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Life Explained Tru.

Chad Cooke

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I N TRODUCTION You are God ! All things that you can see and all things that you cannot see. Anything that your mind can perceive, and all things that your mind cannot come to perceive, are God. All that is, is not, or in between, is One. Whole. Good and bad, or anything in between, is God. Before or after death, time and space, the future and the past. All this is One, all this is God. Every action is meant to be. Nothing is accidental. Everything is with purpose. Think about what you are reading, as it is coming directly from the Tru.1. What and who is the One? It is what you would call unsurpassable truth. The One is You, and the one is I. A person may say, "Well if I am "God" {a part of this One"}, why are all these terrible things happening, and why am I unable to make water move like Moses? (Reference: bible/Koran, etc.). No one living among us has met these religious based characters or lived in those times. Therefore, causing those past events that occurred in past times open for debate. Debatable like all things in life. Religion (any belief/faith system) is designed in a way to manipulate a person to achieve a certain goal. The mechanics are so good; they have the followers {sheep} believing to have total control of their own lives. This would not work if the follower did not believe totally. Religion is set up in a way where anyone that tries to oppose it or criticize it will be looked at in a negative light as if they are an anti Christ or the villain. It is almost impossible for them to consider other belief systems. Any man that researches the word religion realizes its based off of opinion, stories and beliefs and FACTS which are from God. All people are striving for same thing, happiness and joy. I am here to teach you how to achieve happiness and joy. All emotions, whether positive or negative come from God. *THE CONCEPT OF POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE IS DEBATABLE. To Debate is also from God. We are all different but a part of a whole. Once you understand this concept, you will realize that something as miserable as pain or world hunger has a purpose. This is also created and caused by God. Your job as an individual is to figure out what all of this has to do with you and achieving happiness. Anything and everything in your life has a purpose whether on a physical plane or not. Facts are emotions exists in all, rich to poor, white to black and straight to gay. Sorrow is inevitable like physical death. This is nothing but a realm of Gods beauty and a gift for you to enjoy and relish. To cry or to feel pain is often viewed negatively. Once a person realizes that this is a part of the whole then you can better

understand your emotions and why they occur so then you are in control. You actually have the ability to have an out of body experience and see life in a view of oneness with the truth. You will realize that being out of control can be good and viewed as being in control. Almost everyone would say evil entities exist. Some supernatural power that is demonized throughout your birth until now. They also use science, past research, history, schools, whatever methods to influence this thought process. Many situations happen every day; violence, etc, that are not explainable. Well, welcome today it is. All people have encountered this force. It does not matter the form, physical or not, let your imaginations go wild. Example: A thought in your head of murder, or watching the evening news, or yourself doing something negative. This evil is here for you. It is a part of you, does not matter the method. You made yourself the way you are and it is your journey to enjoy the ups and downs of this fantastic roller-coaster of emotions. Everything that happens was predetermined by you. You just do not know the outcome; it will always be unique for each person. The question is not why someone would pick a life of poverty or death by drowning. The question is why is this a part of my life and why are you subjected to this evil on a daily basis? It is because you must actually reflect on your life and find your true purpose, which is to take all of these emotions in that you feel, whether negative or positive. Enjoy Gods gift and do exactly what you had already chosen for yourself to do. For some people, certain overbearing emotions last for years. Sometimes these emotions change but emotions will always exist. Good emotions are the same as feeling jealousy, envy, or even betrayal, all these are gifts from God. If you can observe yourself, while going through your life, and these feelings of intense or minute passion. You can see how unique but same each person was created and the gifts they bring with him/her in this physical realm. Most people are emotional to some degree but I am here to show you complete happiness no matter where you are in your life. When you find yourself at one of lifes mercies, intense happiness or depression, figure out the purpose of that feeling by being real with yourself. Allow your freewill to think. Meaning let your thoughts flow, question yourself freely. If you can question yourself freely, after-analyzing, and you have no qualms with yourself or God. Then speak to God and he will answer. This will only work if you understand totally because then there is no question, you already know the answer because you have that personal relationship with God. If you do not have the ability to do this, do not get frustrated. It took me thirty years of my life before God gave me this ability. Now I devote my life telling the truth to the world.

Most people live their lives hiding their true feelings to the people around them, husbands and wives, best friends, and even neighbors. Some of these thoughts can even come true, which can cause devastating results. Remember this too is from God. Love, hate, greed and all these emotions are always the cause of a persons actions. I know no one likes to cry, or to feel jealousy, or not trust in a fellow human. All humans cry, and will continue whether it is from joy or pain. A man should cherish these moments in time, which allow you to find yourself, not as a human but as One of this Whole. The pain is so particular to you in that moment, everything is all about your hurt, physical or mental, or both. Enjoy it. I say this because with this knowledge you have absolutely no fear. God is your best friend. You already know this, so you cherish each moment. Most people would say if this were the truth then all people would be heartless. If a person has what I am telling you. They have a purpose. They go through life with these same emotions except the relationship with God is extremely personal, and all aspects of life and living is for him/her. Teaching everyone that would listen because it is fulfilling for them to enlighten a fellow human. We created ourselves to search and find information and help one another. It is my only purpose in life. It is important to do what I love, which is everything and anything. Take it however you want it. Every moment of my being is bliss as I go through a beautiful physical life that we all choose. Basically, you cannot cheat anyone nor do another man harm because you know the truth in the truest sense. You can act knowing that all you do is right. Now this is, what it is, and it has always been this way. Your actions shall be based on what you have allowed yourself to know. Anyone can recognize that trees grow, people go to jail, all this is physical so there are certain ways we have to live out our lives to achieve certain things. This is not an accident. This was set up purposely for you. You had already written the stories, with all of its events. Now, it is your turn to enjoy your own trip. The coolest thing is that you have no clue what each day will bring. Yes, you may make plans sometimes, nevertheless, that is all it is: A Plan. You are special. Extremely special, you bring something that no other person has. You are needed. That is unique in its own self. That, this is your story, or your path to enlightenment. If a person is not at this level, it is understandable. Remember, you reading this is a start for true understanding. The biggest secret that only I know. Now you know and with this knowledge, you can do anything. You cannot lose. You are God. Knowing that you are always here for yourself and everywhere is your playground. That after this life, it is your decision what the next adventure shall be.

