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Answer the following questions. For the first 3 essays, the limit is 300 words. 1. NUS Business School seeks a diverse and unique class of future managers. How will your distinctiveness enrich our learning environment and enhance your prospects for success as a manager?

2. As a manager, you are likely to work with a team in order to accomplish a particular task. In a hypothetical group of six working towards the completion of a project in Corporate Strategy, describe your own role & responsibilities, and the qualities and characteristics of your ideal teammates.

3. Suppose you had to choose two people people alive now or people from another era to travel with you on a cross-country automobile trip. Who would you choose and why? What would you hope to learn from them? 4. Please answer these questions to allow us to have a better understanding of your career aspirations. A) What industry do you intend to work in after your MBA? B) What is your salary expectation immediately after the NUS MBA? (in USD) C) Name 3 countries (in order of preference) do you wish to continue your career immediately after the NUS MBA. (Max 50 words)

5. For applicants of The NUS MBA Double Degree Masters in Public Policy or The NUS MBA Double Degree
Masters in Public Administration, kindly download and complete the additional essay requirements here: MPP Essays / MPA Essays . You may wish to submit the completed form by uploading it on page 8 (Upload Resume page) of the online application form.

(1) What is the one thing in your professional life so far, that matters most to you? Explain why. (maximum 500 words) (2) Immediately after graduation, in what role do you see yourself working? Why? How will your experiences help you achieve this goal? What skills or competencies would you like to obtain from The NANYANG MBA to help you achieve this goal? (maximum 600 words) (3) Describe a time when you made a lasting impact on your organization or when you built/developed a team whose performance exceeded expectations. Tell us what you did and how you did it. Only describe experiences that have occured during the last three years. (maximum 300 words) (4) Describe one problem in your current industry (or target industry after finishing your MBA) on which you hope to make a positive impact. Explain why this problem is meaningful to you and how will you promote efforts toward solving it. (maximum 600 words)

Boston International MBA

Essay Topics for all Master's Degree in Business Administration Applicants 1. Describe your decision to pursue an MBA degree, highlighting the following (750) words: a. Your motivation for pursuing an MBA degree at this point in your career;


Your reason for choosing to apply to Boston University and the specific program that you have chosen, i.e. MSMBA, Health Sector Management,or Public and Nonprofit Management, or International MBA; ( Emerging market , business setup knowledge which will help me when I set up my own business ) Your plan to leverage your professional and academic experiences to achieve your post-MBA career goals ( answer based on SCM, marketing( coll ) and refer the curriculum of the college)


After four years in CEG, Anna University I matured into a complete graduate ready to step into the corporate world.


Describe a formative or significant event in your life and then explain how this event has influenced your subsequent thoughts and actions. (500 words) - hearing about manhattan associates and career foundation towards SCM.. took elective based on that.. same field followed..etc etc or how you took mechanical and laid the foundation.. think over Tell the Admission Committee about a time when it cost you to maintain your integrity and what you learned from the experience. Who was affected besides yourself? Was there anything you might have done differently? Would you make the same decision again if given the chance? (500 words) Other than national identity, describe a uniqueness you will bring to the Boston University community that will impact your classmates - both inside and outside the classroom. (500 words) convergence of the art, science, and technology of business, a philosophy
say we are better leaders and people today because of the Schools convergence of the art, science, and technology of business, a philosophy that was evid


4. 5.

4th question (college mechanical, marketing management, TPM in plant training, LUCAS tvs, leader Industrial Secretary supply chain quiz expo newsletter , organizer, IT, SCM, )

Illinois two year MBA.

Your essays should be typed and double-spaced. Please type your name and the question you are answering at the top of each page. Limit your answers to two pages per question and compose your essays within a single document. When you have completed the essays, use the upload box at the bottom of this page to submit your essays. Essay questions: 1.Discuss the goals you have set for yourself immediately following the MBA. How will the Illinois MBA combined with your skills and previous experience help you accomplish these goals? (Maximum of two pages)

2. Please provide a detailed example of your experience related to one of the following areas: (Maximum of two pages)

a. Perseverance b. Innovation c. Leadership d. Teamwork

3. Tell us about your life outside work and school. (250-300 words) Optional Essay: 4. Please provide any additional information that you would like to bring to the attention of the Admissions Committee. If you feel that your credentials and essays represent you adequately, you should not feel obligated to answer this question.

ISB Essays:
Give 3 reasons as to why you should be selected to the class of 2011? These reasons should ideally differentiate you from the applicant pool and should be backed with some data. (300 words max)

Describe a challenging assignment you have handled (at work or outside) to date. What were the challenges and how did you handle them? What were the personal learnings you derived from this assignment? (300 words max)

Briefly assess your career progression till date along with an assessment of your future career goals. Discuss how your career goals will be met by the ISBs one year programme in management. (300 words max)

Essay 4 (Optional)
Please provide additional information, if any, that will significantly affect the consideration of your application to the ISB. Please do not repeat information which has already been stated elsewhere in the application. You may use this to clarify any breaks in education/work, inform about any other item which you think has not been covered elsewhere etc. (300 words max) This essay is optional. The system will allow you to submit your application, though it shows as "Incomplete" in the application inspector.