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Syllabus BIOL 001B and ZR2: Principles of Biology, Fall 2011 Location, Day and Time: MW 4:05 5:20,

, MLS 235 Instructor Information: Becky Miller, Ph.D. Biology Department 102 Marsh Life Science Ext: 6-0454 E-mail: Becky.Miller@uvm.edu Office Hours: MWF 2-3 PM Laboratory Coordinator: Nathaniel Merrill Biology Department 118 Marsh Life Science Ext: 6-9010 E-mail: Nathaniel.Merrill@uvm.edu

PLEASE NOTE: When contacting the instructor, please put the course number in the subject line and allow 24 hours for a response, especially on weekends. Graduate Laboratory Teaching Assistants: Supplemental Instructor: This course has a Supplementary Instructor (SI) assigned to provide you with extra help if needed. Your SI leader for this semester is ?. ? job is to attend lecture, take notes and then prepare two, one hour-long review sessions each week, to solidify the important concepts presented in class. More information about days and times will be forthcoming during the course of the semester. Course Description: According to the standard definition, biology is the study of life and living organisms. However, this statement is very broad and in truth there are many branches of biology, such as cell biology, ecology, and molecular biology. During this semester we will dive into the microscopic world of the cell and explore how this structure is the basic functional unit of all life. Most importantly we will discuss many ways in which the processes inside these little units directly apply to our everyday lives. Course Goals: Upon completion of the course, you should: be familiar with the basic processes inside the cell that keep an organism living. be able to explain (using a specific example) how science knowledge is relevant to daily life. Required Materials: 1) Text - Biology: Life on Earth (with Physiology), 9th Edition By Audesirk, Audesirk and Byers, Pearson Prentice/Hall publisher (2011) 2) Mastering Biology online study guide, eText and assignment website Supplemental Readings: Throughout the semester you will be asked to read short supplemental readings that are relevant to the topic being discussed. These readings will be posted on Bb as PDFs and you will be responsible for the material during class and on the exams.

Blackboard (Bb) Site: The course Bb site will be the primary means of providing information to you about the class. The following materials will be available there: Course Information, Lecture Schedule, Lecture PPTs, Supplemental Readings, Laboratory Manual and links to Mastering Biology. Laboratory: The laboratory locations are MLS 114 and Hills 133. Each laboratory is under the direction and control of an experienced Graduate Teaching Assistant. The lab experience is a mix of hands-on and computer simulations designed to follow and expand upon the materials covered in the lecture section of the course. In addition it will provide many with their initial practical experience with the methodology and techniques of experimental science as well as health and technical career paths. Please refer to the Laboratory Blackboard website for the lab manual, instructional and grading information. Exam Format: There will be four (4) lecture exams, distributed at roughly equal intervals throughout the semester. Each will be worth 100 points. They will be largely objective (multiple choice) with a few short answer questions. You should bring a number 2 pencil with you on the day of the exam. Should you need an accommodation, please speak to your instructor before or after class early in the semester. Full credit make-up exams will be allowed (due to sickness, other emergency situation or special circumstance), but the student must contact their instructor by email or phone BEFORE the end of the class period on the EXAM DAY. Contact after the scheduled exam time will result in a deduction of points from the makeup exam. Grading: The final semester grade will be based on the Laboratory Score and the Lecture Score. For the lecture component of the course there will be two (2) ways to earn points: Exams and Mastering Biology assignments (online). You should note that your performance in the laboratory can significantly affect your overall class grade. There will be NO EXTRA CREDIT projects. Laboratory Points: Lecture Exam Points: Lecture MB Points: Total Points: 200 400 100 700