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Airtel: ISDN Services, ISDN PRI services, airtel connection in delhi, airtel IPTV


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ISDN PRI (Primary Rate Interface)

The copper line using digital transmission technology, extended from the nearest exchange to your premises is terminated into a Modem (RAD HTU E1 / RAD FCD E1). The PRI circuit is provided using a two pair of copper. It is also known as a 4-wire circuit. The input to the modem would be G.703 and the output the modem is a V.35 interface. The modem can be extended to a PRI interface card or to a router optional Terminal Adapter for connecting other equipments likes multiple phones, fax, Pcs or a Local Area Network. The TA ensures that analog signals transmitted through the respective equipments are converted to digital signals to improve speeds and transmission quality. In a BRA circuit consists of two B channels (64 kbps) and One D channel (16 kbps), (2B+1D).

Applications that are widely used on ISDN

1. Digital Telephony 2. Concurrent use of any two applications like fax, data, voice, video conferencing 3. Electronic Data Processing 4. Data Transmission on LAN & WAN 3. Electronic Data Processing 4. Control Internet usage by allocating band width on a pay and use basis. 5. Enjoy the benefits of instant access on voice and Net. 6. Video Conferencing @ 128 Kbps, 384 Kbps High Quality Video by 3 ISDN Lines 7. Internet Access at 64 Kbps or 128 Kbps up to 2Mbps RAS Dialup 8.Incoming RAS number. Proposed 30 Channel digital PRI 1. Proposing one ISDN PRI 2. 1 PRI= 30 Channels (30 Simultaneous calls) 3. 1 PRI would be provided with 100 MSNs [Multiple Subscriber Number] 4. MSNs would be provided with DID facility [Direct Inward Dialing] 5. ISDN PRI link would be connected to ASM i 52 Modem 6. From ASM i 52 with the help of a PRI card it will be connected to the EPABX

ISDN PRIPrimary Rate Access (PRI): This provides 30 access channels of 64 Kbps and 1 signaling channel of 64 Kbps (30B + D). This is suitable for corporate connections to ISDN compatible EPABX etc. The 30 digital channels will be used to give 100 direct numbers.

DID: Direct Inward Dialing

DID is a facility which will give unique numbers to all people in IDP EDUCATION, whereby any person dialing from outside will not need to go through the reception. He shall directly land up on a particular number that he dials.

How will DID be implemented:

IDP Education will take an ISDN PRI and terminate it on a HDSL modem and then it will be routed to the EPABX. Through the EPABX you may give as many extensions as desired to the end users. Although there will be 30 unique numbers in these ISDN PRIs but you may add more numbers by adding multiples of 100 levels DID numbers.

The DID number acts as an extension as well as Direct number

DOD: Direct Outward Dialing

Enables all extensions to make outside calls, without operator assistance

Benefits of the PRI solution:

Please find below the benefits offered by a PRI line in comparison to an Analog line: I). PRI line offers digital signaling till the customer's premises as against in the case of analog signal wherein the signal gets digital only at the service provider's premise. I.e. the entire last mile connectivity offers digital signaling through PRI connectivity. II). Phone tapping in ISDN PRI is not possible at any point neither at the exchange level or the local DP level. 1. The digital signal offers the following benefits: a). The call completion is improved as the signaling happens through D-Channel till the PBX. b). The sound quality is also improved, as the digital signal is a better quality signal. The noise level is reduced due to the binary signals. 2. The PRI line offers DID (Direct Inward Dialing) facility that carries the following benefits: a). There is no call waiting for an IVR / when the call is transferred through the operator b). Everyone gets a direct number at his/her desk.

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Airtel: ISDN Services, ISDN PRI services, airtel connection in delhi, airtel IPTV


c). The CLI facility is activated on each extension. Moreover, the desired DID numbers appear on the third party phones when called outside. d). There is a massive reduction of the traffic on the Epabx. e). A single PRI line is sufficient for providing up to 100 level DID facility. PRI requires the termination of only one physical pair into the PBX that minimizes cross talks and cross-connections over the lines. Moreover, the faults can be traced easily due to this, as there is an alarm at the exchange the moment the line is faulty. One PRI is capable of handling the Incoming as well as Outgoing traffic in your exchange and there is no need of any further analog lines.

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