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WHH Ch. 12 Test Industrialization and Nationalism

1. France was decisively defeated in the year 1871 during the A. B. C. D. Prussian-Franco War Franco-Prussian War German War War of 1871

2. The new kingdom of Italy was declared on A. B. C. D. March 7, 1861 May 17, 1861 May 7, 1861 March 17, 1861

3. The industrial revolution can be defined as A. B. C. D. the application of immense capital resources to manufacturing the dramatic increase in population and wealth of Europe the application of power driven machinery to manufacturing the dramatic collapse of agricultural and political control in England

4. The political philosophy liberalism stated that A. B. C. D. People should be under tight government restraint People should be as free as possible from government restraint People should be as free as possible from democracy People should be controlled by representative governments

5. All of the following individuals contributed technological advancements to the textile industry except A. B. C. D. James Watt Richard Arkwright John Kay Samuel Crompton

6. Which two powers opposed a unified Germany and granted assistance to Austria? A. B. C. D. The United States and Great Britain France and Italy Great Britain and France France and Germany

7. The industrial revolution replaced commercial capitalism with A. B. C. D. Industrial laissez-faire Money economy Industrial capitalism Commercial industrialism

8. The political philosophy of conservatism believed in A. B. C. D. Tradition and revolution Revolution and change Tradition and social stability Tradition and social mobility

9. The Revolutions of 1848 were based on all of the following principles except A. B. C. D. Liberalism Constitutionalism Socialism Nationalism

10. The transformation of the English countryside during the years 1760-1830 into enclosed and compact farms is known as the A. B. C. D. Agricultural revolution Industrial revolution Commercial revolution Capitalism

11. The terrible working conditions of the industrial revolution lead to the emergence of A. B. C. D. Communism Socialism Industrialization Revolution

12. The primary leader for Italian unification from the northern states was A. B. C. D. Giuseppe Garibaldi King Victor Emmanuel II Camillo di Cavour Louis Napoleon

13. William I of Prussia was declared the kaiser of the second German Empire on A. B. C. D. January 18, 1871 July 18, 1871 June 18, 1871 January 8, 1871

14. Italy was unable to maintain a unified state during 1848 because A. B. C. D. The Italian people were controlled by the Pope The peasants were not involved in the revolution Natural barriers prevented the development of common ideas, beliefs, and language The leaders of the revolution were not unified

15. The chief defender of the conservative order of Europe was A. B. C. D. Napoleon Metternich Louis Philippe Carl Schurz

16. All of the following factors contributed to the industrial revolution in Great Britain except A. B. C. D. Changing agricultural practices Extensive railroads Markets to sell new goods Abundant natural resources

17. In addition to popular revolts across Europe in 1848, the Austrians put down revolts in the Italian states of A. B. C. D. The Kingdom of Piedmont and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Papal States The Papal States and Lombardy Lombardy and Venetia

18. The most important result from the Revolutions of 1848 was that A. B. C. D. the people did have the power to overthrow a government and establish a constitution the ancient monarchies of Europe were too powerful to be overthrown nationalism and liberalism were beginning to lose influence Capitalism was the economic system of the future

19. Realpolitik, the politics of reality, is politics based on A. B. C. D. the reality of the situation practical matters rather than on theory or ethics the political theories of John Locke theory or ethics rather than practical matters

20. The first public railway connected the cities of A. B. C. D. London and Paris Liverpool and Birmingham London and Manchester Manchester and Liverpool

21. Liberals desired a guarantee of freedoms by a written document such as the American A. B. C. D. Constitution Declaration of Independence Bill of Rights Principle of Intervention

22. The Revolutions of 1848 occurred in Europe because of a(n) A. B. C. D. Economic boom and progressive politics Recession and abuse of political power Economic collapse and famine Recession and progressive politics

23. The industrial revolution brought a dramatic increase in both A. B. C. D. Population and urbanization Urbanization and agriculture Agriculture and population Social stratification and political freedom

24. Germany does not look to Prussias liberalism but to her power. The above quotation is attributed to A. B. C. D. Metternich Napoleon Cavour Bismarck

25. The Compromise of 1867 A. B. C. D. Finally unified the ethnic divisions within the Austrian Empire Create a unified Italian nation Turned the Austrian Empire into the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary Turned Germany into the German Confederation

26. In reference to the unification of Italy, Il Risorgimento means A. B. C. D. The revival The renewal The renaissance The republic

27. The document entitled Industrial Manchester was written by A. B. C. D. Karl Marx Charles Darwin Friedrich Engels Thomas Hobbes

28. By 1852, approximately how many tons of iron did Great Britain produce A. B. C. D. 1 million tons 3 million pounds 3 million tons 30 million tons

29. The majority of the revolutions of 1848 occurred in all of the following countries except A. B. C. D. German Confederation Italy Austria Great Britain

30. The Crimean War was a conflict between Great Britain, France, and A. B. C. D. Spain Ottoman Empire Russia Italy

31. The work entitled On Nationality was written by A. B. C. D. Mazzini Cavour Metternich Mill

32. The work entitled Political Confessions of Faith was written by A. B. C. D. Mazzini Metternich Cavour Mill

33. The work entitled On Liberty was written by A. B. C. D. Mazzini Metternich Cavour Mill

34. All of the following were significant terms of the Congress of Vienna except A. B. C. D. Prussia received territories along the Black Sea The German Confederation was created Russia received Poland Switzerland became neutral

35. The political ideology called liberalism was founded upon the ideas of A. B. C. D. Hobbes Rousseau Locke Metternich

36. The French Revolution of 1830 was also called the A. B. C. D. July Reaction June Revolution The Bourbon Restoration The July Revolution

37. The Austro-Prussian War was also known as the A. B. C. D. Franco-Prussia War The Seven Weeks War The Two Month War The War of German Independence

38. Following the disastrous French defeat in 1871, a new government was declared called the A. B. C. D. First Republic Second Republic Third Republic Fourth Republic

39. Secularization is best defined as A. B. C. D. Indifference or acceptance of religion or religious consideration Indifference or rejection of religion or religious consideration Acceptance and understanding of religion or religious consideration Persecution of religion and religious followers

40. Romanticism emerged as A. B. C. D. A reaction to the ideas of the Enlightenment A continuation of the ideas of the Enlightenment A new understanding of the relationship between men and women A liberal movement to defeat the conservative order

41. Charles Darwin defined natural selection as A. B. C. D. the ability of organisms to consume other organisms the struggle for existence the development of organisms that are more adaptable to the environment then others the development of humans as more adaptable organisms than others

42. Many romantic writers had a passionate interest in A. B. C. D. Renaissance art Medieval history Ancient literature Neo-classical architecture