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Sector: Automobile Association Description of the idea: To create an association of automobile owners who can avail various types

of facilities related to automobile services such as breakdown and road side assistance as well as updated with the latest lifestyle offers and promotional campaigns Customer Pain Points: y y y y y Breakdown happening while travelling Car inspection with the rite service provider Finding the perfect Approved Car Workshops Tyre Puncture services Good Quality Driving Schools

Value Proposition: y y y y Roadside Assistance Services Technical Services Approved Workshops tieups Recommended Tyre Shops

Value-Added Services: y y International Driving Permit Road Tax Renewal

Motoring Advice y y y y y y y y y Call Centre Service to members Hostelling International Membershipparking coupons for members Online Car Accessories Shop Members enjoy special discounted prices. Travel Map & Tour Book Car Grooming Products Directories and Reading Materials Motoring Accessories

Lifestyle Products: y y Travel Insurance and Flights Booking Products AA Badminton Court

000 light vehicles (passenger cars and light-commercial vehicles) were sold in India in the year 2000.D. Powers report. more than 2.Market size : Over 700. Over the years India has seen a much more consumer oriented culture and an increase in economic activity according to the J. Average Ticket size : There will be two types of Memberships y y Individual 500-1000 per year Corporate 5000-10000 per year Existing process And Competitors: At present there are 3 major Automobile Association present in India and there services are equally same which are mention above. 1) The Western India Automobile Association 2) Automobile Association of Upper India 3) Automobile Association of Southern India Types of Expertise required: y y y y y Requires a association kind of setup Call centre support Tie-ups with various Automobile vendors Tie-ups with the RTO Regional Tyre and batteries store and repair centers Logistics will not be required on a huge scale but to provide some assistance facility on road we require few vans so that associations road side presence can be felt . Just ten years later. .7 million light vehicles were sold in the country with a population of nearly 1.2 billion in 2010.

the services of those Associations will be extended to him. a general report on its condition including its market value . WIAA with the help of the RTO issues Learners License for the Association¶s Members.I. and it offers to all its members a wide variety of services ranging from issuing of learners' licenses to legal advice on motoring issues. SURVEY OF VEHICLE-The fully qualified Assessors retained by the Association examine any used car thoroughly and submit.Competitors Details: We have studied in detail the three major automobile association in India the details of each is as follows The Western India Automobile Association is the largest Automobile Association in South Asia. Madhya Pradesh and Goa. Transfer of Ownership of Motor vehicles and claims for tax refund are handled by the Association.all Englishmen .A. The Association has six branch offices apart from the HO in Mumbai. at a moderate fee. Rajasthan. ISSUE OF LEARNERS LICENSE AT WIAA-For the benefits of members. carries with it virtual membership of all Automobile Associations in India. It has grown from strength of 500 members . LEGAL ADVICE-Advice is available on any arising out of the use and ownership of motor vehicles RECIPROCAL SERVICE FROM OTHER AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATIONSMembership of the W.A. PAYMENT OF FINES-The Association undertakes to pay fines for traffic offences at the Various courts in Mumbai on behalf of members after receiving theRequisite amounts from them. Services Offered: 1) Motoring Services TAXATION-All matters concerning the Motor Taxation. Gujarat. and offers its services in the states of Maharashtra.000 members today and the scope of its activities extends to cover major cities in Western India. so that wherever a member may be.to with over 80. The Association is headquartered in Mumbai. DRIVING LICENCE RENEWAL REMINDER SERVICE-The renewal of licences for the members is also undertaken.

The Institute¶s main objective is Human Safety on Road´.per night per day.A.on comprehensive insurance if available thro WIAA. MOTORING MAGAZINE-Our Motoring Magazine will be online on our Web Site: www. 5. Laser cut stencils.org This Magazine can also be emailed to member on request.INSTITUTE OF MOTORING AHMEDABAD-WIAA in collabrtion with the Ahmedabad Education Society and castrol India Limited had set up the WIAA Castrol Institute of Motoring at Ahmedabad.750/.with free WIAA membership for 2 years. One time process within 15 minits (most economic and safe).1000/. Easily visible to cross check with registration plate. Reduction in theft and fraud (theft deterrent). has decided to run courses of Safe Driving. 3. Tariff rates at Pune are for A.wiaaindia. 4. 7. (too expensive to change all glasses by thieves ). Heavy Vehicle Drivers and Paid Drivers 4.I. Safe Driving Courses for Bus Drivers. Safe Driving Courses for New Drivers 3. 2. The Various types of Classes are being conducted at Institute as follows: 1.WIAA SCHOOL OF MOTORING-Students are taught on a dual control car and the whole emphasis of the driving course is on safe driving procedure and observance of the current traffic regulations. Car Mechanism 2. 500/. Six glasses etched. Practical Driving Training Classes.per night perday and for the non-a/c it is Rs. 8. 5. Drivers Carrying Hazardous / Chemical Goods Training.A. 6. . 500/. ADVANCE DRIVING COURSE-Due to many accidents taking place in India W. Quick check for stolen vehicle. One time etching fee of Rs. VEHICLE¶S GLASSES ETCHED WITH WIAA¶S UNIETCH SYSTEM1.C. It is a one day course . REST HOUSES-The Association has Rest Houses located in the premises of the Pune and the Ahmedabad Offices. double is Rs. Insurance rebate up to Rs.