To be God is to know all and making bliss out of not knowing all. It is all about you. What is? EVERYTHING is here for you purposely. You are the center of the show, the star. You know yourself better than you know anyone. As matter of fact, you brought on your traits and all about you. You created it. Therefore, your feelings on certain issues or actions that happen in a situation no matter the situation is from God. Like remote controlling space missions. God chose each choice for you. However, the reality of it all is you make your own decisions, have a lucky day, and even save a dieing friend. It is just exciting for us to know, but not know. All what I am saying is not meant to be understood by all. Some people may say they understand but are confused. Only a selected few will receive what I am saying. If you cannot understand, then you just wont get it because God is not ready for you to know, even better you do not want that information yet. This knowledge is not just about knowing a secret; it is about living and incorporating it in every aspect of life. It cannot be turned on or off. A person may say there is too much thinking involved. That person has missed the big picture. Stop thinking so much, simplicity is the key. This may sound egotistical but you are the most important person on this planet. You must know and realize this world revolves around you. This is your canvas to be painted. One must always remember this is not something you can hide from. It is a game that you must play. Religions use this fact to copulate on peoples minds. Karma, things that happen that is weird or something out of this world. Yes, all this exists, but following a religion is not necessary for knowing the truth. The majority of followers are more confused then ever, they follow because they do not want to miss the boat. These people are the mass of the world. The truth is for everyone. No hidden agenda or dogma, only enlightenment to all; and enjoying this globe and all of its beauties. Religions keep the regular humans mind from realizing how beautiful all things are. Like a kid in a candy store, they wave the candy and all run to follow because the treats are so good and sweet. The follower is then given information that keeps them with a title, identification group. They work on this for control but at the same time; teach the truth to a certain degree. Depending on where you are in the world, religion means one thing or another. On the other hand, the thought in your head differs from another. Western world commonly thinks of the bible. Freedom of choice is in America. Others think of a snake or a Koran. My main point is that they all have followers, whether small or huge. I must do my best in every way possible to tell the word. All humans have a worst fear and it always shows up somehow, this is from God and this is you, so learn to live with it and

love it. However, at times it always presents itself. It will come, go, and change itself. Therefore, I know that I too will love what I dread. For a human doing extraordinary things, to that human it is simple. He knows his purpose. He knows there is a force, a power working. That human looks at his own work and is mesmerized because it is not just for him, it is for all. He shocks himself. To be at peace is to be able to have many problems and keep going on in your life, and still be happy. Many problems refer to anything that puts you in an emotional state. This world is here for you so when you feel an opposition it is here for you. Therefore, you must react accordingly. I am sure at times, it may feel like the world or God is against you. These are the best times for you to appreciate your gift of life. If you look closely you are telling yourself, I am in control of this life. By being in a corner trapped at times, it allows you to see beyond the horizon. Being weak or in a vulnerable position, your oneness with God shall be seen easily. At that point your Ps and Qs are at their best. We all like to be self-reliant. It pains you not to be. Get over it. No matter the scenario you are always on top. You do not have to be in a certain scenario to know this. All moments are the perfect scenario. This is Zens total bliss. To love all people the way you love your family, kids, and best friends. A very strong love and caring. This is what a person with enlightenment feels. All humans, good, bad, and in-between. You love them the same. You know and can feel the connection with them. You know what they are thinking even before they think it. You can sense people. Its interesting talking and meeting people because you learn so much from another persons words and you want to teach and learn. In addition, when in the presence of a fellow human, conversation is not necessary for energy that can be understood. A person with this power never loses; it is not in their life. There is only winning. Losses or obstacles do not exist. Let us say a person does not want me to succeed in getting this message across, or a person wants to take your land from you. One might say that is a loss. Answer: you cannot lose what is inevitable. Everything being lost in this case would be my wish. It is impossible to lose with enlightenment. No man can screw you over; remember life is your playground. A person trying to outsmart a person with enlightenment is impossible. You cannot outsmart God. A win without enlightenment is not as significant. Sure you can win a race but is the race won if your mind does not understand enlightenment, which is the ultimate prize. Anything and everything else is just here for entertainment and thought. You have already won with this power. To the one without this power, they shall learn something unique. Malicious behavior

shall not go unrewarded. An action is malicious if you know it is. A person with enlightenment knows the differences fully. A person without this gift is confused and uses whatever religions to help with their decision-making. All people want to have this gift. Well as I say you have gotten it. You choose not to use it. You feel as though your journey is not ready for this information. If enlightenment is achieved then there is no need reading on. All is understood, and each moment is bliss. All things mean something but at the same time meaningless. You know all but know nothing. Time moves but it stands still, too fast but too slow, also the perfect pace. You can reason any point, understand all things, see all sides, and still be friends with all, the best judge of all, and teacher of all. Life is love and love is life. Death is a continuation of life, so love life to death. Smile. J To love life is to see the problems of this society and fix it. Have a passion for what is good. There are tons of different things to do. This world is set up in a way where we keep getting smarter and better. Traveling to outer space. Your job is to continue on this cycle and make your mark on this planet. Allow yourself to show what you bring to the table of this physical realm. The significance does not matter. It is just as important to be president of the world or to be a garbage collector. This is your journey only. Thoughts on situations must be resolved by you. You cannot cheat you. Only make a fool of yourself so be honest with your true feelings and emotions and only then, you will know your purpose. This will give drive and motivation to get or do anything you want or need, or things you did not even know that you wanted. You will be tested repeatedly more than the average person. In ways that you cannot imagine. This is so real to me that lifes strifes are totally welcome because it is needed. The elite also know what I am talking about. This is no accident. God places people here to do certain things and that is the bottom line. I am here to tell the word of God to all people and make humanity a better place for all. The continuation of human civilization is a purpose. This information is for you, so enjoy. Get Enlightened.

God w ho? God can be conceived as the ultimate overseer of any realm. God is a perfect being. There are also many different conceptions of God. Omniscience, omnipresence, divine, and simplicity, these are just a few common understandings. Perfect goodness is God, a deity. Many types of religions, philosophers, and theologians support the existence of God and

none existence through many different degrees. Jews, Christians, Islam, Hinduism, the list goes on and on. The term God in different places of the world, have different names and meanings. The Lord from the bible. Yahweh from which is believed its origins from henotheism. God in its many definitions and names exist to all people. The format may be different or the belief system differs, but it all goes back to the same God. God may also be seen masculine in the way it is used due to paganism and the developing Christianity. All these different meanings are for each human to analyze and see the bigger picture and just see how flexible Tue.1 is. God is not everything. He is nothing. Nothing is something, which is everything. God is all. This is why theologians and philosophers can argue this point. This is why atheist and none believers exists. That is life. Life is God. Nothing is also God. God is the ultimate under stander of all things including nothing, which is something. This is why you are God. Physical or not, if there was nothing. Then nothing existed which is an existence. Nothing, which is God, existed. For there to be life whether physical or not, there must be thought out of nothing which is God, the ultimate under stander of nothing and everything. With this realization, if there was nothing then why do I exist? He created all things. He created you in his own flesh and blood. It is like a soup for dinner. All kinds of nutrients inside but its still food being eaten to one spot. Your stomach. This means a deer, or a car, even though different, are God. God created all things through him for himself which is You. You are God my friend, we are all made directly from him. A trip home from work is just like any old trip to the grocery store. You probably never even thought about. That trip you do so casually has many deep understandings in it. It is not a mistake. Every step and every breath taken has a purpose. You being God, you have the power to pre-choose what you had already planned for yourself. Therefore, you choose not to see your own work. Which was to develop a life on this physical plane purposely to ask questions and enjoy emotions, even the hurtful ones. You made pain just like joy, thankfulness, envy, worry, disgust, stress, boredom, loneliness, fear, anxiety, stubbornness, bravery, optimism, and sorrow, etc.

