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Roll No.-70 Exam Seat No-488531 B.Tech. (Mechanical) Sem-VIII,2010-2011




This is to certify that ADIL AHSAN, Roll No.-70, of B.Tech. (Sem-VIII) has successfully completed his In-plant training at BLUE STAR INDIA

LTD from 01-Jan-2011 to 15-Feb-2011.The work done under my

guidance in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of degree of Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering for the academic year 2010- 2011 under In-plant training.

Prof.S.S.KADAM Guide PROF N.S SREENIVASAN Head of Department





With profound respect and gratitude, I take the opportunity to convey my thanks to the Management of BLUE STAR INDIA LTD.for giving me the opportunity for the training.

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to Mr.Sh rique Ahm d fo f iliti fo t t i i

ovi i .

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I am extremely thankful to all the technical staff of BLUE STAR INDIA LTD.for their co-operation & guidance, which has helped us a lot d uring the course of training. I have learned a lot working with them and we will always be indebted to them for this value addition in us.

And last but not the least; I would also like to thank our College Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University College of Engineering for providing us the opportunity for doing training there.


Blue St

y profile
i I i ' largest entral air-conditioning co 6 cores, a net ork of 9 offices, employees. any odern it an annual anufacturing

turnover of Rs. facilities,

dealers and around 6

It fulfills t e air-conditioning needs of a large number of corporate and commercial customers and as also established leadership in the field of ater coolers to cold commercial refrigeration equipment ranging from

storages. he Company has also started offering Electrical Contracting and Plumbing & Fire Fighting Services. Blue Star's other businesses include marketing and maintenance of hi -tech professional electronic and industrial products. Blue Star has business alliances such as Rheem e-Security Ltd., fg. Co, ith orld reno ned technology leaders K; hales

SA; Hitachi, Japan; Eaton - Williams,

K; Jeol, Japan and many others, to offer su perior products

and solutions to customers. he Company has manufacturing facilities at Himachal and Wada hane, adra, Bharuch,

hich use state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to

ensure that the products have consistent quality and reliability. Blue Star primarily focuses on the corporate and commercial markets. hese include institutional, industrial and government organizations as ell as commercial establishments such as sho rooms, restaurants, banks, hospitals, theatres, shopping malls and boutiques . In accordance ith the

nature of products and markets, business drivers, and competitive positioning, the lines of business of Blue Star can be segmented as follo s:
Electro Mech ical Projects and Packaged Air-conditioning Systems

his comprises central and packaged air -conditioning as

ell as electrical

projects and plumbing & firefighting projects. he central and packaged air conditioning business involves design, engineering, manufacturing,

installation, commissioning and suppor t of large central air-conditioning plants, packaged air conditioners and ducted split air conditioners. In addition

to this, Blue Star promotes after -sales service as a business, by offering several value added services in the areas of upgrades and enhanc ements, air management, ater management, energy management and LEE consultancy for Green Buildings. he Company also executes building electrification contracting projects and offers expertise in the areas of electrical design and engineering, supply and installation of entire po er systems as commissioning and asset management. Blue Star has extended its mechanical contracting offering to include plumbing and firefighting projects. With this, Blue Star has developed capabilities for executing integrated Plumbing projects.
Cooling Products

ell as liasioning, approvals,


echanical, Electrical and

Blue Star offers a conditioners. he

ide range of contemporary Company also manufactures

indo and

and split air markets a

comprehensive range of commerci al refrigeration products and services that cater to the industrial, commercial and hospitality sectors. ater coolers, bottled hese include ater dispensers, deep freezers, cold storages, bottle

coolers, ice cube machines and supermarket refrigeration pr oducts.

