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You Dont Own Your Vehicle As far as the driver's lisence thing goes, there is some truth to it.

If you own the Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) for a vehicle, it is outside of the juristiction of the DMV just like a a firearm that you make yourself is outside the juristiction of firearms registration. The MSO is essentially the "Birth Certificate" of the vehicle. This is a common concern for people who make and ride their own custom fabricated motor cycles. Any accomplished welder can make a Harley frame, but it has no VIN number. When a car is manufactured and then transferred in interstate commerce (sold) the process begins with the MSO being surrendered to the state in exchange for a title. The MSO is put on microfilm and stored and the original is destroyed. The title is essentially a privelege to possess (and presumably operate) said property of the state. They then reserve the right to inspect, lisence, register, ticket AND CONFISCATE the vehicle because the MSO is the legal proof of ownership, also called an "allodial title". The state owns your car, you hold the "benificial title". This is the exact same tax process that puts numbers on your guns. If you read the books and learn how to take a jigsaw and a drillpress to your (state's) old car and make an AK-47 from it, the state has no interest in the weapon so long as it never transferrs in interstate commerce. It's yours and it is soverign. Watch Orange County Choppers for a few episodes and you will notice they drive their bikes around without lisence plates or NY registrations alot of the time. It's because they made the bikes themselves and accept cash for their "artwork". The state DMV (a corporation registered with Dunn and Bradstreet) has no interest in their works. Lately, laws have been changing to redefine an auto manufacturer in order to interfere with that though. This has been challenged in court before, there is one particularly interesting case from TN where the judge spelled out, on the record, that you don't own your car, the state does, unless you get the MSO and then there is no nexus for the state to bother you about it.

Manufacturers Certificate of Origin (MCO) 0 Manufacturers Statement of Origin is a specified document certifying the country of origin of the merchandise required by certain foreign countries for tariff purposes, it sometimes requires the signature of the consul of the country to which it is destined. You dont OWN your car if you live in the U.S A. you own the RIGHT to posess and drive it you pay for that right each and every year above and beyond the purchase price the MSO you seek is purposely not issued and even if it is you will have to surrender it to the state in which you register the vehicle in essence GIVING UP ownership to the state hardly anybody OWNS theyre PROPERTY or theyre VEHICLES they own the rights to use them and posess them the state reserves the right to revoke this at any time I have this from a case in Tennesee. Straight from the horses mouth as it were. Its the same in every state. And by the way, all DMVs are listed on Dunn and Bradstreet. I guess that makes them a private company.

Tennessee Department of Revenue Operations Supervisor Denise Rottero Told Judge Greer how Tennessees auto registration proc ess works. The process begins with the surrender of the Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO) by the auto dealer to the Department of Revenue in exchange for a Certificate of Title. Asked if a Manufacturers Statement of Origin is proof of ownership, legal title to the automobile, Ms. Rottero said, Yes Are you telling me that ownership of an automobile must be surrendered to the State before it can be registered? she was asked. Surrender title, yes Rottero said. The certificate of title to your automobile is Not title, its merely evidence that title exists. Your cars legal TITLE is the MSO, which the dealer surrendered to the State. Ms. Rottero said the MSO is put on microfilm for permanent keeping, the original is destroyed. After the trial, spectators expressed shock that their personal automobiles were actually owned by the state. No wonder state law officers stop people for no reason! said a housewife. If your cars got a Tennessee plate, its theirs, and they can do anything they like to you! Thats the law, but its voluntary. No one but Judge Greer had dared say that if you dont surrender your car to the state in exchange for plates, you go to jail. This should clear up confusing and misconceptions that people have concerning ownership. If you are insured by a company you dont own the policy the company does. The state has the birth certificate of the automobile, in law called the alloidial or absolute title. If you finance all you get is the beneficial title. To use the states property you have to abide by their rules. Drivers Liscense, plates, insurance, ect.

The reality is the MCO/MSO is the actual ownership certificate. Why the States destroy the MCO/MSO is to prevent anyone else from ever legally establishing ownership. Under common law versus corporate law, possession is 9/10th of the law. If I am in possession of the car and I am in possession of the MCO/MSO then clearly I own said car. A lot of your argument regarding insurance and registering entities is a well intentioned and considered one but naive as well and opens people up who think that way to being manipulated and abused by government. If I hit your car with my car, and I get out of said car and you get out of said car, you know I am driving said car, I know you are driving other said car. Human being to human being. Now maybe I have insurance and maybe I don't have

