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Name : Johanand vela Class : 4 E I/C : 941213-14-6383 TOPIC: MY FAVOURITE PROGRAMME

During my leisure time I like to watch television. There are many interesting programmes on the television, such as movies, cartoon, educational programmes and documentries. My favourite programme is Sponge Bob Square Pants, a cartoon serial. This programme is about sea creatures, such as squids, octopus, fish and starfish which live in a colony in the sea. The storyline is about their simple life and the adventures of the main characters of the cartoon which are very exciting. The programme is in English and is very easy to follow the plot. The character that I like most in this programme is the main character who is also the hero. His name is Sponge Bob. He is supposed to be a boy made out a sponge. He is a naive person who continuously gets into trouble together with his best friend, Patrick, who is a starfish. His adventures are very exciting and funny. Sponge Bob is a humorous character and I enjoy watching this cartoon because it makes me laugh and feel relaxed.