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Knowing your personal correction (Tikkun) and zodiac sign Aries

Month: Nissan Planet: Mars Letters: Daled Hey Correction: Aries born should learn to stop their thoughts and actions and to start listening to the people who surround them. For those of them who tend to spark off fast it is recommended to use the proactive formula. Aries is a very creative sign. Since it is the first sign of the zodiac, people who were born under this sign will always try to be first. The planet Mars is the planet of war. This is the reason why the Aries born will constantly seek after new and exciting challenges. An Aries is known for his generous heart. Sometimes he is hard to live with. He might be a hopeless rebel, impulsive, childish and insensitive. The natural inclination of an Aries is to run forwards. If something or someone gets in his way he will run them over.

Month: Iyar Planet: Venus Letters: Pey Vav Correction: The Taurus needs to be involved with his surroundings, take responsibility and act practically in order to achieve the goal. He needs to get out of his indifference. He needs to realize that he also can make a difference in this troubled world through the transformation of his desire to receive for the self alone to a desire to receive in order to share. They have to remember that the realization of their correction demands endless spiritual work. Taurians are loyal, consequent, patient, tolerant, law keeping, friendly, dependent; they are usually not judgmental and have a nice appearance. A Taurian will mostly choose not to change because if everything in his life is so good, or more correctly comfortable, he will prefer to stay in his bubble. Taurians are the eternal optimists. It is very hard to make them angry; they are very easy to please and will refuse to see the bad in others. That virtue along with the tendency towards optimism brings Taurians to passivity and lack of ambition to grow because everything is anyhow going to be o.k. Additional characteristics of Taurians are practicality and a down to earth view of things. The Taurus loves comfort, a nice house, property. They are stable partners and love

partnerships. The Taurians will work hard to get to comfort, especially to material one, but this is not enough.

Month: Sivan Planet: Mercury Letters: Resh Zein Correction: Their quick thinking and quicksilver (mercury) flexibility derive from a deep internal lack which pushes them to move fast and look after satisfaction. The Gemini wont reach a real satisfaction though if they wont have a deep commitment towards values, relationships and life in general. Practically they need to undergo a crucial change and connect to others not only intellectually, but also emotionally a heart to heart connection. Geminis need to achieve a real care for the needs of others, to loyalty in heart and soul, tolerance and patience. Only then will they be able to connect to the source of the Light of the Creator and to an abundance which will bring them to the satisfaction that will fill their lack at last.

They are friendly, charming, amusing and light. Gemini people are the most enjoyable to stick around with. Their speed of respond is over average, they can understand and digest occurrences and respond immediately. Their quick way of thinking lends them persuasion power and their ability to communicate is unusual. The downside of it is impatience to go deeper and a tendency towards shallowness. Their interests and knowledge are vast but in an unfocused and shallow way. One of the most significant characteristics of the sign of Gemini is their duality. On one hand they have a very developed sense of seeing both sides; they simply see the situation through an additional pair of eyes and can change their viewpoint very easily. On the other hand because of this dual vision they are mostly not committed and not loyal to any side. They can change their attitude in a blink of an eye as if the former one didnt even exist at all.

Month: Tamuz Planet: Moon Letters: Chet Tav Correction: Their main correction is to go out of their shell, open up to others and see the big picture. Cancerians are very emotional. The moon, the ruler over Cancer, is also ruling over the ties. That makes Cancerians extremely emotional. They might be instable, introverted, moody, insecure, nervous, wicked, defensive, prejudiced, fearful, vulnerable and obsessive. They are scared to go out of their shell and open up to others. On the other hand they might be warm, giving, caring, sensitive towards others, a talented initiative worker (especially as a teacher) and intuitive.

Month: Elul Planet: Mercury Letters: Resh Yud Correction: They should avoid judgment and criticism towards others; they should stop the rushing to conclusions and ask again: do I have all details? Do I see the full picture? Virgos should look with their examining eyes inwards and practice in giving help or advice to others, but only from a place of true care and willingness to help. They need to ask themselves what is the right thing for the other person and what is the best way for this person to accept their help or advice. The most typical characteristic of Virgo is their striving for perfection. It makes them sensitive towards tiny details, often on the account of seeing the big picture. They are very responsible and complete every task in the best possible way. You can give them a task knowing that they will accomplish it perfectly. Another characteristic which derives from their perfectionism is a harsh judgment. It makes them rush to conclusions about others. Their over sensitivity towards the faults of others might lead them to false conclusions because they only see parts of the picture. They have a very high ability of analytic and systematic thinking. This makes them be very tidy, well dressed and live in an organized environment.

