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5 days 7 days - immediately - from receipt of NOTICE TO PROCEED suspending, resuming

10 days -notice to stop, resume before beginning or - request on drwn & matrls from date needed 15 days - request for payment by contractor - change of order - certificate of payment by the architect - for owner to pay the contractor from - reqst of extension frm occurrence of delay - notice of termination upon written notice - contract sum & breakdown 30 days - arbitration - certificate of occupancy 60 days - to make good of known defects after payment bond)

issuance of certificate of payment

issuance of certificate of completion

(expiration of performance &

90 days - work stoppage ordered by the court - retention (3 months after acceptance of work) 120 days - building permit validity 365 days - guarantee bond effectivity - building permit validity if there was no Construction

Performance Bond- 15 % of contract amount Payment Bond- 15% of Contract amount valid until replacement of Guarantee Bond Guarantee Bond- 30% of contract amount valid up to 1 yr from date of acceptance

After 65% completion of work, the contractor should present certificate of non financial obligation After 98% substantial completion of contract work, the architect shall inspect the project & issue certificate of completion after certification, the contractor will finish outstanding work during period of making good of all known defects of 60 days.

Contractor can suspend work: 1. non- payment after 15 days request 2. order of government to stop work for 90 days Owner can suspend work: 1. bankruptcy- declared by BIR 2. insubordination 3. non payment of contractors debt 4. non superintendence of contractor UAP DOCUMENTS Sole power of interpreting the provisions of the code: National Board of Directors of the United Architects of the Philippines Board of Professional Regulation Commission Doc 201 Doc 202 Doc 203 Pre- design Services Design services Specialized Allied Services

Doc 204 Doc 205 Doc 206 Doc 207 Doc 208 Doc 209

Construction Services Post- Construction Services Comprehensive Architectural Design- Build Services Selection of Architects & Methods Competition Code Services of Compensation


Building Code National Plumbing Code Philippine Electrical Engineering Philippine Mechanical Engineering Phil Structural Code for Buildings

Law RA185 Law CW294

PD 1185 PD 1096 PD 957 PD 23 PD 49 RA 545 BP 344 BP 220 Fire Code Building Code Condominium & Subdivision, Law that Created the PRC Intellectual Property Law The Architects Law The Law Enhancing the Mobility of The Socialized Housing Law Disabled

Bridges Protective Law

Simple Moderate Exceptional Residential Monumental Repetitive Housing Extensive Detailing Alteration and Renovation Consultation 6% 7% 8% 10% MBF + 50% 80%, 60%, 40% 60%, 30% 15% 150% P200