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Volume 1 Fer ol salacton bree outbred copying adapting, recording or pul promence Ison Hageman of copgh Tenge ore lble under re ou, | songs used by parson othe copyight out 5 slocraeHy 1g. AINT THAT LOVING YoU eRe ALL SHOOK UP >< AMAZING GRACE ancet NY Ue HOU WANT Me (hots How | Wil Be) Of] anvntece 1s parnowse [ANYTHING THATS PART OF YOU [RE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT? AS LONG AS | HAVE YOu (oute So Square) BABY. | DONT CARE [BEACH BOY BLUES ‘BEACH SHACK BEGINNER'S LUCK {1G BOOTS x, 1G BOSS MAN A BIG HUNK OF LOVE X/ BlUE CHAISTIVRS. : 8 0 & Me 4 fue MOON ; Boe} @ na {UE MOON OF HeNTUOHY 2 ‘Ue SUEDE SHOES 3 4 {BOSSA NOVA, BABY. "85 AL BOY UKE ME, A GIR UNE YOU XB BURNING LOVE ; NO> ; ‘any, CINDY 10 COME WHAT MAW 4 AB) RNG INTHE CHAPEL : % DANNY 8% DO NOT pIsTURA x 5 DONCHR THINK T's TwME? 4B DONT ~ { "690 DONT ASK ME WHY + GB “DONT BE CRUEL To A Heott That's Twe DONT CRY DROOY Bock Design copght © 1978 HEL CONPAD PUBLISHING CORPORATION Muck, Uecnsin NESE mer nee Aecoring/ fm res Reseor REDERKC SLAER ESET _ ‘The Complete ELVIS PRESLEY ANTHOLOGY In Tuo Vokimes Volume 1:10 songs. photog. ard an extensve Bogrnty ef Volume 2: 113 songs. tos blograpy. onde canplateDcosraphy and Almogey sting records an ln made by Es 102 DONT eve He NOU 125 HOW WoUD HOU UNE TO ae 4B bowen | TOs DOUN eV THe AVERSDE 6 une BB I orvou Tess come cn a |S suc an et STON oS sete w re an wT 9 Svemaoov cone Soom 208 Rar Det ne euN TL cen fre mo Fonte © Bg learn uu Fran NON "gor were FINDERS HEPES, LOSERS EPR torsos fenine S "ome FOUOU THAT onc | Ned YOUR ove Tome foo “Wer Suen, sumwies re (Now fed Than Thee’ AFOOLSHCHAS! bad LaNT Sea ae ie. toner 819 | Ur hee Ya ve OU “Jad. eure Sean. shin ~ in’ bright) — 3263 ont Coane ere women ‘whcpsteonee one s Gaim gt i Q : bes by tonnight- BLUE MOON, 2 Gia a T miGBLUE MOON of Ken - tuck-y, to keep on abn - ing, ——— mt ‘Sine on the one that's gone andi me hive i if co ‘Well, hott was on one moonlight ght, (8 “ide ee af ove and Jefe me bine, — Feotured athe Paramount Motion Pure “GSES "som tie ACR Abu“ SLES BLUE SUEDE SHOES ores ona Mes by CR. PERRIN Brien tempo (ett fast) ey tie eee Fy way = a= 2 2 S do anything but ly att of my BLUE GUEDE SHOES. Tereie * UL es 2 Ben step In my face. slan-dermy name ‘me an Do an-y-thing that you but uh uh, honey, lay aff of my shoe You can do anything tat ny an if aa ff of my BLUE SUEDE suORE————— 3263 Feared the Poramount Motion Pare “INN KRRCO™ ‘rom the ACA Rouen “RIN W ACEC BOSSA NOVA, BABY Words nd Mus by JERAY LEA Se MIME STOLE Bossa Nova tempo Ca A said, “Take it worked all day andy (21 said!) “Hey, Tet sit down, have 3.1 said) “Come hot” in here. and. its % feet feel just like You got my | shirt-tails fly - ia? drink and dig. the She Said, — “Drink driek, — drink, — oh, #0 C00) out - W you lend’ me” 3 dolla, a aaa = =u cee Sweet we sos conay fon Gn SRE EERO MTs 6 o-ver the place. And — the sweat pop-pin' out of my head” fide de - dinky. TL can dance with’. drink in my hand? hay sume gus") And We can go for a lit. tle ride! — She suid, ot) OT i a time tw tine : She sald, “Go, Bos-sa No-va, ba tne foe Tin a - bout to have my-self a fit ‘Cause Taint "got “time to thiak™ Or Th find my-selt another cat — keep on dane 3283 pos HA 21 ead, Wei ana? % Repeat ad 1b fading out & & 6 om the RER ou “ALOHA FROM HRW Vik SALUTE” BURNING LOVE Words end Mase by DRIES UNDE Moderate aoperoce Sa Fo feel ay temp ots ota ie [fed omy tmp ote the mes are now ek fo? bo ihe “fel the Tm siy-pa a> way igh = ce hish = me, help, Fim fam wor you help et S 3263 ower par nts Son on oti py Se ror) ges Beers Your ‘cause our v8 Corus: steady roc) and you ‘with bum = in! Bo epost and fae ‘win Just ean = Runk=a barn ~ i wie jo 3263 SET erRaS ERAT SEATS Etre Etg Te AtE ES RtEs ERS ESTE ERIS ECrESTreT ATR ATS ECES ECE TE ESTE OTS OStSET AIOE STO E STS OTeEeSTEeT AC RCACSCTRSSET ATS ERTS Ecce StS reat EC ATS ORS ECRTEL ESTE Ste SEStESEC RISE eeu EESES ected inthe Promennt Maton Pere “GAS! GAS! GS Tm the RCA Abu CRIS! GIS! ARSE fA BOY LIKE ME, A GIRL UKE YOU Weds ob Mis by SO TERE cd POH Moderately ne that to tt ty Tut took at yoo cai re or oe s en a + a) oman © 108 overs wise espe ome SH A UNG MI, menor Coane ens sn’ rants OSE RsrE Err E ET cE Eso ce acre SreraC Ora OS Leas TOES rOCOS IOC OS raCES Le AtS StS RIES EIS StS RIES SiS Stee StESESCESESESEESEE o z il by Hee & = met be = to >» Zn Sit ‘There would bo this mag-le mo- ment, a a Tost life time through, When a boy tike me meets o girl ike ‘a a & Bright rock Featred in he Unvesl Motion Pie “CHANGE OF HRT From te ACA CFMDEN bur "LETS GE FENDS™ CHANGE OF HABIT Words by BUDDY HAVE. Mase by BEN WSN ~ & 1. you're in old it Sou're inthe Mf Joutre in the sot im your old Tet_your ‘em - por put ~ting feo le Ms “ # Chang 02 are When you talk with Shust) “be ~ cause they 0 People who ‘if 'ront, trom the these are changing don't seo “eye to wrong deaf Com © 1970» es mse ps come PCO MENG MI nares Capes Ses ingests Wott, don't i your head ss in the sand, While things are go.