central Government at Rs.227/- per share on Preferential Allotment basis on

31.03.2011 in terms of the decision of the Central Govt. to infuse Capital of Rs.670.00 crore (approx) and the approval of the Shareholders by passing Special Resolution in the Extraordinary General Meeting held in Kolkata on 23rd March, 2011. With the allotment of these Shares, the holding of the Government of India in the Bank stands increased from existing 55.23% to 58%. Publicity Department, Head Office Date : 01.04.2011 ALLAHABAD BANK HOLDS EXTRA-ORDINARY GENERAL MEETING

Shri J.P.Dua, CMD, Allahabad Bank, addressing the Shareholders during the Extra Ordinary General Meeting ALLAHABAD BANK, a Premier Nationalised Bank of the country, organised Extra-Ordinary General Meeting today on the 23rd day of March, 2011 at Salt Lake, Kolkata , in which large number of Shareholders were present / participated. Shri J.P.Dua, Chairman & Managing Director, Shri D. Sarkar and Shri M.R.Nayak, Executive Directors, Shri D.K.Kapila, Shareholders Director, Dr. Shakeel Uz Zaman Ansari, Government Nominee Director, Shri Gour Das, Employee Nominee Director graced the occasion. Shri R.K.Gaur, Under Secretary, Dept. of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India, represented the Govt. of India. The Extra-Ordinary General Meeting was held today to get shareholders approval for issuance & allotment 29515418 Equity Shares of Rs. 10 each at a premium of Rs. 217 per share amounting to Rs. 670 crore approx to the Govt. of India on Preferential allotment basis .

In his keynote address, Shri J.P.Dua, Chairman & Managing Director of the Bank said that Business of the Bank has increased by 29.99% in December,2010 over December,2009. To meet the increasing requirement of business and to shore up long term resources & capital base, the Govt. of India initially approved capital infusion of Rs. 292 crore approx to attain minimum Tier 1 capital adequacy ratio of 8% as on 31.3.2011. Subsequently Govt has increased the capital infusion from Rs. 292 crore to Rs. 670 crore for increasing Govt. of India holding in the Bank from existing 55.23% to 58%. Shri Dua, while replying to the queries by the Shareholders, said that Bank is performing well and has been progressing year after year with the enormous support and confidence reposed by the shareholders and customers on this glorious Bank. This proposed Capital Infusion in the Bank will help the Bank to have a strong capital base which will enable the Bank to raise further capital to enhance its Business further. The increase in Business will result in improvement in profitability and in turn will add to Shareholders wealth. Publicity Department, Head Office Date : 23.03.2011

Allahabad Bank Housing Finance Scheme

Eligibility Salaried persons, Professionals & Self-Employed and Businessmen having regular income to liquidate the loans Age Minimum: 21 years Maximum: Age of retirement for salaried class & 70 years for others. Purpose:
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For construction of residential house on land already owned. For purchase of New / Old / Unfinished house/flat and renovation /extension /repair of the same. For purchase of plot and construction of house thereon For renovation / extension / repair of residential house already owned.

Loan amount: For salaried persons: Up to 60 times of monthly gross salary

For others: Up to 4 times of gross annual Income Nature of Loan: Term Loan Margin: For loans up to Rs 20.00 Lacs - 25% of Project cost. For loans above Rs 20.00 Lacs - 20% of Project cost. Project cost consists of:
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Purchase price of land/house/flat. Cost of construction/renovation/extension (if applicable) Stamp duty and registrations charges as applicable. Accrued interest amount of moratorium period, if proposed to be capitalized Premium of Loan Insurance. Click here for Rate of interest

Click here for Processing Fees, Prepayment Penalty, Documentation Charges, Mortgage and other charges Security: Primary: Equitable / Registered Mortgage of the property Or Pari-Passu / Second charge over the property if the borrower (salaried person) has already availed loan from his/her organization. Repayment Period:
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Salaried Persons: Length of remaining service, Maximum 25 years Others: Remaining period in attaining the age of 70, Maximum 20 years Repayment period will be exclusive of moratorium period.

Moratorium Period - Maximum 18 months Special Features:

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Repayment option for salaried persons To extended repayment period upto 5 years after retirement Bullet Payment To deposit some Lump Sum amount from future cash flows and to amend repayment schedule accordingly Progressive Monthly Installments (PMI) Options -Under this, the initial monthly installments for the first 5 years shall be kept lower i.e. @ 80% of normal EMI, for financial comfort which will be increased gradually/.

