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The Abacast Clarity Digital Radio System allows stations and station groups to capitalize on radio's explosive growth

with an integrated, end-to-end solution for profitable online radio streaming. From our blazingly fast Content Delivery Network that reliably delivers Flash, MP3, AAC and more, to our customizable Media Players with advanced features like ad integration and social networking, the Clarity Digital Radio System provides all the services required for commercial online radio streaming. An integrated, end-to-end solution for profitable online radio All components needed for a complete radio streaming business are offered in a single source package for both terrestrial and online only stations. Maximize revenue via multiple advertising sources Offer inserted in-stream audio ads with synched banners, pre-roll video ads, and rotating banner ads. Drive higher revenue and yield with sophisticated ad targeting. Sophisticated Player to grow your audience and keep them engaged Our customizable Premier Player runs seamlessly on all popular browsers and provides social network features including Twitter and Facebook support to grow your audience.One company to support you, one number to call Abacast s integrated solution reduces support risk found in other solutions where services are provided by multiple vendors. Platform validated through the serving of hundreds of customers over 10 years Hundreds of customers large and small are generating significant revenue and profits with the ClarityTM Digital Radio System. Grow and analyze your audience Real time, radio-specific analytics enable publishers and advertisers to measure quality of experience and maximize monetization. Deliver the highest quality content Abacast's commercial-scale Content Delivery Network provides high quality streaming and blazingly fast performance, keeping users satisfied and engaged. Abacast Claritytm Digital Radio System Components Customizable Universal Radio Player with Integrated Advertising, Social Networking, and Listener Engagement Mobile Streaming with inserted advertising Ad Insertion and Management Audience Analytics Abacast Ad Sales Network Ad Sales Best Practices Training Automated Royalty Reporting Scalable, reliable streaming Content Delivery Network Full audience Support and 24x7 Premier Customer Support ---------------------------------For broadcasters that want to outsource all or only part of their in-stream audio or pre-roll video ad sales, Abacast provides sales and trafficking through its Abacast Ad Sales Partner Network. Utilizing multiple ad-sales partners, broadcasters can choose to: outsource sales of all inventory to one or more Abacast Ad Sales Partner members outsource only the inventory that in-house efforts have not sold. You can continue to sell your prime inventory to your best customers and turn the rest over to a trusted 3rd party ad network. Most advertisers are nationally recognized names, and you can opt out of any specific ad campaign at any time. ---------------------------------------------------------In-house Ad Sales For broadcasters that want to internally sell all or part of their ad inventory, Abacast provides: The Online Radio Ad Sales - Best Practices Guide addresses both terrestrial and online-only broadcasters and outlines: Best practices of online ad sales, observed from Abacast customers currently excelling in online ad sales The strong growth trends in online radio today Differences and advantages of online radio advertising vs. terrestrial radio advertising Fundamental challenges that many radio stations face in generating revenue, including comp plan issues and a general lack of knowledge regarding how to sell online inventory -----------------------------------------Abacast customers receive our Online Radio Ad Sales - Best Practices Guide to assist their managemet and sales staff in increasing their online radio advertising sales. The Online Radio Ad Sales - Best Practices Guide addresses both terrestrial and online-only broadcasters and outlines: Best practices of online ad sales, observed from Abacast customers currently excelling in online ad sales The strong growth trends in online radio today Differences and advantages of online radio advertising vs. terrestrial radio advertising Fundamental challenges that many radio stations face in generating revenue, including comp plan issues and a general lack of knowledge regarding how to sell online inventory. The goals of this Guide are to explain how to generate the most revenue from your online radio station and to turn your online station from an expense into a real profit center. ----------------------------------------------------------The Clarity Ad Insertion System (AIS) is targeted for both terrestrial broadcasters (traditional radio stations that stream online) and Internet webcasters. AIS automatically replaces live terrestrial audio ads with online audio ads and provides management and analytics for multiple revenue sources including:: in-stream audio ads with or without synchronized banner ads pre-roll video ads rotating display banners Weekly Ad Insertion (AIS) training sessions are provided to Abacast customers for initial training, refresh training, and for new employees that will use the system. ------------------------------Abacast Ad Insertion is the premier ad insertion on the market, serving hundreds of online radio customers and thousands of stations ---------------------------Benefits of ClarityTM Ad Insertion System Multiple advertising sources to maximize revenue - Supports in-stream audio with or without synchronized banners, pre-roll video ads, and rotating banner ads. Advanced targeting helps drive revenue and yield - Target