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Mob. +255 713 443307, +255 713 123457 mail: info@altra.co.tz E www.a ltra co.tz .

Our Goal

Is to make our of clients to achieve their core business objectives and provides them with a reliable solutions to manage their operations effectively.

Our mission

Is to help in advancing the client organizations by providing and successfully delivering a complete world class services. Management solutions and related Infrastructure consultancy services.

Our Vision

Is to maintain our leadership in Information Management market. Build a coherent business services to deliver highly successful Internet based solution using proper business transformation and through deployment of modern technologies.

ALTRA Technologies Limited is a private c o m p a n y o w n e d b y a team of ICT specialists found in 2006 and officially incorporated in Tanzania Registrar of Companies in 2010. The Company specializes in providing network design, installation and management, supply of network equipment, network maintenance and support services. ALTRA Technologies is a leading provider of Information Technology and Telecommu nications solutions to various stakeholders . We s p e c i a l i z e i n h i g h performance and high a v a i l a b i l i t y solutions. Our consultants have varying s pe c i a l ti e s through advanced t r a i n i n g p r o g r a m s from our several principals covering design, deployment and operations management. QUALITY is a keyword for ALTRA Technologies. We are constantly improving our efforts to maintain a high standard of quality in all aspects of our service towards our customers, our partners. To that end we continuously invest in training and skills upgrading of our technicians and consultants. ALTRA Technologies focuses on High performance networks Telecommu nications Infrastructure B u i l t -Out N e t w o r k and Communications m a n a g e m e n t systems Non-stop computing infrastructure for e-Business build-out


Having access to a live mobile and fixed network means we can perform real-life tests of new product ideas. Our solutions are always provided in response to real customers needs. We know the VAS market & services. We have ready technical know how, manpower and recognized contents. Specialized in mobile technologies, knowledge-base services enable operators to achieve real time business with their TIME (Telecommunications, IT, Media and Entertainment) partners. Mobile Entertainment Mobile Entertainment includes important new applications, such as Ring-Back Tones contents and background Music are driving revenue today. Mobile Messaging Mobile Messaging includes proven revenue generators such as SMS and MMS for both MO and MT Billing contents, Community Mesaging, using our advanced SMPP applications. Mobile Voice Enhancements Mobile Voice includes many applications that enhance the basic mobile voice experience. Prepaid applications, missed-call alerts, and a long list of applications enabled with advanced signaling capabilities help reduce customer churn and capture mobile revenue. Royalty Application Altra Technologies offer customized application for royalty and campaign management, this stimulate usage of services (voice, SMS) in period of low subscribers activity to engage young people to brand and increase subscribers loyalty and revenue.


ALTRA uses state of heart technology in installation, testing and monitoring performance of satellite. Our field experienced and professional personnel are our strength and assurance of the service delivered. From front-end consulting and planning, to integrating, installing, coordinating and managing Satellite technology solutions, Altra Technologies has the depth and experience to respond to unique challenges and opportunities. Based upon the experience and expertise Altra Technologies has gained through successful installations, the communications challenge is turned into a success for its customer. We feel each project should be considered from the end users perspective and always ask how we can offer the most value or opportunity for profit to our customer. Regardless of the system requirements, we create complete end-to-end solutions.


ALTRA Technologies designs, implements and m a n a g e s W A N /VPN and L A N . We do structu red cabling design and implementation for LAN, create VLAN S to sepa rate traffic between users hence limiting broadcasts over a network, designing and building state of the art WiFi networks using strong encryption algorithms and range boosted access points. We start from selecting app ropriate equipments needed such as routers, switches, radios and access points to RF and infrastructure planning SOFTWARE AND WEBSITES DEVELOPMENT Altra Technologies handles every aspect of Web development; from the concept, to publishing your web page. We offer a single source solution for your every web site related requirements such as design, development, hosting and submitting key words to search engine at a competitive price. Our services include: Complete HTML services Streamlined Graphics for the Web JAVA Scripting Style Sheets Layers Macromedia FLASH Presentations Interactive Web-based Training Hosting Search Engine submittal

Altra Technologies provide a range of software development in different programming platforms, Strong software design, coding, testing and documentation capabilities In-depth capabilities in programming with C, C++, Visual BASIC, Visual Studio Dot Net, Java, HTML, XML, Cold Fusion, SP and Java Server Pages (JSP) Significant expertise in VX-Works, UNIX, Windows, and LINUX Extensive programming experience using LabView / Lab Windows

In-depth MS SQL, Oracle, X-Base, and MS Access experience CISCO

ALTRA recomm ends Cisco rout ers and switches in building intelligent, self-defending network with best-in-class security services. Altra Technologies Services help to ensure that your Cisco products and netw ork operate efficiently and benefit from the m ost up-to-date system and application softw are. Altra Technologies support services designed to m eet your business needs and assist you in effectively m anaging netw ork services required to m aintain high-quality netw ork perform ance w hile controlling operational costs. SOLARWINDS

