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1. What is your current occupation and employer?

Calgary Board of Education Westgate Elementary Grade One, French Immersion teacher 2. Please describe other professional employment experiences you have had that you feel are relevant to your application for this program. From January 2002 until October 2004 I was employed by TELUS Communications Inc. in Edmonton and Calgary. I worked in the Operator Services department as a bilingual operator and customer service assistant where I responded to customer queries in French and English. In order to fulfill these duties, I was required to be very proficient using the specialized computer programs that were designed for operator functions. 3. Briefly describe your experience, if any, in the use of, or administration of, educational technology. This school year, one of my goals of my Teacher Professional Growth Plan is technology. I have been mentored by my assistant principal, who is responsible for technology in our school as the Technology Learning Leader. Together, we have been managing our school server and other technology resources in the school. I have attended workshops geared towards teaching teachers how to use applications in their classrooms. Most recently, I attended a workshop on Video from planning to project completion using iMovie. I will be working with interested, individual teachers to help them implement this technology with their students and will be doing an iMovie project with my grade one students to culminate our current learning theme, Space. 4. Please describe any professional or scholarly achievements that you feel are relevant to your application for this program. I am currently working with a group of teachers in my school to review and rewrite our discipline policy. This is a group made up of teachers from each grade level that are working together as a Professional Learning Community in order to ensure the development of a Code of Conduct that is focused on student learning. During my time in the MET program, I expect to work as part of many different Professional Learning Communities. 5. Please provide a statement of no more than 500 words (which will also serve as a sample of your writing) about the professional and scholarly goals that you hope to achieve in this program. A few weeks ago, during a Professional Learning day at my school, the short film Did You Know 2.0? by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod was presented.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=pMcfrLYDm2U This film deals with the fact that shift happens and that the world is changing at a very rapid pace. I found this short film to strike a chord with my thinking around technology, teaching and learning. The following quote from the film caught me reflecting about which direction my professional development is going: We are currently preparing students for jobs and technologies that dont yet exist in order to solve problems we dont even know are problems yet. How am I helping my students become literate in the 21st century? What is my vision? As a teacher, my professional goal is to expand my knowledge base in technology in relation to my current practice, future leadership roles, and future responsibilities. By improving my learning in technology, I will be able to teach in a manner that is focused on student learning and assessment for learning. I hope to use my education to contribute to my Professional Learning Community by sharing how to use technology as a learning strategy. Scholarly goals are numerous and include having the opportunity to explore and learn about methods of curricular development that integrate technology, current practice in the field, educational theory that relates to student learning with technology, the process of designing effective literacy activities and programs; especially in a second language learning environment, methods of using multimedia texts in the second language classroom, and the cultural, social, commercial, and educational issues raised by integrating technology in the classroom. In addition, I look forward to collaborating with and learning from other teachers worldwide.

6. Please provide any other information that you feel would be important to the Admission Committee in evaluating your application for this program. I am a highly motivated individual who embraces lifelong learning. After only 3 years in the classroom, I have realized that I must continuously strive to improve my practice to ensure that it is focused on student learning. I am a teacher who is caring and dependable with an unrelenting work ethic. I have proved myself to be flexible, having accepted difficult teaching assignments. I am a hard worker who is a goal setter. Collegiality and collaboration are very important to me and, in fact, suit my learning style. I know what it means to work hard as I completed my Bachelor of Education in French, my second language and have always taught in the French Immersion program. I am very excited about the possibility of being accepted to the MET program and thank you in advance for your consideration of my application.