~in" on, 4 “you don't be - leve tht there's a new = er. world © — head, count on any medals, "son, thoy're pin ning down on You, 3283 93 DS. al Cotas 5 youl be all ight @coingl Feotured inthe Pramaunt Motion Pe “BLUE HALA rom te ACR Alb "UK HL CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE Words and Mes GEORGE WIS, HIGO ERT nd WG! CAEMIORE Moderately Slow = wm +h st te eta an be » r = ae ee Ss z 2 #@ 2 | i | | | 78) Sm = © commons monanse —™ eee . eet oy Sen SN neers Would it be sures ly Dar-ling, 30 Mt goes take my «da help with fall-ing in love +L? —— _ =% * falling ia I 1” Feonred the Notional Gener! Maton utce “HARRO rom the ACR GNDEN Aten “AUMOSTN LOVE CHARRO Wore ond Music BLY STRANGE and SCOTT OFS eer Bess an, & “7 with fee that do the man with in You soo, behind the yee of ‘You've tured your bask on yeutor dn, Tovwayed @ man wo more he'd You've lved and died and come t> ie a grin, Por when jou lett you task Wie bride & say, And now you're land - ia! 2 = lone at the crose-roade of our mil YouVe left your ‘Youloow het ‘nevoer Tet you break w= wey 30" easel ~ iy. Youll have say (pacman OBOE Ne RRSENE MIE pe) met anne Se ‘mecsn sencnanesenes a & ae ‘yes-ter-daye be - blnk at which read leads you to fo = mor Aiea” Wectove youre fre, ‘but “how muck more time can sou bor Now at a single mo~ meat your 2 . a z ‘ne though goes ruc= Ing across your minds 2283 ‘And now you Iaigh tm the dev — A'S face with your last - ¢ ‘aco with Ifo and death ‘But will you Ue t se Regge CEES RETRO gear Eee From the ACR bu LOVE LETTERS FROM ELE CINDY, CINDY {Words ond Mee by BUDDY WAKE, BEN LESAN nd. ER a & 8s Tar, F a? 2 Need you in the mori’ to stat ester Sey cu fn ey i Hiatt Nouy weet ough you. 4.0 twee a mun Rp 0 jt oe this ayy ey Yk tie. you woud ove me snc ee, ea he rams bt yu sy, ole he whole word ow, (Gon) 2283 SSSR ETERS EC ECECESS SEES SSSR EES ECECECESS STOTT ERECT etree Taare EE Ere ee » Aacrded by EN PRESLEY 09 REA 45 RPM Sie COME WHAT MAY Wor on Mc by FAN TABLEPORTER Moderately bright beat a —— planta Kiss upon your Ups each night and day. FF ASS esc aeEceRrRReear eT TET eree ‘om th ACR Aum “HOW GRERT THOU A CRYING IN THE CHAPEL Worcs end Music by ATIC GLEN Slowly, with expression with expression _ v ea P — cHorus @ 1900 Se ime CRY-IKO IN THE CHAP ~ EL, Theteaa 1 sel mre ‘eBoy cn-ner loka for!_ some thig — "That wi po eh ieee = Few the meaning of con - tent = meaty —! New Tam hap-py wih the Tare ie “oa cre ree tn NM ema get da he ett nt a 6 pin and sim ple 5, Wace ume people go Met yeareipher in the 4 “sin ith bin in are ot 3 {Li sas orp oo © sy ano ce sons. me eS a se acon Bow ue ale y sin merle ty ee eee Feoawed nthe Pramount Motion ne "KING CREOLE” DANNY Worcs by FED WISE Ma by BEN WES Chorus & race My name shud te Tea tle, my nase sould te os fF ? t a fs all that 1 know But Dan ry, - parE a ee = 8 sau corn © sey oor ra & & Tove-ner-er came ay wy. writing alt= ter—— to somone an- ret hoe thy nue sald be F=f TT Feotued in the MGA Mazen Pace “GIR. HAP" rom te ACR tun “GI HEY DO NOT DisTuRB Words ona Musi by BRL GINT, SEAM BAUM ard RORECE HE Moderately nes + eae ORE SHER orca ey sea ‘rem tha 8 buen "$0.000.000 ELS FANS CANT BE WROND ELV GOLD RECORDS, WOK # DONCHA' THINK IT'S TIME? Wore ond Music by CDE OTS ond UILUE BEN Jer ne ere WSS PSMA Muse tae eee cron cand ssn sa ae Feonwed nthe Poramovnt Motion Pe “KING COLE "rom the REA Abn ANG CREOLE DON'T ASK ME WHY Words by FRED WISE. Music by BN ESA Moderately Slow ~ Chorus oe ff Ee ah Re ao on lov = ing you~ Dost ask oP, ee act) me why. How sad my heart would be may PPR P Dhan me a ra BS HL St nie gh iE =H you should go, Though youre ot good rm — — } t te otal ‘te 3283 tay rca ce SE MK xan ape ere? Mone ssa unger feees oo. ee 1G not the in ove I dreamed Grae) ‘Youle alti From the ACA Aum “ELIS GOLDEN RECORDS DONT BE cf CRUEL (To A Heart That's True) ond Muse by OTS LACHUELL ond Medium Bright (with good beet) A @ Ldostwantno other Tove, acy, sts jast you Pm thinking ot 3263 west © 9 by NNT ME CORRE ES ESE MU. rennin cane ene ‘sets a ngnstecond ES MIRONG CUES COLT RECORD VO 9 DON'T Worcs ad Mu by ERY LEBER and MME STOLLER from the ACR bum "WORLDWIDE SO GOLD ALARD MS, VOL. DON'T CRY DADDY Wort ent Me by SCOTT VS Moderato, with feeling thunder erash-ing in my bead, By fom ast nigh’ 1 think of wiv = ing up, a voice sea a a tn eide ay cof fee cup, apt cry-ing tat ad ringing in my omy Hee Sh = aten'so! “Yon dor will be the —~ stme to iB & & a you've still got _meand little Tom - my, To - gether we'll fisd a brand new mom-my, : meee! Diddy, ride us on your back a-gain Ob, Bad-dy, Dad - dy, please laugh 2 gun, Dad - dy, ploasedan't ery. 10 fected inthe MGM Motion Pi “DOUBLE TROUBLE rom the AG bun “DOUBLE TROUBLE DOUBLE TROUBLE Words ond Mua by BOC PONS ond MORT SHEN ‘Medium rock 1.Some guys fall in love with one ginl, I got-ta fall for two; Theres just 20. much imiess there's pot ta be fo dark clouds, hang~in’—0~ ver mer My f= fare looks a Jov- iv that one hea . SL goa round with my heart bumpy tet mach Be ry time 1 thine that" have earn! on the ground, Dog-gia!