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Take over of housing loans from other finance companies / financial institutions / banks. For acquiring 2nd residential unit. Supplementary Finance for carrying out alterations/ additions/repairs to the house/flat or for finishing Supplementary / Additional finance to individuals who have availed housing loans from their employer on the basis of pari-passu charge / Second Charge Insurance cover to the extent of loan liability for entire repayment.. . 3rd Party Guarantee not required

Flexi-Fix Deposit

1. Introduction: 1.1 The scheme gives maximum return without sacrificing the liquidity. 2. The Scheme: 2.1 Salient features and Rules of the Scheme are as follows :

It is a running account consisting of multiple units of simple or compound interest fetching Term Deposit Accounts like normal Fixed Deposit or Double Deposit Plan respectively. No Term Deposit Receipt will be issued for the deposits. Instead, a specially designed pass book will be issued to the depositor, in which all the particulars regarding deposits, withdrawals, interest credit/ debit are recorded. However, the account under the scheme will be linked to a base account, which may be a Savings Bank or Current Account. For payment of interest or the maturity amount of a unit or at the time of premature withdrawal of a unit, as the case may be, the proceed thereof, net of TDS, as and where applicable, will be automatically swept to the base account for making the funds available at the disposal of the depositor/s. Under the scheme, a depositor is required to make an initial deposit of Rs.25,000/- or more in multiples of Rs.5,000/- as Fixed Deposit/ Double Deposit Plan for a fixed period of one year. Thereafter, the depositor can make any number of deposits in multiples of Rs.5,000/- each at any time in the account for a period of one year. Every Rs.5,000/- in the account will be treated as a separate unit of deposit.

The depositor will be required to maintain a minimum principal outstanding of Rs.25,000/- i.e. 5 units of Rs.5,000/- each at all points of time. In case of fall in principal outstanding in the account below Rs.25000/-, the facility of further deposit of units in the account will stand withdrawn. The depositor is free to withdraw any amount of the principal in multiples of Rs.5,000/at any time before maturity without affecting the remaining units of deposit. However, the depositor will be required to maintain a minimum principal outstanding of Rs.25,000/- i.e. 5 units of Rs.5,000/- each at all points of time, as stated hereinabove.There will be no penalty for the prematurely withdrawn units. The rate of interest for the units will be the rate prevailing on the date of deposit of the individual unit/s for the period of one year. In case of premature withdrawal of a unit, interest due, if any, will be paid net of TDS, as and where applicable, at the rate prevailing on the date of deposit of the unit for the period for which the deposit remained with the Bank No interest will be paid for premature withdrawal of a unit if the deposit remains with the Bank for a period less than 15 days. The balance units remaining in the account will continue to earn interest at the contracted rates for the individual units. Usual account opening procedures and formalities including observance of KYC and AML guidelines will be followed. In addition, a special letter for opening account under the scheme will be obtained from the depositor/s. No loan will be allowed against this deposit.

Kisan Credit Card

A unique scheme for farmers under which they can draw loan amount in cash for crop production as well as domestic needs from the card issuing branch within the sanctioned limit. The details are as under: 1. Eligibility : Farmers having agricultural land, Pattaholders (i.e. land allotees) and Tenants Farmers forming "Joint Liability Group" are eligible. 2. Loan Limit : Limit is fixed to meet the cost of cultivation of crops based on land holding and also for repairing/maintenance/purchasing small farm equipments and domestic needs. There is no minimum or maximum loan limit. 3. Card : A common card named "Kisan Credit-cum-Kisan Shakti Card" is issued to the farmers on fixation of loan limit. 4. Rate of interest : Click here for rate of interest. However, as per Union Budget Announcement, interest will be charged @7% p.a. for Short Term Crop Loan under KCC upto Rs. 3.00 lac.

5. Security : a. For loans upto Rs.1,00,000/- : Hypothecation of crops & movable assets. b. For loans above Rs.1,00,000/-: iii. Hypothecation of crops & movable assets. iv. Mortgage of land or charge on land as per Agricultural Credit Operation Act of the states concerned or Guarantee from two persons of adequate means and repute acceptable to Bank. Or Charge/ lien over liquid securities in the form of Fixed Deposit/ NSC/ Kisan Vikash Patra etc. providing full cover to the limit granted. Repayment : . The aggregate credit into the KCC account during the 12 months period should at least be equal to the maximum outstanding in the account And i. 2. 3. No drawal in the account shall remain outstanding for more than 12 months Validity : Card is valid for 3 years subject to annual review. Features : y No admission/membership fee is levied by the Bank. y A pass book is issued along with card to record transactions. y Cardholders are covered under Personal Accident Insurance Scheme with sum assured for Rs.50,000/- against death/permanent total disability/ loss of two limbs/ eyes or one limb & one eye and Rs.25,000/- for loss of one limb/eye on payment of premium of Rs.5/- p.a by the cardholder. y Specified crops in notified areas grown under Kisan Credit Card is covered under Rashtriya Krishi Bima Yojna subject to notification issued by the State Government concerned. For further details, please visit nearest branch of our Bank

