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Full Moon with Eclipse conjunct Galactic Centre on June 15 to 16 2011

and the Galactic Cause of Disaster in 2012

S. Seymour Hedke June 12 2011

On June 15 2011 a Full Moon eclipse occurs close to the very centre of our Milky Way Galaxy. What effect may it have? Could it cause an earthquake or volcanic eruption on Earth? In the last six years I have researched the effects of alignments between heavenly bodies and the Galactic Centre. My study began after noticing that the Indian Ocean Earthquake on 26 December 2004 occurred as the Full Moon was opposite and the Sun was conjunct the Galactic Centre. The Sun comes closest to the Galactic Centre, and very close to the Scorpio constellation, each December. At this

present time the Scorpio constellation is in the tropical sun sign of Sagittarius, which the Sun crosses on December 19 of each yeari, so almost at the time of the winter solstice.

The Galactic Centre is part of the plane of the Milky Way galaxy, which appears from Earth as a broad band, often thought of in ancient times as a road, a milky river, a serpentine or dragon like creature, or sometimes when upright, as a tree.

Our Earth is inside the flattish plane of the Milky Way Galaxy. This is how we may see our galaxy when we look up in the night sky. The Galactic Centre is the bulge in the middle of the picture. It is more visible in the southern hemisphere. The galactic axis is more exactly aligned with the winter solstice than the Galactic Centre, which is now thought of as a black hole found at Sagittarius A. In fact the most exact alignment of the whole axis was already in 1998 according to some astronomers. This period we are in now, this window of time, is referred to as the Galactic Alignment. It has been given as a prime reason for the Mayan prediction of a disastrous end to our age in December 2012.

Since the earthquake occurred in 2004 I have observed that heavenly bodies pass within the orb of influence of the Galactic Centre at the time of the largest and most deadly disasters on our planet. Nearly every transit of the Sun or Moon over the Galactic Centre has caused a notable event that one could classify as disastrous through its effect on environment, loss of life, or material damages. Most specifically the Galactic Centre can be linked to earthquake occurrence, which has increased in recent years, especially in December. Also in the months when the Sun was square or opposite the Galactic Centre the largest and deadliest earthquakes have tended to occur. In 2001 the largest earthquake of the year occurred in Peru on 23rd June. In 2002 the largest earthquake occurred in Afghanistan on the 25th March. In 2003 the largest earthquake occurred in Japan on 25th September Also in 2003 the deadliest earthquake occurred in Bam, Iran on 26th December 2003. After the Tsunami in December 2004 I noted the next large earthquake (largest of the year) occurred in March 2005 as the Sun was square the Galactic Centre and the next notable earthquake after this that made the news headlines as a 7.2 earthquake on 15 June 2005 off the coast of California with fear of another tsunami. The Sun was 4 from exact opposition to the Galactic Centre. The Moon was closing on the Galactic Centre on October 8 2005, as the deadly Kashmir earthquake affected Pakistan with around 80,000 fatalities. Many of the worst hurricanes that struck (especially around 2005) formed, or reached maximum intensity, when the Moon and Sun aspected the Galactic Centre. Running through the most recent year of 2010, with emphasis on the earthquakes, the Moon was conjunct the Galactic Centre as the deadliest earthquake of 2010 occurred (as predicted) on the 12 January in Haiti. The Moon was nearly full and exactly trine (120) the Galactic Centre as the largest earthquake of the year occurred in Chile on 27 February. 1.5 million people were displaced by the 8.8 magnitude quake. On March 8 the 2010 Elzig earthquake occurred in Turkey as the Moon again conjunct the Galactic Centre with near 50 fatalities and much property damage. On March 20 the Sun was square the Galactic Centre as the Eyjafjallajkull volcano in Iceland began erupting. On April 4 the Moon was

Although I am convinced that the Galactic Centre has a wider orb I will here only include those events that occurred with 10 of the Galactic Centre by conjunction, opposition, and square. In fact most of these events occurred under more exact aspects than the maximum ten degrees.