insurance, maybe I have insurance and don't want to use my insurance. Maybe your car has 400.00 worth of damage and I know I am at fault and being honest about it and you know too that maybe your car has 400.00 worth of damage. So I say to you. You know what looks like you have 400.00 worth damage there and you are all right, right? No broken bones, no dizyness, your not bleeding anywhere right? You say yep I think that will be 400.00 I am fine are you alright. After all we care because we are human beings, not bar codes, or ID numbers, but people who have been thrust together by fate and circumstances to share a common crisis and problem. I am fine I reply, I pull out my wallet not to give you my insurance card, not to give you my drivers license but to give you 5 crisp Benjamin Franklins and say hey, here is 500.00 dollars, here is my cell phone number, you call me if it turns out to be more. I have to run alright? Sure, thanks. Now here is the reality you already had a dent there, your car is 7 years old, the new dent is just another dent in a car that has a few. Your car is mechanically fine, runs good and nothing mechanical was damaged, just cosmetics. You pocket the 500.00 and go buy a new Espresso Machine! I go home thankful that the police never showed up to smell that peculiar odor in my car. I am happy, you are happy. Sound unrealistic. That's exactly what happened in the last auto accident I was in. I had insurance, it was cheaper just to pay the little bit of damage done. Imagine that two human beings, working out a little problem with out the state, with out attorneys, with out insurance companies, without police and both happy with the outcome. As well they should justice and a remedy was made on the spot. No one else profited off of it, no one else delayed it, no one else made it more expensive or take longer so they could profit off of it. You didn't need a big brother, I didn't need a big brother. The fact of the matter is the State really does own everyone's vehicle because they take the only Instrument that denotes absolute ownership and incumber it for as long as you own it with taxes and fees and the minute you fail to pay those taxes and fees you either loose your privelage to use the vehicle or you loose the vehicle all together. What does the state do with it? Turns around and sells it to someone else. Why? Because it's the State's Vehicle? Why because they tricked you in to donating it to the State. Your Driver's License actually establishes you as an employee of the State which is a corporation. Driver means Teamster and Livery Person. License is a Permit to break the law, what law

are you breaking? The Constitution which says the State nor the Federal Government has the right to impede or limit your movement from State to State. By giving them permission to give you permission you are actually breaking Constitutional Law and signing a Corporate Contract. Don't think you are a Teamster? Your car probably has a minimum of 180 horses perhaps up to over 500 horses depending on the kind. Don't think you are a livery person? If you transport other Human Beings who are all registered property of the Corporate State through Birth Certificates which are actually just Bills of Laden and Title even if they are just your children or your mom, you are a livery person working for the state by transporting state property. The Constitution had 3 laws. You are not allowed to murder, steal or commit Treason. The Corporate Military Dictatorship that runs the Country has 600,000 laws and growing. Your Certificate of Title is actually a Certificate of Gift to the State, remember the nice person who said and print your name there IN ALL CAPITOL LETTERS? Your corporation which is you, gave the State Corporation Title which is why all you have is a Certificate of it. Kind of like my friends went to Las Vegas and all I got was this T-shirt! That's just crazy talk? I didn't sell my car to buy a Bicycle, turn in my Driver's License and send my Social Security Card back to the Government for nothing. Your arguments and beliefs are well intentioned but the reality is they are an advocacy foreconomic and corporate slavery. You know who owns my Bicycle? I do and all I have to do is sit on it or have it in my possession to establish that fact. You know where I drive it? Just about every place you drive your car, on all the same roads, but the sidewalks and lawns too! Do I have to have a license? No, why? It has no horses, it uses human power not horse power! Do I have to pay taxes on it? No because I own it, it's mine not the states. Do I have to have it insured? Nope I sure don't I can run over little old ladies and school children with impunity you know why? Because I am not working for the state and don't have to insure the state from damages because I own my bicycle not the state. The Original Poster is absolutely 100% correct. That State Owns your Vehicle. If people actually arbitrated their own reasonable disputes without the aide of the state and attorneys and insurers?

Not only would everyone have money, but things would cost a whole lot less. That 500.00 dollars I gave you for the $400.00 in damage that Dent Wizard would fix like knew for $199.00, go into any body shop and tell them you are paying cash, they will write you out an estimate for $350.00 tell them it's for your insurance company and the estimate will be $1,900.00. Everyone one wins in the current system really but the human being who gets to pay and pay and pay one way or another. The system is broke, and in part it's because life was meant to be a fluid thing especially here in the old United States before it was turned into a corporation where our founders intended to live under Nature's Law. Nature doesn't have a rigid series of systems. Nature doesn't enslave people to a rigid series of systems. Nature doesn't attempt to convince people it's in their best interest and security and safety to become enslaved to a rigid series of economically penalizing and thought robbing systems. The Government does. Say no to Government, say yes to Nature, buy a bicycle, it's the best thing I have ever done! Peace.