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Missionaries: Troy and Andrea Spradlin Mission Field: Asuncin, Paraguay Date/No. of Report: June 2011 / Vol. 3 No. 6


Name of congregation: Address: Year established: Present number of members: Avenida Sacramento Iglesia de Cristo Avenida Sacramento 650, c/ Espaa - Asuncin, Paraguay September 2004 35 Family Units (70 Baptized)

Average Bible classes attendance: Sunday 47 Midweek 22 / Other - 4 Worship attendance: Sunday 52 (5th); 63 (12th); 57 (19th); 53 (26th) Recent Bible classes: We have been studying through the book of Acts. I have been in regular rotation for teaching classes on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. Recent Preaching Opportunities: I recently preached at Sacramento Avenue on Acts 15 and incorporated the subject of Let Us Speak Where the Bible Speaks and Remain Silent Where the Bible is Silent.

The Palm Beach Lakes m ission group: (L to R) Cara Blackm er, Adam Seal, Brad Shelt, Dan Fuller, Lisa Holladay, Josiah Blackm er, Andrea Spradlin, Vivian Blackm er, Maria Hackshaw, Phil Porter, Giselle Sm ith, and Josh Blackm er

Recent congregational developments: Men's Business Meetings: The men are deciding what to do in regards to our lukewarm members. Ideas have been presented for a calling and visiting system to be put in place to encourage them. Palm Beach Lakes mission campaign! (Next page) Dan Fuller, an elder from Palm Beach Lakes church of Christ, sat down and visited with two of our men who are eligible to become elders. The purpose was to encourage them and provide an opportunity to ask questions in order to learn what is required from someone who is serving in that capacity. The men received it well and we have scheduled another visit with an elder from the USA in August. The women are organizing and coordinating their upcoming Ladies Day event in July. Recent conversions/identifications/restorations: This month there were no additions to the Lord's church in Paraguay. We continue to plant the seed, we are conducting many Bible studies, and we pray. We know that God will again provide the increase according to His own time frame.

Phil Porter ran into a TV reporter from the local university where we were passing out flyers.

Contacts made and resulting studies: A young lady named Maria Jose who received one of our flyers during a previous campaign continues to visit and study with us. We're praying for her! We also had three new visitors from our recent campaign. One lady, Catalina, has visited now several times! Maria Teresa is the neighbor of our sister, Mirta Vera. She is very confused by what her current church is teaching her and is searching for the Truth. We are diligently studying with her to help her see clearly what the Bible has to say. Visitation: During our recent mission campaign with Palm Beach Maria Teresa with Pochi (L) and Mirta (R) Lakes, we visited the homes of several of our members to sing and encourage them with a devotional. We visited Blanca and Margarita Acosta, Lina Albera, Carolina Achucarro, Carolina and Rene Vazquez, Mirta Vera, Ike and Nora Yegros, Pochi and Pedro Vera, Zuni Yegros, Vicente and Zully Martinez, and Delci Enciso. We also visted a regular visitor Miriam Panimbozca. Meetings/Efforts with fellow missionaries: We are preparing for more visiting groups coming from the USA and for our upcoming Teaching English Using the Bible campaign in August/September. Evangelistic efforts: We had a mission group from Palm Beach Lakes church of Christ come visit us and work with the church in Paraguay. Through their efforts, we distributed nearly 5000 flyers in 8 different neighborhoods, had more than 70 new hits to our website, had three visitors on Wednesday night, gained a dozen+ new contacts, and encouraged many of our brethren with visits and Devotional study at Margarita's house devotionals! We also visited two orphanages, held a singing workshop, and a deacon's training class. The congregation is now greatly encouraged. It was a GREAT week! Thank you to: Dan Fuller, Maria Hackshaw, Lisa Holaday, Phil Porter, Adam Seal, Brad Shelt, and Giselle Smith for dedicating some of your time and energy this summer to the church in Paraguay. Special activities of the month: There was a Ladies Tea at Lina Albera's home and a Men's Asado at the building. Singing Workshop several members met on a Friday night to learn some new songs. Steps toward mission goals: Held a meeting with elder candidates and set new plan for study and leadership development. Upcoming events and future plans: Ladies Day event with special guest from the USA, Rhonda Thompson. Vacation Bible School executed by our Paraguayan brethren. Mission group campaign with Margaret Street church of Christ. Mission team banquet and retreat.
Bible study at the home of Vicente Martinez


