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T & T Working PartyMonday 20th June 2011 Meeting with Cllr. Edward Giles (EG) and Kevin Burton (KB) (Principal Engineer) at Riverside centre on 20th June 2001 Those attending JW, PW, DD, JH, SS and LP with MY/CH Meeting was held at request of Members to discuss traffic related matters in Newport principally in the town centre. MY had circulated an agenda by topic in advance of the meeting. Meeting was chaired by Cllr.Ward Parking This related primarily to the failure of IWC to extend free parking periods, such as Lugley Street, to encourage people to use the town centre during the week; evidence of car parks only in partial use at certain times; increased parking charges; the damage that this is doing to the vitality of the area; possible sale of existing car parks for redevelopment. EG advised that turnover for short-term parking had actually increased in recent months at the expense of all day parking. Members expressed concern that the latter development now meant increased parking in residential streets that was causing significant problems. PW advised that IWC should have a duty of care to both local traders and residents living close to the town centre. There is a need for incentives for people to visit town centreempty shops is not an attractive option. PW pressed for some kind of trial period to address the problem and JH asked that they look at possibility of making first hour free (or something similar). Although EG promised to investigate and come back there was no overwhelming optimism as this is now essentially a budgetary issue. Pedestrian/Cyclist Safety LP lead on this and asked that there should be reduced speed levels in town centre and offered up evidence of accidents over the last three years in combination with a perception or fear of vulnerability on the part of individuals driving people away from the town centre. KB responded to advise that IWC had been doing some research on this for some time and that there is no evidence to suggest that the reported accidents are speed related and there would be no benefit in introducing a 20mph zone, only (unnecessary)

cost. He feels that most vehicles do travel at 20mph or less although he accepted the boy racer scenario and, more commonly drivers (particularly bus drivers), accelerating to catch a green light; he put this down to human nature. This lead to discussion on the current review of the Newport Traffic Model. KB referred to an insatiable demand for development that continues to exacerbate traffic problems in the town centre, especially in summer months during inclement weather conditions. He reaffirmed that in the town centre pedestrian safety is paramount. KB claimed that the police did not now support the introduction of 20mph zones. He also advised that work on Hunnycross junction, financed by Sainsburys, would start in the near future. There was prolonged discussion about the various merits, or otherwise, of possible changes to the circulatory pattern in Newport, especially bus routes and the possible (partial) closure of the eastern end of the High Street Taxis JW raised this as an area of concern and was advised by KB that police are now enforcing the situation to preclude taxis from making u-turns at the western end of South Street but providing it is done safely nothing can be done about taxi drivers making u-turns at the other end down by the fire station, although common sense would suggest that the mini-roundabout should be the preferred option for such a manoeuvre. Cycle Routes through Newport EG/KB accepted that there is a hole but there is a scheme in hand to resolve the problem and that this will be financed by S.106 money with match funding that they hope to hear about very shortly. Circumstances seem to suggest that if the match funding is achieved that the work will be done before Xmas 2011. Specific Issues PW, LP and SS asked specific questions about a variety of traffic related matters in the area and EG/KB provided a response, where possible. CH/06/2011