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Louis Goulet.

Louis Goulet was born on October 6, 1859 on the banks of the Gratias (now Morris) River. Guillaume Charette, who recorded Goulets stories, gives the following description of Louis Goulet:
Louis Goulet was undoubtedly one of the most fascinating men of the Old West. I hasten to add that, while an incomparable story-teller he was always one of the least subjective and consequently one of the most truthful. How marvellously he used to spin out the thread of his memories. Those musical intonations embellished with unexpected shifts of tone, with expressions sung in rhythm whose secret only the old prairie dogs seemed to know; what harmony, what spice they gave to his gripping tales! Ornamenting his already limpid speech with turns of phrase gleaned from various Indian expressions, Louis Goulet left behind more than just a reputation as a fine storyteller; his contemporaries remember him as a voyageur brimming with ingenuity. Eyewitnesses as trustworthy as can be have sworn that Louis Goulet actually gave John L. Sullivan a thoroughgoing thrashing one evening during a brawl in Montana, and this when the latter was at the height of his strength and glory as king of pugilists.1

Goulet was the son of Mise Goulet and Marie Beauchamp; the daughter Pierre Beauchamp and Marie Comtois dit Morin. Louis Goulet married Caroline Rowland 2, the daughter of William Rowland and Betsy Ballendine in 1888 at St. Vital. She had first been married to Peter Ballendine who died in December 1885. On growing up at Red River Goulet said:
Little boys like myself, we always worked hard at imitating our parents and our elders. We used to play bows and arrows. Anything we could find was a target: posts, squirrels, rabbits, hares, small birds, prairie dogs. It all helped to polish our skills as archers. We competed for arrows, buttons, and sometimes for candies and fruit. When we were old enough, we switched to shotguns or rifles. That was school on the prairies, all the time we were playing, we were apprenticed to be skilled hunters. 3

Louis Goulet was originally charged for participating in the 1885 Resistance at Frog Lake. The Crown had no evidence against him and on September 8, 1885 he was released on $400.00 bail and never was returned to court. Goulet died on September 26, 1936 at Portage la Prairie. See: Guillaume Charette, Lespace de Louis Goulet. Winnipeg: ditions Bois-Brls, 1976. Pemmican Publications, 1983.
Les mmoires dun Mtis de 1859 1936. Louis Goulet, un homme simple, passionn daventure et dun courage toute preuve, fonciremont honnte, qui sest trouv impliqu dans le frtage au moment de la disparition du bison, et qui a vcu quelques flaux comme le feu de prairie,

Guillaume Charette, LEspace de Louis Goulet (published in English as Vanishing Spaces), Winnipeg: Editions Bois-Brls, 1976: ix-x. 2 Caroline Rowland b: October 14, 1843 in Carlton House (year of birth in Scrip Affidavit, as 1849), North West Territories d: March 24, 1922 in Battleford, Saskatchewan. 3 Guillame Charette, Vanishing Spaces (Memoirs of a Prairie Mtis) . Winnipeg: Editions Bois-Brls, 1980. p. 42.

ainsi que les guerres indiennes et les troubles de 1885. Il a connu intimement plusiers personnages de lpoque, dont Sitting Bull, le major Walsh, le P. Lacombe, le cur Ritchot, le P. Andr, Louis Riel et ses associs de Batoche. Il a t prisonnier des Indiens, a subi un procs Regina, a pris part malgr lui au massacre dune windigo, a t policier, cowboy, facteur, interprte, traiteur, boxeur

Also by the same author: Vanishing Spaces: Memoires of a Prairie Mtis. Translated by Roy Ellerman. Winnipeg: ditions Bois-Brls, 1980. This is the English translation of the book annotated above, the memoirs of Louis Goulet, born 1859. The story recounts his Mtis lifestyle and travels in the Canadian West. as an eyewitness account of the last days of the old Canadian West it has few equals William French, The Globe and Mail.

Trading at Fort Pitt, 1880s Four Sky Thunder, Sky Bird, Matoose, Napasis, Big Bear, Angus McKay, Otto Dufresne, Louis Goulet, Stanley Simpson, Mr. Rowley, Alex McDonald, Captain R.B.Sletch, Mr. Edmund and Henry Dufrain. Library and Archives Canada #A. 18696

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute