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S.K.Patel Institute of Management and Computer Studies.


Project Guide:- Prof Sonu Gupta Submitted to :- Sandhya Mam Submitted by:- Taher H Kapasi (043)


In current world of high globalizations every company deals with different let it be export or import. Communication has became speedy and world has became short. In this scenario there is a need of time to study FOREX. Mostly all the countries of the world have different currencies from each other it is hence required to study FOREX when ever we deal with the foreign countries. There are many factors affecting a currency of a country. Currency of different countries have different value and is fluctuating every day, hence is it necessary to predict or at least understand the factors affecting this fluctuation. This fluctuation can some times be positive and sometime negative, positive fluctuation would lead to more profit while negative fluctuation leads to loss. Hence it is required to know these factors so that a business can be with least risk. Taking above factors into consideration I have decided to do project on RISK MANAGEMENT IN FOREX. Objective of this study is as follow:1) Study Forex. 2) Know the factors affecting the Forex. 3) Risk in Forex. 4) Ways to minimize the risk in Forex. In this project I would study the above said points so as to the trends and factors influencing Forex market and also know how to minimize risk in Forex because minimizing risk is also a kind of profit. In the project detail analysis of Forex will be undertaken relating risk factor of Forex. Literature Review There are many books and literature available on Forex, my study would take base of that material and I would try to know various ways to minimize the risk in Forex Market.

To start with I have taken help form the books of ICAI and various internet sites like rediff money, money twist, eagle trader etc. through this I got the basic knowledge and know I would explore that knowledge to the various ways for minimizing the risk. Proposed Research Design Proposed research design would some what like taking help of secondary data to clear the base of the Forex and than explore the topic on WAYS TO MINIMIZE THE RISK IN FOREX. Research approaches:- my research would be of exploratory in nature. Wherein in would explore risk management in Forex. Data collection - Primary and secondary data sources.

Expected Contribution Once I complete the project I would be able to understand various other topics on Forex which taught in class. And form industry point of view it would be added value to me as mostly all the company deal with forex they are always in requirement of someone who really minimize their risk in Forex, because through they save a big amount by just implying good skills.