audiences by day/time, station, market, format, or listener geographic location (geo-targeting). Superior listening experience, longer listening times- AIS always preserves the original audio stream and delivers it unaltered to listeners. There is no compressing or stretching of the audio or dead air, all of which can cause tune out.Web-based Console provides sophisticated ad scheduling Schedule and insert content for numerous stations/stations groups, pulling ads from local or external locations Drive advertiser web site traffic and e-commerce - Offer banner ads synched to the inserted audio ads, enabling call to action campaigns. Part of an integrated, end-to-end solution for profitable online radio streaming - Abacast s integrated Clarity Digital Radio System is among the deepest in the industry. All components needed for a complete, radio streaming business are offered in a single source package. One company to support you, one number to call Reduce or eliminate product integration and support risk found in other solutions where services are provided by multiple vendors. ----------------------------------Technical Specifications of Abacast Ad Insertion Formats: Flash, Windows Media, Silverlight, MP3, AAC and more. Client Platforms: Windows, MacIntosh. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera. Mobile Platforms: iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android, Symbian * IAB Standard Ad Formats for audio ads, pre-roll video ads, and banner ads Supports all popular radio automation systems Encoder agnostic Dynamic Audio Leveling Intelligent buffering system enables inserted content to be of longer duration than replaced content ------------------------------------Key Features Abacast Ad Insertion Service comes with the following features standard in all packages: Live and on-demand streaming audio ad insertion Format agnostic including Flash, Silverlight, MP3, AAC, HE_AAC, Windows Media and more. Ad insertion Automatically replace terrestrial ads with Internet only ads or alternate content Replace syndicated content that cannot be streamed over the Internet (blackout periods) Inserted content to be of a different length than replaced content Supported ad types - in-stream audio ads, sync ed banner ads, pre-roll video ads, display ads, Complete scheduling system day/time, dayparts, by impression, by spot. Multiple levels of scheduling and inventory control allowing local and network wide ad campaigns to work together Ad Campaigns - comprising multiple, independent ad types Advanced Targeting - Day/time, station, market, format, or listener geography (geo-targeting) Ad Sales - Multiple third party ad networks to help sell unsold station audio or pre-roll video inventory Web-based Management Console Reporting - Inventory and sales forecasting, advertiser affidavits, banner statistics, real-time/historical, Cume, AQH, sessions, and more. Royalty Reporting Sound Exchange-compliant reports Superior Engineering - Automatic audio leveling between inserted ads and original content, No modification of original content, Encoder and format agnostic Integrated with all of Abacast s Clarity(TM) Digital Radio System services. ----------------------------------------abacast streaming and hosting Abacast s high-capacity streaming Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the cornerstone of the Abacast Claritytm Digital Radio System , providing fast and reliable audio and video streaming and on-demand delivery for the online radio market. All popular audio and video formats are supported including Flash, AAC, HE-AAC, MP3, Silverlight, Windows Media, H.264, and more. Use Abacast content delivery for: live streaming of terrestrial radio simulcast pure play internet-only radio services mobile streaming to iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, and Windows Phone desktop streaming to PCs and Macs podcasts of popular radio content video broadcasts of live in-studio programming or remote events

Benefits of Abacast Streaming Serve your listeners high quality streams, even during large traffic spikes, with our fast and reliable streaming and on-demand delivery platform featuring 5 geographically-distributed points of presence Offer the most popular audio and video formats including Flash/H.264, Windows Media (WMA/WMV) Silverlight, MP3, AAC, AAC+ and more. Optimized for online radio and online video delivery Use a single platform for both live streaming and on-demand audio and video delivery. Easily manage, organize and report on your live and on-demand content - with one integrated, web-based tool. Completely integrated into the Abacast Clarity(TM) Digital Radio System and supported by 24x7 Premier Support. Key Features Five (5) points of presence for a large-scale, fast, redundant delivery network. Support for common video formats- Windows Media (WMA/WMV), Silverlight, Flash/H.264/On2 V6, Ogg Vorbis, QuickTime, RealMedia. Support for common audio formats- MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+ (HE-AAC), Flash , Silverlight , and OGG. Web-based Content Management console- Manage, organize, and report on your live and on-demand content with one integrated, web-based tool. Works seamlessly with other Abacast services- Easily integrate other Abacast services including Abacast On-Demand Delivery, Ad Injection System, Premier Media Players, Analytics, and Royalty Reporting. Commercial quality service- Abacast Live has been in production for over six years and honed to a reliable, secure, and highly efficient delivery network. Full 24x7 Support- All Abacast services come with 24x7 support included, so you can be confident your streaming services will be rock solid. ----------------------Display Banner Ad Abacast s Premier Player offers