Month: Av Planet: Sun Letters: Kaf Tet Correction: The correction of Leos needs to begin with internalizing humility and the understanding that they are not the source of everything because there is a higher source than them. Its important for them to practice listening to and trusting others.
They need to constantly channel their energy and doing towards others as opposing to their ego. They have to try and purify the reason for giving, put themselves as much as they can aside and focus on the person they want to give to. They have to also internalize the understanding that no any outside achievement will bring them true satisfaction but their internal connection to the Light. Leos have a great need to share with others as long as they are the centre of attention. These are characteristics that indicate leadership skills and a desire to show others the way, to council and to lead. Their leadership abilities include a high self esteem, a strong charismatic presence, high energy and the ability to sense the needs of others. The negative side: Chasing honor, dominating, wasteful, proud, arrogant, bragging, extroverted and a bad listener. Sometimes a Leo has the urge to manage the lives of others regardless their needs. The Leo feels at times that the world turns around him. This makes him feel superior, to brag and to reach goals in order to gain power. Leos love flattering and approval. Like the sun, which mainly gives, a Leo has a hard time receiving from others and listening to them. Furthermore their high energy exposes them to greater falls in their lives the more power, the more danger.

Month: Tishrei Planet: Venus Letters: Pey Lamed

Correction: a Libra needs to learn to take decisions and to decide what they want. They need to learn to trust the Light and to understand that making mistakes is an unavoidable part of spiritual growth. Even the wrong actions will lead to perfection if they are done with a pure intention and wholeheartedly. They also need to start to open up to others.

Libras see everything in balance everything has few sides. They are not judgmental for because of their deep view and their sensitivity towards every aspect and detail they lack the ability to decide. A Libra searches for balance, believes in equality and is against segregation. If you will make them an exciting suggestion they will always look for its disadvantages and will make a second suggestion. This inclination of the Libra leads them to confusion. They will invest many thoughts in considering all possibilities and wouldnt come to any conclusion at the end because of their fear of making a mistake. When they see an opportunity, they are convinced that there is something better awaiting them and thus they fear a missed opportunity.
They might turn the simplest of problems into a jungle of pros and cons and dive into doubt and panic. Like all air signs they are social, trustworthy, open and warm. They understand the pain of others and like to assist them. Nevertheless its difficult for them to give from themselves only to one person and they need to have security in their relationships. In spite of their good will, they might be carried away with their doubts and reach a state of emptiness and lack of energy. This lack can lead them to procrastination and indecisiveness. They tend to avoid conflicts and facing problems.

Month: Mar Cheshvan Planet: Mars Letters: Dalet Nun Correction: Judgment: the element fire rules emotions and desires. The correction of a Scorpio is to reach self control and control over his emotions. He needs to realize that his worse enemy is the war itself and not other people against whom he is willingly fighting. In order for him to make his correction he needs to get out of his emotional lusts and to control them. The way to do it is to drown all the anger and hatred which are so engraved in him in a sea of love. Only than will he be able to block the coldness he radiates towards others and awaken affection and mercy. This way he will be able to establish a connection to the Light and to a consciousness of the whole picture in the world, meaning fire, love, mercy and justice altogether. Scorpios are less motivated by thought and logic and more by guts feeling and intuition. Their emotions might be very extreme: blind, sensual, tragic love like in a big drama that can equally turn into burning hatred. Their feelings change without any control or logical consciousness. They tend to destructive impulsive actions without thinking first. This depth of their feelings will lead them to mindless accusations of others. In the middle of the storm they will feel an uncontrollable need to take revenge, even if they know that it is going to harm them. Scorpians are also known for their suicidal tendency and self destruction. By diving into the depth of his negative feelings a Scorpio might develop self hatred. Scorpios radiate a very strong magnetic power. On the surface they are cold and distanced. They might be charming and hypnotize their surrounding. You can be attracted to them and at the same time feel very uncomfortable in their presence. The typical Scorpio is much closed and keeps his secrets thoroughly.

Month: Kislev Planet: Jupiter Letters: Samech Gimel Correction: Sagittarians need to learn not to be caught in unpractical indifference and optimism. They need to learn not to run after every challenge and to understand that challenges are there to fulfill a bigger purpose, much bigger than the pleasure of facing the challenge. If Sagittarians will restrict their irresponsibility they will be able to reveal the Light. Sagittarians are happy, optimistic people with a sharp intuition. They are mostly intelligent, have wide horizons and are interested in cultures, traveling, mysticism and religions. They are optimists, idealists, generous, full of energy and joy. They have a strong engine which constantly pushes them forwards to look after dangers and challenges. This has a positive and a negative side: on one hand they are courageous and have the willingness to investigate and widen their views and experiences; on the other hand the constant search for challenges makes them irresponsible, indifferent, wasteful, gossipy, tactless, intolerant, conscienceless and bossy. They lack the patience to study subjects which in their eyes exceed the barriers of their immediate grasping. They will wait until the last moment to study for an exam because they need pressure for succeeding. Pressure challenges them. They possess a constant urge to prove them which is influenced by an extraordinary ability of interest and concentration. The combination of air and fire creates this overwhelming tornado which characterizes their life style. They are under a strong air influence which pushes them to be justice, truth and balance loving. They are motivated by a constant internal fulfillment, which makes them especially good people because only someone who is full of the abundance of creation can radiate it to his surroundings. Sagittarians always look for stimulations, excitement and pleasure almost at any cost. They look for immediate gratification and good life and they overcome any fear. This ongoing party life style might also be exaggerated until they often forget the purpose.