_ mea round, ‘Tm the sorri-ot ight in Te aty got “Bade, Some Tos care aro played, "T= funk cant make the te re ne ‘og conan Unosnrve HGSE: Ne PNEMTGONG MUI cn "Stans Cphape curd gen Sa A gh har 101 ‘Twice ae much as an-y-bod-y elae, ob 3283 ee fom the ACA Abu NOMING YOU" DON'T Leave ME NOW Words ona Musc by AON SCHAOKDER and BEN WHISMN Moderately slow Chorus me ee ee on ee ee ee a ——— = tam Bow GG it you should say were through. 323 ow © 1057 os mie ipso Se ON RONG Me Imereti aes eure ese rem sees self? sea gq # oe ‘There just be nOth-in’ for me an With-oot you, dar - tin} "My dreams woul jurt guth-er x Dont close your the Usted fries Motion Pate “FRAKE AD JOHN fom ti ACR bum “RENE BND OMI” DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE & WHEN THE SAINTS come 1€ MARCHING IN 8y BLL GHA, ecu arnt ‘sn cata CarSpace, "Menton Spiga" Maus gas 106 Ri Tur hems play and keep that brat, Down bya Down by ° what a var Doan i rid and, San the ope tne, Play the cor slang, Just pound that eat, ‘On Toews that cn, ae See ae ) Dose et that Weal tet play that feat wil ‘un ASS Mn nee we 2 as Fa Feonred inthe Unted frosts Motion Pare “MK ANE JOHNNY” From ne ACA Aur ERIC ND JOHAN” €VERYBODY COME ABOARD Words end Muse by SLL INT, BEANE BALM ane RORENE HIKE Dixieland beat Everybody come 4 = board the show-best 0- night, —Wele gon ms (gam: Wie on the show-boat fo sight; The big e & % ¥ dance Hill the morn in) ght Ob, well have fin the whole aight longs — Ss ono im Tap igh How ‘an you lore, just wear 3 gen — ©. 2 > 2 co tea a For = get stor = Yow be tere to win Now ts "ay ca ets psu wi teoa- bles, forget your strite;~ tacks wait =i thee "in sides — On wth Hey, ev eye, et, rT? Were dom i Bing von cyt (act) Evy bod 3263 Yaw have. the ‘The wheet of by te 108 et tine of your fortunes ¥-bout “to he om Evy bods ys_ gonna ey ee, The taal at the it spend, youre wel come ay frend, Jat wale wp the = ‘a board the show oat f0- sight, Jost took a = 0 Ee fourd at the Mp py Sight — We guar fn = tee that youll hive a = S ight youve gat instore — Youre gor na keep coming back for more, ont 08% Hey, eveyone, Het go, On-with the sh Evo ty-bed-y come a 8 = Tt m om the AC Abe “POT UO" (Such An) €ASY QUESTION Worse and Mune Sy OTS Yo UINRELD SCOTT Moderately w pe Little old posbe ce 3s , x Why cant 1 get an ans ser? Ith such an eas-y To such aneasy gies - ton from the ACA bun “EIS GOLDEN RECORDS, VOL. 5° FAME AND FORTUNE Words FRED WISE Mac By BEN WISE F chorus a ga el howempty they cam be.— Butwhen I hold you VBP ! Butthetouch of yair Nps on min iF F oa © tay os mise sng nme nt ome BON Me) tna ap Sees ine tse us. FARTHER ALONG (Words nd Me by Rew 8 STEVENS Moderato vo r ota ee i# se 4. Temp-ted and tried we're oft made to won - der Why it should 2. (When death has) come and taken. our loved ones, It leaves our 8. (Bsith- ful il) death aid our lov- ing Mas - ter,’ A few more 4. (When we eee) “Jo = sus com. ing in glo - ry, When He comes tery ES a et ie the day long; While there are oh ors liv - ing sly and drear; Then do. we won der why oth - bor and wait; ‘Tolls of | the road. will then soom as ‘Then we shall moot Him in that bright yaaa 7 fe # # Nev- er mo - lest - ed tho in the Liv = ing ‘to wick = ed year af - ter As we sweep thru the beau ti = ful Wet Yin = ‘dor’ stand “it all by and cHoRUS Farther A= long we'll know all a - bout tor ? a z —— ah _ & & long we'll un- der stand why; Cheer_up my roll live in the r ‘dim yp or. [te 3 I # fe # a ‘sun- shine, Welll tn-der-stand it all by and by — 2. When death has 3. Faithful “ull 3. When we S00 for 18 om the AER umn “FROM EUS PRESLEY BOUREVRAD, MEMEMS, TRESS” FOR THE HEART Words nd Music by DENNIS WDE Metin cock empe Wad a dram 3 bout you ba = by ad a dream. (elim Nan and diy Bed tone see 3283 ‘rewnsond Capo Scred Moe US ng tases — tT cat ot fae See hel Wea, mi For the bea. sae Fectured nth 20th Coury fox Motion Phase "RAMING STAR Fm te AR EP "EWS BY REQUEST" FLAMING STAR Words by SB WIE. Mase by SHERMAN EDUARDS Moderately Bright ww Py Verse HR Ey be kam - ing fe ey man 1 fel thst Flam «ng 2Wien Tide eee Flam ing Flam « ing ry & And when T tee ot = a