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Court Script Orderly All rise for Judge __________. (He sits). Please be seated.

This court is now in session. Judge What case are we hearing today? Judges Associate Your honour the court will hear The State vs. Dan Rodgers. Judge Prosecution are you ready to present your case? Prosecution (stands up) Yes, your Honour. On the 24th May, 2011, Mr Dan Rodgers was arrested by Constable Le Boydre and the Room 6 Detectives, for vandalising Room 6s front door. His guilt can be proven by the evidence that was found on the crime scene. Mr Rodgers shoe print, his handwriting and what he said upon being arrested all prove he is guilty. Judge Defence are you ready to present your case? Defence (stands up) Yes, your Honour. Mr Rodgers definitely did not vandalise the door on Room six. Do you seriously think Mr Rodgers would vandalise his own school? This would mean he would lose his job and he loves Deanmore. We will prove Mr Rodgers is innocent. Prosecution (Stands up) (Can talk to witness Miss Walker, if they please) Firstly, the shoe print exactly matched Mr Rodgers shoe, that HE was found wearing. The print contained distinguishing marks such as semi circled spikes, which Mr Rodgers also had. Both the print and Mr Rodgers shoe were approximately 30 cm in length. Secondly, the handwriting found on the door was the same as the defendants handwriting analysis, taken by the police. The police found that he had the same letter in capitals, the same form of the letter x, and his u looked like an o, just like the door sample. His letters were also short, fat and spaced out. Finally, when Rhonan, Zion and Constable Le Boydre arrested the accused, he exclaimed, How did you know it was me? This evidence proves that he committed this atrocious crime. Defence (Stands up) (Can talk to defendant, ask questions if they please) Firstly, Mr Rodgers has no criminal record. All teachers have a check to make sure they have no criminal record before they can teach. He teaches children to do the right thing; that is not vandalising. Spray paint is bad for your health and he is a Health and Physical Education teacher. He would have spelt sux properly. Secondly, we believe he has been framed. Someone could have stolen his shoe, made the print, and put the shoe back without him knowing. Lots of keys open the door; they could have used hair from anyone with light brown hair and cut it so it was short. We think Mr McCabe did it because he wants Mr Rodgers job.

Finally, Mr Rodgers wouldnt vandalise his own school. He has been at this school for a long time and he hasnt done anything wrong before. It is also a new school and he was looking forward to the new school being built. He wants more students so that we can have a gold faction. Judge Prosecution would you like to provide rebuttal? Prosecution (stands up) Thank you, your honour. Although some people believe that anyone could have that type of sneaker, we disagree because he was the only person with those exact shoes AS WELL AS access to Room 6 at Deanmore Primary School. Judge Defence would you like to rebut the Prosecution? Defence (stands up) Thank you your honour. Although some people might think Mr Rodgers vandalised the door because the evidence points to him, we disagree because the footprint could have been someone elses with the same shoes or he could have walked through our class on the way to his and accidently left the footprint. The handwriting sample was not accurate enough and the hair may have fallen out as he walked through our room. Judge Prosecution would you now present your closing argument. Prosecution (stands up, talks to jury) Therefore, he is definitely guilty as all of the evidence we have located and informed you of points to Mr Rodgers. As stated, his shoe print, handwriting and his access to Room 6 prove beyond reasonable doubt that he is guilty of the mentioned crime. Judge And your closing statement Defence? Defence (stands up, talks to jury) The reasons why we think Mr Rodgers is innocent are because he has no criminal record, someone could have framed him and he would not vandalise his own school. He is innocent: Are you convinced? Judge Jury you must now decide if the defendant is guilty. At this time the defendant is innocent. But, if you believe that the prosecution has provided you with enough evidence to prove he is guilty beyond any doubt in your mind, then you can come back with a guilty verdict. However, if there is even a slight chance that one of you thinks Mr Dan Rodgers did not commit the crime you must return with an innocent verdict. Jury, you may now go to deliberate over the verdict. (Orderly and associate show Jury to room to deliberate. Jury returns.) Judge Jury have you decided on your verdict? (First jury member stands) Jury Yes, we have Your Honour. Judge Jury how do you find the defendant on the charge of vandalism? Jury (Gives verdict) Judge (Gives sentence) This court is adjourned. (Judge leaves stand). Reporters Should be taking photos, filming and filling out quotes from defence and prosecution.