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LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY TERM PAPER LHST Name of the faculty member: Course No: MGT 412 Management

Class: Max. Marks: 25 Date of Submission: 21ST March 2011 Course Title: Advanced Financial Department of Management

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topics Comparison of hire purchase as a source of finance with other short term sources of finance across the durable 1 RA67B1A01 goods industry 2 RA67B1A04 Analysis of risk management practices across different firms in an assigned industry 3 RA67B1A05 A study on the growth prospects of the Leasing Industry in India. A study on the risks involved in capital budgeting and the tools used to overcome the same in 3 Indian Companies 4 RA67B1A07 Across different Industries. A study on the effective strategies for capital structure and 5 RA67B1A08 the problems faced by any 2 companies in the service sector A study on the different investment strategies used in the derivatives and arbitraging business. 6 RA67B1A09 7 RA67B1A10 Analysis of cost and benefits associated with different mergers across the banking industry 8 RA67B1A11 A study on any 2 cross border mergers/ acquisitions.

9 RA67B1A17 A study of the different derivatives market instruments and their comparison Analysis of a firm with the help of the tools of analysis such 10 RA67B1A18 as cash flow analysis, ratio analysis, breakeven analysis. 11 RA67B1A20 Derivatives as a tool of risk management 12 RA67B1A21 A study on the Investment Management Business in India 13 RA67B1A22 A study on the Financial Institution Frauds and prevention measures of the regulatory bodies. 14 RA67B1A23 Analysis of Gold as a tool of investment and risk management A study on the growth and future prospects of Mutual Fund Industry in India 15 RA67B1A24 16 RA67B1A25 A survey of corporate leasing analysis of any two companies Bharat Heavy Electricals 17 RA67B1A26 Outline detailed information regarding the assigned Ltd. 18 RA67B1A27 company in terms of Bharti Airtel Ltd. 19 RA67B1A28 1. its background, history, Cipla Ltd. management; RA17B2A01 2. Company position relative DLF Ltd. 20 RA17B2A02 to industry 3. Change in its share price 21 HDFC Bank Ltd. RA17B2A03 over a year 22 4. Capital Structure for last 3 Hero Honda Motors Ltd. RA17B2A04 years; 23 Hindalco Industries Ltd. 5. Dividend Policy for last 5 RA17B2A05 years; 24 Hindustan Unilever Ltd. 6. Liquidity position; Housing Development RA17B2A06 7. Financial Credibility 25 Finance Corporation Ltd. RA17B2A08 through balance sheet, Profit and loss A/C 26 ICICI Bank Ltd. 8. Credit Rating of company Bharat Heavy Electricals

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RA17B2A17 RA17B2A18 RA17B2A19 RA17B2A20 RA17B2A21 RA17B2A23 RA17B2A24 RA17B2A25 RA17B2A26 RA17B2A27 RA17B2A28 RA17B2A29 RA17B2A30 RA17B2A31 RA17B2A32 RA17B2A33 RA17B2A34 RA17B2A36 RA17B2A37

Dividend policy: its influence on the value of the enterprise for the last five years Pre and post impact of dividend announcements on share price of any one company for the last five years The impact of leverage on stock return Determinants of financial development Validating of CAPM in predicting stock prices at stock exchange Impact of acquisitions and mergers on firm performance in FMCG sectors Relationships of stock market returns and rate of inflation Factors that lead to investment in mutual funds Determinants of corporate dividend payout policy Effects of mergers and acquisition in banking sector Relationship between stock prices and rupee dollar parity Impact of interest rate on stock market Risk assessment and decision making in business and industry Impact of exchange rate on Indian Economy and stock market Analysis of capital structure of a cement plant, software development firm and a call centre Asset Pricing and Investor Risk Preferences Capital Structure And Corporate Control Hedging of Risk in capital market through derivative market Enterprise risk management (an essential process for sustainable profit and growth)