foul > oul > } ry FEF F 2 seas oye © 16) or se topcoats SOL 80 NEON Mp ears Cont Sed oie an sence temes we ancing Sta. Maning Star Flani-ing Sta He lows hs Never look =Ior a Th" tow ay 7 Never Took-int a My time has Chorus = Flam the Stay, heep be hind ning Star 5 Flam-ing str ‘ona nn ts rs Main Pane “QUOT OR FOLLOW THAT DREAM [Words by FRED WISE Mac by BEN WEIS Moderately Bright aaa B » Verse = a 1 Wher your beast gels rast ~ leon inet mane a - tone 2(Got te find me) Some - che — stoee Ket is tee, = tPF TF e ab } f FF Fle t wet te eall- ing You, Ard when To fmy fine oat a3 enone Cones Sea ‘ots nS range teens a a & et ome cae s Chorus 6, = zi fol = low that dream (low that Siem Sher Wee cer Ma gee ett ae te ae He" fot: te fol “tow that dream to fled the lve Flt fe = Ee (rae wd 2G - ta tind me need } tPRPIe? [et 125 rom te ACA Run “ES FOOL Words by CAL SIGMAN Mute by JES LAST cantabile you didn't have to hart Ber, as ss | Ju could have made her want you you could have made her love you cess Eh ne ws Caos I he ras poo te enti Cone seed ies rageetemes Bey ous 2 aie tocoasd #4 you eniy had to love 7 Yer ove ie gone, 7 oe . a Gone now— the love and tough - tor foo your-self themorming af - ter, & — D8.at Code (Can't you See her yen are mist = = cosa ©, ft rs 8 | From the AC Foun "50,000,000 ELVIS FFAS CANT BE WAONG — ELV’ GOLD AECOADS, VOL 2 | (Now And Then, There’: s) a A FOOL SUCH AS I Words ona musi by Moderately slow, with expression a | nol wv ¢ 2 F Sct y ars etnin a 2 Pardon me, _if Tin son ti-men- tl, when we say good- ye, Dont be se ame & £ehe ~ ee Ree Tae ‘dream a lit-tlo dream, a years go by, Now and then, theres A FOOL SUCH AS } : Here ee 3263 inencholpsecres Manes = Hee en then there’ _A FOOL SUCH ASI am 9- ver ‘ Ee ae ae & = EEE racer you You. taught me how to | iets foot, but Tove you, dear, um til the day I die ig. love, and now you say that_we are through, Tin a Gi a Tit ay = | ie a ie “te Now and then, therds “A id Feonred inthe Feramcunt Mon Pore “GI SS Thom the ACA Btu “C1, BLS FRANKFORT SPECIAL Words by SID LANE Musk by SHERMAN EDUAADS Bright Tempo ame tre rat ‘oe B a Bs Chorus a Te is train the Frank = fort Spe cial? Whee we get tor garter, + ‘Ais't ths out = fit ‘Be geod eye and a a 8 Wo beard re more Dost take isis from ges comets Sr ON WNO IK ne eet Cai See rot ange teas Frank - fort Specials got = anal ey Botan a Bet as | a 2 a Ee et TF & Round wheels sing’ - iat ona eng flat teach ae Boiler stint to Mow He atk, Clk t= sda sae idk et = yea ‘Towns and villages fly = i Fare-well, Prewleiny dont PY ae So come ay trai ad One mare day we t= 1 Feonwed nthe Poromount Motion Pics “RA IN ACFAULCO” "ram the ROR som PIN REAPULCO™ FUN IN ACAPULCO Words oy SID LINE Mic by BEN WISHAN ee =a -ca-pul-co, sleep - ing in the bay, “pul c0, wake ap and greet the a = 8 an toll the gui-tare and sleep-y eyed stars to be on their way, 3 Conran © 96st cus mis een ani Sere “ssn sigs ase you old sleep-y = a 2 — See the sky tum ing co ToS, & T cask wait til] T meet your sweet se - fo- ri - tas, FRANKIE AND JOHNNY By FRED MRAGER, ALE GOTTUE ond BN WEIN Ad lib. men. Theyll do you roa y ong © cos ge cat ECON BOON MEK ey veer ap Sete semesters 28 Medium blues a8 Ss = ==] tae vee ats “ feet tye * a i 2 lees cane are eee eros Gace vote = nv : eo t= = On, Lord wren“ (es hs Honey, “T sme was pa yon Pease fall caught oy for her dann might; re n am ag SS SS SS SS ane Sma - Be fer ae ton Dost you Gane eek Wnt The font. te, te ae = Tee wae, oe jon a ae =“ web” Ne am” te [i rd c aot from te ACR bum “EMS FOR EVERYONE FINDERS KEEPERS, LOSERS WEEPERS | Wore Mb OLN JON cd DOR ONS Shuffle beat | een SE re fon Ty play for Keeps b Tm a - keep iat you Tor - ev > wea aie) 283 Feotured inthe Paco Motion Pe "GI LES "rom the ACR bom CL SUES” G.1. BLUES Words ad Muse by SIO TEPER and ROW C. BENNETT Moderately Bright fet “ier and Slack pumpser nickel for show: he loos, but “ats hat? we Gon bere “in surety Frou teins ave pret > sy") ae flows, but we cant make ate * five us oom with a wlew of the beaut = fal Brie sameter”. er ara Black pump-er nicks et fe She NETHER, DASE, bah SN RIP a" nee Bou tiny ae pt = "ty" ae flows, but_ve cast make i Tame 7 ——, smd old etek in eat monte pay foe ERC ve te Por np © 6000 CHOW MRE gps coats OL CO HEATON en rer ae eae ‘ie neste Chorus The eauthore bu Footed the MGM Moen Pre “CARL HEP From the ACA tx “GI HPP" GIRL HAPPY Wert on Musi COC FOMUS ond NORMAN ene Solid rock ory all ey time 1 328 ‘Ava cms ier sepTao MIS tin ur Feoturd inte Rrmount Maton Pcs “LOMING YOU Thom te AR Albom LOVING HOU" GOT A LOT O' LIVIN’ TO DO Words and Muse by ARON SCHROXDER an BN WMAN Bright Tempo ca a ae s Verse ea a fat ‘Therds moon thath Hig and bright zivoure the) pret - th est ting I've "seem, ar B a Ea Ed Milky Way to - aight, But the way you act treat me $0 dog- gone mean, Aimt-cha ‘got "no heart? & ney - er would know Us there ay - iy “to. hold you near 283 at tims. @ wast = = lot 6° kiss-es I aint been keep me wait why dont- cha start co-op - er = ce Know a - bout you but the ings tay the at a ru To o- gem- be get ay things — “you” Wan - a Fe iy to do lot @ ar i I’ to do.