conjunct the Galactic Centre as the Baja earthquake occurred on the S. California border. On April 14 the exact trine of the Moon and Sun to the Galactic Centre from the fire sign Aries brought the 2010 Yushu earthquake in China with 2000 fatalities and the Eyjafjallajkull Iceland volcano went into its second phase on the same day, downing planes. In May the aspects caused large earthquakes and the Tennessee thousand year floods of May 1st to 2nd and from 28th to 29th volcanic eruptions in Guatemala and elsewhere, (which were predicted) the tropical storm Agatha which appeared on 29th as the Moon was conjunct the Galactic Centre flooded large areas in Central America (as predicted) killed about 200 people and caused over a billion in damages and was blamed for a sink hole in Guatemala City (not predicted). On June 12 the Sun and Moon were conjunct each other and opposite the Galactic Centre as a magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit the Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocean2. Below is a chart comparing the December 26 2004 quake with the day I predicted another earthquake might occur on 12 June 2010.

On June 26 the Full Moon was, as now, eclipsed and conjunct the Galactic Centre as two large earthquakes originally given as M 6.3 and 6.9 hit Java and the Solomon Isles and three storms were active over Central America including the first hurricane of the year. It didnt seem to be that big an event as it might have been, I remarked before the date that the grand cross on the Holy Cross of the Great Year as I call it might not be enough to create a large disaster as the aspect of the bow was
I apologize if some of the numbers of fatalities or earthquake magnitudes seem different to those you have heard but these figures are subject to revision and in recent years this seems to be more often necessary.

missing that had been involved in most of the worst disasters. Nevertheless a heat wave began here in Europe. At least the 26th was the hottest day of the year so far where I live. On 25 June a new temperature record was set in the Asian portion of Russia, at Belogorsk, Amur Oblast, at 42.3 C (108.1 F), a further record was made on 26th.An article written on the 26th about the storm Alex that would become the first hurricane talked of the Extreme heat wave in Africa and Asia beginning to set all-time high temperature records as a withering heat wave of unprecedented intensity and area continues to smash all-time high temperatures. A new daily record high temperature of 99 was recorded on June 27 at Washington, DC and the Sun began to flare at this time though we didnt notice that till later as it turned away.

Incidentally it was because of the aspect I call a bow that seems pretty insignificant (but that is also present in 2012) that I was able to predict the likelihood of a volcanic eruption in Iceland on the 21st May the so called Judgment Dayii. As I see the Mayan Prophecy as a volcanic prophecy this fitted rather nicely .On July 23 the conjunction of Moon and Galactic Centre coincided with three earthquakes over magnitude 7 (!) in the Philippines. In August also the earthquakes coincided with these aspects and for September 3 UTC, or the period 2nd to 4th September local time, I predicted the likelihood of disasters, most likely storm or earthquake, when the Moon would be opposite the Galactic Centre. I suggested the storm would come most likely earlier and occur in the west on the American continent and the earthquake would occur in the East, I also suggested the most likely longitude for the earthquake correctly as between 150 and 180 east.

This was when the magnitude 7.4 earthquake was measured in Christchurch, New Zealand at 17247'E. So as not to be boring I will jump to December 21 2010 where I predicted a large earthquake would occur with possible tsunami. I predicted this years in advance in my book THE GALACTIC CENTRE 2012 and the Great Waves Coming in December as also in my article published in July 2009: 2010 the Year of the Volcano

I did not suggest this earthquake would be deadly, merely that it would happen because on the 21 the Full Moon (this time also in eclipse) was opposite the Galactic Centre and the Sun and Pluto were conjunct it, as had been the case by the earthquake and tsunami on 26 December 2004. Not only did a 7.4 earthquake occur on this date but the whole earth began shaking and the earths core shifted. Who can go on ignoring that particularly in December, since the time that Pluto began to conjunct the Galactic Centre in 2002 the earthquakes are occurring in an unprecedented way?

