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ENGLISH II review on S-V Agreement, Voices of Verbs and Tenses

I. Tenses of Verbs

Directions: Choose and shade the correct form of the verb that is used in the sentence. Read and analyze it carefully.

1) Ronnie, I ________________ you in a long time. How have you been?

was seen saw haven't seen hadn't seen 2) Some people say that it is better to _________ for today. is living living lives live 3) Albert doesn't like ___________ on weekends. working to work work Answers 1 and 2 are correct 4) He occasionally _______________ a headache in the morning. having has have is having 5) The time on the clock ____________ correct. should be might be could be All the above are correct 6) I ____________ all the requirements for the job already. am meeting meet have met will meet

7) Marsha sometimes ___________ her homework.

doesn't do hasn't done has been done do

8) She _________ to school on the bus temporarily. has gone O goes is going All are correct except for answer #1 9) What time _____________ up every day? are you waking have you woking do you wake All the above are correct 10) Don't bother me now. I ___________ the movie. am watching have to watch don't have to watch Both answer 2 and 3 are correct. 11) He _____________ about how hard the quizzes are. always complains is always complaining will always be complaining All the answers are correct. 12) Choose the correct sentence. Have you been exercising with Glen? Has Glen exercised lately? Is Glen exercising right now? All the answers are correct. 13) Charley _____________ telling silly jokes. is always always is has always had always

II. Voices of Verbs A. Directions: Choose the best way to complete these passive voice sentences. Encircle the letter of your answer. 1. One of the other prisoners _____. a. was beaten up b.were beaten up c.was beated up d.was beat up e. were beat up 2. The office _____ by terrorists. a.had been being blown up b.had blown up c.had been blown up d.had been blowing up e. had been blew up 3. The task _____ into smaller, manageable mini-tasks. a.is broking down b.is broken down c.is braking down d.is broke down e.is brake down This exercise is brought to you by www.nonstopenglish.com 4. This government _____ by this scandal. a. could being brought down b. cloud be being brought down c. could been bring down d. could be brought down e. could been brought down 5 . She _____ in a friendly atmosphere. a. is been brought up b. is bringing up c. are brought up d. are bringing up e. is being brought up 6 . His confidence _____ by this.

a.will be built up b.will been built up c.will being built up d.will be being built up e.will be build up 7. Unemployment _____ by the government.

a.must be deal with b.must be dealed with c.must be dealing with d.must being dealt with e.must be dealt with

8. I _____ by all that exercise. (informal) a. have been done in b. have been did in c. have be done in d. have being done in e. has been done in

B. Identify the sentence whether its is an active or passive form. Put a if it is in the ACTIVE voice and a for PASSIVE voice on the space provided. ____1. The money was stolen. ____2. The movie is being made in Hollywood. ____3. I washed my car three weeks ago. ____4. It would have been fixed on the weekend. ____5. I will introduce you to my boss this week.

C. Underline and identify the tenses of verbs in the following sentences and state whether they are in the active voice or the passive voice on the space provided. _______________________1.The boy is learning his lessons. _______________________2. Alice has been waiting for a long time. ________________________3. The postman was bitten by the dog. ________________________4. The letter was posted yesterday. _________________________5. The old man takes snuff.

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Prepared by:

Ms. Cherry Mae O. Acapulco (EJ2tutor)