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How a multinational bank can improve its service quality to increase the customer satisfaction?

A study of HSBC bank

Chapter 3: Research methodology

This chapter will describe the detailed nature and structure of the research planning of this dissertation. The description will covers purpose of the research conducted, its approach to research planning, research strategy, sample selection procedure, data collection method and nature of data analysis.

3.1. Research purpose

Early in any research study, one faces the task of selecting the specific design to use. A number of different design approaches exist but, unfortunately, no simple classification system defines all the various that must be considered (Cooper & Schindler, 2003) Research can be used for different purposes and various uses. Based on their types and nature, research can be classified in different categories. Sauders, Lewis & Thornhil (2003) mentioned that they are most often classified exploratory, descriptive or explanatory while Cooper and Schindler (2003) divide research into two types descriptive and causal. Exploratory Research Exploratory research is a type of research design, which objective is to clarifying and defines the nature of the problem. It helps to clarify the ambiguous nature of a problem, to gain better understanding to aid analysis. Exploratory study is useful when the research question are vague or when there is little theory available to guide prediction. Developing a better understanding is the main reason of using exploratory research (Hair, Babin, Money and Samoel 2003).it is also useful when formulating a basic statement of research problem is impossible. Exploratory studies are a valuable means of finding oout what is happening, to seek new insight, to ask questions and to assess phenomena in a new light. It is particularly useful if researcher wish to clarify the understanding of a problem. Descriptive research

How a multinational bank can improve its service quality to increase the customer satisfaction? A study of HSBC bank This type of research is more formal than exploratory research. One reason is that it is structured with clearly defined hypothesis or investigative questions. Formal studies may have the following characteristics Descriptions of phenomenon or characteristics associated with subject population Estimates of the proportions of a population that have these characteristics Decovery of associations among different variables (Cooper and Schindler 2003)

Explanatory research The aim of this type of research is to find a causal relationship between/among the variables. Explanatory studies emphasis on investigating a situation or a problem in order to explain the relationship between dependent and independent variable (Sauders, Lewis & Thornhil 2003). Explanatory studies designed to test whether one event causes another (Hair, Babin, Money and Samoel 2003). The main purpose of this research study is to measure the level of service of quality customers expect to get from HSBC and also the level of service the customers perceive that they are getting leading towards identifying the gap between the expectation and perception of the level of quality of services. In this study, descriptive research will be conducted to find out and understanding of the overall banking of HSBC and also to determine some of the attributes of service quality in this Bank.

3.2. Research approach

Research approach consists of the method, strategies and knowledge claims that is/are used in a research paper or dissertation. In the world of research approach, you will find two very common types of research approach. Namely these two approaches are qualitative approach and quantitative approach. There also a mixed approach also existed.

How a multinational bank can improve its service quality to increase the customer satisfaction? A study of HSBC bank

3.2.1. Quantitative approach

Quantitative research is very well known as hypothesis testing research. In this type of research, initially a theory of statement is selected for deriving a hypothesis. Then an experimental design will choose for measuring the effect of variable in question by the selected independent variable. To get rid of bias and to reduce the error, subject selected randomly in the study.here sample of subjects will represent the whole population of that subject (Newman and Benz 1998). Apart from the hypothesis testing, quantitative approach also includes cause and effect thinking, use of instrument and observation, and the test of theories. Quantitative approach is one which the investigator primarily uses post positivist claims for developing knowledge , employs strategies of inquiry such as experiments and surveys and collects data on predetermined instruments that yield statistical data (Creswell 2003)

3.2.2. Qualitative approach

Qualitative research is multi method in focus, involving an interpretive, naturalistic approach to its subject matter. This means that qualitative researchers study things in their natural setting, attempting to make sense of, or interpret, phenomena in terms of the meaning people bring to them (Newman and Benz 1998) Qualitative approach is one in which the inquirer often makes knowledge claims based primarily on constructivists perspectives (i.e., the multiple meaning of individual experiences, meaning socially and historically constructed, with an intent of developing a theory or pattern) or advocacy/participatory perspectives ( i.e., political, issue-oriented, collaborative or change oriented) or both. It also uses strategies of inquiry such as narratives, phenomenology, ethnography, grounded theory studies or case studies. The researcher collects open-minded, emerging data with the primary intent of developing themes from the data (Creswell 2003). Since the purpose is to understand the most important dimensions of service quality from the customer perceived and expected value of service quality of HSBC bank, quantitative research is found to be more appropriate for this study.

3.3. Research Strategy

How a multinational bank can improve its service quality to increase the customer satisfaction? A study of HSBC bank Five types of research strategy are there which are based on three basic properties. These properties are form of research question, requirement of control over behavioral events and necessary focuses on contemporary events. These strategies are experiments, surveys, archival analysis, histories and case studies (see table 1).
Table 1: Research strategies

Strategy Experiment Survey

Form of Research Question

How, Why Who, what, where, how many , how much Archival analysis Who, what , where, how many, how much History How, why Case Study How , why Source: Yin, 1994, p.6

Requires control over behavioral events? Yes No no No No

Focuses on contemporary events? Yes yes Yes/No No Yes

The research problem question in the study is based on what question and this what question is actually form a how many and investigator has no control over the actual behavioral events, Survey is found to be a more appropriate approach in order to gain a better understanding of the research area. Survey is more appropriate for the quantitative study.

3.3. Sources of Information

Information of this dissertation will be collected from both primary and secondary sources. The details of the sources are given in the following section. 3.3.1. Primary data Primary data can be collected by variety of ways, first of all by interviewing employees of HSBC and directly communicating with the customers. Primary data will be derived from the discussion with the employees & through surveys on customers of the organization. Primary information is under consideration in the following manner: Face to face conversation with the employees. By interviewing customers of HSBC. 3.3.2. Secondary data

How a multinational bank can improve its service quality to increase the customer satisfaction? A study of HSBC bank Different types of secondary data will be elaborated in the research. Sources of secondary information can be defined as follows: Internal Sources

Prior research report Group Business Principal manual Group Instruction Manual & Business Instruction Manual Bank's Annual Report.

External Sources

Different books and periodicals related to the banking sector. Internet. Newspapers.

How a multinational bank can improve its service quality to increase the customer satisfaction? A study of HSBC bank

Appended parts

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