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Advanced Database Management

Course 95-704, Fall 2003 Instructor: Jeremy Smith

Carnegie Mellon University GM Technical Education Program Textbook Prerequisites Course Description Schedule Assignments Grading Course Policies


Joline Morrison and Mike Morrison. A Guide to Oracle8. Course Technology, Cambridge, MA. 2000. ISBN: 0-619-00027-9 (MM)

Prerequisites and Requirements

Prerequisite: Database Management, 95-703 Requirement: Students must have a PC with Personal Oracle 8i or 9i and Oracle Forms and Reports installed on it. If you do not have this software installed on your PC, please contact Allison Frankoski at 412-268-8983 by phone or allison@andrew.cmu.edu by email to get a copy.

Course Description
This course will have a technology component and an advanced topics component. The technology component will focus mainly on two Oracle tools: PL/SQL for creating program units that use SQL and Oracle Forms and Reports to design forms and reports. Within this component, students will work on labs, submit 3 assignments and work on a group project which will require a synthesis of the lab and assignment work. The advanced topics component will consist of discussion lectures on advanced areas of database applications in industry. Outside readings will be assigned and sent to the students. Assessment on this component will be on the final exam.

This class begins on Monday, August 25. That is the week set for viewing the first CD lecture. I will assume that subsequent lectures will be viewed weekly after that, with the exception of the week of November 24, which is the week of CMU's Thanksgiving Break. The date of the last lecture viewing will be December 1. For the reading handouts, go to the Lecture page to download them in electronic form. For readings that aren't available electronically, they will be mailed to you.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that we will not follow Professor Bajajs schedule exactly, so please be careful to note which lecture we will be viewing each week and to view the appropriate lecture on the CD, regardless of its order on the CD. Week #/ Beginning Lecture Lab PL/SQL Lab 1 PL/SQL Lab2 Server Triggers Lab 1 Oracle Forms Lab 1 Oracle Forms Lab 2 Oracle Forms Lab 3 Readings/Reference Lab handout, MM Ch. 3, pp. 124134, Ch. 4, pp. 152-217 Lab handout, MM Ch. 4, pp. 218260 Lab handout, MM Ch. 4, pp. 260272 Lab handout MM, Ch. 5 MM, Ch. 6 MM, Ch. 7, Part A

1 / August 25 Course Intro 2 / September PL/SQL Lecture 1 1 3 / September PL/SQL Lecture 2 8 4 / September Server Triggers Lecture 15 5 / September Oracle Forms Lecture 1 22 6 / September Oracle Forms Lecture 2 29 Analsysis and Design 7 / October 6 Lecture, User Interface Lecture 8 / October 13 9 / October 20 10 / October 27 11 / November 3 Data Warehousing 1 Data Warehousing 2 Web/DB Connectivity Distributed Databases

Reading handout Reading handout Reading handout

12 / Database Security November 10 13 / No tape - work on projects November 17 14 / No Class Thanksgiving Week November 24 15 / December 1 16 / December 8 Database Administration Final Exam This Week

Lab handouts will be available in the LECTURE section of the web site in the lecture folder of the current topic/week. Work through lab handouts after watching the appropriate tape. The steps you complete in the lab will often be discussed in the following lecture rather than the one just viewed. This gives you the opportunity to see the process before it is discussed in lecture to give the lecture more meaning.

There will be three assignments based on your work with the tools in the lab sessions. There will also be a project assignment for which you'll work in groups to design a database, implement it, and build forms and reports that can be used to interact with the database. The project assignment will be submitted in two phases. Phase 1 will consist of a design report; Phase 2 will consist of an implemented database and a working set of forms that interact with the database.

Following is a list of due dates for each assignment (these are planned due dates, if there are any changes you will be notified during the semester): Assignment 1 2 3 Project Phase 1 Project Phase 2 Due Date Wednesday, September 17, Midnight EST Wednesday, October 1, Midnight EST Wednesday, October 15, Midnight EST Friday, November 14, Midnight EST Friday, December 5, Midnight EST

Assignments Project Phase 1 Project Phase 2 Final Exam Total 30% 20% 30% 20% 100%

Course Policies
Late Assignment Policy - Late assignments will not be accepted unless the student has made arrangements with me at least 48 hours prior to the assignment's due date. This is necessary so that answers can be posted in a timely fashion. Policy on Cheating and Plagiarism - For Assignments 1 through 3, each student is responsible for handing in his/her own work. For the project assignment, each project team will work on and turn in work that have been created and developed by only those members of the team. For any assignment found to be the partial or complete result of cheating or plagiarism, your grade for that assignment will be zero. Cheating is defined as inappropriate collaboration among students on an assignment. This can include copying someone else's work with or without alteration. When students are found to be collaborating in this way, both will pay the penalty regardless of who originated the work.