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end-to-end pAy-tV solution

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NAGRAvisioN diGiTAl TeRResTRiAl soluTioNs secuRe opeRAToR ReveNues while eNAbliNG iNNovATive busiNess Models.
NagravisioN: Your partNer to deploY secure eNd-to-eNd digital terrestrial solutioNs. these solutioNs combiNe advaNced securitY with alterNative services aNd iNteractive applicatioNs, to stimulate aNd protect reveNue
terrestriAl: seizing the digitAl opportunity the widespread switch off of analogue services offers dramatic near-term opportunities for increasing the size of the existing digital markets. this rapid growth is already underway in a number of countries, including italy, france and the uk. the combination of free to air and pay content, alongside the inherent technical constraints, such as the limited bandwidth, makes this market very specific. in addition, regulatory issues can pose additional challenges for pay tV service operators. the nAgrA media dtt secure digital terrestrial end-to-end solutions are designed to provide operators with high value added features to help them strengthen their terrestrial market positioning and seize this growth opportunity. dedicAted stAte-of-the-Art security nagravision believes that in the digital tV industry, security must never be a compromise. A security system must be continuously adapted to new emerging threats to be considered fully effective. this belief lies at the heart of nAgrA media Access conditional access solutions and drove the development of the companys next generation security systems based on custom hardware. permanent active monitoring of all forms of attacks is also part of nagravisions global security approach and allows for the most effective countermeasures to be deployed in the event of an attack. for these reasons, nagravision offers different security approaches according to each operators business model. innoVAtion for the digitAl terrestriAl mArket nagravisions global pay tV perspective enhances its digital terrestrial solutions and enables operators to benefit from and create innovative services which differentiate them from the competition. the evolution of those solutions from basic broadcast features to push/pull Vod, or more recently the nAgrA media plAyer solution, and to deliver content on portable devices is a testimony to the effectiveness of this approach. in addition, nagravisions iptV expertise means that hybrid solutions combining dtt and iptV services can readily be provided. this is in line with nagravisions goals in any development; namely to help operators increase revenue per subscriber and to reduce operational constraints. AlternAtiVe distribution chAnnels nAgrA media dtt solutions allow operators to reach their subscribers through either a horizontal model (retail distribution) or a vertical model (distribution controlled by the operator). pre-paid, anonymous smartcards, combined with vouchers to easily access content, particularly suit the retail market, as logistic and operational costs will be limited. in addition, smardtV cA modules can be bundled with idtV sets to offer a complete package to subscribers without the need for separate set-top boxes. for operators seeking more revenue from service packages, the solutions also allow for a long term subscription approach. such a model favours higher revenue per subscriber and helps to reduce churn. Accordingly, these solutions can offer a combination of both models. clAss-leAding support serVices nagravision offers different support packages to assist operators in deploying and operating terrestrial solutions. to ensure maximum flexibility for operators, as well as offering an extensive portfolio of previously-integrated equipment from leading players in the pay tV industry, nagravision also offers bespoke integration services for any additional elements.

key feAtures of the nAgrAVision terrestriAl solution Are: fully integrAted end-to-end pAy tV solutions for digitAl terrestriAl networks AdVAnced security specific to Address operAtors business models eVolution bAsed on A globAl terrestriAl pAy tV perspectiVe AttrActiVe plAtform for terrestriAl business models nAgrAVision iptV expertise enAbles proVision of hybrid solutions extensiVe experience in deploying complex pAy tV solutions in internAtionAl enVironments clAss-leAding serVices offered to operAtors from end-to-end integrAtion to operAtionAl support of the complete plAtform