—*Cdme on, ba byl To make it fun it takes Br ee On,yes, Ive. got a lot oP livin to do, act) B s Bf i Tot! loy- inh to do; And theres noone who TH rath er 150 from the ACR bum “ES 1 ARC -THE GIRL OF MY BEST FRIEND Words onc Huse ty BEVERLY ROSS ne SAM BOER Moderately Chorus | oa ‘Wal my aeh~ ng Wien the git ny Dest elena? i r uta 1st Feonwed nthe oromoint Motion Pore “BLUE HALA rom the AC am BLE HLA THE HAWAIIAN WEDDING SONG (Ke Kali Nei Av) ‘nalh ly by ALHOFMEN ond DIOK MARKING Howton lr ond Mu by CHARLES 6 KING Slowly, with much warmth 283 eit Ma Moy OPM ND MILE CO ar sa stig a ene cso sos eee NEE ata Cae sees 2 Bie an rw Cia node ee he ove ot 186 Feonred he Poromount Motion Pie "GIRS! GIRS! GIRLS "om the ACh Aue, "OAS! GAS! GST GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! Words one Muse by AERA LEBER on MIME STOUER, Moderately Bright Seite, go tn seimemin Girls, in Bi Givie) salt nt Sallswoats, Girls) water - (ssrts) vig-gl- ia? by, — the beach-es, At ot my lad sea brassy, reli F arts, aby what peach e8, So pret ty, Lord, 1 could Girte, main nd "Stee gest give me lone of each kia (arts TRF a3 co 98 by MS REY Ics ROGRSSHE MISC BH CO, ME ang end tens ee pet aE ig omtady cpa no. me WERSONG MIDE poe eaten cai Sees rent mare reones ins And when Ba pick up 8 sandwich to munch. Averanch = y eruneh-et- 3, ae y ' crmehset yeranch Tomev-te evser get to finish my lunch, 3 ar jen 2 = Bovcause theres always bound tobe a 3293 ints, im short dresses wallets and a * es iris, out boat In ire fuse Monte Soret, Lond H coat eye Tin jost a tPF ele Br oa a fed - blood-1t toy ant cask stop think. ts a.bout Girls, ins, om the RCA tum "PROMISED NO" HELP ME Words and Mic by LARRY GAT ely Me ‘Come down tom Your of walk ms Teal the tush of Your ee i pd i Poe rei a = : a np © 197 AS SEMEN MISE. 3 nt Sr a Nae Tee E09 xaos oe Seal Totes ‘ita Resenne rom the ACR tun “POT Wa GONNA GET BACK HOME SOMEHOW Words ana Muse by DOC POUS ond MORT HUNAN Moderately Bright old train whis-tle howl ist in the beay ett me Ba bys been an that 1 = ers southek aheh Geen ‘tn = faith as coo Oa ae ne ese Meaty 163 = er thought that could miss er a af thought I could, but tow T That the sound of hat old train whis-tle Ye? Re ety te rood Fe frm the AC bum “THE WONDKARK. WORLD OF CHRISTMAS” HOLLY LEAVES AND ) CHRISTMAS TREES Moderately dow | | from the ACR Roun “EWS! GOLDEN RECORDS. VOL 3 GOOD LUCK CHARM Words ond Misc by ARRON SCHROKDER aed ALY GOAD Moderately v Chorus co Done wast 3 four teat Dont wart 3 sil= ver aT tnd ack IMbbiS fot on a lng, The 1 tose I across the “bay Your ¢ * 2? ow 3 7 ° OE a E 2 tua Want your kiss Eause Just eanitmiss with good lack charm ke bop = pi - ness “in” your warm “ea'- pers “no” Seine asm the ove is worth all ‘the gold) Ge earth; mo woncder trot ER De my little good tuck charm, Ubtuh-hub- jou sweet Se i age eaten Cone nes ote nS rs hsend rr & z s eed lock charm ashing-In on my am— To heya | ce = Fr » a7 be a l a Pad (cet) "om the ACA Aum RNG CREOLE HARD HEADED WOMAN Words end Mise by CRUDE DeMETAUS, v0 | Fotured the Pramount Motion Pcie HNG CAROLE” Bright Rock. true) ect) td We issn tee ee (racet) to ae tei ake ae oe ey =e Se Sb a me El Be tr stnce_the wort be an — 3283 cowie © 0589 cor mse gs neta re 20 Ne ROERIONO MAK te) enone can Sao ose nan nce tesees ne Chorus ep yur cot = t= gk - P oy Be Tat Tet Sa fly ‘ a SER TEN fon, Hira bead. ed woman bren_& estas fa Bvcersitce theworld be fan = ‘tore te te de Feonsred he Poramount Matton Pure “ROUSTREOUT "rem the RE fbr ROUSTREOUT HARD KNOCKS Woes ad Musi by JOY BHEAS Moderate beat v Fae & iB ome bidh tora with l= ver = spoon Some Ma orn shen ST ng SOE Gh Mae ros, ‘Aad Tin a tell fr you aid you. bet-ter be ~ wae, Came Ie as irc Cop exces Mage RSA. AN Ra Ree 175 from the RCA tum “LAMEFHE HOW CAN you Lose (What You Never Had) 3283 & 8 & ae 7 nn 178 Feared inthe Unt Ast Moton Pte "RENE AND JOHNNY Fn the RE bur FRE RN JOH? HARD LUCK Worcs and Muse by BEN WEA ae SO WINE Fregly ay Oh, Tin reat-y feeling mien TF gm 20 place mat 1 com Be) 1 got rome blues to. sing and —— erty att TD on ED eriptend “a coy se vos mse ges come re me WON MSE) src ain ses wienith ne tse » = fo much re -ntem-ber Back st, Take my —ad + vice, Shes pone, ssid Yoo le 1 hissed her good-bye, yo i 0 shiny up 3 tre Toe the hardest kind of ek youl find, Sind nw money too: Toe Dardest kind of luck yedbe seem i & Aes Toe got