I f I a m God and you ar e God, w ha t m ak es you so spe cial? Losing is not an option. You being God, you will not put yourself in a losing position. Who in their right mind would purposely lose a race unless they have some ulterior motive. In that case, it is not considered a loss but a planned action to come across as a loss. It is like war, sometimes a country must mislead their people in order to get them to follow the big

picture that will in turn save that nation and the occupant of the other nation may be saved because of the first so real but yet planned action of a lost battle. This happens every day to all. Example: Your best friend dies with no excusable explanation. Your distraught, my heart goes out to you, and I feel your pain completely. It is only natural for me, or for you to have this heartache. You will definitely see them again, as a matter of fact they are constantly here and there with you. You are actually the only one that really exists. If you knew this now and totally then you would see the significance for hurt and joy. To know all is boring, as God you must make a game for yourself and make it as real as possible, which is what life is. Life from a birds view is beautiful but to see life from all views is much more fun. Your view now is from man. The next one only you know. I know to know this is bliss. Therefore, pain to delve and want to live in it like joy, is necessary. So one must forget what one just read in order to come back to this physical place. Where fun is fun and pain is pain. To know that you are in control of you, but indirectly in control is total control and bliss. The ultimate randomness of things and events, so it seems. This may sound insignificant for me but its relevance is not for me but you. You wanted this information now you are learning through me, which is your own doing. Your world this is and your life and your creation of each thought you are having this moment and every moment in time. No matter the place, the spiritual world, or any realms after or before death, is all Gods (yours) doing and planning.

Being God, does it m ak e you humble? Yes, because you made yourself to have fears and not know the outcome of a scenario. It is a constant limbo with this reality and all knowing. You know this, so you carefully watch each action to the best of your knowledge. You are so great that you keep your own flesh body in wonder because you do not know your next move. You can always carry out an action, the outcome is always right but you still get emotions that will be erupted from that action, which is bliss either way. As God on earth to humble yourself and lead as an example is gratifying. To be hurt and humiliated wrongfully or rightfully is a part of the process. Winning is not what life explained is about, or losing, or in between. It is all about you reading this book and finding the truth (purpose). Once you realize this is all about the reader, its in perspective. You know respect is due to your fellow man. Its all respect on all terms when you deal with a person on any level. You know you cannot hurt a fellow human, maybe in physical but not in the overall equation of life. Therefore, for a person with

enlightenment to be a murderer is not a man that is illuminated. Yes, a person can discontinue another mans life only in defense of another life as that was the only option. Also, a man that has fears and Zen, this is totally for his bliss, for a man with Zen knows fear is for a man that does not know self.

Are all things in the physical re alm God? All things you can see are God. The obvious that is anything you can touch or feel or the bottom of the ocean. Man, space, the universe all of that exists, and it is God. A plague, aids, cancer, and even racism, massacres, genocide, all this is God. If you watch a baby stomp an ant to death. You might say poor ant, depending on where you are from. Well, God made that kid stomp that ant. The Ant is God, so is the child. For the parents, parent, or anyone to scold the child or teach. Whatever the scenario, wrong or right, something is being learnt. No one was there and saw. The point is God is always teaching a lesson. These are all gifts from God. God is the teacher, also the student, and the victim. The statue of liberty in New York, or the pyramids in Egypt, is all God. God is the total master of illusions. The best way to hide this power is by giving you the power and have you see it and touch it and smell it, on a daily basis. This has become a norm that you forget, or just had not had a thought about, the physical and how its all God and how every object is in a perfect position and is no accident. Know that all physical things are also God. A pebble outside your doorway is a part of God, like your fellow man. Therefore, God is scattered everywhere! There is no hiding from God! The existence is all over! When hiding, it is for your total enjoyment in this physical realm. That is you letting go of the fact that no move or thought is a secret. Only to you it is. A person with this knowledge does feel alone. The feeling is awesome, knowing that you know that you are here alone and having your own experience. Though you are alone, you have billions of people, places to discover, things to do, and things to discuss while in this realm. Your fellow humans are one of the most unique designs created for companionship and comparison. We love to laugh and sing, and even fight for fun or war. Each man is here to teach you something about yourself. If there is a special event and you are the star, wellthis is your life, a constant throne you're on and you cannot get off the stage. The spotlight never goes out. From birth until now, your movie has been playing. This information is a part of your show; this knowledge is here for you. Now each step forward is taken with strength and authority because God is all powerful and never forgets. You are God.

ACTIONS An action you make is not always explainable to you. I am sure you have heard of a person doing something and do not know why they have done such a thing. That is in all humans. A person may say on one occasion, Well you know, I really do not have an explanation as to why I did such a thing. Except you just did it. That is God. The sky is God and even earthquakes, and volcanoes, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and wars. Actions may not occur right from you. So you should definitely learn ones self for clarity. All actions are your making. If a human chooses to be any ethnicity, thats why he is. While here, once you have found self you realize you can do anything you please. Being here in the physical and to know yourself is to know physical actions are teachings of reality. Though reality exists, knowing yourself is to delve in both at once (always have awareness of oneness with all), so you are untouchable. Anything is possible, even the impossible with one that knows self. To respect one with Zen is a step towards knowing self. One that has Zen and walks among the chosen few is there only for what they know, just like them. Still alone he knows he is. To know that all actions in the world are created by you gives you the knowledge of its purpose. A teacher can only teach. A student learns what the teacher wants him to. The student is also as important as the teacher for without the other there is no purpose. A student is already a teacher, in his own right. These are all acts of God. The man with Zen, actions are illuminating.

