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Italy Details Travel Plans/Itinerary

Travel Phases: Phase One: Winchester to Folkestone Phase Two: Eurotunnel crossing Phase Three: Calais to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Phase Four: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc crossing Phase Five: Entreves to Verrucola Phase One: Winchester to Folkestone (ETC1: 2:05, RTC2: 2:00) Departure: 23:30 Zulu Sat 30th July Arrival: 01:30 Zulu Beginning part of the journey. Expected to be largely uneventful. Arriving early for train and to clear customs.

Phase Two: Eurotunnel Crossing (ETC: 0:35, RTC: 1:00) Departure: 02:55 Zulu Arrival: 04:30 Zulu Crossing should be easy and uncomplicated. Customs will be cleared on departure side, so upon arrival we can get back the road quickly3. As above, RTC is 45% longer than projected ETC to account for any delays in the crossing, such as a delay at the French terminal.

1 Estimated Time of Completion: Based on Google Maps approximations discounting meteorological conditions, traffic intensity, stops etc. Measurements, unless otherwise indicated, are in hours/minutes duration. All times local (zulu) unless otherwise indicated 2 Realistic Time of Completion: Based on the ETC and includes projected delays and influence of other factors including stops. Measurements, unless otherwise indicated, are in hours/minutes duration. Planned departure/arrival times are calculated based on RTC values, to account for variables and provide time cushion. All times local (zulu) unless otherwise indicated 3 http://www.directferries.co.uk/channel_tunnel.htm

Phase Three: Calais to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (ETC: 7:25, RTC: 9:30) Departure: 05:00 Zulu Arrival: 15:00 Zulu The third phase is the least certain, with variables such as food, toilet and petrol stops, trafficinduced delays etc being possibly numerous and thus unpredictable. According to Google Maps, travel will take around 9 hours 41 minutes (9:41), but by simply calculating distance (892km) by predicted average speed (120kmph, 10k below 130kmph speed limit on motorways) resulted in a ETA of 7.25 hours. Of course, we will not be travelling at a steady top cruising speed the entire way through France toilet breaks and fuel stops have to be factored in, as well as possible delays. Thus, we arrive upon a far more sensible figure as indicated above. Using data and experience gathered from this leg, in conjunction with the rest of the journey, will form the basis for return journey calculations. Phase Four: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc crossing (ETC: 0:12, RTC: 0:30 0:45) Departure: 15:00 Zulu Arrival: 15:30 15:45 Zulu Though this crossing from France appears to be simple, information regarding border control formalities is not forthcoming, meaning it its difficult to give a semi-firm RTC value. What information is available is vague and generalised, but seems to suggest we won't be significantly delayed. The tunnel itself is a mere 11 kilometers in length, so to arrive at the other side will be down to minutes.

Phase Five: Entreves to Verrucola (ETC: 4:17, RTC 3:30-4:00) Departure: 15:45 Zulu Arrival: 19:45 Zulu The final phase of the journey will be our first on Italian soil. Once cleared customs/border formalities we should have a clear journey to Verrucola. Journey time is, as always, variable.