Professional Electronics and Industrial Systems

For over five decades, the Electronics

ivision has been the exclusive ell as industrial

distributor in India for many internationally reno ned manufacturers of hi tech professional electronic equipment and services, a s products and systems.

he Company has carved out profitable niches for aterial estructive , esting ata

itself in most of the specialized markets it operates in, such as such as Industrial Projects, Industrial Products and Systems, Equipment and Systems estructive / on

Communication Products & Services, Analytical Instruments and

esting and

easuring Instruments,

edical iagnostic Equipment.


Blue Star as founded in 9 , by ohan Advani, an entrepreneur of -member exemplary vision and drive. he Company began as a modest

team engaged in reconditioning of airconditioners and refrigerators. Within three years, the Company secured the agency for Armstrong as selected by Worthington, the based partner - these follo . An expanding Blue Star then ventured into the manufacture of ice candy machines and bottle coolers and also began the design and execution of central airconditioning projects. coolers. In hen came the manufacture of ater S -based elchoir

essau's airconditioning equipment. S hortly after, the Company S leader in airconditioning, as its India

ere the first of numerous foreign associations to

9 9, the proprietorship company set its sights on bigger

expansion, took on shareholders and became Blue Star Engineering Company Private Limited. Ever since, there has been a constant and profitable gro th. Blue Star diversified and took up agencies for achines. ater coolers to name for ubai, aterial esting achines and Business he export arena beckoned and the Company began exporting here in fact, 'Blue Star' soon became the generic

ater coolers.

he sixties and the early seventies itnessed Blue Star continuing to expand and thrive. A team of dedicated professionals aided ohan Advani in ever

furthering his vision of a profitable company dedicated to its ideals of professionalism and success. Employee strength crossed the the company ent public in continues to be called today. In 9 , the Company took up the all-India distributorship of Hewlett-Packard mark and

969 to become Blue Star Limited, as it

products, a business relationship which continues today and has grown ever stronger through the years. As the Company's reputation for delivering the goods in the most challenging of aircondition ing projects grew steadily, the early seventies saw a series of prestigious projects being entrusted to Blue

Star - skyscrapers such as Air India Building, Express Hotel in

owers, the Oberoi -

umbai, apart from several others. Revenues touched the Rs. .

crore mark and staff strength doubled to exceed

As its Indian presence reached greater heights, the Company began building determinedly upon its existing overseas presence, Blue Star set up a joint venture with Al Shirawi in ubai and went on to execute some outstanding o complement its airconditioning ivision was

projects in Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

projects and undertake turnkey industrial projects, an Industrial set up in 9 .

Always moving with the times and ever on the lookout for business possibilities, Blue Star next set up a software export unit at Seepz, in 9 umbai

. hen came associations with more global leaders - a collaboration SA for central airconditioning equipment and joint

with York International of ventures with In 9 , Ashok

otorola and Yokogawa. Advani &Suneel Advani, the sons of ohan Advani,

took over the reins of the Company, after spending nearly

years within the

Company steadily climbing up the ladder. A renewed thrust was placed on the company's core busi ness areas - airconditioning and refrigeration and the distribution of professional electronics equipment - and the company emerged a market leader in these focus areas. he nineties witnessed India entering an era of economic liberalisation and an upsurge in competition as the dynamic business scenario attracted the world's most forward-looking corporations. It was time to re-look at existing business competencies, re -engineer those that were obsolete and forge ahead in acquiring new business competencies. Blue Star was more than equal to the challenge and expansion continued unabated. In keeping with this focus, an advanced manufacturing facility was set up at adra in 99 , in technical collaboration with Rheem, SA, to enhance

manufacturing competency.

oday it bears the distinction of being regarded

as the best such plant India-wide. he dealer network was strengthened and expanded to bring products within easy reach of every customer.

With the advent of the much awaited new millennium in continued.