Th e m an that is alre ady w e althy This man is here for the man that knows himself. He also needs and yearns to know. This man searches for the truth like all men. He is no different from a man running from genocide or a childs parent scavenging the land for diamonds for the wealthy mans wife. They have the same obstacles except the obvious (material wealth). They all want to know the truth about life. They all have questions so they search for the one that knows. For this man, once Zen is reached, he shall have the answer to all. Though wealthy materially he shall be the most humble but at the same time a force to be reckon with. For this is a man that can do fascinating things without his wealth. The more money a man has is the more change a man can do for the earth. For a man that does not know himself squanders his wealth but for the man that knows himself opens doors for the true leaders to enter. The man that is wealthy and not knows self envies the man that has nothing but knows life. This is too

from God and knowledge to learning self. The man that has wealth and Zen knows God put you in a situation and gave you your abilities. Wealth to a man with Zen is meaningless, but for a man lacking Zen this is stupid. A poor man without Zen thinks wealth gives him happiness. So to be rich or not the road to be traveled by all is the same. Different places of the world or types of people, they all have the same journey, though totally different. For the man that says wealth makes him happy still looks for more wealth and will continue. This is a man that will always judge a mans character through wealth. In the eyes of the majority this man is living the dream. That man does not realize its about your happiness and not the other mans. Stop watching others and pay attention to the smaller things like how powerful you are and how a thought alone can mesmerize any situation. The things of this life that are complex to you are actually very simple. The smaller things are so simple but yet complex. Versatile and corresponding simultaneously with the unexplainable. For the man with Zen, the unexplainable is always explainable.

ALONE Alone is what you are. By you is the key. Your thoughts are alone so you too are alone. To be alone and to know that you are alone is illuminating. God is alone. To know that you are alone may be quite scary, well be scared because we are all alone. Deciding to be scared was developed by you so it is ok to be scared even though it is not comforting. This power; comfort and pain are tools necessary to bring you to a higher-level. A level that forces you to have needs and wants. A tool to trigger companionship, relationships, and friendship and to make enemies. These are tools to make you feel real and give you understanding, competition, guilt, or malice. As God, genuine hurt shall not be hidden. There is no hiding from this. Life is also pain, without pain, love would not exist. You cannot have one without the other. To be on a level where you are enlightened is gratifying, but quickly you want to return to the physical to feel the real things of life. To the contrary this life is the one thats made up. To know that you are God while here in this realm gives you automatic power to know how singular you are and you can do anything. Therefore, you wish you were self back to reality so you can surprise yourself. With this power a person knows that he is where he supposed to be and he knows what hes supposed to know. It is rebirth. Everything you touch shall turn to gold. Do you think that would be fun? No, that would definitely get boring. The way you set life up is so that you can displace yourself from the oneness of God and

enjoy your own creation in this realm. The reality of it all is that there is only one Seeing Eye. That is the eye of God. We all have the ability; it is your choice what you choose to see. This is a one man journey. I am just a vessel (a part of God) doing my spot in this journey. You who are God, you are so powerful. You have the power to do anything and are doing anything, you just have to know. Not just believe, but to know. So alone but powerful, joy, sorrow and enlightenment all intertwined which equals constant bliss. To be in pain and have bliss will only be understood by a man with Enlightenment because they occur as one. He knows that this is a part of life and is needed equal to joy. With this, words cannot express how alone you are. What you are reading is absolutely about you. You must find yourself. This realization is the epiphany. After that, you shall realize that all you chase is right in front of you. Plain as day. You shall realize that anything you want you can do and everything you have been doing and is about to do is youre doing because you are God. You shall move at your own pace. You know there is no need for rushing. You are the best judge, if you rush; it is you enjoying this physical realm. These obstacles are needed, as you will know. They are there for your journey. You have to understand you are in a class all by yourself. The most beautiful and the smartest, the most talented and the most proud, the list goes on and on. Remember the smartest of men ask questions. In addition, for you to consider yourself not a genius is a fool. A genius knows he is a fool. A man with enlightenment will do what he loves. Knowing that the most tragic thing to him in this realm or any other can happen to him. No matter what the ordeal, quadriplegic and blind, eternal pain, cannot talk, or even hell described in the bible is just a tickle because you are God. You wanted to feel what you feel so you created yourself that way. God is much too powerful to make mistakes. He is all powerful. Religions of the world, Confucianism, karma, sutra, academics, eastern or western philosophy, poetry, Catholics and anti mater development these all are very important to the world and is God in the fullest of senses. They are all to be respected, also the rest I never mentioned. All things have a purpose it is for each man to see where he fits in this puzzle. To Be God is to know that you are destined for greatness because you are greatness even in the face of death or when the road is treacherous and self thought is wrinkled and overbearing to the point of suicide. This happens to the most enlightened, and he still knows he is God and nothing shall harm thee because he is the ONE, the almighty God, all and nothing. The supreme the under stander or the creator of nothingness. Creator of the infinite and One and so continues circular forever until it is unfinished.

He loves these moments as much as his happiness. He is now a teacher. He knows it is not all about each individual but it is all about you, completely about him, which is God. Enjoy your Bliss. Having the world in the palms of your hands. Yet, you choose to live this untouchable beautiful life. Choosing to have feelings and thoughts, pain, and all that is here in this realm. Even those stupid commercials that are so insignificant to you are significant. Insignificance will always be viewed as significance with Zen. If you cannot see something does that mean it exists? Any answer is right. Believe only what you can see for yourself and touch. Well, you can always humor yourself. Play along with the crowd but that is all it is. Man of Zen searches for democracy, for all freedom, for all, as he enjoys a beautiful place that is here for them on the most personal of levels. A man of greatness he already knows he is. People listen when he speaks, for the words are from the Deity. He knows that he is his own friend and enemy. Self indulgence is known. Therefore, you try your best to be like everyone else because the power is overwhelming. You will have many people not believing. This is what you need in order to enjoy this realm. The gift is so good that life is so easy now. So simple to manage.

