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CURRICULUM 2009 10, With Effect From 2010 11 Department of Technical Education DIPLOMA IN ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING

NG Third Semester Subject: ELECTRONICS LAB II Subject Code: Contact Hrs/Week: 6. Contact Hrs/Sem: 96

General Instructional Objectives 1. Comprehend the various functions of linear integrated circuit trainer. 2. Build and test various applications of operational amplifiers. 3. Assemble and study I.C. timer circuit and voltage regulator circuits. 4. Construct and study different standard digital integrated circuits. Study experiments 1. Identify the Pin configuration of ICs used in this Lab experiments. 2. Use of IC testers. (Analog and Digital) 3. Study Data sheet of Typical Analog and Digital ICs List of conducting Experiments Part-A 1. Determine the efficiency and ripple factor of PN junction diode as rectifier 6hrs a) Half-wave without filter b) Full-wave with L filter c) Bridge with pie filter. 2. Construct a single stage transistor amplifier using NPN and PNP transistor and measure Gain. 3 Construct and Test the following using operational amplifiers. a) Inverting and non inverting amplifier b) Voltage follower and summing amplifier, c) Comparator and ZCD d) Current to voltage and voltage to current converter e) First order Active Filters (OP-Amp IC741) i) Low-Pass ii) High-Pass iii) Band-Pass 4 Construct following using IC 555, a)Monostable b)Astable multivibrator 5. Construct Voltage regulator circuit using 7805, 7905, 7812,7912,7815,7915 9hrs 3hrs 3hrs 18hrs 9hrs

EE Third Semester Electronics Lab II

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CURRICULUM 2009 10, With Effect From 2010 11

PART-B 6 Construct and test the following Digital Circuits 45hrs

a) Half adder and Full adder using gates. b) R.S.Flip flop (using NAND and NOR gates only) c) R.S.T flip flop ( ), D Type flip flop(IC 7474) d) Input/output action of J.K.flip flop(IC 7676) J.K Master slave with preset and clear input (IC 7470) e) 4-bit Asynchronous binary up counter(IC 74293) f) Asynchronous binary up/down counters(IC 7515) g) Decade counter with preset and clear (Demonstrate preset and clear) (IC 74196) h) 4-bit Synchronous counter (IC 74161/IC 74162/IC 74163) i) 4 bit shift register-serial input serial output(IC 7494) j) Seven segment display circuit [encoder and decoder] (IC 74147and IC 7447) k) DAC IC 0808 and ADC IC 0804 l) Encoder(IC 74147) and 4:16 Decoder(IC 74154) m) 4:1 Multiplexer(IC 74153) and 1:4 De-multiplexers(IC 74139) Tests (One each from Part A & Part B) and Revision Reference books: 1. Electronics Lab Primier by Poornachandra and B.Sasikal Publishers - S Chand & Co. 2. Laboratory Experiments and PSPICE Simulations in Analog Electronics by L.K.Maheshwari and M.M.S.Anand Publishers - PHI Scheme of Valuation 1. Record 2. Writing one experiment from a) Part-A b) Part-B 3. Conducting one experiment from c) Part-A d) Part-B 4. Results from a)Part-A b)Part-B 5. Viva 5 10 10 20 20 10 5 20 12hrs

EE Third Semester Electronics Lab II

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CURRICULUM 2009 10, With Effect From 2010 11 Total 100

EE Third Semester Electronics Lab II

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