the bus est kind of blues, Ith The ay Tin runvaia’ tale = Ty My 3283 19 fe friv-ing me cht out of my iad Tuek-y) um bers thie teens — & — Hackl a) the diha? Lady Lick has got the hex on me, 1289 wt i boy, Hie warning y0a,~ This thing 1 eaught (you kaom) aa could be catching to; The got hard ek, the ard-est Kind of Wick thee can bey = & Adlib. ie 1 puree fad tack always, choos 8 “natch at” Born oe Featured othe MGM Motion Pte "HALIM SILA om the ACA Abu PRAM SCPE HAREM HOLIDAY Words ond Must PETE PROREOU, VINCE PONCR, ar sae CRANE Bright beat Goa wavs at white Tn wo away Twenty woe mea bya Goma. Gon sch. that ond = night pick my ‘as, became this great, Kise them ally Became I've mt. G seas ‘nites coon OMe tL lg, ne RONTEONS NUE, puso ‘ieee esewes ssh.” ai ate sees Ee ; ty gil is gon an know tm par - aint gon - oma waste j Repeal these! four bars (lt time) for 20 eas... 2 190 From the ACR Album “VS — NOX HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT Wor ond Me by HRS HASTOFERSON 823 ene 170 ane mr MO 3 Se tN ern 9 | xara Cop ine ese I 182 Fectured the MGM Metin Pare WRU SCRAM om the ACA Aum HAL SCM HEY LITTLE GIRL Words onc Muse by JOY BAS girl, you sure, luk cute toe Hey, dit = tle gi, comme anand danse with ne) Bis) bes te girl) you tat ter hag “oa tights ——— Fulop a= the clos er, Youre bout the eut- est Now woit you swing it to the deft, 2283 a treo Unctvarres Musk mc ORTHO MUI ube ‘Trosatane Conran Sour’ Mae mUSA.”" AI Me Rear es A se er eee ting Toy “tr did See sand shcke if tothe ight Tight where yuu ike We take” Jou = you Know youre Took = og It = tle gia, read ~ y," how = ad =z Es Ea Re er jot remote TS” me, 3283 From the ACR bum “ES! GOLDEN RECORDS, VOL 3° HIS LATEST FLAME Worcs ond Musi by DOC POMUS ond MORT SHUN Moderately Bright “pout the lowe that preted eat geen ge a = of hie latent ot hie lat sant sae 0g ati US RE RAE mae pty | wr Fenn nthe 2 cena for Motion nee UND ITE COUNTRY | evERVEOOF I SUPPED, I "1 STUMBLED, | 1 FELL FD WISE Me Moderately Bright ta a eal at 7 Port [RF t fa a "a pet. I feel wo snd et Hm Heel iog fo well. (tact) 1 stum-aieg, 1 fel One easy kiss and bam, 5e af 1EF neon AEP 4 DREN ME ens j ro so app Sere ‘wos se teed a om 8 @ Sun-td, 1 al.. T neveer thought Td get Sik 3° @ weak; my Reade api-ning = ound. T guess hat ove Por [RF t Ff wp + side dows.Thought Td get hurt, but, Bee, 1h ior 5 or 7 BE true Bun eB sipped, T stum-tled, 1 fll T took at semble, Pte SFR TE 3283 eee From the ACA Rum “EES: GOLDEN ReCOROS™ HOUND DOG Words and Music by AAV LEBER ond MIME STONER | 2 chorus Db eacet) : eS ! ! | You aint nothin’ but a Hound Dog, ? wel, vayounin"t newercaughta rabbitand you ain't no friend of mine. » (ee) a Whenthey saidyouwas Mgh- classed, well,thatwasjort ae = When they saidyouwas high-clareed, welljthatwanjuet 2 le a Br i Well, yousin' nevercaught s rabbit and you ain't no (Head of » * A ey co) a & ‘Yousin’taoth-in'but = mine, v ‘rom the ACR um FROM ELS PRESLEY BOULEVRFD, MEMENS, TENNESSE” PP heer pug From he ACR e "PEACE THE VALLEY” | BELIEVE Words nd Muse by VN AFH, VN GAR IMM SH. ond A STM Moderately (wich much expression) — 4 4 6 8 ies Tr BE-LIEVE forte ty drop of ruin that fall Lt s = $ ber - 2 Fi , ef mie ss Ho 1 BELIEVE (rv vo : 1 2 ih Ba fag 1L_RE. LIVE, 1 BE-LIBVE, 1 BE-LIBVE 8 tore ile corm the ere ql dl ike # at T BE-LIRVE that nonr-ae in the 7 a food PR opr ag Gy eg. GO ee! 2 eld a BE- LIEVE! LIEVE! i, ae frm he BR Albu “ES HAND IK MINE | BELIEVE IN THE MAN IN THE SKY ors ene Mac by ACHRAD HOUIRAD Slowly Verse mt) gq om i bs » 2 & a Bo ae je steps that lead to an-y church form 2 | of God, and should te trod more of = ten wy are, | = hogy, Slowly ‘ois fate, cay = 1 BE. LIEVE INTHE MAN INTHE SKK———~ a an es “ a # Telp, TH get by. Tstepsmay faleler, my eyes may grow din, but He my GI- bral-ter, Imm trust-ing in Him. Tha spar Mag Yes fin sing- ing His praise tll the end of my days, for iB —~ P oer Bo tate ee =! TIEVE IN THE MAN INTHE SKY ‘SE. SI t ¢ i 1 FEEL THAT I'VE KNOWN YOU U FOREVER Worcs one Music ty DOC POMUS ond LN 6 Moderately Slow oe Chorus 2 Your tips, your eyes, your soft aweet sighs, oT fee ? a ? e om Por a B * Ed Yeur style, "heal tee ws rom the ACA Album "50,000.000 VS RS CANT BE LIRONG — ELS’ GOLDEN CORDS, VOL -1 BEG OF YOU Words ane Misc by ROSE MARE MeCOW ard HELY OWNS itecet) OMS ah —— = ~ from the ACA Aun “EWS GOLDEN RECORDS" | WANT YOU, I NEED YOU, | Love you Words MAURKE MYSELS. Music by a & ‘ & _# ‘ry time we're 8 = part. want you, 1 need you, from the ACA Album “ES PRESLEY" | GOT A WOMAN Words nd Mey AY CHFRLES Brightly way oy -er town, and all my hig “mT way ov er town, + 283 : 2 epg sy moore wise upon co We cao a acento ered se, any ‘aman CS Scand Msn nS" aus need Br Ean ‘Now ‘she’ When Tsay ba by Some-day we'll mar my dream-boat, oh, yes in - deed, ise take my hand) don'you un der - stan just the kind of Ein) 1 need, She olds me ‘ght ghee my lon ara lov er ayo = way over town, [= | a te anrascabe| | tere le gs ) ral lor = tnt 29 ip her” aide walk-in’ by Ea D8, at Pine oo eee eee ee ee. feonred the United Piss Motion Peure "KD GALRAO” from Be BCR CORN Album " GOT LEH | GOT LUCKY os ad Mase by BN UES, FED WISE ced OEE FULLER Moderately Bright Ibe a = : . 