What God you c ant se e? When you dream at night and have a nightmare that too is the One. All dreams are directly from God. These are not things to be afraid of. Science teaches and names certain attributes of humans or certain chemical reactions that make minds wonder. This is God. That hypnotist you saw on TV a couple of years ago is God. Starting from the whole idea down to the action or the part that you cannot see or understand is God. That sensation in your gut that does not trust that person or not going to the movies tonight, that is God. You wanted yourself to learn at a deliberate pace. You cannot see God as he comes in full force unexpectedly to flip your whole life around 360 because that is what this is. To be reborn as one. Not to live life as a confused sheep, thinking they are in control of themselves. I know I am not in control of my destiny. Your destiny is something you were destined to do. Nothing or nobody can alter this. This is etched in God, it cannot be scratched out. The stories you read as a child, adult, or story you have heard about a person triumphant all odds {Good wins}. This is your life; it is not a story, you go now and enjoy this destiny. The best part is; it is REAL. You are going to be able to tell the world your journey. A person cannot live

another mans destiny for him. You cannot point your child to destiny or show him it is for him to discover. If you are even trying to mold a person in what you believe, its not possible because that means you have missed the boat. You just do not get it. If you think, it is about raising kids, having kids, or saving world hunger. You still have not gotten it. If you think, it is about finding a cure for aids that is not it. It is not anything you actually have to go and do or search to find. It is all about self. Knowing you and loving yourself to the point of understanding. People are easy to talk to and deal with, nothing is difficult. Even a difficult situation is easy. You only tell the truth. So if the person next to you does not understand, its ok, it was only meant for you to understand. You know the man that is against you is truly for you just like your close friends. You also know the one that is dearest to you shall hurt you repeatedly. The one you cherish the most shall have your heart on the floor in pieces. The person you despise the most is your best helper .The one you least expect to understand shall understand. There is no one out there like you and this secret is only for you. You know it is not necessary to seek out another person like you because that person does not exist. There is only One God which is you. A persons reaction to all humans on the planet or anything for that matter is for his own humor or for fun because he knows they are all pigments of his imagination that he created and choose to live in this reality. Even speaking and communicating in any sense at all is humor to the soul of a man that knows the truth.

Is God anything the mind c an perc eive? If the mind thinks that aliens exist, people are being abducted, and being tested, or you believe in big foot because you saw him, or you saw a ghost in your hallway. These thoughts happen to people all the time and I am sure there are some out there that say they have encountered these events or others that I may not have mentioned. In your life, a person that knows that he is God can and will encounter whatever he wants or thinks. You being God, you choose your own life. Therefore, people encountering the strangest things should have a right for their own expression of themselves even if it may not be agreeable. That person is also God and is enjoying their bliss of not knowing or know. They too also choose that journey. Some people only characteristics are evil, horror, murder, death, and torture and so it goes on. If that is a mans purpose in life he is a man that needs the truth because a man who knows himself knows there is not such a thing. A mans views should always be

respected no matter how callus. Quantum physics, how fascinating, yet it is just a drop in the bucket. All these are forms of God and are the true ONE.

Things the mind c annot perceive, tha t is God If a mind cannot perceive something, there is nothing wrong with that. You are just having your moments with yourself. A person has strifes within their life that they think has no reason but that is far from the truth, as all things are explainable. Zen is when a man has the ability to perceive all things and be the under stander of all. Not being able to understand and perceive all, is also God, and is a sure sign that your still in a different faze to enlightenment. You should still continue to read on. This would be something that you have not thought of. A person must realize that if someone else thinks of something; that is your thoughts. Although, it is a different person, with a different name. All incoming communication from this world is totally from you and is here for your humor. Lifes complete understanding is what I am here to teach. The power within ones self. Life is fun, so question yourself, which is this life, and all that comes to you in forms of other peoples lives. Intertwined within each other it seems to the eye but only one we are only one. My heart knows what I say or do is useless for I am so alone. My wish is to humor myself and lose my mind because life is too clear with enlightenment. Having no one to speak to but surrounded by billions of humans. No one truly understands. Therefore, you love to escape in reality.

What is all tha t is God? That is everything. Whether its your spouse watching too much television. Or the next invention yet to be invented, or even Oprah Winfrey doing her wonders. Being God and knowing yourself, you know life is what counts. To show off your abilities or to be a jerk is useless and comfortless. What fun is it to be rude to you? Does not make any sense, does it? A person should always treat a person the way they want to be treated. With the utmost respect, as you know, you are one dealing with ones self. Trust only one. The TRUE ONE is you. To know that you are the link in the chain but also the entire chain is understanding. Let us say your minding your business, when someone interrupts you rudely. You must defend your ground if it is appropriate. To humor yourself in whatever way necessary is the key. To enjoy living is very important with its up and downs for its all necessary for living and the developing world that is God. The cosmos is you and the Earth. When clarity is found in that

moment you are not afraid, you are alone. You wonder why you gave clarity to yourself because not having enlightenment was strange and blinding, scary living on the edge. With clarity you have the power to do anything, yet you choose to live life humbly and try your best to be normal and help others.

H a t e God? A man that knows himself knows that the one he loves the most hates him the most. All will hate you and despise what you are, even though they too know that you are God. The truth cannot be denied. The hate and envy were brought on by you (God) and this is what you need. For growth for yourself, you need to feel this realm and what they say or do to you is being lost in your own mind, which is bliss, in its worst sense. I feel pain, so much pain, its unbearable. The tears feel beautiful. To be in your own presence is an honor. Never alone shall you be again. There are just too many emotions in this realm that you have made for yourself to ever be reminded of how powerful you are and so the saga continues. Alone again reminder of one self. So now you seek comfort. Reality, it does not matter pain or not, enjoyment just something strong. Poor is fun. Especially when you have something to eat and somewhere to rest your head. Even to not know where you will next rest your head or what to eat. These are gifts to be cherished. To be at your own mercy. Therefore, to feel the ultimate pain is the ultimate happiness. It is so real to feel the pain of life that it hurts so much that you cannot even believe that you did this to yourself. It is unimaginable to fathom the corner that you put yourself in. Suicide is a constant thought during these moments. It is so real at these times. This is an emotion in this realm that is here for a man with Zen. This is needed to feel the bliss of reality. Reality is so important to him because pain is just another form of fun or love. Without this a person would never understand himself. A man with Zen knows he has absolutely nothing to lose. Pain is better to feel than ecstasy because ecstasy gets dull. All that goes on around you is from God. Suffering is bliss fully. A feeling of being cursed is only normal for the man with Zen. To die is the next step to the new beginning. This is one adventure a person with Zen does not fear and is looking towards. It shall not be rushed. To feel as though you are losing a fighting battle is the man with Zen. He knows there is a constant battle with one self. He knows he made himself in a way that is not perfect but perfect. To feel pain when a person embarrasses you or someone hurt a child or any horror you can imagine is bliss. This pain is here for you to delve in and to fix and solve.