, the action

he software unit was spun off into a separate company, Blue adra

Star Infotech Ltd., the export of airconditioning products from the

factory began and contract manufacturin g for local and foreign brands commenced. A new Corporate Vision was developed - " o deliver a worldclass customer experience". Every employee is determined to follow this vision and keep their organization a competitive and forward -looking one. Blue Star crossed the Rs. milestone in croremilestone in and the Rs. 6 crore

-03. With the boom in construction activity and increased

infrastructure investments, the Company leveraged its leadership position to grow aggressively. In the following th ree years, the Company nearly doubled its turnover, clocking Rs crores in 005 -06.

Even more than size, Blue Star enjoys an enviable reputation as an ethical corporation, ever mindful of its obligations towards customers, shareholders, dealers, business partners, employees and the environment in which it operates.


Year 1943 1946 Event Mohan T Advani establishes Blue Star Engineering Company as a proprietary firm Blue Star secures Melchior Armstrong Dessau agency Worthington selects Blue Star as Indian Partner. Manufacturing of ice 1947 candy machines and bottle coolers begins. Central airconditioning system design and execution begins 1948 1949 1954 1955 1957 1960 1962 1964 1965 1969 1970 1972 1972 1974 1977 Manufacture of water coolers commences Proprietorship converted to Private Limited Companies Blue Star selected as distributor for Honeywell GDR Testing machines distributorship begins Perkin-Elmer tie-up marks the start of the electronics business. GDR business machines agency commences Total Income crosses the Rs 1 crore mark GDR Machine Tools distributorship begins Total employment crosses 1,000 TechniglasPvt Ltd set up to manufacture insulation material Factory moves from Colaba in Mumbai to Thane Hewlett- Packard distributorship commences First skyscrapers of Mumbai Air India Building, Express Towers and Oberoi Hotel set-up all airconditioned by Blue Star Total Income crosses Rs 10 crores. Employment crosses 2,000 Water Cooler manufacturing license granted to Yusuf Alghanim, Kuwait Middle East thrust begins. Joint Venture (JV) with Al Shirawi in Dubai


1977 1978 1980 198086 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1987 1988 1988 1988 1989 1990 1992 1992 1993 1995 1997 1998 1999 2000

Hitachi Medical Equipment distributorship begins Industrial Division commences activity Bharuch Factory set up Major AC and R projects executed in the Middle East International Software Division inaugurated in Seepz York technology collaboration begins Manufacture of centrifugal packaged chillers commences at Thane Plant Total Income crosses Rs 100 crores Yokogawa Blue Star JV formed Gandhinagar factory set up for EPABX systems Blue Star becomes Indias largest central airconditioning company Manufacturing collaboration with Mitsubishi Assembly of personal computers under the brand name Quantum begins JV with Hewlett-Packard and Motorola Gandhinagar factory closes Total Income crosses Rs 200 crores Blue Star exits from Motorola JV Formation of Arab Malaysian Blue Star JV in Malaysia Blue Star exits from HP India JV Dadra Plant inaugurated Major thrust on dealerisation and brand building begins Blue Star exits from Industrial Projects business International Software business spun off to form Blue Star Infotech,

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listed on stock exchanges 2001 2003 2005 2006 2006 2007 2008 2008 Total Income crosses 500 crores. Export of airconditioning products begins Blue Star exits Yokogawa JV Blue Star sets up new factory at Kala Amb in Himachal Pradesh Total Income crosses the Rs 1000 crores mark Blue Star opts for a 5 for 1 stock split Blue Star sets up its fifth factory at Wada, Thane District Blue Star powers into Building Electrification. Acquires Naseer Electricals, a leading Electrical Contractor Total income crosses Rs. 2000 Crores.

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Organization structure

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Central Air-conditioning Room Air conditioners Commercial Refrigeration Cold Storages

Building Electrification

Research work

Blue Star has made significant progress towards minimizing and even eliminating the environmental hazards resulting from CFCs in certain refrigerants used for cooling. As a matter of fact, Blue Star is one of the few companies selected in India for funding by "The Multilateral Fund for the implementation of the MONTREAL PROTOCOL". Blue Star has already introduced 'ozone friendly' centrifugal chillers using HCFC-123, the safe refrigerant replacing CFC-11. Blue Star also markets absorption chillers which use water as refrigerant. All Blue Star reciprocating chillers already use HCFC-22 refrigerant which is more friendly to the environment than the older R-12. The Company actively promotes wider use of large refrigeration systems using ammonia as the refrigerant. In fact, Blue Star is a member of the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration, USA.