5 ood luck Shoe "te 083 SRE | 3 frm he AC Aun “FOR UP FES ONY | WAS THE ONE Words end Mus by BARON SCHROEDER, CRUDE DeMETAUS, HAL BLAR end BL PEPPERS a ope os an 4.8 & & # & cere aay Mies = v fom the AR bun 30.000.000 ELIS FAS CNT BE WRONG — ELS: GOLDEN CORDS, VOL." | GOT STUNG! Wert ond Music by PRON SCHROEDER rd DAVE HL Bright Rock Tempo oS —a cHoRUS i wren SPREE nt se CGS ees ee esta Cape See ‘wos nun neta ar 5 ia Ea i = + a | surcea fuser : mre tint “Sing MY “Sivereu iT } = Br ar oe ee ee eye tunedead:trm done, uh = huh, Tot stung A imet,‘cause yougimme just one t-te peck onthe back of my neck and ms ee aro BE wey BE 228 1 break out in a cold cold sweat. If I live to a hun-dredand two, ~T aR Br 2 From the ACR bum "WORLDUIDE $0 GOAD AAD HS, VOL T° IF 1 CAN DREAM Words ond Mus by WEL BROUN Very slow, with much drive (ie "4" witha 298 fel) a Pf Repeat 3 times iy an magn oF i area of better land, Where all my brothers work hand in hand Tell me | : 3283 oop © hy OM mS ange tre onc CRONE RTO ML ten) | Go a a a hy. oh why, oh why can't my dream come tue, y : Py Pa x phim on iB & hope Keeps thin-in! on ev- ery ope; Tall me why, oh_— why, oh_— F cow hs 2 c = = x Be EA We're oat in 8 cloed- ith too meh an ‘We're trappdin a world ie & ar 2 atm i aaa heart theresa trem- lin & que ‘Sl Tam sure that thean-ewer's gonna e Fain i Fal? i standl__ While I can walkt ree 3283 Walle 1 can dream 5s ™ frm the CA bun "AVS GOLDEN RECORDS, VOL. 3 | GOTTA KNOW Words nd Mik by PUL Send MAT WLS ; | ft Get up in the mornin’, feel-in'mighty weak; _A-tost-in’ and a-turn = in’. Well, Nine andnine makefour -teen; four and fourmake nine, The clockss atrik-in'thir|~ geen T & Zs 70 = mance oF heart-break - in" Won't you say which way you're gon-na Tong “can keep wait’ > iat? Tell me it’ “you love me, yeo oF ie ipa cre WO 20 e HOIN p) 3 reat! Cops Sc ‘sie sae (tacet) ei # os 1 ot-ta Know, got-taknow.got-ta (eace) TH be your one and on-ly tillthe end of time. (oe) -. y Sew the for-tune tell- er; had myfor-tone read. She sent _me to the from the AR Abu "MOODY BU” IF YOU love, ME (Let Me Know) Moderate ui 1 grew to Tove you more—— each pase - Ing day. — t 3263 Pe 1974 FR MIS Dann nd nares Coes sea ice wvsh sons esene you don't ’ 20 ae : recon 4 Take the chains a= way that Keep me tow = po farms that o-pen wide—— to ands that run gers through my tale; The smile that PRT E i a i love af fatr_for one can nev-er be, od ‘em the ACR Album "50,000.000 VS FAS CANT BE URONG — ELVIS’ GOLDEN FECOADS, VOL ! NEeD Your LOVE TONIGHT SD UI ord Bik ROHNER = cal id iF ceo ges coma SPC NE ERNE MI psn) eon Cai eae ise nn gets hold you tight. Don't tell me,bavby. you gotta gor I got the hi ~ f high and the Blt Feonred the Poromcunt Moin Pore “RN IN ACRRCO" Tem the ACA tur NW ACRRCO” I THINK I'M GONNA LIKE IT HERE Were by DON RORERISON ond HAL BIA Mc by DON ROBERTSON Moderately fast 4 sai moter in top tne obs are optima & anno bap Spy is very cle a psc ye Coe RENE MSE tn a | — _emeneammememme feted inthe MGM Motion Pare “T HAPPENED A THE WORLD'S FR” | om the ACA Aue HRPPGD AT THE WORLD'S I'M FALLING IN LOVE TONIGHT i Worcs ond Mus by DON ROOERTSON Slowly j | ee & = love tonight, — Ts sharing ite glow a @ Swen tore Het me down before aald Twas through, | + 7 o Ps > | mes | eet oi Sane om ns cpa tned 219 “ Bh » = ag & a : E ES ee SF meet) t = Bat Lin tang to Soe tonight = wth yeu gu wall r or » if ia ! 1 aughed and played the game; One iat, then good EE ao, ‘And cut wet the flame," But sane: how yee Ey fia changed. me, dear hie time ik huey Th falling in Tove to-night with 2283 aT ecored by ELV PRESLEY on ACR 85 RPM Single I'M LEAVIN’ lls ed Mc by MARE RERETT ond SONNY CHES acinorec ie meson ea Prato err neat i ee Footed inthe MGM Mion css SPNOUT om the ACR sun "SPROUT™ FUL BE BACK Word by SOAR Ma by USER Moderately Slow With A Beat be back yeah, Like home ~ ick train. fone way track. I got-tatav-el and it the geav-el ue TM be fl ‘yeah, Tl be back, yh res tarm—T 2 sti ad rE EN ATEN MI, ae 258 Bi shall re-turn,— Don't. cool those lips, I wan-mi feel ‘em burn ‘cause Til ‘util be back, Yeah, Pll be back, Hoy, — No one tells the four winds 4 Don't throw a= way that wel ~ come mat, Your door.'m hopin a teens, weeny beep that love light burneint Moderately bright frm he AR Albu “FOR LP FPS ONY" ‘Mm Lert, YOU'RE