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Traditional AIM methodology is known as Ask and Do as it is requirements driven and solution is derived based on the requirements during

the project. It is more or less based on the traditional Waterfall Approach, prescribes a way to do the fit gap analysis and assists you to define customizations where standard Oracle functionality does not meet the business requirements. The approach is taken on a modular basis. AIM For Business Flows (ABF) also called as Show and Tell is solution driven and Solution Flow is defined before the start of project. It is based on iterative approach based where multiple runs of CRPs are done. In the essence it aims at avoiding customizations and prioritizes all changes. There is a strong emphasis on integrated view and focus is on cross module process flows. Some of the advantages of ABF are: 1. ABF is most recommended approach for green-field projects where there are no legacy systems in place and the customer is willing adopt to the standard processes prescribed by the Oracle ERP. 2. More rigor to use the standard business processes defined by Oracle 3. Minimize numbers of Customizations (extensions) 4. Reduced cycle time CRPs in ABF CRP in terms of ABF is a series of workshops where Flow Teams assigned to the implementation project go through the business flows iteratively during the project. The flows in a Flow Family are grouped into logical Flow Batches that can be refined and tested in a series of workshops conducted during a given CRP cycle. The Flow Families being implemented are also tested in parallel by separate Flow Teams during the CRP. Composition of a Flow Team will generally include at-least one consultant, Business Process Owner, and some super or key users or SMEs. The main objectives of the CRP are Familiarization, Initial mapping, Refine Mapping, Validate COA, Multi-Org and TCA, Scope Freezing, and Business System Test.

Key Deliverables in ABF BT.070 Project Management Framework BF.015 BP080 Future Process Model BF.040 Change Catalog BF.045 BR030 High Level Solution document BF.016 BR100 Application Setup Documents BF.080 MD050 Reporting Requirements Listing BF.170 RESPONSIBILITY Security Profiles BF.100 Phase end review BF.035 CRP1 Strategy Plan TE.065 CRP2 Strategy Plan MD.050 Application Extensions Functional Design MD.070 Application Extension Technical Design TE.040 TE040 System Test Script DO.070 User Guide CV.040 Conversion Data Mapping MD.120 Installation Instructions TA.030 Preliminary Conceptual Architecture TA.150 System Management Procedures Oracle has announced retirement dates for AIM and ABF of January 2011 and all of Oracles existing methods are being replaced by the Oracle Unified Method (OUM) aligning to their long term strategy post- acquisition of PeopleSoft, Siebel, BEA and other solutions