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Water i

es f r system.

Water quality affects equipment and piping, causing scaling, corrosion, bacteria, algae and slime. These reduce the performance and life of the equipment and also increase the cost of maintenance. Traditionally, organi ations use harsh chemicals for treating water in cooling towers. These are again, ineffecti e, corrosi e and en ironmentally unfriendly. Blue Star, in association with Ecospec, Singapore has introduced the re olutionary

Bac omber water treatment systems. These are en ironment friendly, sa e water and enhance the life of the equipment. Using electromagnetic wa es, these systems not only decrease scale formation but also remove existing scale and arrest the

multiplication of bacteria by altering their DNA. There are three basic components in the Bac omber system: Electromagnetic Descaler Electromagnetic Magnetite enerator

opper - Silver Ioni ation Unit Most large organi ations across the world are switching to these environment-friendly and cost-efficient methods to ensure thorough cleaning of their cooling towers.

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 Benefits of the Program

In retrospective, I can say that I benefited from the internship programme more than I thought Iwould say this in a number of ways:
o Career-wise, the internship programme undoubtedly enriched my

curriculumvitae CV). Also, having gotten a chance to interact with most staff, I have hadan insight on how to shape my career towards a humanitarian job in the near future. he internship programme gave me a chance not only to work with Blue Star but also a chance to learn from the best engineers and technical experts theworld could probably provide. his would reflect much onto my experience.
o Working with people from different parts of the world was a rare chance

that youcant easily get.Therefore to me this wasanother opportunity to make friends and share ideas.

To conclude, I can state that my internship at the Blue Star was a rewardingexperience and provided me with some new perspectives that I did not comeacross during my studies back at the college . I also have to stress that mycolleagues at the Blue Star contributed greatly to making my stay there a veryenjoyable one. Particularly, working together with all was a truepleasure and their faith in my abilities was a real source of motivation to date

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1. nder take any other assignment in the Water nit as assigned by the Chief, Water nit. . Supporting the preparation of power point presentations related to water issues. 3.Assist in the preparation of project reports and preparing them for publication. . Assist in the preparation and implementation of projects touching ecosystems management and climate change and their impacts on environment.

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uring the One and half months, I realized that it takes many steps even in a smaller company)to achieve a vision. This was ascertained by a number of observations:

o I did observe that teamwork played quite a huge role in attaining most of

the Blue starwork. It was equally important to havethe ability to work independent.

ost of the Blue Star employees especially those within the Technical of course because I worked with them) are committed to their work. ost of them would come to work early, leave late in the evenin gs and a time come to work during the weekends in order for them to meet their deadlines. This is something that I feel few employees in any given organization would do.

Interns are given the much needed supervisory support that goes beyond work related issues. This is so given the fact that a supervisor would once in a while spend at least part of his/her private time to talk with an intern over issues that touches on personal life. This was very encouraging. Even with the aforementioned positive observat ions, honestly I think that Blue Star staff does need frequent common group activity/activities that would bring them together once in awhile. This will eventually result in a stronger bond amongst them. I did observe thatthe lack of these activities affec ts stronger teamwork play

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I have to attest all of my supervisors at BL E STAR Ltd. for the goodjob. I really appreciate the way I have been guided through this internship programme with BL E STAR Ltd., beginning from the opportunity to take the time I needed to refresh and expand my knowledge in several issues concerning E VIOR E T, over a somehow protectedperiod where I could discover and learn to value my new working environment, andfinally earned the confidence to deal with assignments myself. It is through them that Idid enjoy my work everyday.

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