eNd-To-eNd diGiTAl TeRResTRiAl soluTioNs

nAgrAVision the ideAl pArtner for excellence in the highly competitive environment of the digital terrestrial market, it is essential that operators are able to deliver the best answers to the demands of their customers and address regulatory constraints in order to flourish. nagravision, together with its kudelski group sister companies, has unparalleled know-how and expertise in delivering complete, highly secure end-to-end solutions. with the companys product and service portfolio covering the complete pay tV value chain, nagravision can take responsibility for overall system integration, as well as providing specific services as required for set-top box selection, product design and certification, legacy sms integration, and development of an epg. nagravision delivers complete turn-key systems as well as customised solutions to match any specific needs. nagravisions unique experience in deploying complex digital tV systems, and its broad product portfolio, makes it the ideal partner to assist operators in meeting and exceeding the expectations of their customers and in addressing the challenges of the digital terrestrial market. nAgrA media dtt is a complete turnkey solution that includes the following applications and innovative elements: nAgrA media Access for conditional access and advanced smartcard delivery nAgrA media sms to manage subscribers video-on-demand delivery of interactive applications nAgrA media guide to deliver enhanced programming functionality middleware Advertising solutions dVb consumer cAm usb removable security products

soluTioN GUIDE _ N A G R A

MediA dTT

modulAr And scAlAble solutions for high potentiAl business models fast time-to-market achieved through pre-integration of all system components flexible and scalable solutions to anticipate and match operators business growth high performing content management solutions with nAgrA media cms highly secure conditional access system with a full set of advanced pay tV products including short and long term subscription, impulse products (with packages including season tickets), pay-per-time, push Vod and many more registered or anonymous consumer smartcards integration with numerous set-top box manufacturers Voucher management capability to offer flexibility to subscribers customisable, interactive set-top box applications such as impulse purchase applications and nAgrA media guide smardtV conditional access modules provide convenient set-top box alternatives, and can be bundled with tV sets nAgrA media plAyer solution for operators seeking to reach previously untapped audiences pctV with A cAs dongle nAgrA media plAyer - the simplest way to watch dtt content on a portable pc

Anonymous smArtcArd business model







NAGRA MediA dTT soluTioNs iN A NuTshell

bAck office mAnAgement pre-integrated nAgrA media cms packages and delivers content conveniently. nagravision can also provide a subscriber management system (sms) and integration services for third party sms solutions. conditionAl Access nAgrA media Access secure conditional access solutions offer the combination of a wide range of products supporting short and long term subscription, impulse pay-per-view, pay-per-time, conditional products and more with flexible payment modes such as pre-paid or impulse purchase. According to an operators business model, smartcards can be configured for either registered or anonymous usage. nagravision also provides a complete voucher management solution which allows easy credit recharge or rights acquisition for subscribers via the internet, iVr, or mobile phone sms. the conditional access solutions are compliant with major industry standards, including dVb with full simulcrypt support. si/psi information management capabilities can also be provided. interActiVity And on-demAnd serVices nagravision digital terrestrial solutions enable broadcasters to offer a unique tV experience with a variety of interactive services. features such as impulse purchase of pay tV products, on-demand solutions, vouchers and subscriber messaging are key assets for growing the subscriber base and generating new revenue streams. set-top boxes And consumer deVices the set-top box and its associated middleware provide the means by which the conditional access functionality is made available to pay tV subscribers. the intelligent and attractive epg application, nAgrA media guide, offers convenient access to content and is part of the unique nagravision user experience. nagravision solutions have been pre-integrated with numerous set-top boxes, and integration services are also available as part of the standard offer. As an alternative to the set-top box, the nAgrA media plAyer pctV solution offers a pre-integrated built-in dVb-t tuner and nAgrA media Access security, in a convenient usb stick form factor.




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the nAgrA media plAyer solution provides an alternative to the traditional way of accessing and watching content, and allows operators to reach subscribers who may previously have been inaccessible. Anyone with a pc can now expand its capabilities in order to be able to watch all types of premium content, simply by connecting the dtt dongle. plugged into a usb port on the pc, and without the need for connection to the internet, the device transforms the pc into a digital tV. the complete pre-integrated solution is available today, compatible with both desktop and laptop personal computers