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Chemical Engineering - CH


L|near A|gebra: MaLrlx alaebra, SvsLems of llnear equauons, Llaen values and elaenvecLors.

Ca|cu|us: luncuons of slnale varlable, L lmlL, conunulLv and dlerenuablllLv, Mean value
Lheorems, Lvaluauon
of denlLe and lmproper lnLearals, arual derlvauves, 1oLal derlvauve, Maxlma and mlnlma,
radlenL, ulveraence and Curl, vecLor denuues, ulrecuonal derlvauves, Llne, Surface and
volume lnLearals, SLokes, auss and reens Lheorems.

D|erenna| equanons: llrsL order equauons ( llnear and nonllnear) , Plaher order llnear
dlerenual equauons wlLh consLanL coemclenLs, Cauchv s and Lulers equauons, l nlual
and boundarv value problems, Laplace Lransforms, Soluuons of one dlmenslonal heaL and
wave equauons and Laplace equauon.

Comp |ex var|ab|es:Analvuc funcuons, Cauchvs lnLearal Lheorem, 1avlor and LaurenL serles,
8esldue Lheorem.

robab|||t y and 5tansncs: uenluons of probablllLv and sampllna Lheorems, Condluonal
probablllLv, Mean, medlan, mode and sLandard devlauon, 8andom varlables, olsson, normal
and 8lnomlal dlsLrlbuuons.

Numer|ca| Methods: numerlcal soluuons of llnear and non- llnear alaebralc equauons
lnLearauon bv Lrapez oldal and Slmpsons rule, slnale and mulu-sLep meLhods for dlerenual

rocess Ca|cu|anons and 1hermodynam|cs: Laws of conservauon of mass and enerav, use of
ue componenLs, recvcle, bvpass and purae calculauons, dearee of freedom analvsls. llrsL and
Second laws of Lhermodvnamlcs. llrsL law appllcauon Lo close and open svsLems. Second law
and LnLropv 1hermodvnamlc properues of pure subsLances: equauon of sLaLe and deparLure
funcuon, properues of mlxLures: parual molar properues, fuaaclLv, excess properues and
acuvlLv coemclenLs, phase equlllbrla: predlcuna vLL of svsLems, chemlcal reacuon equlllbrla.

I|u|d Mechan|cs and Mechan|ca| Cperanons: lluld sLaucs, newLonlan and non-newLonlan
ulds, 8ernoulll equauon, Macroscoplc frlcuon facLors, enerav balance, dlmenslonal analvsls,
shell balances, ow Lhrouah plpellne svsLems, ow meLers, pumps and compressors, packed
and uldlzed beds, elemenLarv boundarv laver Lheorv, slze reducuon and slze separauon, free
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and hlndered seullna, cenLrlfuae and cvclones, Lhlckenlna and classlcauon, lLrauon, mlxlna
and aalLauon, convevlna of sollds.

neat 1ransf er:Conducuon, convecuon and radlauon, heaL Lransfer coemclenLs, sLeadv and
unsLeadv heaL conducuon, bolllna, condensauon and evaporauon, Lvpes of heaL exchanaers
and evaporaLors and Lhelr deslan.

Mass 1ransfer: llcks laws, molecular dluslon ln ulds, mass Lransfer coemclenLs, lm,
peneLrauon and surface renewal Lheorles, momenLum, heaL and mass Lransfer analoales,
sLaaewlse and conunuous conLacuna and sLaae emclencles, P1u & n1u concepLs deslan and
operauon of equlpmenL for dlsullauon, absorpuon, leachlna, llquld-llquld exLracuon, drvlna,
humldlcauon, dehumldlcauon and adsorpuon.

Chem|ca| keacnon Lng|neer|ng: 1heorles of reacuon raLes, klneucs of homoaeneous
reacuons, lnLerpreLauon of klneuc daLa, slnale and muluple reacuons ln ldeal reacLors,
non-ldeal reacLors, resldence ume dlsLrlbuuon, slnale parameLer model, non-lsoLhermal
reacLors, klneucs of heLeroaeneous caLalvuc reacuons, dluslon eecLs ln caLalvsls.

Instrumentanon and rocess Contro|: MeasuremenL of process varlables, sensors,
Lransducers and Lhelr dvnamlcs, Lransfer funcuons and dvnamlc responses of slmple svsLems,
process reacuon curve, conLroller modes (, l, and lu), conLrol valves, analvsls of closed
loop svsLems lncludlna sLablllLv, frequencv response and conLroller Lunlna, cascade, feed
forward conLrol.

|ant Des|gn and Lconom|cs: rocess deslan and slzlna of chemlcal enalneerlna equlpmenL
such as compressors, heaL exchanaers, mulusLaae conLacLors, prlnclples of process economlcs
and cosL esumauon lncludlna LoLal annuallzed cosL, cosL lndexes, raLe of reLurn, pavback
perlod, dlscounLed cash ow, opumlzauon ln deslan.

Chem|ca| 1echno|ogy: lnoraanlc chemlcal lndusLrles, sulfurlc acld, naP, ferullzers
(Ammonla, urea, SS and 1S), naLural producLs lndusLrles (ulp and aper, Suaar, ll, and
laLs), peLroleum renlna and peLrochemlcals, polvmerlzauon lndusLrles, polveLhvlene,
polvpropvlene, vC and polvesLer svnLheuc bers.
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