the ability to display rotating banner ads or banner ads synchronized to an in-stream audio ad. In either case the ad is scheduled and managed by Abacast s Ad Insertion Manager and reported on using Abacast s Analytics. Display banners can be used for direct call-to-action ad campaigns by utilizing Abacast s Ad Synchronization (Ad-SynchTM) and can be part of a full-player sponsorship offering when combined with the gateway ad spot. When not used for paid banner ads, broadcasters can use the banner ad location for station promotions, public service announcement or other non-revenue producing banners ------------------------------------------Fixed Price Streaming Stop Worrying About Audience Growth In the online world, audience growth has traditionally translated directly into streaming cost growth. At Abacast we want broadcasters to stop worrying about audience growth and instead focus on what they do best: delivering great content, helping their advertising clients, and growing their audience. All Online Radio Features Are Included With the Abacast ClarityTM Digital Radio System , all components needed for a profitable radio streaming business are included: Customizable Radio Players on all popular platforms and mobile phones Third-party ad sales of station ad inventory Ad Insertion and Management Audience and Advertiser Analytics Royalty Reporting Large-scale hosting and streaming Premier customer and audience support Flat-rate Pricing Abacast offers fixed-rate plans for the following listener hour volumes per month: 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 400,000 and over 400,000. You can exceed your package listener hours by up to 50% for 2 consecutive months with no caps or overage charges, enabling you to grow your audience without day-to-day cost worries. When you do exceed the 50% overage amount for 2 consecutive months, you can then choose to limit your costs and cap the stream at that level or to continue focusing on audience growth and automatically be placed in the next higher listener hour tier level the following month with no overage charges*. * There are some restrictions related to fast, viral growth of stream volumes. See an Abacast representative for complete information. ---------------------------** same ad on top and on the banner at the time, in sync In-Stream Audio with Sync'd Banner Advertisements Ad synchronization helps to drive online advertising campaigns by creating direct calls to action when an audio spot is being played. This effective tool provides immediate interaction between the station listener and the advertiser s promotion. Advertisers love this ad type because results are easily tracked, enabling accurate ROI calculations for their advertising dollars. What exactly is ad synchronization? Ad synchronization is pairing up an audio advertisement with a visible, clickable ad to accentuate an interaction between the audience listener and a specific promotion. The audio spot usually mentions in the ad that the listener can click on the synched banner in the player to visit the advertiser landing page and receive the benefits of the promotion - a discount coupon or a free trial for instance. When using Abacast ClarityTM Ad Insertion System, broadcasters simply upload the banner ad to the Abacast Ad Insertion Manager and attach it to the audio spot. The ads can be as simple as a static graphic with a URL linking to a landing page or can be as sophisticated as html code to work with pay-per-click and DART campaigns. Abacast provides detailed analytics to specifically track the ad campaign. The broadcaster can monitor the effectiveness of the campaign by impressions served as well as how many clicks the ad received during the specified timeframe that the ad played ---------------------------------------Gateway Ads A gateway ad (also known as a pre-roll ad) is an audio or video advertisement that plays when the audience member first starts up the stream. This effective ad location is seen and heard by every audience member because the ad must play before the audience member receives the stream. Abacast ClarityTM Ad Insertion System gives broadcasters the flexibility to schedule gateway ads to play at specific times of day throughout the week or month. Multiple campaigns can be organized and rotated to fit the needs of the advertiser. The ads can be as simple as a static graphic with background audio, to full Flash videos and are trackable through ClarityTM Analytics. Scheduling gateway advertising is easy using Abacast ClarityTM Ad Insertion System. Full AIS training is available weekly for all Abacast customers, and is great for new users of AIS, for existing users needing training on new features, or for existing users just wanting a "refresher course". An Added Bonus: A gateway advertising spot can be enhanced by using an in-stream audio ad with a synchronized banner for full media-player sponsorship campaigns. --------------------------------How is Abacast ClarityTM AIS Different? Abacast ClarityTM Ad Insertion System stands out from the crowd with some key differences: The most mature ad insertion product in the market First production deployment in 2005 Used by hundreds of stations Superior engineering = longer engagement Buffering system ensures smooth in/out of inserted ads Original audio stream is always preserved; no compressing or stretching of the audio Dynamic Leveling Control for even volume Comprehensive Platform Deepest solution in the industry Single-vendor solution, single number for support ----------------------------------Abacast Clarity Audience Analytics Abacast Radio Analytics, included as a standard part of our Claritytm Digital Radio System , accurately records online radio audiences and provides online