The actual effects of the Galactic Centre continue even into January of the next year. As the Moon transited the Galactic Centre from the 2nd to the 3rd January 2011 a magnitude 7.1 earthquake occurred. Based on a crop circle I had predicted some kind of Earth Crucifiediii event for this transit between January 2nd and 3rd but what happened was that suddenly everybody became concerned about a mass dying of millions of birds and fish. As the Moon went opposite the Galactic Centre a magnitude 7.2 quake occurred in Pakistan.

The Fukushima mega earthquake with tsunami, consequent explosions and volcanic eruptions, occurred as the Sun and other bodies were squaring the Galactic Centre.

On 24th March the 2011 Burma earthquake occurred, a M. 6.8 with 150 fatalities.

The Earth was again shaking all over as it had been at the winter solstice in 2010. I suspected that this conjunction of the Moon with the Galactic Centre and simultaneous square from the Sun might cause some earthquake activity. As e Sun had entered Aries a fire sign I associate with volcanoes - on the 21st I also expected volcanic activity. On the 21st a lahar from Mount Merapi in Java buried villages and on the 25th sightings were made of UFOs around the active (or activated) SAKURAJIMA volcano in Japaniv.Wildfires were also occurring in Colorado and Hawaii the latter set off by the volcanos eruptions.

I expected also further volcanic activity when the Moon entered Aries transiting Uranus and in T square to the Milky Way axis3. So I shared this prediction on my Facebook wall highlighting the possibility of floods, volcanic eruptions, fires and


Of course in 3d the picture looks somewhat different but the 2d representation seems to work well enough to make accurate predictions.

Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano erupted on the 30th hurling lorry-sized pyroclastic boulders more than a mile in an eruption that was so powerful the people fled their homes. An M 6.1 also occurred on the 30th April south of Panama with tsunami warning.

Puyehue, Region de Los Lagos, Chile. June 5th, 2011. 17:45. Credit: Pedro Rebolledov Fires were ongoing at this time, as predicted elsewhere that they would be because of the large numbers of bodies in the fire sign Aries with Uranus there in T square to the galactic axis. A news item on 30th April stated that about 7,000 fires have scorched more than 2 million acres, 1,132 structures and that NWS has issued Red Flag Warnings for parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Florida while at the same time news was coming in about the Mississippi flooding. I also shared in advance the probability of a larger earthquake and most likely a volcanic eruption on June 3rd to 4th as the Moon opposed the Galactic Centre. A 6.2 earthquake occurred not far from Fukushima in Japan and a volcano erupted in Chile.

So it is likely that this conjunction in June of the Full Moon with the Galactic Centre and Pluto between the 15th and 16th, not to mention the

alignment with the Nodes of the Moon causing the eclipse, concomitant earthquake or will with be an


activity or some kind of disaster somewhere.

It may not be a mega disaster, and not always do the disasters immediately hit the fan, but if a large earthquake of magnitude 6 or over occurs or other disastrous event comes to light on June 15 or 16 2011 then please note that the Galactic Centre was involved. One bow on the 16th suggests some possible renewed activity in Iceland volcanoes, while the other bow suggests the 30 to 60 longitude which could be Africas recent eruption in Ethiopia? But more than anything this brings up the question: what is the root cause of disaster on Earth? Could it be this area in the heavens? I have looked up the dates and times of disasters in history and found that the Galactic Centre was very strongly involved. If somebody wanted to mark a dangerous area of the heavens what symbolism might they use? Surely Scorpio is very appropriate? In fact a giant man about to step on one while wrestling away with a huge serpent as Ophiucus does, that is the picture we are given! Ophiucus is also the 13th zodiac sign that was supposedly known about by the Knights Templars and others who lost their lives because it reflected their powerful knowledge, a knowledge that was struggling for monopoly among the elite and probably ended up in the Roman Catholic Church. What a cover up his story has been if the Church should hide this galactic knowledge as its greatest treasure and send astrologers to be burned alive as evil if they tried to share it.

