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APPOINTMENT LETTER Date: 28th April, 2009 Dear, With reference to your application in response to our advertisement published

in Jobs Portal, we are pleased to select you for the post of MARKETING MANAGER with SAAB FACTORING SOLUTIONS PVT LTD for marketing & promotion of our products detailed under web portal WWW.GOOGLEINSTORES.COM 2. Your appointment has been made for the period of one year from the date of joining, purely on first three months of probation and the probationary period may be extended time to time at the discretion of the company. Unless confirmed in writing, you will be deemed as probationer after the expiry of probation period, or the extended period. Your services will, therefore, be liable to be terminated without specifying any reason. No notice of termination will be necessary on the expiry of the original or extended probationary period. 3. During the probationary period you will be paid a consolidated salary of Rs. 50,000.00 per month plus other benefits as stipulated in policies and terms of our web portal WWW.GOOGLEINSTORES.COM . After satisfactory completion of the probation period you will be placed in the proper pay grade. 4. Once you complete 3 months period satisfactorily, you would be considered for a raise to next salary of Rs. 75,000.00 per month. Of course, this raise or any future raise shall be directly related to your past performance. SAAB GROUP is known for liberal employees benefits and the parent company of USA, shall also consider sponsoring to USA, if desired by you, after satisfactory completion of 6 months service in India. 5. The company has some basic criteria for confirmation and continuation of your appointment which will be judged under the following parameters: a) You should have excellent reputation in personal circles and capacity to lead generation through conducting meetings, conference calls, internet chatting or other acceptable legal tools. b) You are required to make future plans along with its proper implementation and strategizing of your sales and marketing. c) You should have persuation skills, a result oriented leader with capacity to close almost every sale.

6. In case, you feel that you are the right candidate for this appointment, then please get ready for the final personal or telephonic short test/interview appointment. It is just simple; go through web portal WWW.GOOGLEINSTORES.COM and its various segments having details of products offered, FAQs, Business Concept along with your suggestion. You have 7 days from today till on or before 6 May, 2009, to send us your confirmation having primary knowledge of web portal along with convenient time for referred interview. We shall respond within 48 hrs and conduct the final chat with you. 7. The appointment date shall be effective from the satisfactory interview followed by our email confirmation. 8. Your appointment as "Marketing Manager" is not based upon any fixed working hours or restriction or continuing any other job. Therefore it shall be covered under as Independent Contractor but not a regular employee of our company. It shall be defined as "Distributor" under the policies & terms published in the stated web portal. You shall be responsible to file your own taxes. Whereas, we shall be holding TDS on total income earned through us. Before, withdrawing monthly salary you shall have obligation to sell one package of 50 topics of Google Adsense stores per month. Any store over and above this one package, you shall be paid as distributor under binary and affiliate income as per affiliate business plan. Therefore, even with zero purchase you shall be setup as the distributor from the day one of appointment. You will be allotted a distributor code allowing you to backend entry of the portal to manage sales and finances under your business tree. Therefore, this package offers you dual benefits of salary as well as binary commissions up to 51% as distributor of the company. 9. Since you are entitled to continue any business along with our offer, therefore, you shall be obligated to insure that such arrangement does not hurt the interest or image of our venture. Our reputation should not be secondary to none. 10. This appointment letter is being sent to you electronically and looking for your moving forward towards implementation. Please do send us one or two photographs of you.

In the mean time, we remain,

Yours Faithfully

Pankaj Bharti Vice President GoogleInStores.Com