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Guzaarish- Movie Review

The movie is about a famous magician named Ethan Macrahenus. Due the rivalry of his friend Yaseer Sididqui plays a treacherous trick on Ethen due to which he become quadriplegic- damaging his spinal cord permanently. Ethens mid is fully normal and for 12 years he lives a paralytic life in his own house with nurses Rosy and Mary permenantly living there and Sophia, his personal nurse. Devyani Dutta, his lawyer and the doctor are his closest friends besides Sophia and constantly inspiring too. Ethen is a man of dignity and so much self inspired that he starts a radio channel, Radio Zindagi, which changes thousands of peoples lives. All of a sudden, Ethen has a wish (guzaarish) to ask the court of law for euthanasia because according to him, he goes through the suffering every day, every hour, moment in his life. And even after bearing so much pain, if his condition is improving a bit, then he has all the will power to live a normal life again. But since the doctors have given up, on his disease, he cannot ask God for death in self pity. He wants to die a dignified death, a death of honour which he deserves as much as any normal man in this world. He has visualized his death and does not want his soul to suffer to an extent that atlast, the Almighty pities his soul and gives him death. He thus decides to apply for euthanasia to which his family, his only mother, friends agree and Sophia helps him in the cause. Let me take this into a perspective, that we all believe in. We do not have a choice while coming into this world, but we definitely can plan our death. A dignified death is much better than a torturous death. The reason behind this is, that the body is perishable but the soul remains alive. No matter how serious is the illness, the soul never gets hurt in any way rather gets uplifted day by day bearing the torture of the diseased body. A man like Ethen who lives a dignified life until the day of the accident, dies the natural death full of pain and torture, then it would be a burden on his soul. Rather, it is very brave of him to ask for euthanasia after spending twelve long years as a quadriplegic.

Well, if Ethen had filed the petition for euthanasia the night after the accident, then all the people would say that he is a coward. But now when his condition is deteriorating day by day and there are no chances of a normal life again, why is the petition rejected? Almost all the religions believe in reincarnation of the soul. So here we can say that if Ethens life this time is to suffer then he has to suffer. Just to ensure, that in the next birth his soul will be uplifted as a better incarnation. If he asks for early death then in the next birth the suffering will be more painful until the time decided by the Almighty for his soul to suffer. For this he will have to take birth as a human being and repeating the pain and the sufferings. This movie is too idealistic but there are people in this world who glide to accept their death peacefully. Ethen throw a party and fulfills Sophias and his dream to be man and wife. Sophia plays a very important role in this movie. She is married but not happy and willingly takes Ethens responsibility. She is everything to him and he is everything to her. She is the last one to come to know about Ethens euthanasia. Initially she feels, that all her effort and perserverance is of no use because Ethen has given up. But in her heart, she loves Ethen. Eventually by taking care of him, she realizes the pain of the disease, that sucks away the joy of living a happy normal life in future. So eventually she decides to help him in his fight. Eventually her loe for Ethen matures from a teenage lover to a matured one. She is forced to help the man whom she loves so dearly. Thats how she is supposed to be, being his lady love and being by his side till his last breath. Same is the story of Ehtens mother, who passes away before he decides to embrace a dignified death. She has given birth to the worlds most wonderful son. When fate has decided the worst on him, then in those moments, she is ready to let him slip away in the grave gracefully and with dignity. On Ethens request, she decided to leave him and so that she enjoys her last days, the way she wants. Ethen gave his mother full freedom to live a happy life and so she chose not to control his life and went away until the day of jurisdiction taking place at Ethens home. What upsets me as an audience is that why is the court against the plea. I mean this man did not file for euthanasia petition as soon as he met with an accident. He lived this life for 12 long years. Its not easy for that diseased to live a long life like that. When the procecuter fighting against Ethens petition could

not even stand 60 seconds enclosed in a big container, then he cannot fight against the petition because he cannot even think of living 12x365x24x3600 seconds, the way Ethen has lived. Ethen had a vision that he wanted to be positive in his life despite of the irreversible disease. Hence, he started his own live radio show, Radio Zindagi. Actually, he was on the lookout of a loyal disciple so he could teach him everything that he knew, so that his talent is in the right hands and is not misused. So atlast, he can die a dignified death. When Ethen met Omar Siddiqui, he gave him the book from which he learnt magic. Ethen also taught him all the magical tricks with utmost perfection, knowing that he is the son of Yaseer Siddiqui, the man who gave him a quadriplegic life. This is something we have to learn from Ethen. That, let bygones by bygones. And teach the enemy in such a way as if one is teaching is own son so that the knowledge remains pure, gets recognized. And over and above that we take our souls to a much higher level in our normal life without even doing meditation or yoga. Ethen made Omar learn the art of magic. And left no stone unturned to make him a much better magician than himself. Just by doing so, Ethen was making his soul light and full of happiness and love so that his soul would have a better life in the next birth. His soul was a dignified one and this is how he planned to die in a dignified manner by making Omar, the finest magician in the history of the region. And last but not the least, marrying Sophia, the love of his life. So folks, one day we all have to leave this world but it is upto us how to want to plan our death and die as a dignified soul just as Ethan Macrahenus.