RE RIGHT, SHE'S GONE A ond URLAM E THLOR Chorus Es art | Pr not the one forme ight, ea seas ight, Tim eft, abe gone. sa Youve right, fim ee all's = ose — Flier = ae # # & & qe Yow tig WF yout TEDE [IF 1 1 FR fi a age Bat gow Ivechangedmy mind it up. “some, ‘So bap-py wen wall be VEIPl FE Jt romance ipa ene VSS ac Sas Cray oo MURIEL i ea ae pat, Taught { knew just what at do, goes Tim ot 20 amart, You tied tell me ll ag abe a from te AC Abu “POT UXO I'M YOURS Words or Muse by DON ROBERTSON and HAL BLA Slowly and Tenderly oS a a ee os No arms but yours, dear, will dos oy cena 9 ow 0804 rancor 6c he RRSONO MSE iw) aati Conese ee Wess nus ingests sans_Hil glad ty ree | a % Now and for - be there, With ny = ee ey sweet + My tove 1 breath that th 261 rom the ACR bm “FROM ES I MEMES IN THE GHETTO {the Vicious Cirle) Medium Folk Beat re ge e ld ant ey Chi-cn + ge mami,» pttitilebaty ld — ie tom— Te Toe het 3289 we i aa {i a 3283 288 Ure nd Musk by FARON SCHROXDER ond UALY GOLD Moderately ro Chorus & ucet om the AC oun “SOMETHING FOR EVERMBODY” IN YOUR ARMS Bright fof ri ‘wrap ome ep good and git — Bake_my - een fight 267 Matsie = tied, dum a little Gt of lov ia! «ate bo-te- fide, In _your i (raet) ‘armebeep me tangled up alll the tine. Like a Kitten with '@ ball of Wwith~ ret of my aitea stat dai Tnyoer ame, YE? re T Be a GC«~d 3283) = fcr ne Porno etn age HUA the AC bum “BLUE HALA ISLAND OF LOVE (Kava B Chorus cast you hear her call e 2 a Her alm trees gent =ly_do_the = + _ es Be slaves, the waves, rush in S shore. ITs A WONDERFUL | WORLD Werds ond Msc by SD TEPER, Bright tempo der = fol wor. 23 Food inthe MGM Motion Pore “ARNOUSE AO ‘rom the REA tum ELMS GOLDEN RECORDS JAILHOUSE ROCK Were od Must by ERY LEBER and MME TOLER Medium Bright Rock Boge 4.The war-den threw a par - ty inthe 2 Spider Mur- phy plyyed the ten - or Sl Nhm-ber or -"ty seven said to g~ pris - on band was there and they te- gn to wail Lit, te Joe was blow - in’ on the slide trom - bone, You're the cat - est jail - bind I ev-er did see, — -_ BB mn band was jump - in’ and the Joint be - gan to swing... drum-mer boy from TL - lin - ols went crash, boom, Dang! sure would be de-- Light - ed with your com = pa ny. By Bi cue should-"ve heard those knocked-out whole thy - thm seo - tion was the Pur - ple on and “49 the Jail = Rouse ‘Rock with ar & i Let's rock! 03 278 whole cell Block __ ie & s dancin! to the Jail-house Rock! 4. The sud sack was wits’ on a Dock of stone, Way over in the corner weeping all aloae. The warden said: Hey, bady, dost you be ao square yon cant fad 1 partner ase & wooden chal! Lath reek, ee. 4. Shifty Heary said to Bugs: For Heaven's sake, ‘No one's lookin now’ our chance to make a break. ‘Bugny turned to Bhifty and he sald: Mix, nix; I wanna stick around a while and get my kicks. Let's rock, ete. P22 276 rom the ACR tu "AVS: GOLDEN PECOROS, VOL 3° IT'S NOW OR NEVER Wort and Me by AARON SOHROKDGR ond WIRY GOLD vw? 5 ge __ Be #e come hold me tight Petmerade a Fone 2 Jane ke'® ‘Ds. al Fine via “tat wh ine HARE a ag a ie Tale jez 28 Feonuad nthe MGA Moten Przre “SIAL HAPPY rom te AR bun “GIRL HPP I'VE GOT TO FIND MY BABY Wore en Mui by JOY BERS With a beat ah FT| ee orang wonder where — she can Dey If an. y-bod-ye seen — her, ——— Men“ There — fist emuch time — Shes gon-fa dive me cra > 2y, OT Ge ie etd Ber saat) And tel her To love Bei Cache cut ot my miada Gat to get er back = “= Stnd ber back tomes — She left me here = ‘That ev sysbigs all right Se TH keep star 83 curt sea rene me Weccctet Sepa dated hse mv A fram he ACR oun “HS HO MIN JOSHUA FIT THE BATTLE nd ranged by ELMS PRESLEY Verse 1 fa)Good morn int, Sin = Mar = y. ‘eed more in, Broth er Grow you've neard a-tout Josh = &'Teco We ‘was the” ‘ton of gear an ep ney a ax cd Wo, 1 dow wanna stop and Me’ nev or stopped We tell you while 1 comea = Be he work “Waa Verse TI (a) You may talk sctout your men on 1a may brag about your men of Sauls te then walle cioehe, heme marched with. epecr it hadi ho us a oried, "Cause tho f 22 2 a wile of ert ~ to 0) ve Eacns hey 7 sei “ eat owe t * f Verse (ed You may tale a ~ bout your mon fall ame, gaeat God, ota, < oss Ihe marched with spear hand: — the trumpets be -"gan to Seunds— suimot = nt down Got mses DS, al Coda § 7 ~ from the ACA tun "POT WI JUST FOR OLD TIME'S SAKE Words ond Muze by SO TEPER and ROW C. BENNETT Moderately Slow owe i ew ‘mds sake won you give my heart a break? mn a a OM fa #a7 & of & time Twas yours and you were mine 29 won der- ful 1 mie ay 4 ty my ors CF, t ‘fy Ga great-est itis = 4 ft a i Et loved me then, you could love ame oice a = gain, Work you try just for t i ange errata ye 2 cy old times sake? fi es BEER ruan & a 4 — list forsake

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