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Application Form

Biz Career Conference

Date: CODE: 1001017096 (Given on the ticket)

I. PERSONAL INFORMATION Full name: Vo Manh Hung Gender: Male Date of Birth: 15 03 - 1992 Address: 65D Ho Ba Phan Street Ward Phuoc Long A 9 district HCM City. Email: manhhungftu@gmail.com Telephone/ Mobile phone: 0973714747 University/ College: Foreign Trade University Ho Chi Minh City Branch Major: EXTERNAL ECONOMIC Faculty: ECONOMICS


Please describe yourself in the most impressive way (characteristics, thinking, achievements ) (maximum 150 words). I m a self-confident person. I m always comfortable in all of my job. I think: Don t have difficultly in work because you can pass it easily. Beside, I m always a friendly people with everyone around and I think that I m dynamic, flexible, and very curious. I have many different points of views, but most typically, it s the maxim: nothing is impossible, you can pass difficulty everything in your life if you try . It always gives me more motivation, optimistism to finish all my jobs. I also have some proud achievements during the high school years. For example, I got the title of good student in three consecutive years when I was a high school student, the third prize of chemistry subject in the provincial exam. On the other hand, I was also a president in a high school, and now, I m a member of the student union in the foreign trade university.


1. Business feature
Choose ONE question Question a: List three most important characteristics of a successtul businessman and explain why you choose these qualities (maximum 200 words). There are many factors that build a successful businessman, but in my opinion, the three most important characteristics are knowledge, risk, and leadership skills. Why do I choose these characteristics? Firstly, knowledge is an essential element for everything, every aspect, so business is not an exception, a businessman need to have knowledge about what they work, then they can apply them to develop their career, with knowledge, every obstacles can be solved easier. Secondly, risk is also a very important factor. In business, if the businessman isn t risk, he may miss big opportunities because he is always afraid of unsuccess . Finally, a successful businessman can t lack of leadership skills. The faithfulness and cooperation of each employee in a company are very

important for a business to succeed. If a businessman want to be looked up to from their employees, leadership skills will be one of the most important factor.

Question b: List three difficulties in business that you may encounter in the future and explain your concern (maximum 200 words).

2. Business thinking
A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business (Henry Ford). To what extent do you agree with this quotation? (maximum 300 words) A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business , that s a really meaningful sentence of Henry Ford. For me, I agree with it. I don t deny that money is an essential element in every business, that s a legal purpose, but it doesn t mean money is all. The businesses, when joining in the market, will be fastened with many relationships, such as the enviroment around them, consumers, communities, employees. Therefore, they have to take many responsibilities for the impact of its activities on many things. Especially, enviroment is a very hot problem these days, unfortunately, the activities of many businesses are the main reason creating the bad situations, that means every business has many implications on the the problems of society. If they want to be on the move in a long run, they must take care of everything around, money is important, but they have to relise that it s only one of the many factors for a business. If businesses make nothing but money, they will only accumulate one factor-money, so what about other fators? They are really the poor businesses ! III. BIZ CAREER AND YOU 1. Have you already chosen your specific field of business to work in future career? (For example: Marketing, Finance, Banking, Accountancy and so on). If yes, please tell us about your preparation for this? If not, please tell us why you are still confused about which business field to go for? I have already chosen my specific field of business to work in the future career, it s banking. In my opinion, banking is a really interesting field for those who study on economics. To prepare for the future job, I have got knowledge day by day, I have also concentrated on the soft skills, such as presentation, teamwork or the ways to talk attractively. Besides, I often find information about the banks inside and outside my country. On the other hand, practising in many some real situations help me to accumulate experience. 2. What is your expectation when applying for this conference?

Applying for this conference, I want to have an opportunity to practice english. On the other hand, making friends with good students as well as the great managers is also a purpose. Besides, through the conference , make sure that I will have more information, knowledge about what I take care of and want to work in the future . Above all, with many guests of honor in the conference, I will try my best to listen, to understand, to ask and to get many precious experiences.