Make what is wrong right. Have a purpose in this ever-evolving realm of life that has been for thousands of years. Make a mark on this planet is the goal. Dont be a sheep. Learn yourself. Find yourself and create your own world. That you have the power to do. God is hate. To love hate to the point of pain is to know Enlightenment. The God that you are, has fears, also hate and is hated, but loves it. So humble you are. Only a man that knows himself shall know my sayings. He is a man that knows he is God. He knows no one is watching but all can see. He is understanding. He knows there is no such thing as family, friends, or foes. It is about you (God) self. To know yourself; is rebirth. Your enemy is your best friend. To have fame is what you have to do if it coincides with your destiny. You always feel great emotions especially when you think about those you spend most of your time with. Though you know what they carry is hate. A persons weakness is what makes them strong and you fight a battle that you truly hate that represents your deep inner fears of life. To fight this world of negativity which is a reflection of ones self is your goal in this life. Which is quite filling. You have just begun. To help others, and at the same time, take care of self and family, is a goal of one with Zen. Love all the same because loving others is loving yourself. Self respect is to be humble to others.

A story about God A man and his wife loved each other tremendously. The wife so loved her husband. One day the husband was ill, he had a terminal cancer in one of his testicles. He had never had a child and wanted his own biological child, and the wife knew this. While in the doctors care they notified the wife of her husband welfare, which was, if he wanted kids he can die or they can surly save his life if they took that ability away. The wife knew if he was awake he would have taken the side where his life would be at risk. So she sided with the doctor who was to take caution and completely eliminate the problem, that way he wont die from an infection. His wife was trying to save her husbands life. He did survive and is still living healthy, but he cannot have kids, although he has the ability to please a women. He left his wife because he could not believe that she took his only ability to procreate. She did not want her man to die, she so loved him, why should she risk his life for kids when all she wanted was for him to be safe. She felt it would be selfish on her part not to save his life. It was a decision that had to be made then and there. She was torn for she loved him, kids or none. Now they speak and she now has moved on with another.

The husband still speaks to her and he is single. All this is God. For now she is happy with another, and the husband is happy alone searching for another. This is too God and the cause of many marital downfalls. No one was wrong; it was something that had to happen even though it may have been avoided. A lesson here for both parties are: The woman - She loved her best but it was not enough now she found another that will appreciate her love. The man - learns that he needs to find someone to love him the way he needs to be loved. Life is meant to be understood by self. This tragic situation is life. For now they are both happy and can now be friends. This situation could have ended differently but it did not. This is a life in which you should check your circumstances, for each side is right. One should learn to compromise even when it seems impossible.

Is Money God? Money is also God. Physical money is a realm of God. It is a part of One. To have money is bliss for a man with Zen, but without it its even better, to have no money but know yourself {Zen}. Having money to a man with Zen, is the same as having no money at all. If money is your life without Zen that is a life of confusion and is not fulfilled. A man with Zen and money shall feel the same as a man with Zen and no money. A man with Zen and no money has the same to lose as a man with Zen and money. Which is nothing. It is all about yourself and understanding ONE. A man with Zen and money has money to give away to the purpose of helping and bettering humanity which is God. The better for good in all sense. Having Zen is to be going blind gradually. To know that your worst fear shall come through. Although scary, you know it is a journey that you choose. So your chest is up high as you face life towards love which is rebirth known as death. To surrender yourself to man in this realm is to surrender yourself to God. To know that your thoughts are just a realm of this world, to experience enjoyment and bliss in all senses is therapeutic in the world of God. Having money and Zen at the same time is to spread the word faster as that is what you wanted. To have money and not spread the word of self to all is to not know true enlightenment. True enlightenment has no part with hate or greed when its not necessary. They know the right time to feel their emotions. They know all emotions are the right emotions as you gave it to yourself. I love my worst enemy, so in essence only friends exist. A man with enlightenment knows that all cannot be written for all to read. If he does, it shall

be hidden, so only those that need to understand would. The man that has Enlightenment is a man that is humble but should never be undermined for he has the power to move a mountain. He who betrays shall not go unpunished because vengeance is for God, which is ONE. A person may be born of what they are, but realization of self is the key. Constantly, this is repeated for that is the deity. Without ONE, God, self, nothing, and all, not mentioned, or future, past, is understanding.

PAST + FUT URE = GOD? God is the past and the future, all in one. To think of them separately is a man that not knows self. They exist simultaneously in the realm of knowing yourself. Obviously, if you do not know yourself this too is living in the world of not knowing which is another form of confusing bliss, which is a form of self torture. This is the reason why one is here to stop this hypocrisy of life which is to find yourself. Life is a circle, and a circle it shall be of understanding. So to question oneself is to be you humoring yourself. To get rich spiritually is the focus, once that is achieved, all else comes easy. In the past, you told your little brother and sister not to cheat, you taught them to be good but now in the future a man of scholar that has learned how to teach morality, but yet immoral you are. This subject is for a man with enlightenment to understand but for the one who is constantly bag packing across some remote area to find the true knowledge will never find it because the truth is knowing self completely. A man with Zen toys with the thought of past and future.

Who should find the Truth? Anybody that has breath, all humans. This includes the leaders of the world or the leader of any group, religious or not. A murderer to stop his murderous ways, a pedophile, or a straight or gay man. The Truth loves all and is calling whoever is ready for this information. The world shall change dramatically like magic, for the one who has found the truth. The world will gravitate to him because he knows he is the world. A man with the truth is a man that controls others thoughts. He knows the thoughts of others are his. To describe a man with enlightenment is to teach you about yourself. So read and reread, messages are in front of your eyes. One need not travel to find himself. Unless he has already found enlightenment then a man can travel to spread the word of Oneness. To be running around

the world chasing someone or something is for the man that is a fool. It is better to be locked up, and find yourself which is what all humans chase. Which are ANSWERS. The answer to all questions. To know the answer to all is to respect yourself which is all people. To know yourself is to also know that you can hate and love at once because you are what is. Temptations exist in all. Thats what makes us human. For you to act on this definitely has its consequences. An enlightened one knows the meanings of these temptations. They are here for the regular man. This is a form of human suffering which is also the Deity. This is a choice by you. Self weary without any warning. Hell on earth is what you have given self. You know whatever you do to others it will come back, so very careful, one treads on. Temptation is here to help you find self. For a man with Enlightenment it does not exist for he can get or do anything. So temptation for him is to enjoy that moment of reality.

What ar e people striving for? To turn discomfort to joy. Constant happiness even in the face of death or fright. To find good out of bad. Many people do not know that this is what they search. For the one that knows self, knows discomfort is needed. For he needs to be in the flesh for he already knows he is all mighty. People are all looking for joy. Some people think joy is to have kids, travel, revenge, or to do wrong or right, nice houses or cars. Having all this is useless without knowing self. To embrace material things in this realm is fruitless without clarity. This is not true joy, that joy will be snuffed out. A man with the truth delves in all emotions for reality. All emotions are bliss to God, for they are all one. A person is striving for the key to enlightenment. Enlightenment is knowing the need for all emotions, whether good or bad.

