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BACnet to the Rescue!

Steve Tom Director of Technical Information, Automated Logic Corporation

Banner Bank Building

LEED NC Platinum core & shell
1st Platinum in Boise ID 1st Platinum spec office bldg 19th Platinum in the world

BACnet Controls! Modeled energy 50% of 90.1 60% less water use Cost no more to build


Banner Bank Details

11 Story Bldg - 195,000 SF $25 Million Construction Cost
$128/SF Leases comparable with existing 20 + year old buildings

Lighting control with Daylight Harvesting

65% less lighting load

Modeled Energy Use = 41% of conventional bldg

Major HVAC Systems

Weather Forecast Precool Geothermal Heat

Efficient AHU

Efficient Chiller

Demand Controlled Ventilation

Underfloor Air Distribution

Zones didnt communicate with AHUs
AHUs manually adjusted

AHUs didnt communicate with supply

Chillers & Geothermal ran in stand-alone mode

Everything set to meet worst case needs Energy use significantly over budget Occupant complaints about comfort

What Went Wrong?

Contract dispute over integration

Specified how equipment should operate not how equipment should work together as a system Multiple vendors: Who should do integration? Specs did not include enough detail on commissioning

Primary controls contractor left project!

Now What?

New contractor hired for integration

Associated with different vendors control products Only accepted job because it was BACnet

Surveyed building to find problems

Reviewed plans, specs, as-builts, and actual construction

Studied LEED Requirements Built a plan to Integrate Equipment into Systems

Integration Strategies

Trim and Respond

AHU provides, say, 60 air at start-up
Zones request cooler air if above cooling setpoint AHU Responds by dropping temp, say, 0.5 No request for 5 min? Raise temp, say 0.5

Chiller adjusts temp based on requests from AHUs Adjust hot water supply temp similarly Also works with VAV Static Pressure Reset

Integration Strategies
Zone Temp Max Cool

Morning Start-Up

Max Heat

Stand-alone: AHU starts, say, 2 hrs before occupancy Integrated: Zones tell AHU when to start
Based on model of how fast system can heat or cool zones Zones learn heating and cooling capacity over time Net Result: wait until last minute to turn on AHU
Mild weather: turn on just before occupancy Very hot or very cold: turn on early

Optimum Stop
Turn chiller off early & coast on cold water in system.

Integration Strategies

Night Purge with Morning Precool

Read weather forecast into control system
BACnet Web services can bring in weather forecast

Superventilate with cool OA during start-up

Forecast above 70: Cool building to 70 Forecast above 75: Cool building to 68 Forecast above 80: Cool building to 66

Requires coordination between AHU and Zones

Integrated approx. 3,000 BACnet Points in 4 Months
BACnet Discovery made this possible

Geothermal use dropped 45% Electrical consumption dropped 6-9%

Includes 5 data centers, high-density tech offices

Operating expense $1.12/SF

Comparable local buildings $1.30 to $1.50/SF

Occupant compliments replaced complaints

One of highest occupancy & retention rate in area Occupancy grew from 90% to 99%

Results (Cont)

Results (Cont)

Results (Cont)

Lessons Learned
BACnet Works As Advertised
Multiple vendors devices integrated into one system Able to switch primary controls contractor

BACnet is Necessary but not Sufficient

Makes integration possible, doesnt guarantee success Need to specify what will be integrated & by whom
Need point lists, sequences of operations, etc. ASHRAE Guideline 13 & CtrlSpecBuilder can help

Lessons Learned (cont)

Need to specify how system performs
Go beyond stand-alone equipment sequences How do zones affect AHUs, chillers, etc. Optimize overall system performance

Controls and contractors are not commodities

Have different strengths and weaknesses Pick best combination for your project

Most Important Result

Owner happy with building
Success depends on having someone whos willing to say I want to see this operate the way its supposed to instead of I want to get paid and move on to the next job. Would definitely use BACnet on another project. Thats the standard for all systems going foreword. Open standards are critical to making things work.

BACnet to the Rescue!