Overall Cost Breakdown Fuel: As fuel prices fluctuate depending on the price of brent crude, fuel calculations are not thought to be exact, but realistic guestimates. This being said, fuel generally costs less on the continent than here. However, fuel is calculated at the average UK price of 1.39 per litre for diesel. Google Maps indicates that we'll use an estimated 200 one way thus, approximately 400 for the journey, not including fuel for when in Italy. This 400 total, divided seven ways, gives us a total of 60 per person, for the journey there and back. Due to me being a very particular old man, I require the fuel money to be paid to me, in cash, before we leave on the Saturday night. This is to prevent myself of another paying out of pocket to cover fuel. 60 PP Breakdown Cover: Breakdown cover is a mere total of 50, which split seven ways requires 7.20 each. 7.20 PP Tunnel fares: We traverse two tunnels on our journey which we must pay for the use thereof; the Channel Tunnel and the Mont Blanc tunnel. Channel Tunnel: 152, 22 PP Mont Blanc Tunnel: 40, 6 PP This gives us a total of 28 per person for tunnel costs. 28 PP Tolls: Unlike the majority of the UK, France and Italy are quite fond of toll stations on their motorways. Unfortunately I have been unable to estimate how many we're likely to encounter and thus how much we'd need to be prepared. I'll consult my dad, and probably issue a round sum to cover tolls. Payment of outstanding costs: So far, money spent in advance such as the Eurotunnel booking and breakdown cover has been given to me, so I must thank you all for being prompt. It makes my life happier and easier. As mentioned earlier, however, fuel has not yet been paid as per my request. However, I haven't calculated a sum to take care of toll roads. So for now, the total per person stands at 66 per person, excluding toll money. Once I have an exact figure, including toll, I'll update it. To reiterate from the above, I'd like the full amount given in cash to me, no later than Wednesday 27th July. This way, I'll be able to keep track on exactly how much we have for fuel and tolls, and be able to pay both appropriately. I'd prefer the cash to be in pounds, which I'll then exchange for euros prior to departure.
4 Where applicable, approximate sums and divisions have been rounded up to eliminate danger of under-calculation and to provide a small margin of error. Where this is the case, the value has been rounded us no less than the nearest pound.

Footnotes: http://www.chamonet.com/faq.php?id_faq_type=38#156 Good info on travelling south from the UK & driving in France in general Maps: Winchester to Verrucola (complete journey): http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Winchester,+SO23+0NG, +UK&daddr=47.208661,5.298975+to:47.2049699,5.3020817+to:45.9103228,6.6998702+to:Verruc ola,+Fivizzano+MS,+Italy&geocode=FfcvCwMdnBrs_ylb6lWDcxJ0SDFXUbEAIawB_g %3BFdVY0AIdH9tQACmrG_iGgqXyRzHqXlTdpRVegQ %3BFWlK0AIdQedQAClNIcqQfqXyRzHBkkHBNM4JEw %3BFTKJvAIdXjtmACnDGRYFWVaJRzEScmhikOJRrw %3BFZkXowIdo7OaACnB52Z0JRbVEjEwhoWFkywICg&hl=en&mra=dvme&mrsp=3&sz=14&v ia=1,2,3&sll=45.907211,6.709728&sspn=0.045688,0.111494&ie=UTF8&ll=48.494768,4.449463& spn=5.569796,14.27124&z=7 Calais to Fivizzano (continental leg, phases 3-5) http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Calais %2C+France&daddr=47.2669648%2C5.1850638+to%3A46.88495%2C5.58687+to %3A46.25108%2C5.25901+to%3A46.13258%2C6.09539+to%3A46.11204%2C6.32431+to %3AFivizzano+Massa-Carrara %2C+Italy&hl=en&geocode=FXp0CQMdflwcAClj4_HXdT_cRzH0edKM4Nm-rA %3BFZQ80QIdJx5PACnvtm8xnKHyRzH8gRRsXWE_0Q %3BFVZoywIdtj9VACnBwmL3ijCNRzH8wm8yn-3Spg %3BFUi8wQIdAj9QAClTI1x9mk3zRzGs9C7CEs70MQ %3BFWTtvwIdHgJdACk5MihL5XuMRzGB-QfHKqsIEw%3BFSidvwIdVoBgACl70XWX3OMRzFxwNPnKqsIEw%3BFR0KowIdvYaaACl1phHg8xbVEjHglXjkCwIBA&mra=dvme&mrsp=1&sz=10&via=1%2C2%2C3%2C4%2C5&sll=47.184113%2C5.16 9067&sspn=0.714007%2C1.783905&ie=UTF8&ll=46.050361%2C7.185059&spn=2.916407%2C7 .13562&z=8 Endnotes: Eurotunnel crossing: Booking Ref: 32377038 Passwerd: P8P2A3 Sunday 31st July Check in closes: 2:25 Departure time: 2:55 Arrival time 4:30 Monday 8th August Check in closes: 1:18 Departure time: 1:48 Arrival time: 1:23