Is it ok to argue w i th God? Debating is why you are here, having this strife is the purpose of your existence. Debating is a good way to have a complete circumference of beliefs while being civil. Always ask questions because without questions you are not going to have answers. To argue with oneself is to speak to your fellow human. Civility in time shall only get better amongst our peers whether black or white, or in between, shall realize there is only ONE among many unique individuals. They are all powerful to the fullest of any comparison. The human race is the epiphany of knowledge. Everything you have always thought, and have read, or heard of, have been done before and shall be done again. This is the circumference of life (ONE.)

Best friends: at the end of the day is what its all about, have a drink and out the door you go. Come back again the next day to debate about something else, agree to disagree, and if we are lucky we might just agree. Many of books a man with enlightenment can write. About ethics down to the nitty gritty of war. As God you are war and the master of compassion all in one. Hate with no mercy or compassion for the well being of an ant. You are God so failure is your doing. Failure is whatever your concept of failure is. A man with enlightenment must do what he loves. Whether or not it brings happiness in the eyes of others. He does also strive for the same like another man. To be loved and liked by all. Also hated and despised.

World hunger, God? This is a constant pain. To have little kids and mothers die from hunger is just wrong and pitiful. For fellow humans to stand by and watch and not do a thing, having the ability to help, but offer no help. This is just hateful and heartless. To do your part to help the world is a humans only purpose in life. Once Zen is reached for that individual no matter the circumstance. A man with Zen shall never be rich. He knows to be rich is for a man that does not know himself. Though he may have millions he would give that up any day for Enlightenment. TO BE ENLIGHTENED AND TO HURT A FELLOW MAN OR ANYTHING THAT BREATHES AND HAS THOUGHT, HURTS THE MAN THATS ENLIGHTENED MORE THAN THE ONE BEING TAUGHT OR THE ONE BEING SENT TO DEATH WHICH IS LIFE. Writing these words bring tears to my eyes, which is useless. So amazing is understanding (truth). World hunger is here for a man that does not know himself. For a man with Zen, he is a man that is never wrong. Wrong and right cannot truly be interpreted for a man that does not know himself.

Kno wing Yourself A man shall be very careful when speaking to a man that knows himself. To be in the presence of a man that knows thyself is to be honored for what he says is the truth. When he is wrong he knows he is right; for the one that was taught wrong from right he is an educated fool. The tru.1 has the power to make you come closer to finding yourself. So be aware of each oral message likewise written. To find yourself is to know the answer to the universe. To have enlightenment is to do as you please. That means I choose my own pain and short

comings of this life. I choose to be miserable if I so wish. If a man gets pleasure through hurting the one enlightened, pain he shall never understand, enlightenment he shall never reach. Misery he shall live until he fixes what was wrong. Also to have malice to one that loves you is to chop your heart out. Enlightenment is to know that you are but a grain in the sand and all humans and everything around you was created by you so you are at each mans mercy. RESPECT to self is to all. To be called crazy or for you to think of me as a fool is a compliment to my being. I smile. To harm me is not possible, but to harm yourself is what your hard work will only achieve. For the one who loves all with no malice is the one that does not really need my help for he is closer to realizing we are one. For the one that hates good he is the one I so desperately would like to teach self. For I know he needs to know we are one. To be a miercat is the same as being an ant or a working honeybee all is one so is enlightenment. To love Puppy the way I love my self is bliss, though every day of my life I hate Puppy the most [she wakes me too early]. It pains me to see Puppy hurt, (when I tell her, let me rest). Even though she has hurt me the most. Even then, in Puppys journey which is mine I so bring her pain. So I too hope that because I know how human nature is I have pity on Puppy. For Puppys pain is mine.

Is being out of control God? A man with enlightenment and being out of control at once is not possible. The truth never loses control. To be out of control is to be understood by the man that is not enlightened. To be out of control and reckless was brought on by God to teach the people to veer towards good. A fool thinks he is a genius. A man who knows himself need not argue with a fool for he has not received ONE. A man that has enlightenment and defends himself is just. Any man that defends himself is a man that loves himself. It hurts the enlightened one to have to defend himself for he knows we are all God. Especially in a situation that may cause harm.

Is Evil entities God? If you want to call yourself evil, thats fine with me. God created us with certain attributes that are not very nice. So we try our best to get rid of those traits. If you notice from a child, a person rear kids trying to teach them to share, be nice, etc. To have these traits is not evil but human nature we all have these thoughts and feeling. Learning to

understand your true inner feelings without the obstruction of an outer source is a step closer to enlightenment. This entity is very strong. Haunting of a person or ghosts is different realms of our world, and has been around for centuries. This is here for your journey to finding self. Evil is the same as war. To avoid war that may be needed. It should always be the last resort, self defenses only.

Does fre edom of choic e exist? Everything you do is calculated, no matter the insignificance. So for the ice tray in the freezer to slip and fall was predetermined. Its all set up in a way that you make your own decision and suffer the consequence that you have brought on by yourself which means you can also change any situation around. God in the none-physical knows the workings of the world. Talking of different realms is for the man who seeks. To give you the secret in countless analogy, straight forward or even hidden. This is what I do constantly. It is important to get this out, only a few may get the secret. Although thousands and millions may read. All that read shall learn something to find self. In order for a man to find this secret he must first stop lying to oneself. All those demons that a human has deep within must be understood. The things that happen in everyday life should stop being ignored by you, as you cannot hide from yourself. To find the secret you must face your biggest fears and understand life and the significance of that which you fear. Your fears shall be your strongest friend. That is a part of the journey to the secret. You cannot cheat your way to the top. This is a test of self. No one can solve this puzzle for you. SELF SELF. This is going to be something that hits you like a ton of bricks. It shall put you in a state of self awareness. Calmness. Like an ocean with no turbulence just calm clarity. You shall feel alone more than ever. A feeling of not being able to ever be understood because understanding is knowing self. Vengeance will never be yours because you already see the end at the beginning. For those who search, doesnt this sound lonely? Well, if this is what you search, which is the secret, enlightenment then maybe one should read on. Live your life of not knowing which is also bliss that I know.

Road to self What I really mean is to have the ability to teach. Lead by example. To teach is to speak from the heart, and what the heart says is the truth. To look in my eyes is to see my

soul because it is all in front, for all to see. The words I speak is touching and empowering. I myself am human and need for you to understand me. To understand me is to know true love which is to love all people. Empower this Earth. Make this world a better place for mankind, and at the same time, do what I now know is my purpose, which is reach out to the mass whatever way necessary. To show a person how to think for themselves as they find themselves.

