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The 7th Annu Nova Scotia Hi e ual igh Schoo Ultima Champ ol ate pionships s Introduct tion

On behalf of the Nova Scotia Dis Sports and Junior U o a sc Ultimate of Nova Scotia we are p a, proud to a announce th 2011 Nov Scotia High School Ultimate Cha he va U ampionships This year tourname takes s! rs ent place on June 11th in Da artmouth. Each year th tourname grows mo popular and the com E he ent ore mpetition g gets stronge This ye er. ear's tournam ment is no exception, a e and we hop to feature 12-16 teams from pe e a around the province. p T There is a tremendous amount of room for Ultimate to gro r ow. For ever school pa ry articipating this year, t there are many others that are not There are dozens of other schoo around t province without m t. e ols the e t teams, and thousands of potential players. With your co W ontinued ent thusiasm an support, we look nd f forward to continued gr c rowth in 201 and beyo 11 ond. We we elcome feed dback about any aspect of the t ts t tournament and sugges stions for the future. e Congratulations and goo luck to all participants od s!
S Stefan Furey, DiscNS Junior Coordinator Kenny Sharp, Tournament Field Director T

W severa minor exce With al eptions spec cified below, all games w be played according to the USA Ultimate will d Official Ru ules of Ultimate 11th Editio 1 on. The ese are freely ava ailable online at http://www.u usaultimate.o org/resource es/officiating/rules/11th_ _edition_rules.aspx. T There will be a captains e s/coaches meeting at 8:4 am. Plea report to the main te area at th time. 45 ase ent his A games will be 50 minutes in dur All w ration. The start of a ga ame will be s signalled by one whistle or horn y e blast. Games are playe until one team first re ed eaches 11 p oints or the end of gam time (indic me cated by t two whistles or horn bla s asts). If the score is tied at the end of game tim play continues until th point d me hat is scored. Otherwise the game is over regard dless of the state of the disc. No extra time will be e e e a g s added for games that start late. T There will be a maximum five minut halftime. Halftime oc e te ccurs after one team sco ores six poin After nts. started the f half teams will start on the opposite side from which they s w e first point. E Each team w have will o 70 seco timeout per game/half. Time-ou are not a one ond uts allowed durin the last 5 minutes of a game. ng T gender ratio will be any 4:3 com The mbination. This means t T that teams m elect to field four ma may ales and t three female or three males and four female es, es. Opposin teams are not requir ng e red to match gender h ratios, so a situation wh here a male is marking a female m occur. If there are in may f nsufficient pl layers to f field a 4:3 combination, that team will have to play shortha c w anded or for rfeit. Teams must ensure that a s s sufficient nu umber of play yers of each gender are present h Please note that the foll e lowing items are prohib s bited from t the all-weat ther fields: hair clips an bobby nd pins, sunflow seeds, shelled nuts and pean products chewing to wer s, nut s, obacco, glass bottles o similar or products, sp pitting on th playing surface, che he s ewing gum b being throw on the al weather s wn ll surfaces, s swinging or hanging on netting, goa posts or cr al rossbars. Th is a strict non-smok his tly king facility.

Food and Refreshments

Lunch will be provided, including sandwiches, granola bars, and fresh fruit. Sports drink and water will be freely available all day. If you have any special dietary requirements, please bring your own food!

Skills Competition
We will have a skills competition during the lunch break, with prizes awarded to winners of each event and to the school with the best overall results. Competitors should report to the main tent area at 12:30 PM. Each team may enter one female and one male competitor for each event. A player may not enter multiple events. Huck Competition: Everyone loves the long bomb! The rules are simple in this popular event - throw the disc as far as you can. The disc that lands the furthest from the start line wins. Throwing Accuracy: Every good quarterback needs an accurate arm. For this accuracy test targets will be set up at various distances from the thrower. Players will compete to hit targets using a variety of throws. Speed Challenge: Ultimate is a fast paced game so were calling on all you speedsters out there. For this event each team will enter a four person relay team (two female and two male). The fastest team to complete this relay race wins.

Tournament Schedule
The first games start at 9:00 sharp. The tournament runs until 5:00 PM. Each team is guaranteed at least four games. The tournament is played over three sessions. The first session will feature round-robin play, in which each team will play against some of the other teams. The second session involves a cross over round where you will play teams from other pools to determine final seeding for the final session, the playoff round. The highest-ranked four teams advance to semi-finals, and then to the 1st and 3rd place games. Lower-ranked teams advance to a consolation game.

The tournament will be held at the Harbour East All Weather Sport Facility at 261 Commodore Drive, Dartmouth. The games will be held on both fields.

The tournament entry fee is $150 per team payable by cheque or money order (no cash please) on the day of the tournament to the tournament director. Cheques can be made out to Nova Scotia Disc Sport Society (or NSDSS). Receipts will be made available if requested. Completed waivers forms for all players are required and can be submitted along with your team fee. If you do not have a waiver form you can download one from www.discns.ca.

Summer League Ultimate

JUNS will be running a summer junior team in the local Halifax Ultimate league. Games are 75 minutes long and will take place between the hours of 6pm and 10pm on Thursdays. League games begin on June 16th. Please directed any interested students to a sign-up sheet at the main tent or have them email juniors@discns.ca