The scorpion is the only deadly poisonous creature in the zodiac and its sting is so close to the centre of our Milky Way galaxy. In the East among Vedic astrologers this sting in the heavens is called Mula -meaning root- but a root is also like a tail. It has equally disastrous associations. In

Arabic the Scorpio constellation was called the red dragon, while in ancient thought the whole Milky Way was visualized often as a dragon, serpent or similarly reptilian creature. In China part of the Scorpio constellation is called Yin, while we know that of the two forces in nature the nicer qualities of light, growth and so on are associated with Yang while the Yin force is the dark one! The Mayan priests and other wise people around the world once knew about the disastrous effects of the Galactic Centre on Earth. This knowledge was kept alive through initiates into the Mysteries. Unfortunately most of those who knew have, as already stated, been rotted out. The Galactic Centre is placed near the ecliptic path of the Sun where the zodiac constellations are found, its dangerous nature was marked so it would not be forgotten, by being framed between the foot of the giant serpent carrier Ophiucus, the arrow from the archer-centaur Sagittarius, and the sting of the scorpion. In myth the scorpions sting (representing the Galactic Centre) is responsible for our greatest disasters, There are stories of Horus and also of Orion being killed by scorpions.

The Great Year disasters are in fact connected to the axis which is marked by the Galactic Centre on one end and Orion on the other. It measured the Great Year and its beginning alignment with the winter solstice marks the poisonous sting at the Great Years end when we will get our dues for covering the Earth in radioactive poisons to keep our water warm. Plato shared with us the story of the fall of Atlantis that he had learned through Solon and Solon in turn through the Egyptian priests. This last great disaster was caused when a youth who wished to prove to his friends that the Sun was his real father drove the chariot of Helios and it veered off course. The pivotal point was as the horses saw the glistening wet sting of the scorpion dripping with poison: the youth was too inexperienced to control the horses and they bolted. In its irregular path the chariot of the Sun then burned and froze the Earth alternately, so that climate extremes were experienced just as they are beginning to occur now. Seals died and floated in the heated ocean waters (just as dead sea creatures are being washed up on shores today) and the Earth sighed in her distress and sank down lower than she was wont to be. Zeus saved the Earth from complete destruction by killing the youth Phaeton with a bolt of lightning.

The story of Phaeton (as Dr. LaViolette has correctly recognized) is a story about the last great alignment of the solstice axis with the galactic axis as the Galactic Centre with its serpentarius and galactic tree met the Summer Solstice. The Greeks and the Chinese called it the Great Summer catastrophe Da Xia. It is these alignments of the galactic axis with the solstice axis that pinpoint the very greatest disasters on Earth. The Sun was so saddened by the death of his son Phaethon that he stopped moving through the heavens. This stopping of motion of the Sun is something one can observe only at the solstices, where the Sun seems to stand still for three days. It is a clear reference to the Summer Solstice time of the Great Year cycle about 12,000 years ago. This was the time that began the Fall and has been compared also to the less sympathetic picture of the Fall of Lucifer.

Atlantis sank in a day and a night. I wonder what tales will recall the demise of this foolhardy civilization? *******************************************************************************

Susan Seymour Hedke 2011

14 June

In 2010 the Galactic Centre was calculated as being in 27 of the sign Sagittarius, in sidereal astrology used in the east it is between the constellations Scorpio and Sagittarius usually said to be at 3 Sagittarius. ii http://www.scribd.com/doc/55631199/Judgment-Day-21-May-2011 iii http://www.scribd.com/doc/35865646/EARTH-CRUCIFIED-Crown-of-Thorns-and-Holy-Cross-A-Crop-CircleRevelation-in-July-2010 iv http://wn.com/UFO%27s_JAPAN_VOLCANO_SAKURAJIMA_MARCH_25_2011 v http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:ErupcionCaulle.jpg