Membership of a married person will also include his spouse. next year.m. Extra cars can be registered at extra charges to avail of our Road side assistance. above the age of 18 years. c. Open to any person of Indian Origin. if available and suitable. Member ship is valid for one year from the month of acquiring the membership and will be eligible for renewal on the 1st of the same month. PROVISION OF DRIVERS AT MUMBAI-A member requiring a driver for short periods should inform the Road Service Department. The Driver. to 12 p. g. only at Bombay upto Mahim on the Western and Sion on the Central TOWING SERVICE AT MUMBAI-Towing Service available at all branches.A. e. PUC CHECK UP-Free PUC is done for W. Only 1 car is registered free along with your membership for Roadside services offered by WIAA. d.ON ROAD SERVICES BREAKDOWN SERVICE AT RS 50/-This is one of the most useful services rendered by the Association through the Road Service Department and is available from 8.m.00 a. Membership is personal with a unique membership number and is not transferable. will be Sent to the member for employment. b. Cars need to be in the name of the registered member or his / her spouse. members Touring Abroad International derving Permit-Your Passport to Overseas Driving Memberships Charges Ordinary Individual Membership: (OI) a. f. residing in Mumbai. .I.A.

Open to any Individual of Indian Origin over 18 years. Lifetime Corporate Membership : (LC) a. Cars need to Registered in the name of the member or spouse. Membership covers Individual and his spouse.Ordinary Corporate Membership : (OC) a. e. if married. Membership is Corporate and restricted to Cars registered under the Company. e. b. d. d. c. c. rental cars and taxis are not eligible.. Membership covers Individual and his spouse. Company registered car for the member¶s personal use can be registered with the necessary formalities. Open to any Corporate Registered under Companies Act. Only two cars can be registered for Roadside assistance along with the membership. b. Membership is corporate and restricted to cars registered under the Company. f. Lifetime Individual Membership : (LI) a. Open to any corporate Registered under companies Act. Only one car can be Registered for Roadside Assistance along with the membership. Any additional car/s will be registered with extra charges. Application is limited to only passenger cars. Membership is personal with a unique number and not transferable. Light/ Heavy motor vehicles. in India b. which are payable every year. . if married. Two cars will be Registered Free. c. which are payable every year. d. Any additional car need to be Registered for Roadside Assistance at Extra Charges.

Application is limited to only Passenger Cars. f.100 Rs.000 . Membership Categories Ordinary Individual(OI) Each Additional Car First Two-wheeler Additional Twowheeler Only Two wheeler Each Additional Two-wheeler Ordinary Corporate(OC) Each Additional car Additional Twowheeler 1-Year 1-Year 1-Year Tenure Entrance Fee Subscription Fee Total Rs.200 Rs.250 Rs.1.700 Rs. Light/ Heavy motor vehicles.300 Rs.500 Rs.750 Rs.5.100 Rs.e.200 Rs.500 Rs.200 Rs.100 No Lifetime Individual (LI) Life time (2 cars Free) Entrance Fee Rs.300 Rs.000 Rs.400 Rs. rental cars and taxis are not eligible.5. Any extra car/s will be registered for extra charges.300 Rs.

Bodily injuries to yourself or others Lost wages due to injury Benefits to survivors when an accident results in death Lawsuits brought against you as the result of an accident Repairs made to your car due to damage caused in an accident RTO Desk.7.200 Auto insurance is more than a matter of insuring your vehicle for loss or repairs after an accident.300 Life time (2 cars Free) Entrance Fee Rs. e.500 Rs. b.500 Rs.100 Rs.Following services can be availed a) b) c) d) e) f) g) RTO Offices Road Safety Road Signs Services & Forms Offence & Panelties Appeal Permit at a Glance . It is a financial safety net that can help you offset the cost of: a. c.Each Additional Car No Lifetime Corporate (LC) Each Additional Car Each Additional Two-wheeler Rs.7. d.

80 lakh (approx. 1950.Services offered include the following types of insurances      Travel     Hotels Flights Trains Other Motor Insurance Personal Accident Vintage Car Health Insurance General Insurance Automobile Association of Upper India The Association is well patronised by high officials of the Government. Traffic Discipline and to help domestic and foreign tourists. Leading multinational companies. members of the public and the business corporate. senior civil servants and thousands of motorists are the members of AAUI. . Road Safety. the First President of the Republic of India honored the Association by accepting to become its first Patron-inChief in September 1950. AAUI is making all out efforts to enlarge its membership so as to bring a large percentage of motorists into its fold and also to obtain greater facilities for them. Its performance can be well judged from the fact that the Association had collected and deposited with the Transport Authority a sum of Rs. AAUI is rendering useful service to the public and the Transport Department.Insurance. Besides this. The AAUI generally has a say in the matters related with Motor Driving. The Association was founded on 20th September. Efforts are being made to train a large number of motorists in First Aid and in Traffic Warden duties so as to make them more helpful in rendering service to the public and to augment the resources of the Government. Rajendra Prasad. Thereafter the successive Presidents of India have been bestowing this honor on the AAUI. the Lt-Governors of Delhi and the Chiefs of the three Services have been the patrons of the Association as a matter of tradition. It rendered a great help to the motorists who could pay the tax almost at their doorstep. Police and Customs. and fees introduced by the City Government during 198687.) on account of one time road tax. Late Dr.

Chennai 600 006 Phone : 91 . 729.com.aasindia.44 .The AAUI makes a significant contribution to the growth of land related foreign tourism.in Website : http://www.44 . Automobile Association of Southern India AASI Centre. aasi40@yahoo.com. Anna Salai.in (Details of this Automobile Association of Southern India is less available) . secretary@aasindia. Fax : 91 .2851 1548 Email : aasi40@hotmail. The custom authorities at more than 130 stations and checkposts allow duty-free passage to the vehicles brought by foreign tourist into India on the strength of carnetde-passage (CPD) to which the Federation of Indian Automobile Associations (FIAA) with AAUI and other regional associations is the counter-guarantor. 2852 4061.2852 1162. 187. Post Box No.