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IT IS IIEREBY STIPULATED AND AGREED, by and between the Village of Southampton (hereinafter referredto as "Village") and the Southampton Village PoliceBenevolent Association(hereinafter referredto as "PBA") that the June 1, 2005 to May 31, 2010 Collective Bargaining Agreement(hereinafterrefen-ed as "CBA") shall remain unchangedthrough May to 31, 2013, exceptas specificallysetforth below. The effectivedaie for all items below shallbe June 1, 2010 unlessotherwisestated. i. (A) Wagesshall be increased follows: as EffectiveJune1, 2010 EffectiveJune1, 2011 Effective JuneI,2012

3.0% 3.A% 3.}Yo

(B) Employees hired on or afterJune l, 2011,shallbe paid during the first two (2) years of employmentas follows: If attendingPolice Academy, from hire until 6 month anniversary- Academy Stepwhich shall be $10,000below Probationary Siep. At conclusionof AcademyStep,or uponhire if not sentto the Police Academy, until 18 month anniversary Probationary Stepwhich shall equalthe pricr StartingStep rate of pay with the increases paragraph in 1(a),above. Upon 18 month anniversary untrl24 month anniversary StartingStepwhich shaiiequalthe prior After One Year Steprate of pay with the increases in paragraph 1(a), above.

2. Effectivewith the 2012 payment, CleaningAllowance providedin Article II, Section the 2, of the CB{ shall be pro-rated the portion of the year on the payroll from the prior for November1 throush October31.

3. Effective January1,2072, employees must be on the payroll on eachholiday to receive paymentfor saidholiday pursuant Article V, Section2. to

4. EffectiveJanuary1,2012, holidairpayments pursuant Article V, Section2, shallbe for to prior calendaryear. the

5 . Effective December,201I, employees shall notify the Village on or beforeDecember15 of eachyear if they opt to receivepay for seven(7) or thirre;n (13) of the holidaysin the following calendar year.

6 . The partiesagreethe Experimental Duty Chart Agreement,datedOctober22,2002,is herebymadepermanent.Police Officers and Sergeants patrol shall continueto work on that schedule, attached as hereto. The CBA shall refleotthe termsof the Experimental Duty Chart Agreementfor eff,ected employees. Paragraph5 of the Experimlntal Duty Chart Agreementshallbe amended reflectthat employees to whoseregularscheduie includesa fifth (5th)ten (10) hour midnight shift in a week shallbe paid at the straight time rate for that shift. In addition, the CBA shall reflect that PersonaiLea..,e, r+ilitary Leave, andBereavement Leaveshall be grantedto employees the ten (10) hour on midnight schedule a,iay for Caybasis(e.g. ail employees on shallbe excused from duty for fbur (4) tours per year for personalleave). Tf{r,.t,:'!(r,otrrf:'"::.0. lnalu

fii'3tii":{iai&{ to "frF,,t&tu^(f6iar"t{a^,6ti',N{{""prior changing squad '{ifp,{rn{'u^ a or shiftassignment, unless necessary to injury,family siciness, due
disciplinary issues if two (2) members or agree exchange to assignments. 8 . TheChiefof Policeshall provide employee an thirty (30) calendar notice days prior to changing schedule tourofduty, unless changed a or the schedule tourofduty is for or training whichcase in fourteen (14) calendar daysnoticeshallbeprovided absent consent of theemployee.

*il)t(. r//q. soLl -aNchdmc"t 7^t 0/f'Tt/zr),,*t,^/6 ftttV*

9' Effective June 1, 2A77,Article III, Section2, of the CBA shali be deleted and replaced 'rith the following: "Overtimeshall be distributedstrictly on a senioritybasisfoi each overtimeevent. The foregoingshall not apply to any unforeseen unplanned or emergency overtime,overtimefor which the Department hasfewerthan four (4) hours notice,or to overtimerequiring,in the Department'sdiscretion,special ranlg qualifications, training or certification,in which caseovertimeshill be offeredand assigned basedupon the Department'sevaluationof its requirements without regard and . to seniority."

10-Delete Article V, Section3,2"d Paragraph, ofthe CBA and replace with the following: "Vacation and holiday selections will be madesemi-annually the periodsof June i for throughNovember30 andDecemberI throughMay 31. Vacationand holidayrequesrs will be submitteci May 15 and November 15. Vacationsand holidayswill be assigned by in the order of seniority. Only one bargaining unit rnembershall be on vacationor holiday leave on any specificassigned squad/ tour of duty. Only two uniform Sergeants, regardless specificassigned of squad/ tour of duty, shallbe scheduled offon vacationor

holiday leave at one time. If there is a si;th Sergeant stafi then three Sergeants on will be grantedvacationi holiday leave at a time.

11. Add the following to Article V, Section3, of the CBA. "No scheduled vacation, holiday, chartor compensatory time, or combination thereof will be permittedduringthe Memorial Day weekend,July 4thweekendor Labor Day weekendunlessscheduled a in forry (40) hour block."

12.DeleteArticle V, Section3, Paragraph of the CBA and replacewith the following: d, "Requests individual vacation,holiday,chart andcompensatory for time may be made subjectto the staffrng and worldcrce needsof the Department. At least three (3) days noticeshall be given of suchrequest. The Chiel or designee, shall havethe soie discretionto grant or deny theserequests; however, helshewill not abusetheir discretion."

13. CollegeIncentivePay, pursuantto Article III, Sec,tion of the CBA shallbe paid to 9, in employees the first paycheckin December.

14. EffectiveJune 1,2011, sick leave days,pursuant Article IV, Section4, of the CBA to shallbe proratedfor new hires,in the }'earof hire, for the numbercf monthsremainingin year. the calendar

15.Employees (7) sliallbe permitted useseven oftheir currentallotmentof sickdaysper to yearfor sickness their immediate in family.

16.EffectiveJuneI,20ll, deleteArticle V, Section of the CBA and replace 5, with the following. "Any employeetaking sick leavemay be telephoned and/orvisitedat their placeof residenoe, other locationthe employeeadvises, the pur,Dose determining or for of if the employee immediate family member actuallysick. If contactis unable be or is to established with the employeeon sick leave,then he/she will be deemednot to be on sick leave,unlesshe or sheis in the hospitalor his or her absence otherwisesatisfactorily is explained the Chief of Police. If an employee more than five (5) sick occurrences to has in a rolling twelve (12) monthperiod,he or shemustprovidethe Chief of Policewith a doctor's certificateattesting his or her illnessduring the perioCof sick leave,upon his to or her returnto duty. A sick occurrence shallbe definedasthe use of eight (8) or more consecutive hoursof sick time on one(1) or mcre daysof work (e.g.,sick absences on three(3) consecutive toursofduty shallbe considered (1) sick occuffence AnV one ) employeecoveredby this agreement who doesnot use arrysick leave during the year shaiireceive three(3) bonusdaysto be maintained a separate in account, independent of sick leaveand personal leaveand shallbe payable the employee additional to as paid

leave upon the employee's retirement. This benefit with regardto sick leaveincentive is retroactive January1, 1984,for computation bonus days to purposes.

17.Effective lune 1,2011, employees who work a rotatingtwo (2) tour schedule (patrol and detective)shallreceivean additionalannualamount(night differential)of five percent (5%) of basesalary. Effective June 1, 2011,employees who work a steadyten (10) hour midnight shift shallreceivean additionalannualamount(night differential)of ten percent (10%) of basesalary.

18.Effective June 1,2011, any subsequettt increase the premiumfor dentalbenefits in pro..'idedin Articie IV, Section1, of CBA shallbe shared equallyby the Village and the eniployee.

19.Effective June I,2011, any subsequent increase the premiumfor opticalbenefits in proviciedin Article IV, Section2a, of CBA shall be shared equallyby ihe Viiiage and the employee.

20. Effective June 1,2011, amendArticle III, Section8, so employees shallbe paid standby/on call pay regardless whetherthey recalledto duty. of

21. EffectiveJune1,2071,the spouse an activeemployee futureretiree of or who deceases shall continueto receivemedical,surgical,hospitalCentaland opticalbenefitsfor the lile of the spouse untii he or sheremarries.Benefitswill be awarded or basedupon longevity with the Departmentstartingat twenty-five percent(25%) after five (5) yearsand increasingby five percent(5%) eachyear until full benefitsare reached twenty (20) at years.

22 Effective June 7, 2011,the dependent childrenof an activeemployeeor future retiree who deceases shallcontinue receive to medical, surgical, hospital, dentaland optical benefitsuntil emancipated the agedefineCin the medicalplan. at

23. Employees shallbe required receive to PBA approval any matterto proceed for to arbitration. The PBd and its designated counsel,shallbe the exclusiverepresentatives of the PBA and its membersat all arbitrationhearings.Arbitratorsshallbe selected pursuantto the voluntarylabor arbitrationrules of the AmericanArbitration association.

24. Personal performance evaluations shallbe usedonly duringan employee's civil service probationaryperiod and on a discretionary basisafter their probationary period. Personal

performance evaluations will be usedto determine probationary a employee'ssuitability for continuedemployment. 25. (A) Employeesshall not losevacationtime, sick leaveentitlementor night differential(if contraetrequirement Article III, Section7(b) are met), or any other benefitto u'hich he in / shewould be entitled due to an on-dutyinjury no matterhow long the aforementioned period extends.Cleaning,holidaysand night differentialwill be pro-ratedif the employeeis out longer thantwo (2) weeks. Suchbenefitsmay be carriedover andtaken upon the employee'sretum to activeduty or paidto him / her or his / her legal representative the eventhis / her servicesareterminateddue to deathor retirement. in

(B) Employeesmay elect to have all controversies regardinginitial iieterminations over eligibility for benefitspursuantto GIvIL $207-cbe deciiiedat a hearingconducteri the by Collective Bargaining Agreement'sgrievanceprocedure. The Arbitrator shall decide, basedon a review of the law and the record, whether the Village's determination was proper, The decisionof the arbitratorshall be final and binding on the Village, the pBA and the employee.

(C) Employees may elect to have all controversies regarding the discontinuationof benefits pursuantto GML $207-c (e.g. whether the officer refusecicomectivemedical treatment,medicalinspections, etc.) be decidedat a hearingconductedby the Collective Bargaining Agreement'sgrievanceprocedure. The Arbitrator shall decide, basedon a review of the law ancithe record,whetherthe Village's determinationwas proper. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the Village, the pBA and the employee,

26. Nl proposals both the PBA and the Village not addressed of hereinare deemed withdrawn. This Agreementis subjectto ratificationby the Board of Trustees the Villaee and the of membership the PBA of

Dated:Mav 9. 2011

Agreedupon behalf of the Village:

Agreedon behalf of the PBA:

Dorchak/PBA President