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CALAMARI TUBES Pan fried with Cajun spices and a honey and balsamic reduction PAN FRIED CHICKEN LIVERS Chicken livers flambed in brandy and spiced with Mozambican peri-peri QUESADILLAS Toasted tortillas filled with bacon, cheese, avocado and peppadew PRAWN COCKTAIL Pan fried tiger prawns in a Cajun seafood sauce with baby leaves and melba toast MUSSELS IN WHITE WINE CREAM Steamed half shell mussels in a white wine and garlic cream PLOUGHMANS PLATTER A selection of local cheeses and cured cold cuts served with seed loaf, crackers and preserves

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All salads are meal sized and made with only organically grown leaves ERINVALE GREEK Organic leaves with Danish feta, roast cherry tomatoes, olives, avocado and a mustard and lime vinaigrette CHICKEN SALAD Organic leaves with spicy chicken strips, shaved parmesan, garlic croutons and a creamy ranch dressing PRAWN AND AVOCADO Organic leaves with grilled tiger prawns & avocado dressed with a creamy seafood dressing SMOKED SALMON SALAD Smoked salmon, organic lettuce, onions, cucumber, tomato and cream cheese dressing garnished with lemon and capers R 61


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All sandwiches served with a small side salad and a nibble of chips CLUB SANDWICH Double decked and filled with grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, cheddar, and basil mayonnaise. Served on your choice of white or brown bread SMOKED SALMON SANDWICH Local smoked salmon trout, sliced onion, capers and cream cheese, served on ciabatta, bagel or health bread GRILLED STEAK SANDWICH Slivers of grilled prime steak served on a baguette with caramelized onions and chips PRAWN & AVOCADO Grilled tiger prawns tossed with seafood mayonnaise on sliced avocado and fresh rocket, served on your choice of ciabiata, health bread or a bagel ROAST CHICKEN SANDWICH Shredded roast chicken with rocket and basil mayonnaise, served on ciabatta, bagel or health bread R 49


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Choose either a 300g beef sirloin or a 200g beef fillet. All steaks are AAA grade, 100% grain feed beef and are served with fresh garden vegetables and chips ERINVALE STEAK Inspired by our famous burger this steak is topped with a brown mushroom, bacon, cheddar cheese and peppadew pesto BLUE FIG STEAK Steak topped with a rich blue cheese sauce and finished with sliced preserved figs MUSHROOM STEAK Steak topped with a whole wild field mushroom and port wine sauce RED WINE JUS STEAK Steak smothered in our classic Red wine Jus R105


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PEPPER STEAK Steak topped with a trio of black, green and pink pepper corns in a brandy and cream reduction GRILLED LAMB CHOPS Four char grilled lamb cutlets finished with a minted red wine gravy BBQ BASTED RACK OF RIBS 500g Grilled pork loin ribs basted in BBQ sauce and served with vegetables and chips

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All our burger pattys are handmade using high quality and extra lean topside mince and are served on an open bun with chips ERINVALE BURGER 200g homemade beef patty topped with bacon, brown mushroom, sliced cheddar cheese and topped with a peppadew pesto and served with crispy chips MUSHROOM BURGER 200g homemade burger patty topped with a wild mushroom and port wine sauce BACON & AVOCADO BURGER 200g homemade burger patty topped with grilled shoulder bacon and sliced avocado CHEESE BURGER 200g homemade burger patty topped with topped with gratinated cheddar CHICKEN BURGER Grilled chicken breast with melted mozzarella and peppadew pesto R 84


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GRILLED LINE FISH Fresh caught line fish served with chips and a fresh medley of vegetables finished with a garlic and herb butter


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PASTA OF THE DAY STEAK AND GUINNESS PIE Prime steak goulash cooked in Guinness beer topped with puff pastry and served with chips CAPE MALAY CHICKEN CURRY Cape Malay style chicken curry served with basmati rice and a poppadum BEER BATTERED HAKE Fresh local hake coated in a crisp beer batter served with vegetables, chips and tartar sauce BANGERS AND MASH Grilled pork sausage served on creamy rosemary mash and brown onion gravy

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CHEESE BOARD A selection of local and international cheeses served with crackers and preserves CHOCOLATE MOUSSE A spiral of chocolate mousse encased in chocolate served with a chocolate malted ice cream in a tuille CRME CARAMEL Pecan crme caramel served with a trio of pecan brown sugar rounds PEACH PARFAIT Duo of frozen peach parfait and yogurt mousse served with fresh nectarine slices FROZEN BANANA TERRINE Caramel sponge filled with banana mousse and sesame nougat topped with a lemon and banana sorbet DEEP FRIED ICE CREAM Full cream dairy ice cream wrapped in phyllo pastry and deep-fried, served with butterscotch sauce

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