Personal HIGHLIGHT(s) of the Month: Mission campaign! It was really nice to have our brethren from West Palm Beach, FL come visit us. They stayed with us in our homes and worked along side us throughout the campaign. It was great to get to share, first hand, some of our Paraguayan experiences with close friends. Personal study: I studied Acts for our Bible classes and I am now preparing for our upcoming study on Revelation. Currently reading Franchising McChurch: Feeding Our Obsession with Easy Christianity by White and Yeats. Culture and language study: Andrea has become really involved in the Las Amigas Club and participated in a recent Dia del San Juan culinary festival. We purchased a new, Advanced Spanish Language study textbook and are excited to improve our language skills.

Andrea teaching our sisters, Delci and Nati, some of her special cooking secrets!

Family activities: We have just been trying to get back in the groove after being gone on furlough last month. Plans for the near future: I will be traveling to Panama, Central America to work with our brethren from Margaret Street church of Christ as a translator during our short term mission trip there. Government requirements: It was a rather nice experience returning to Paraguay this time after our furlough and not having to deal with a bunch of crazy paperwork just to get back into the country. Now that we have our Paraguayan residency cards, the process is much easier! Notes:

Our car has officially DIED!! While we were in the USA on furlough, our mechanic tried to fix our car by installing a new head gasket. Unfortunately, the problem is worse than that, so we are now forced to sell the car and purchase another one. We clearly do not have the funds to make such a purchase. If you are able to help in some way financially, so that we could purchase a car, we would certainly greatly appreciate it! It is difficult to live in a large metropolitan area while trying to conduct Bible studies or ministry with all the new contacts and members spread out all over the city. This is why a car is an important tool to have. Meanwhile, Andrea and I have become quite familiar and experienced with riding buses around town. It's always an adventure and Andrea had this to say in one of her recent Facebook posts: So today I learned that even if you are packed into a bus like sardines, if the driver comes to an abrupt stop and you're not holding on, you still fall down in the aisle!

Most of the buses in Paraguay are old and in pretty bad condition. But, one can get almost anywhere in the city for an inexpensive fair.

Asuncion, Paraguay South America Troy and Andrea Spradlin
Casilla de Correo 13092 Shopping del Sol Asuncion, Paraguay (595) 0981-630-886 We seek to "equip the saints for the work of service to the building up of the body of Christ." (Ephesians 4:12)

Our Mission Team Goals for 2011:

Evangelism: We plan to make evangelistic efforts as a team through personal Bible studies from contacts generated by public advertising, targeting specific neighborhoods, hosting special events such as Teaching English Using the Bible campaigns, and Special Interest Seminars. We also want to encourage and develop a more evangelistic spirit within the congregation utilizing Friends and Family Days, VBS, Prayer Vigils, Anniversary Service, and Personal Evangelism Training. Elders (Formal Leadership training). We plan to mentor our elder candidates through personal one-on-one meetings with elders visiting from the USA, and through Skype calls. We also plan to study with them on a regular basis, as well as, mentor other promising brothers for leadership positions such as deacons, or evangelists. We hope to develop deeper relationships between the missionaries and the church leaders through regular meals and social gatherings. We will also be developing a Leadership Manual for Elders in Spanish. Edifice (Building Construction): We hope to complete all legal paperwork for construction and secure a loan for the Sacramento congregation. The Paraguayan brothers will have the responsibility of repaying the loan over the next 10 years. We will also assist them in developing detailed plans and construction phases. We also pray to begin construction on phase 1 this year.

Visit us at our websites: PARAGUAYMISSION.COM thespradlins.blogspot.com

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