Month: Tevet Planet: Saturn Letters: Ain Bet Correction: In order for them to elevate spiritually, find inner peace, fulfill their ambitions and to overcome their destructive fear, must the Capricorn chose a spiritual direction in spite of their difficulty to do so. The planet Saturn is very far from the sun and therefore cold and dry. The distance from the light of the sun indicates a distance from the Light of the Creator and therefore a disconnection from all that the Creator is symbolizing: emotion, love, compassion, softness, sharing, charity and even simple joy. Capricorns translate the lack in those areas into hunger for matter and herein lays the mistake. Whoever looks for something where it doesnt exist, will never find it. In other words, when the Capricorn is focusing on striving and hunger for physical matter, he will continue in missing out the Light of the Creator and thereby keep on loosing everything he has been built. The thought of Creation will never face us with a challenge we cannot overcome and so the Capricorn will succeed in spite of his difficulties. Capricorns often tend to be very spiritual, even if it is mostly not noticed because of their strong connection to the material world. Capricorns have a sense of great responsibility from very young age. Therefore they are often viewed as hard, serious, responsible and stable people who dont easily open up to others. And indeed their view of the world is full of tryst colors. They are very rational, committed to work, practical and unromantic. Capricorns feel that they can gain nothing easily. They have difficulties in both, sharing and receiving, also in love relationships. The source of their problems is the cold way they are experiencing reality. Their intellectual ability is excellent. When this ability is paired with their sense of responsibility and ambitiousness, the result will mostly be a business or science carrier. The great lack Capricorns experience pushes them towards wanting achievements and control. In spite of their immense power and the ability to influence which they have been blessed with, Capricorns will often feel helpless and incapable out of fear of loosing everything they have achieved through hard effort. It is the fear of loosing matter and existence. Every time Capricorns will hold on only to matter, Saturn will appear and shatter their achievements. Nevertheless will the Capricorns stand up on their feet again by virtue of their tremendous powers and stubbornness and will build up a new tower of Babel which will crush again. Thus their fear to loose everything gains more and more power over them.

Month: Shvat Planet: Saturn Letters: Tsadik Bet Correction: Aquarians need to realize that true spirituality means genuine caring for others and to relate to people without arrogance. They need to manifest their big theories in every day life and for the sake of others and not to be caught up in elevated ideas which are useless for the wellbeing of the individual. They have to overcome their pride and their natural arrogance and understand that everything they have been blessed with is a gift which they need to share with others. The Aquarian dedicates his life to breaking the norms; his main nature is the ability to see above things. His excellent analytic ability enables him to develop new original ideas and dream about changes and new inventions. The strong need for freedom and independency derives from this aspect as well. Aquarians search for justice or betterment for all society. They have a strong consciousness of abundance, unity and for the endless possibilities that characterize our modern times, The age of Aquarius. Aquarians are friendly and have the talent to communicate with many people. They have difficulties to manifest their great ideas. Against their sympathetic aura and many friends, stands their difficulty in committing to their closest people and their lack of sensitivity towards the individual and his problems along with their tremendous stubbornness. Their extreme individualism makes them different and unique to the extent that you cant ignore them. This way they make sure to always stand in the centre of attention.

Month: Adar Planet: Jupiter Letters: Kuf Gimel Correction: a major part of the spiritual work of Pisces contains elevation above passivity and false senses of completion they are living in and to start manage their life according to a personal active choice. Pisces should connect to their innate need to help others but part of their correction is learning to say no because help is not always meeting others needs but feeding others with Light. The abundance of gifts Pisces have been blessed with is often being expressed through kindness, the ability to share, sensitivity and the ability to give up their personal desires for the sake of others. Pisces have a most developed intuitive understanding and most of their characteristics derive from a basic understanding of truth which they cannot translate into words or a general explainable picture. Thus Pisces know for example subconsciously that suffering in this world is temporary and illusionary and therefore they are willing to suffer patiently. It is a passivity which roots in the sub consciousness and doesnt come from a conscious choice. Piscians tend to burden the pain of other on them and thus draw to their lives people who will want to be supported by them. They have a very developed sixth sense. They are sensitive towards global political, social and even climatically issues. Their tendency towards seclusion touches other areas as well like keeping personal secrets from their surroundings. They are humble and ambitionless. Pisces need to remember that desire is the engine for everything, because their desire is not developed. That is the reason for their weakness to fight. They need to know that it isnt right to do the job for others, for they can create a bread of shame situation, a situation which others cannot stand. The service of others is an engraved desire in their personality. Their first nature is self sacrifice and devotion.

Its also important for them not to sink into their emotions (as opposing to sensitivity) towards themselves and others. Emotions awaken in them deep pain. This pain makes it difficult for them to see the big picture and act towards their goals in preserving their spiritual truth without any compromises.