Can you curse God? Can something so terrible happen that you curse God? Yes, you can get hurt or something negative happen which can cause you to say, I know that if there was a God, he would not have done such a thing. People say this all the time. Even I. Especially when it is in the front of your mind. It is normal for a person to have these emotions of abandonment. All these will change. You shall have abundance. You shall have your wish. The ability to do as you please and be loved by all. To actually be able to enjoy your riches for there is a lot of people that have riches but are empty. Doing what you love the most in the world shall come on to thee. For he deserves the entire pie. A life of happiness in the eyes of the mass that man shall live, he shall also be happy. For he created that for himself, through his journey which he continues. You know you cannot stop for you have so many people on your team. Which is the world and everyone in it. This is all for you. My soul I bear on the line, for this is a true secret thats been hidden for hundreds and even thousands of years. To know the secret is to know self and live, (at any moment, all will change like a baby coming into existence).

Ho w w as m an cr ea t ed? All of us were created with a specific purpose, and we all have a specific journey. The will to live life and do what our minds want us to do. Our environment is also from God, and all humans have the power to manipulate the future. A person who is always upset and angry is a person who needs help. They need to find themselves. A person with Zen knows that they are always living in a dream. Just imagine flying like a bird in the open sky over mountain tops and valleys, enjoying yourself, and suddenly you start to get out of control and it is so scary because you forget how to keep yourself afloat while soaring above. While your high up and youre losing altitude rapidly,

crashing to the earth, your biggest fear is death before you are ready. So you try to maneuver but you cannot. You open your eyes and youre alive. To know yourself, you know youre at this physical realms mercy. No fear or frights because you know yourself, no matter the odds, not one harm shall be done. Enjoy knowing that there is a stronger power, which is yourself and you will never harm yourself unless you wanted to. You created yourself and this beautiful place for yourself. A Man that knows self knows its impossible to harm self.

H ave all humans felt the force of God? This force can be described in many ways. For Michael Jordan to shoot a last second shot, a rapper to freestyle, or a politician to run the globe are gifts from the Deity. As simple as watching the birth of your son, or being at the right place at the right time, or you getting lucky, all these are forces of God. You created these people for your own excitement of life. The force of God is slight at times and then suddenly is not his thing at other moments. The force of God may be a gift of whatever it is in nature the man can think. To be able to think something is the ability that God gave you. A force that was brought on by the divine is thought and realization in any sense. The physical realm is the same realm of the none physical, for the man that knows himself. To speak of the physical realm or any realm of that matter is to teach the man that does not know self. A man that does not know himself thinks he can win. To know you have already won without a tussle is to know self.

Obstacles and challenges Two sides to every story or many sides to a story. This is also God. When moving through life all people will have obstacles. These are things that come in your path, things that allow you to grow. Growth happens through a scenario where you are normally not in your element. Examples: A person becoming famous, or someone winning the lottery. Altering events such as these are here because it is a part of your journey to finding self. If self is already found, all this, as you already know is for humor. You may also say it is part of the journey to fulfill ones destiny. It is most common for an obstacle to come in a negative light. As crazy as this may sound to know, that you are sane, and all else around you is playing catch up, is to know one self. Also vice verse. A person with Zen hates to fight. The purpose of life is to get along. In order to get along there must be an agreement. So in

essence all is necessary.

Th e person tha t does not kno w he is God A man that does not know self can be taught how to find self, from a man that knows self. A man who has this gift knows that it was given by himself. For the man that knows self, knows that he is one with all. Therefore his actions are never to manipulate but to congratulate and point towards your own self awareness. The person that has good intentions but does not know self but thinks he does, is sending the wrong message. He is a man that needs to learn self before he makes a mockery of himself. To just understand enlightenment is to not understand self, but to have the power to do anything is living in enlightenment. To prove a case is for the one searching in the wilderness of life. For the one that feels inadequate its because he still searches for the truth. For the one that explains too much he seeks understanding from you, for he thinks you do not know his reasons. Failure is in the eyes of a follower. A follower is a person that seeks self. One must follow to be enlightened. A man enlightened knows there is nothing wrong with the man following him for he knows that its himself he leads. The one that is enlightened knows that in his every moment of being he is teaching even when he feels vulnerable, for being vulnerable and having Zen is for his humor. For escaping from knowing is so cherished and needed for the one who knows he is the only One. This person chooses life and he/she is a person that is a true hero. To be able to choose a life like that is overwhelming. This is a choice to not know the truth. This is how I lived for a long time. To not know your self is questioning, so confusing. Being God you choose not to know certain things like, why humans still argue with understanding. A part of a whole is the whole. A person can never tell another person that he/she not know himself. No matter the limit of a persons knowledge, that person is God. A person is still God, even while they are in denial; therefore, they choose to be in the darkness of the truth. This person can read this book and learn the secret to constant joy and happiness for the rest of your life no matter the situation. Take notes and read and reread, write questions down, and research if you please. Listen to everyday messages and hidden messages and visuals for what you learn will be abundant in your life.

A m an tha t is enlightened! He speaks in parables. It physically drains him when he teaches. His every being, body, and regular state of thought is different. Physically he is cold but hot he looks as he shivers in a sweat that possesses his body. Hours later he is drained feeling used but mesmerized from the gift and also learning his own powers. He is in a trance when healing {empowering a man}. What he says strengthens the listener, the pain he takes away and clarity he gives. Himself he gives freely, for no money can buy this knowledge. So in return of this information you shall do something for yourself and be empowered to help the cause of freedom of learning self to the rest of the world. If you feel donating is what this is about you are still seeking self. If you feel you have found your purpose and choose to make your own decision in life, and follow your own thoughts and be honest with self then you already know your next move. Nothing in life is free so for you to get this knowledge freely is for the man without Zen to ponder. To pay for this book is to know that the hard work that was put in it is going to reach even more people. To donate to this cause is to give a gift to yourself or to get counsel from me is a gift to you, for we are One. For all this is solely for you. The Earth is my heart and the universe my soul.

Critics They are your best friends, and they are needed. They are here to help you and make you better. They will say negative things. They will say the teachings flow like water, in all directions. They shall say its confusing and hypocritical. He praises one thing then the next second he shuns it. They shall say its conflicting. They shall say anything to get you to think. I implore you to listen and accept all knowledge for this is a step to clarity. This is God and only a few shall reach epiphany. Life is a circle with you at the helm so to reach enlightenment is to know a critic is ones self.