ASBA (Application

Supported by Blocked Amount) Facility

Bank has started a supplementary & new facility "Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA)" process for applying in IPO/ FPO/ Right Issues where fund in the investors Bank account is blocked to the extent of application amount by marking lien at the time of subscribing in public issues. On allotment of equity shares, corresponding amount is remitted to the issuers account and lien is removed on the balance amount, if any. ASBA facility is offered to the SB/CT account holders of the Bank only through more than 467 Designated Branches of the Bank at various locations. ASBA physical form can be obtained from these designated Branches or may be downloaded from NSE website by clicking on ASBA e-forms under Key Links and can be submitted to any of the Designated Branches. List of Designated Branches is available on Banks website. It is pertinent to mention that SEBI has recently increased the maximum investment limit to Rs. 2 lac for individual category investors.

All Ayushman Bima Yojana

The Scheme is available to all depositors of the Bank maintaining Savings Bank/ Current A/c./Term Deposit Accounts, aged between 18-54 years. By submitting a simple membership form to their branches and without going for medical test, the Depositors can insure their lives for a sum of Rs 1 lac. The Bank has launched this Scheme in collaboration with Life Insurance Corporation of India. Under the Scheme, the depositors of the Bank existing as well as new, by paying a nominal premium can insure their lives for Rs.1 lac and in case of death of the insured person, natural as well as accidental, the claimant can get the sum insured i.e. Rs.1 lac without any hassles, from LIC through the Bank's branch. 1. Eligibility: All depositors of the Bank viz. Savings Bank, Current Accounts & Term Depositors, aged between 18 - 54 years, are eligible to become the member of the Scheme. The cover begins on completion of 18 years and ceases on attaining 55 years. In case a person holds more than one account in the same branch/ or other branches of ALLAHABAD BANK, he/ she can be a member of the Scheme only once and in the event of more than one claim being received, claim will be paid under only one account and the premium if any received under other accounts will be refunded. In the case of joint accounts, cover will be extended to individual account holder separately on the basis of individual applications/consent cum authorisation letters and No objection Certificate (NOC) from co-account holders.

2. Benefits:
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Depositors can insure their lives for one year without going for any medical examination. Premium paid by the depositors under the Scheme is eligible for tax benefit under Sec. 88 of Income Tax. Annual Renewal Date: 1st July.

4. Premium: The Premium would be deducted from depositors account Savings Bank / Current Account, on the basis of his/ her age, and would be as under Category I II Depositor's Age Group Annual Premium in Rs. 18 - 35 years Above 35 - 50 years 172.00 384.00


Above 50 - 54 years


Members joining in the middle of the year would have to pay proportionate premium upto annual renewal date i.e. 1st July of next year. If a member joins the Scheme on dates other than 1st of any month, full months premium will be recovered. Thereafter the next premium will fall due on the annual renewal date, on a continuous basis. In case a member in the age group under category I or II crosses over to next age group as on any renewal date, then the premium as applicable to that age group would be charged. 5. Membership Number: A unique number would be assigned to each depositor who opts for the Scheme.

Option once exercised, by depositor, will remain in force until it is withdrawn by him by giving specific request in writing to the branch. Such withdrawal will be effective only from the following annual renewal date. Procedure for Lodging Claim with LIC (in case of death of insured depositor accidental or natural)

On the death of a member, the Bank has to be informed immediately. The concerned branch will lodge the claim with LIC within 90 days from date of death. However, in case of death, except accidental, during the first 45 days from date of joining the scheme no claim will be paid. On death of a member, the claim amount is payable to the nominee as given by the account holder in the consent letter.

Cash Management Services

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Objective Special Features CMS Products o Payment  Dividend Warrant/ Interest Warrant  Demand Draft Payment  Internal Fund Transfer Debit/Credit  NEFT  RTGS o Collection  Upcountry/ Outstation Cheque Collection

Benefits to the Corporate Customers


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Delivering, high value comprehensive, reliable solutions 100% CBS Branches Coordinated deliveries MIS Unique Relationship Unified CMS Solutions

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Clear Fund Guaranteed Credit  Local Cheque Collection  House Cheque Collection  Post Dated Cheque Collection  Direct Clearing ECS Debit/Credit Liquidity Management Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment