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The Boutique Bow design and photos were created by Jessa Bailey of Bows by Jessa.

Credit where credit is due! Many thanks to Jessa for helping to enlarge our collection of FREE hair bow instructions. Make sure to check out her Video Tutorials also! Materials ~Ribbon (cut and sealed to length needed) ~Hot Glue Gun ~Stick Pins ~Alligator Clip or French Barrette ~Threaded Needle ~Hot Glue Gun ~3.5 piece of 3/8 ribbon (trimmed and heat sealed)

Step-by-Step Instructions Ribbon Formula: Cut your ribbon Itty Bitty Bow (2 ~ 3 bow) cut 3/8 ribbon to 14-16 (the 14 will make a 2 bow and 16 will make a 3 bow) Small Bow (2.5 ~ 3bow) cut 7/8 ribbon to 20 Medium Bow (4 bow) cut 7/8 ribbon to 29 or 1.5 ribbon to 32 Large Bow (5 bow) cut 1.5 ribbon to 35 To get started cut your ribbon and make sure to trim and heat seal the ends!

This example is for a Small Bow. ::: Start by folding one end of your ribbon over to the 3.5 mark. a. For the medium bow overlap your first fold to 5 mark. b. For the large bow overlap your first fold to 6 mark. c. For the itty bittys overlap your first fold to 3 mark for the 16 piece and first fold should be at the 2.5 mark for the 14 piece. Then fold ribbon back over at the 4 mark. a. For the medium bow fold back over at the 6 mark. b. For the large bow fold back over at the 7 mark. c. For the itty bittys fold back over at the 3.5 mark for the 16 piece and first fold should be at the 3 mark for the 14 piece.

Continue wrapping the ribbon around into a big loop, when this step is complete the end of your ribbon should be sitting on top.

Push the stick pin through the very mark of your loops.

Now separate the loops; you should see 3 layers on each side of the stick pin, (top layer, middle layer, and inside layer). You will then pull the top layer and the inside layer one way and the middle layer the opposite. Do the same on the opposite side. You should start to see an X shape.

Continue to spread the loops until you get the shape you want.

Take your threaded needle and weave it in and out from the bottom to the top directly through the center.

Remove the stick pin and pull the thread through as tight as you can. This will form your pinched look (humps or ridges) in the center. Wrap the thread around a couple of times and tie the thread off on the bottom side of the bow.

Make sure your bow looks centered. Now you can complete the bow with the small piece of 3/8 ribbon. You can tie this completely into a knot or just make a peak. (The peak method is what I used in the example pictured.)

Hot glue your center piece to the top of the bow.

Line your clipsee pictures.

Hot glue your clip choice to the back of your bow.

Wrap the ends of the center piece around to the back of the clip, glue securely into place.

Shape bow to your specifications, and you are DONE!


The instructions and photos for the Loopy Surround Bow were provided by Ann Whisler of Creative Works By Ann. Many thanks for helping to enlarge our collection of FREE instructions. This style is also called a Surround-a-Bow or Surround-a-Bow Loops. Materials

1 Boutique Fold Bow, ready for mounting. 2-3 lengths of ribbon for surround a loops (3/8 width ribbon shown), cut to same length or +1 of Boutique fold bow ribbon length. See example below. Seal ends. 1 section of ribbon for base/support bow,

seal ends. See example below. 3-5 pieces of ribbon for ribbon sprays. Trim and Seal ends. See example below. Needle and thread Choice of glue Additional notes and measurement tips on this bow located at bottom of page.

Step-by-Step Instructions Take 1 of your ribbon pieces for the surround loops and fold it in half. Make a crease at the half mark.

Take 1 of your ribbon pieces for the surround loops and fold it in half. Make a crease at the half mark.

Fold the ribbon around and place the center crease at the edge of the ribbon next to the ribbon end. You can now hold the two loop sections and slide the ribbon back and forth to make the loops even.

To check for loop evenness, hold the center of the ribbon as shown and gently pull up on the loops. if they are even they will both be resting on your finger the same.

Using a needle and thread, make a few stitches to hold the first loops in place. The needle and thread should be on top for the next step.

This is what your first and second loops will look like.

Take your ribbon and make the 3rd loop, putting the ribbon under the first pair of loops.

Check for evenness by gently pulling on the ribbon as shown. This picture shows the new 3rd loop being compared to the 2nd loop.

This is what your first three loops will look like. Please note that the center ribbon from left to right are stacked on each other, not side by side.

Take the end of the ribbon, fold it around and place it at the edge of the ribbon toward Loop 1. This completes the 4th loop. Stitch all the layers of ribbon together and tie a knot to secure. Repeat for other surround loop ribbons. **This picture shows the outside of the Surround loops or the bottom.

This is the completed surround a bow loop series. Please note the way the loops are laid out.

Now that all your surround loop ribbons are completed, stack them on top of each other being sure they are all facing the same direction and matching centers. I like to make a few stitches through all the layers to secure them. You may glue them also.

These are the finished surround a loops, ready for mounting. Please note which way the loops lay. This is how they need to be when the boutique bow is placed for mounting. Set them aside.

Now you can make the Ribbon Spray. The main piece of ribbon runs down the center from left to right of the finished bow. Layer the other ribbons on top in an X pattern as shown. If you use more ribbons than what is pictured, arrange them to your preference. All the ribbons need to have the same center. **NOTE** Ribbon Sprays: Ribbon sprays are the short pieces of ribbon you see poking out from under the main bow and

surround a loops. They are also known as Spikes. I like to cut them all at 6 long and use that for 4 and 5 bows. I do need to sometimes trim them when making a 4 bow. This will vary from maker to maker depending on how you would like your bows to look. I encourage you to note the length you use as your preference. Weave a needle through all layers at the center of the ribbon spray as shown. Cinch or squeeze the ribbon center together to gather it while it is still on the needle, then pull the needle through. Wind the ribbon around the center twice, keeping it tight and secure at knot at the back.

