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CONFERENCE COURSE Training Bulletin No. GT-10 = | DISARMING AND | HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT ' ‘THE ComMANOMNG GENERAL. Ams GROUND FORCES 1 6 Ty » a 2 2 2 Pa 2% oa 2 2 » a 2 wae SECTION V—UNARMED COMBAT Front Bear Hug under Arms... ‘Front Bear Hug over Arms ‘Rear Bear Hug under Arms First ‘Rear Bear Huy under Arms—Second Method ‘ear Bear Hug under Arms—Third Method Bereensees w © 2 contest of woapons, the trained sla DISARMING IN HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT SECTION 1 GENERAL 1 INTRODUCTION —e, Although modern warfare ie exentially| ‘ot helpless if clresmtaneon have deprived him of his arms. This training bulletin supplements FM 21-180, Unarmed Defense for the American Solder, June 80, 1902. Tt deserts methods hy which an unarmed oldie ean disarm an armed op- ‘ponent and by which he ean overcome snd daable hs opponent in unarmed Aghtng. Its not intended tp present an exhauatlve study ofthe subject; the methods tet forth herein are but a few fundamental ones which have Than found aaiafactory im practice. ‘They ean be used as the baie for ‘ditional wor. Counters to some ofthe disarming methods are deseribed, ‘hlleothers ae left forthe soldier to develop in practice. In instructing members of the basie and offer candidate classes st the Infantry Sehoo, fatigue uniforms are generlly used. Such use is ‘ecommended during intl stages of training at unit training centers, {ater on inthe traning eyelo, when a reasonable depre of proficiency has ‘ben attained, the sldiereould be trained while n eld uniform, to Indude Tight pack and selcted items of individual equipment (les canteen and tp, meatean, and gus mask). 2. OBJECT OF TRAINING—The primary purpose of training fn ‘hand-to-hand combat isto inal in the solder an offensive spirit by giving ‘him confidence in his ality to overcome an armed foe. The sldier who ‘hes mastered the methods of disarming an opponent and of hind tahand combat doesnot hesitate to close with the enemy. Te bas condenee born (of the knowledge that he i abo to master any situation that may aria, ‘Bren though the occasion for hand-to-hand fighting may never present Itself othe solder, the time devoted to this taining will more than repay self in incensed physical agility, endurance and mental eleriness 8. METHODS OF INSTRUCTION—Instructon in disarming and in ‘hand-tohand combat is best conducted concurrently with bavonet training ‘The applicator system of traning has boon found to be the most atin factory method of lstrution. Each step and movement is fst explained ‘and demonstrated. ‘The instractor muse be thoroughly familiar with the ‘subject matter and must ave st his depen at least two welltealned, Previously rehearsed demonstrators. ‘The various disarming methods sre ‘Semonstrated fiat at normal sped and then broken down ints sow mation, step by step. However, excessive explanation and demonstration cannot ‘replace practical work. A group should be formed exactly as for bayonet ‘rlning, being palrd according to the coach and pupil method. ‘The pairs ‘work at wil upon the methods previously explained and demonstrated, hile trained salstant Inteuetors circulate among the Pals and male a 7