broadcasters exact audience counts and advertiser affidavits. Terrestrial radio has historically been sold based on audience estimates, the best guess at how many people will hear a spot. Online advertising is sold by impressions, the exact, actual number of listeners who will hear or see a spot. These precise metrics allow advertisers to see concrete, track-able ROI. Abacast Radio Analytics provides these metrics in both real-time and historical, easy to read reports. Benefits of Abacast Analytics Online radio audiences are accurately recorded, avoiding previous drawbacks such as audience estimates from surveys or diaries. Provides traditional radio specific metrics including Sessions, AQH, Cume, and Session Length (see complete metric listing below) that stations require. Metrics formulas based on Arbitron definitions, ensuring you are meeting and exceeding advertiser demands. Advertiser Affidavit Reports provide CDN-certified audience counts including day, time, audience size for each ad played or displayed. Real-time analytics provide minute-by-minute insight into promotions and marketing initiatives. Historical analytics provide trend information that can be used to track audience growth, listening patterns, monitor quality of service, manage costs, analyze ROI, and monetize your stream through advertising. Radio-specific analytics including: Peak Users Sessions Unique Sessions Cume Average Quarter Hour (AQH) Average Session Duration Total Duration Gigabytes Transferred. Advertiser Affidavits listing the day/time each ad is played and the exact audience count at play time, formatted in advertiser-friendly summary and detailed reports. Historical analytics for periods including days, weeks, months, years, and custom ranges. Real-time analytics updated once per minute -----------------------The Abacast Clarity Royalty Reporting service automatically generates reports that meet and exceed SoundExchange guidelines, the governing body for online radio royalties. Alerts can be configured based on audience thresholds so that any unusual changes in royalty amounts can be seen immediately and expenses can be proactively monitored Benefits of Royalty Reporting Produces SoundExchange compliant reports Abacast Royalty Reporting is used successfully by hundreds of online radio stations for their complete royalty reporting requirements. One button, accurate report generation remove one more thing from your to-do list and get peace of mind at the same time, knowing your reports are accurate and compliant.

Provides forecasting and budgeting information Royalty commitments are easily generated, enabling accurate forecasting of expenses. Supports all popular automation systems Ideal for radio groups reports are aggregated for multiple stations, even if the stations all have different automation systems. Key Features of Abacast ClarityTM Royalty Reporting Combines Now Playing Information and real-time statistics to produce performance-based royalty reports. Performance Summary Report SoundExchange compliant royalty report for 14-day reporting periods Performance Log Report single day reports that demonstrate that accurate performance data is being logged. Reports available for any date range Handles syndicated content correctly Exports to Excel for in-depth analysis Gathers now playing data from the following sources: Automation Systems Schedule Files Syndicated Programming Online Form Entry CDN agnostic ---------------------------------Abacast Premier Player with Ad Integration Abacast s Customizable Premier Player offers online radio broadcasters ubiquity for their brand, social network features to drive audience growth, and a host of other features to keep your listeners engaged and bring in revenue. Reach the largest audience possible - compatible with all popular platforms and browsers including Windows, Mac, FireFox, IE and Chrome. Grow your audience with Social Networking - listeners can easily share and promote your station stream via Twitter, Facebook, email and other social networking services. Create stickiness with your audience choose optional Listener Interaction features such as song ratings, previous playlist, request a song, contest entries, and listener club signups. You are in control - a flexible interface enables you to customize the player, integrate rich graphics, and turn on or off features you want Key Features of the Abacast Premier Media Player Supported Audio Formats - AAC, AAC+, MP3. Supported Video Formats - FLV, MP4, F4v, H.264. Mobile Players for iPhone and Android. Integrated advertising in IAB std formats including in-stream audio, synched banners, rotating banners and pre-roll video. Integrated with Abacast Ad Insertion System Custom station links linking to station web site, listener club, etc. Social networking features share via email, Twitter, Facebook, and email. Embed player. Facebook referral tracking. Optional listener engagement Song Ratings, Request a Song, Contest Entry, Join Listener Club, Previous Playlist Now-Playing information including artist, title, album, album art, and year recorded. Click to Buy via Amazon One-click support for multiple stations Banner integration with DART and other systems. Integration with TargetSpot and AdLarge ad sales networks Admin Console controlling secure access to player settings. ----------------Abacast Claritytm Mobile Streaming The number of mobile users are forecasted to be greater than desktop users within the next 5 years, according to Morgan Stanley. These users will be able to consume radio content on-the-go, including in their cars. Mobile streaming enables online radio broadcasters to engage their audience, regardless of the user's platform of choice. Mobile Streaming Revenue Generate revenue for your