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This index includes 427 references to both the Guide to Grammar and Writing and Principles of Composition. It does not, however, include references to the interactive Quizzes or to the Grammarlogs (posted responses to ASK GRAMMAR queries). The Frequently Asked Questions page and the Guide's Search Engine will also help you find help on grammatical issues, tips on composition, and advice on English usage.

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Guide to Grammar and Writing

Principles of Composition

These English lessons are aimed at the beginner although people with a little experience of English may find some parts useful.

Unit 1
Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Am/is/are Introductions, People and The alphabet + greetings and places + + names what/who? farewells where? Lesson 5 Numbers 1 10

Unit 2
Lesson 6 More about people + titles Lesson 7 Lesson 8 Lesson 9 Present Present Present continuous - continuous continuous positive "I am - negative questions doing." "I'm not "Am I doing." doing?" Lesson 10 Colours

Unit 3
Lesson 11 Present simple positive "I do." Lesson 12 Present simple negative "I don't." Lesson 13 Present simple questions "Do I?" Lesson 14 Present simple vs. present continuous Lesson 15 More numbers 1020

Unit 4
Lesson 16 Time 1 - on Lesson 17 Time 2 Lesson 18 Time 3 Lesson 19 Days of the Lesson 20 Even more

the hour

quarter past, half past, quarter to etc...

opening times + when


numbers 21 1000

Unit 5
Lesson 21 Months of the year Lesson 22 Ordinal numbers Lesson 23 The seasons Lesson 24 Lesson 25 Appearances Appearances 1 - height, 2 - facial build etc... + features to have

Unit 6
Lesson 26 Adjectives for people and places Lesson 27 Possessive adjectives Lesson 28 Today, yesterday, tomorrow Lesson 29 Lesson 30 Simple past - Simple past positive - "I negative - "I did." didn't."

Unit 7
Lesson 31 Lesson 32 Simple Offering, past Accepting questions - and Refusing "Did I? " Lesson 33 Likes and Dislikes Lesson 34 Ordering in a cafe Lesson 35 Paying in a cafe

Unit 8
Lesson 36 How much ...? vs How many ...? Lesson 37 Turning Uncountable Nouns into Countable Nouns. Lesson 38 Much vs Many Lesson 39 The future using will or shall Lesson 40 The future using the present continuous and 'going to'

Unit 9

Lesson 41 Trains and boats and planes.

Lesson 42 Getting to know you.

Lesson 43 Families #1.

Lesson 44 Families #2.

Lesson 45 Directions #1.

Unit 10
Lesson 46 Directions #2 Lesson 47 Can / Could / Be able to Lesson 48 Present Perfect Simple positive. Lesson 49 Present Perfect Simple negative. Lesson 50 Present Perfect Simple questions.

Unit 11
Lesson 51 Should / Shouldn't

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Sentence Parts: Function and Usage Notes

Absolute Phrases Adjectives Clauses Direct and Indirect Objects Predicates Interjections Nouns Phrases Adverbs Complements Determiners/ Articles Coordinated Adjectives Conjunctions




Verbs and Verbals (Infinitives, Participles, Gerunds)