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Diploma Course in Mechanical Engineering First Semester Subject Title: Engineering Graphics Contact hrs/week : (2 Slots of 3Hrs each/Week)

Sl. No. Topics hrs alloted Contact hrs. / Sem:96

1 Introduction to Engineering Graphics 2 Dimensiong 3 Projection of Points 4 Projection of Lines 5 Projection of Planes 6 Projection of solids 7 Conversion of Isometric View to orthographic views Tests Total Subject Contents 1 Introduction to Engineering Graphics Definition of the drawing-technical drawing Engineering Instruments Drawing Board, sheet - their standards sizes Title Block, layout, Symbols, types of lines, conventions, standards applications of different types of lines

8 12 14 18 22 6 80

2 Dimensioning 12 Definiton and importance Dimensioning components: Dimension line, extension line, arrow head, leader, dimensional figure, symbol,scale and units Systems of dimensioning aligned system unidirectional system Arrangement of dimensioning chain, parallel, progressive, combined, co-ordinate, equal and equi-distant Dimensioning common features Circular, fillets, chamfers, rounds, curved surface, spherical, angles, tapers, threads, and knurls 3 Projection of Points Four quadrants ,principal planes ,profile planes Projection of points in all the four quadrants Projection of points- front view,top view and side views 4 Projection of lines Projection of line when parallel to both the planes Projection of line parallel to one plane and perpendicular to other plane Projection of line inclined to one plane and parallel to other plane (Side views for above cases) 15 9

Projection of line inclined to the both the planes 5 Projection of planes Meaning of the planes like square, rectangular,pentagonal,hexagonal,and circular Drawing the three views of the planes in different positon using first angle projection method Solving the problems using change of position method only 6 Projection of solids (All problems should be taught considering solids should be resting on HP) Projection of cube, triangular prism, square prism, rectangular prism pentagonal prism, hexagonal prism, pyramids like square, rectangular, pentagonal and hexagonal, Cone and cylinder in different positions using first angle projection method 7 Projection of Isometric View to orthographic views Projection of orthographic views of solids like prism, pyramid, cube, cylinder, cone, Sphere, machine components etc Tests Total Scheme of Examination 1 Chapter 1 is only for practice and internal assessment and not for examination 2 Three questions must be set as per the following pattern Q. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 From Chapters introduction Dimensiong Points Lines Planes Solids Iso to Ortho Marks Alloted 10 10 10 20 30 30 30 6 96 18 15


Total 140 Question paper can be set as per reqular M08 standards

Reference books 1 Elementary engineering drawing : N.D.Bhatt 2 Engineering Drawing : K.R. Gopal krishna 3 Fundamentals of engineeing drawing : R.K. Dhawan 6 Engineering Drawing : I.S. Morries 7 Step by step engineering drawing : Vee Ess 8 Engineering graphics : Verges 9 Engineering drawing by Venugopal