stations by capitalizing on built-in support for inserted audio ads, sync ed banners, gateway audio or video ads, and click to buy . Abacast s partnership of outsourced ad networks enables stations to outsource the sale of all or part of their unsold online ad inventory. Abacast Mobile Partner: jacAPPS Abacast partners with jacAPPS to develop radio apps that integrate with Abacast's Digital Radio Platform. Give your listeners portable access to your streaming station with Abacast's revenue generating features already built-in. With Abacast mobile streaming, you can reach almost any smart-phone user with support for iPhone and Android. Abacast Mobile Audio Streaming Features: Support for the most popular mobile phones including iPhone and Android. Revenue generation features including: Inserted audio ads- leverage online ad inventory through ad insertion into your mobile stream Outsourced ad networks- outsource the selling of all or part of your unsold online ad inventory Gateway ad plays on initial connection - for both audio and video Synchronized banner ads- enable e-commerce transactions and call to acton ads. Now Playing - Let's your listeners see the artist and album title information of the song being played in real time. Five Panel Rotators - used for sponsorship real-estate on the app. Reliable live or on-demand audio streaming using Abacast's CDN. Support for the most popular streaming formats including AAC, HE-AAC, FlashTM audio, and MP3. -------------------------Traditional Radio Stations Abacast is a leading provider of digital radio solutions for terrestrial radio broadcasters that stream online. Abacast's flagship platform, the Abacast Clarity Digital Radio System provides a complete solution for profitable online radio. Serve your audiences with reliable, high quality audio; offer cool Clarity Player features including social networking, song ratings, and contest entries; and generate real profits with Clarity Ad Insertion System and our 3rd Party Ad Sales Network; and analyze your audience viewing patterns with Clarity Analtyics. . Online-only Webcasters Abacast s flagship Clarity Digital Radio System is ideal for Internet Webcasters (also called Pure Play Webcasters or Internet-only Webcasters). The Abacast Clarity system provides world class audio quality and scale via our distributed streaming CDN; revenue via in-stream audio ads, pre-roll video gateway ads, and rotating banners; radio-specific analytics; and even found revenue via the Abacast Ad Sales Network, consisting of national advertisers and automatic scheduling. Ad Insertion and Management Abacast's advertising services can help you dramatically with your top line. Abacast's patent-pending Clarity Ad Insertion System automatically replaces terrestrial-only ads with online ads (and inserts ads directly into Internet Webacaster services), and offers targeting capabilities by station format, geographic location and more for increased CPMs. With AdSync , synched banner ads are displayed, enabling increased traffic to ad websites and ecommerce transactions. Pre-roll video ads generate high CPMs due to listener engagement on stream launch. ----------------------------------------Third Party Ad Sales Abacast s Ad Sales Partner Network consists of national ad sales partners AdLarge and TargetSpot that can sell your unsold audio or pre-roll video inventory. These partners typically sell national advertisers including Geico, Webex, 1800Flowers, and more and have the scale to generate high yields and CPMs. With the Abacast Clarity Ad Insertion System and Abacast Ad Sales Partner Network you can continue to sell your prime inventory to your best customers and turn the rest over to a trusted 3rd party. Ad Sales Training Take advantage of our Online Ad Sales Best Practices Guide and Training Sessions to help maximize in-house ad sales. We have culled best practices from our most successful radio station and webcasting customers and assembled them in to a how to guide to accelerate in-house ad sales. Mobile Streaming Mobile phones are enabling a new generation of listeners to consume radio content on the go and in their cars. With Abacast mobile streaming you can reach almost any smart-phone user, with support for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and more. Monetize your content with support for inserted audio ads, pre-roll video or audio ads, and rotating or synchronized banners. Abacast offers the highest quality mobile streaming, with optimized formats including HE-AAC v2. -----------------------------Ad Insertion for Terrestrial Radio Streaming A core part of our Clarity Digital Radio System, Abacast Ad Insertion System allows terrestrial broadcasters to forecast, schedule, and report on all ad revenue from their online streams including pre-roll video ads, in-stream audio ads, synched banners and display banners. Maximize your CPMs with advanced targeting by station format and geography. Fill as much of your inventory as possible with our Third Party Ad Sales partners and Online Radio Ad Sales Best Practices training. Promote your brand and grow your audience with our Premier Player, which is fully integrated with Ad Insertion System. Ad Insertion for Internet Webcasters Pure play broadcasters can take full advantage of all features of the Abacast Clarity Digital Radio System. Forecast ad inventory, schedule full campaigns that include different ad types such as pre-roll video and in-stream audio ads, produce advertiser affidavits all with the Clarity Ad Insertion System. Track your audience growth and produce advertiser affidavits with Clarity Analytics. Promote your brand and grow your audience via social networking tools found in our Clarity Premier Player. -----------------------------------