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The report on Global logistics industry - Focus on Third Party Logistics describes the present market condition after recession period and future growth of the industry. The report entails statistics on logistics industry, 3PL (Third party logistics) sector along with the analyses of global industry trends, challenges faced by the industry, and driving forces leading the global logistics demand and supply. Further, report includes the US logistics and 3PL industry environment, describing the US merchandise trade by land, water and air, and logistics infrastructure. It also includes the US 3PL market past, present and future performance with segmentation. The report presents Asia logistics industry performance including India, China, Hong Kong and Singapore and Middle East logistics industry including Turkey, and Saudi Arabia along with the competitive landscape and profiles of the major players. Key Findings The global logistics market grew by 9.9% in 2008 to USD ~ trillion. The last quarter of 2009 was affected by fall in GDP and reduction in demand and supply which resulted in the decrease in the revenue of 8.13% to USD ~ trillion. Year 2010 proved to be a recovery period with a positive performance of global GDP and so as logistics industry gained by 4.7%. The overall logistics market is expected to cross USD ~ trillion by 2015 with a CAGR of ~% from 2010-2015. The global road sector produced total revenues of USD ~ billion in 2008 by growing at a CAGR of 6.7% between 2004 and 2008. Competition is intense and entry barriers are low. In 2009, the global air freight revenues reached USD ~ billion by growing at a CAGR 5.20% from 2004-2009. There was a sharp growth registered between the period 2004-2007, while in 2008, it grew only by 0.50% (in terms of value), although the total volume of trade declined in the year. The global 3PL market declined in 2009 to USD ~ billion from USD ~ billion in 2008, down by 8.20% as a result of decline in import/export volume and negative performance of retail markets In UAE, the logistics market grew 10.4% in 2010 to USD ~ billion. The growth was supported by recovery in economy. In coming years, logistic industry is expected to continue to grow and so is the 3PL market. It is expected the market will surpass USD ~ billion mark by 2016.

The US accounts for the largest share of the global logistics market. The industry revenues declined in the mid of 2008 and 2009 with downfall experienced in the global economy. From 2002-2007, the US logistics market grew with a CAGR of 6.03% in line with GDP growth In terms of statistics, revenues earned from the US 3PL sector were highest in 2008. It declined in 2009 by 16.14% to USD ~ billion from USD ~ billion in 2008. Revenues for 3PL in the US reached USD ~ billion in 2010 and are expected to reach USD ~ billion by 2015 with a CAGR of 4.72%. 3PL is the most promising market in China with worlds leading manufacturing capabilities and liberalization in logistics sector. In 2010, revenues generated from 3PL sector in India reached to USD ~ billion from USD ~ million in 2009 and is further expected to cross USD 5.0 billion by 2016. A positive growth is projected from Turkeys logistics sector between 2012 and 2016, led by ongoing efforts of government to improve transport infrastructure. In the last five years, industry has showed almost 15-17% growth and is expected to reach USD ~ billion by 2015.

Scope of the Report The report gives a detailed analysis of the logistics industry worldwide with description by regions and countries which helps to understand market past performance, present scenario and future outlook of the industry. Report discuses industry trends, obstacles and developments along with industry driving forces which help to understand factors may help to gain business and formulate strategies. Discusses industry players positioning and market share which helps to assess scope for new and existing players. This research report enables the domestic and international players to look out for potential countries worldwide to setup 3PL or 4PL units. Report offer to assess the relationship between economy and industry and reasons for any change in the market.

1. 1.1. 1.2. Global Logistics Industry An Overview Global Logistics Market Size and Growth Drivers

1.2.1. Road Transport Industry 1.2.2. Air Transport Industry 1.3. Global 3PL Market

1.3.1. Market Statistics 1.4. Global Logistics and 3PL Industry Trends and Issues

1.4.1. Importance of Rail Transportation 1.4.2. Impact of Recession 1.4.3. Industry competition 1.4.4. Dependency on assets of other carries 1.4.5. Security challenges 1.4.6. Logistics Market Growth in UAE 1.5. Logistics Industry Growth Drivers

1.5.1. Economy 1.5.2. Need of Third-party Logistics 1.5.3. Industry supply chain 1.5.4. Mergers and Acquisitions 2. 2.1. The US Logistics Market Growth of The US logistics market

2.1.1. The US Logistics Infrastructure 2.2. 2.3. The US Logistics Industry Trends and Developments The US 3PL Market

2.3.1. The US 3PL Market Segments 3. Asia Logistics and 3PL Industry 4

3.1. 3.2. 3.3. 3.4.

China India Singapore Hong Kong

3.4.1 Market Overview 3.4.2. Market Statistics 4. 4.1. Middle East Logistics and 3PL Industry Turkey

4.1.1. Market Statistics 4.1.2. Foreign Trade 4.2. 5. 6. 6.1. Saudi Arabia Market Forecast for 3PL Providers Competitive Landscape C.H. Robinson Worldwide

6.1.1. Company Profile 6.1.2. Company Revenues 6.1.3. Customers 6.1.4. Business Strategies 6.2. Expeditors International

6.2.1. Company Profile 6.2.2. Customers 6.2.3. Company Revenues 6.2.4. Business Strategies 6.3. Forward Air Cargo

6.3.1. Company Profile 6.3.2. Business Strategies 6.4. Hub Group

6.4.1. Company Profile 6.4.2. Customers 6.4.3. Business Strategies 6.5. Landstar System

6.5.1. Company Profile 6.5.2. Customers 6.5.3. Business Strategies 6.6. Pacer International

6.6.1. Company Profile 6.6.2. Customers 6.6.3. Business Strategies Disclaimer

Figure 1: Global Logistics Industry by Value (2007-2010) Figure 2: Global third-party Logistics (3PL) Market by Value (2007-2010E) Figure 3: Global third-party Logistics (3PL) Market by Geography in 2009 Figure 4: The US Merchandise Trade by Land, Water and Air Gateways in % (1990& 2008) Figure 5: The US 3PL Market by Value (2000-2010) Figure 6: Third-Party logistics Industry by Value in India (2009, 2010 & 2016F) Figure 7: Global Logistics Market Forecast by Value (2010-2015F) Figure 8: Global third-party Logistics (3PL) Market and Forecast (2009-2015F) Figure 9: Expeditors Revenues (2006-2010) Figure 10: Hub Group Customer Segment Break-up

Table 1: Outsourced Logistics Services in 2008 (Percent of outsources operations) Table 2: Global GDP Growth Rates in % (2007-2013F) Table 3: Key Global Logistics Industry Deals (1H, 2010) Table 4: The US Ton-Miles of Freight (Millions) (2002-2008) Table 5: The US Share of World Gross Domestic Product (1990-2008) (USD Billions) Table 6: The US Logistics Infrastructure Table 7: Outsourced Logistics Services (Percent of outsourced operations) in 2008 Table 8: The US 3PL Revenues by Segments in 2009 Table 9: Singapore Trade Statistics Table 10: Freight Movements by Mode of Transportation (2005-2010E) Table 11: Total Number of Air and Sea Forwarding Companies in 2010 Table 12: Cargo Freight Forwarding Export Regions (2007 & 2008) Table 13: Turkey Foreign Trade Statistics (2002-2010) (USD Millions) 7

Table 14: Saudi Arabia Logistics, Air Freight and Ocean Freight Table 15: 3PL Competitor Matrix