This is the completed spray arrangement, ready for mounting. Set aside.

Now it is time to make your base/support bow. Make a loose boutique fold bow. This ribbon has been cut shorter and is not intended to be full like a boutique bow.

Weave a needle and thread through the center of the ribbon as shown. Do not pull the needle through.

Cinch the center of the bow while still on the needle. Wrap the thread around the center two times keeping it tight and make a secure knot in the back. Now you are ready to assemble your bow!

Arrange all your bow parts for assembly.

Glue (or sew) the ribbon spray onto the base/support bow lining up centers (the thread). Allow glue to set.

It should look as shown.

Glue (or sew) the Boutique bow to the Surround loops being sure to line up the centers. Allow glue to set.

Glue (or sew) the boutique bow and surround loops on top of the ribbon spray/base bow. Lining up centers (the thread). Allow glue to set.

The bow is ready to be mounted to a clip or headband. Finished bow shown with center ribbon a

Materials: Cover Button Kit (size 60 (1 1/2 in) are used in this tutorial) Monogrammed Fabric Scissors Glue Stick Sheet of Monogrammed Letters (used for this tutorial)

Step-by-Step Instructions Picture to the left shows the front side of the monogrammed fabric. Flip your monogrammed fabric over, you will be working on the back side.

Use the pattern given to you with your button cover kit, this is the size that you will cut the fabric to. If you cant find the pattern or it didnt come with one, double the diameter of your button for your fabric pattern. I folded mine in half, and then half again, this will give the center of the pattern. I traced over the folded lines so that you could see the center lines. Fold the circle in half, and line up the center point (where the traced line and the fold connect) with the center of your letter.

Unfold your circle pattern, making sure not to move it. Hold it in place and ...t

...trace around it.

Place your button in the center of your circle (this should also be centered around your letter).

Trace around the button.

Cut out your circle (fabric and interfacing) along the outside circle lines.

Pull apart the interfacing and the fabric.

Now cut only the interfacing (the white backside fabric) along the smaller inner circle lines. Be careful, making sure to NOT cut your front fabric, make sure to separate the fabrics while cutting. (Can you tell Ive cut my front fabric before).

Prepare your button by using a glue stick. Sparingly spread glue around the top of your button.

Now place your fabric on the button, centering it. You can move it around, make sure that you look at it from the front, pulling the sides tight to check and see if you need to maneuver the fabric any.

Now you can place your button into the white rubber tool that came with your button cover kit.

Try to make sure that your fabric stays in place, so that your letter will be centered.

At this point turn it over, and you can see thru the bottom of the white rubber tool and to make sure that your letter is centered properly. If needed reposition your letter so it is centered.

Now use the blue piece that came with your cover button kit, make sure that all of the fabric edges are aiming inward, place blue piece on top to flatten fabric edges against the back of your button...

...so that you dont have raw edges sticking out of the sides.

Now place the back on the button. Make sure that the shank side is up, or if you have buttons that dont have shanks (or youve removed the shanks) the side that should be up towards you will have a ridge on the outside edge.

The easiest way to pop this into place is to use the blue piece again and apply slight pressure.

The back should fit snuggly and snap into place.

You are now done. Just peel back the white rubber tool and pop out your one-of-a-kind button.

Use them to personalize all of your projects. They are great additions to accessories and outfits. Mix and match colors, fabrics, size and have fun!

Put your button on a clippie...

...or a hair bo

The Pinwheel Bows design and photos were designed and provided by Stephanie Moore. Credit where credit is due! Many thanks to Stephanie for helping to enlarge our collection of FREE bow instructions. Make sure you check out Stephanie's Blog, A Little Moore, because she provides amazing tutorials for other craft projects. Materials: Grosgrain ribbon 24 gauge craft wire Wire cutters Hot glue gun Clip of your choice

Step-by-Step Instructions

Cut Ribbon: For this bow (adjust for size you want) I cut a piece of 1.5 inch grosgrain ribbon to 23 inches.

Make your first loop down with the ribbon making a long tail in front.

Bring your ribbon "tail" up while keeping a grasp of your first loop.

Bring your "tail" down to start making a second loop.

Bring the tail up from the bottom of your newly formed second loop.

Pinch and fold in the center twice this is what creates the nice crease. This may take a few times to get a neat fold.

While holding on to your center fold tightly, get your craft wire and tightly wrap it around the center. You can also use thread or fishing line. I prefer wire as it provides a little extra control. If you are going to make a stacked bow I suggest hand-sewing your layers together. Flip your bow over and even out your loops and then cut your "tails". I like the triangle but but you can use straight lines. Then, take a lighter and quickly run the flame over the ends of the ribbon. This will heat seal it and prevent future fraying. Note: you can also seal the ends using Fray Check or with a wood burning tool. See Tips.

To complete the center knot get a smaller piece of ribbon. I used a 7/8 ribbon. Cut a piece long enough for you to knot and work with.

Loop it much like an awareness ribbon looks.

Tuck one tail through the loop and pull.

Once you have pulled it tight you may need to rotate the tails close to the knot so you have a smooth pretty tail coming from either side of the knot.

Slide in your choice of clip. My daughter has fine hair so we use the alligator clips. Note: You can line your clips to prevent slipping. See Tips.

Put a tiny dot of glue on the center of your bow and secure the knot in the center. Then, fold each tail over one at a time securing it with hot glue on the alligator clip with the prong open. Trim the tail and Repeat with the other tail. Seal the exposed ribbon end that you just trimmed up on the back side.

Adjust your "tails" so they are as you like them. Your bow is