This is a powerful network mana gement tool for easily and effectively managing and troubleshooting a network. It contains different tools for troubleshoot ing a network, monitoring and alert in real time on network availability, performing robust network diagnostic for troubleshoot ing and quickly resolving complex network issu es, discovering network tools and managing Cisco devices. NETWORK SECURITY AND ANTVIRUS SOLUTIONS

We provide Network performance monitoring tools to assist Network administrators in m a n a g i n g complex networks. ALTRA uses i n d u s t r i a l security vendors like Symantec, McAfee, Cisco, SonicWALL and QualysGuard Malware


Altra Technologies offers a professional, comprehensive program focused on different types of Air Conditions (AC) repair quantities and unique custom sub-assembly requirements. We undertake component level repair of subassemblies for a wide range AC types. We specialized in repair various types of ACs and can assist with overload problems of cooling systems in office and residential buildings. We specialize in Out of Warranty, End of Life, Legacy and obsolete AC machines. All of our work is done by certified AC and electronics technicians. We have a strict quality assurance program to ensure outstanding performance of the AC. We offers full service repair, testing, refurbishment, modification, engineering and design facility. Highly trained technicians. Reverse engineering and repair of AC that have less cooling performance Maintenance for AC Systems AC Preventive Maintenance program


ALTRA understand the importance of printing facility in supporting the business operation on day to day basis, and we provide the state

of heart support in servicing and repair of the photocopy machines.


Altra Technologies also are mainly focusing on stored Information and Data Management, enabling clients to maximize the use of information in their day to day operations in a secure and safe manner, we believe that data management starts from data structuring, which is unique for most of clients depending on their model of operations and geographical spread, following is what one should expect from products: Centralized information repository serving the whole company from a single location (archiving and document management), giving the company the ability to have effective data management in terms of security, back-up, data integrations and enhance efficiency while maintaining cost effective operation at the data center. Centralized tracking and management of tasks across the enterprise, enabling clients to monitor bottlenecks and insure smooth and effective operations Flexible framework ready to incorporate all types of business processes needed by the Operations Controlled multi-channel distribution and treatment of information Adaptability to enterprise organizational structure and workflows for smooth operation Quick and easy deployment of systems weather at server or users desktops Secure, stable investment designed for scalability and flexibility to meet future growth and change Customization to allow user to modify and enhance the system and to permit users to get full benefit of technology Automated capabilities permitting transparent resource management Production statistics and dashboards allowing the possibility of monitoring key performance indicators for future improvement and decision making.

DATA WAREHOUSE SOLUTION Altra Technologies also focus on the Data Warehouse solution to the organization; we provide end-to-end solution for Data Warehouse using latest software solution for telecom companies. Insightful decision making commands a premium in todays competitive world. Meeting the demand for business intelligence, advanced analytics, data warehousing, data mining, predictive modeling, stringent regulations and blazingly fast reporting requires more than a traditional data management system can handle. We offer a surprisingly easy and affordable alternative for ensuring you get the best from your data every day. We offers you a smarter way to deliver high-performance enterprise analytics without blowing your budget or abandoning the investments youve made in technology and knowledge resources, Altra Technologies has strong development team for Data warehousing projects, this has been proved in telecom industry.


Altra Technologies provides the IT and telecom consultancy services, using our qualified staffs and experts with the country and outside we offer the state of art consultancy in different areas, Altra Technologies offers consulting services in all aspects of IT telecommunications. Services include analysis and recommendations regarding existing systems; design of new

telecommunications systems, cable distribution systems, and networks; development of system specifications and request for proposal (RFP); evaluation of received proposals; recommendations on selection of vendors and equipments; overseeing proper system installation; traffic and network studies; and security systems design. We have experienced people to participate in Technical tender evaluation for telecoms System in the area of Intelligent Network Short Message Centers GPRS Networks GSM Networks and VAS Platforms


STAFFING ALTRAs staff are highly-trained, experienced telecommunications and IT professionals; experts in identifying the inter-dependability of the various applications in any business environment. Our expertise is combined with a comprehensive, end-to-end perspective that will enhance any customers particular environment. PROJECT TEAM STRUCTURE ALTRA will provide a dedicated team for the project and will select members from the various teams who are specialists in each of the project.





ALTRA shall have a dedicated project manager who shall be a single point of contact for our customers requirements. The team consists of

a number of experienced personnel providing comprehensive support and services during the project as follows: Project Management Hardware and Software Delivery, Installation and Deployment and hosting. Integration and Connection Specialists. System Integration with customers internal systems Service Design Application design and development Content aggregation planning Service testing and monitoring Support

OUR COMMITMENTS As we want our customers to be able to fully exploit their investments in our products and services, ALTRA provides Maintenance and Support Services including full 24/7 support for all its products to minimise downtime for all mission-critical applications. ALTRA is aware that knowledge and capability are keys to the success of any solution. Thats why we offer high-quality training programs providing precise, in-depth knowledge of ALTRA products. That means our customers can run and develop on top of their systems as independently as possible. ALTRA believes that customer satisfaction and service continuity are key aspects for business environment that need real-time solutions to achieve them. Our products and services therefore enable customers to achieve and meet their business commitment to their customers. Our team's excellence in Engineering and Management is augmented by our total commitment to customer satisfaction