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Clean as a whistle = re: AGOs

---------------------------------------------------------------Challenges ahead for CC Manager we need a hi caliber individual New commissioners positive working relationship develop a fresh look critical issue that will make of break CC for years to come. Participation an important ingredient to the solution, a fresh look to the table.

Cooper City at Work The Cooper City commission is really out of touch. The writers strike is over. If you want to create a drama to entertain the relative few people who can stomach the meetings you have truly succeeded. Based upon the comments in the Sun-Sentinel online edition the commission has so confused the issues that no one can hardly get to the critical issue. The increase in the BSO level of coverage is an issue that one would think is at least the most important singular one that effects every person in Cooper City. The restoration of the full complement of patrol officers seems like a no brainer which the commission finally understood and agreed on. The increase of officers was not perceived as something that was needed. It is as though adding officers would in some way create a problem of incalculable dimension. It only amounted to $200,000. Several election candidates had campaigned on it. The city manager had announced at the last commission meeting that $3.952 million in excess funds from the previous year was now available. He was supposed to tell the Commission that information within thirty days of the close of the fiscal year. To you financial types that means the city took in more than it spent, and it tried very hard to spend it all. The drama of the night continued with a subsequent love feast of adulation of some of the commissioners to each other and then gave way to a harangue starting with Mallossi and her version of

plagiarism. This then lead to Bart Ropers soliloquy of his version of The Dastardly Acts of his fellow commissioner John Sims. Hardly in keeping with his final comments after more than 10 years of service to his community. The nature of those comments should bring shame to the record of an otherwise commendable commissioner. This part of the show appears to be a final act of the last three meetings. One begins to assume that this reoccurring theme has been planned and probably choreographed by someone. The facial expressions of the chairperson, Mayor and leader of our community pretty much indicates who the author might be. What pray tell doth that mean? Well, fellow citizens of this once well respected community (county personnel have been known to call each other with the latest about Cooper City) in the western edges of Broward, the game is a foot as the English would say.

One wonders what is it all about? Look to the underlying element, the Hiring Manual for the city manager. Yes, thats right a hiring manual. The reason for the ad hominem, (personal attacks ) is that a proposal has been laid on the table. It is the work of a state government and others, modified with the permission of the state for the purpose of providing a specific plan to enable municipalities to have a working document to aid in the hiring of the singularly most important person in the city administration, the city manager. Why the commotion? Well, the main reason is that someone had the audacity to prepare a manual to be used instead of using the vast expertise available from the commissioners who have had extensive working knowledge and background to draw from in the new hire process. (This would be only the second city manager hired in the entire history of Cooper City, the resigning city manager has served 27 or so years.) I think Not. What really makes sense is that the Mayor who has known for quite some time that Farrell would be going one way or another, had someone in mind for the job and the last thing the Mayor can allow to happen is for the search for a new manager would reach out across the milieu of 27,000 or more municipalities and find the best available candidate for Cooper City. And we all know by now that the judgment of others, especially those who are not part of the Cooper City Cabal, should have any part in selected the manager. It is best if the

individual has been thoroughly vetted by the Mayor and the King of Cooper City, her husband, and then presented as the preordained city manager. (Cronyism never seems to disappear.) Yes, it is possible that the dots have been misaligned in the dramatic scenario portrayed . Only a careful scrutiny of the yet unfolded scripts can really tell us the plan. Cooper City deserve and can easily afford a well qualified experienced professional city manager. One who is not the chosen one by the Cabal but one who will begin to restore the integrity of the position and one who can provide the necessary leadership to the employees, citizens and commissioners in the years to come as the problems that this city may confront can only be described challenging. Keep your Tuesday nights free as this could be an exciting in not exhilarating ride thru the pages of local politics as its very grittiest.

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