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Resistance tnrnlng is lanrasric lcrr fighting diabetes. Olthe differcnt resislancc lraining (rptiLrns. weight naining is top gun. Ho\\erer, in order for \\'eight tuining to be as effective as possibLe. it needs to be as s[mulatini as possible. Challenging is the key rvrrrd - the more challenging thc exercise. the belter. You mal get some benefit from a mod elate \ r'rr]iout, parucular\' il l ou ale nerv to weight trainin!!. Ho\'.rer. il i ou realll t ant to fight hard againsr dia beres. hght hald during the rvorl<out. Lift welghts that challengc I our body: Use both hearl lifting ancl lilting thet purnps the blood into )!ur muscles in a ma\ilrurn mrl1ne1. Use compound

Enco!rage yo!r c ents to have a compeie poslwo oul mealwlthin one hour of compleling thelr
exercise sesslon. F nd oui what yo!r clienis


metabolisn, and strength tralning is the best \!a)' to do just lhal ln conlunction, having nore muscle and using tha! ruuscle enhances Lhe body's ilucosc Pro cessing acti\'it): For lhc ultimate in boostlng the metabolism, put tll sonre effort ttth hcerl lifting. locusing on compouncl
movements sLrch es the deadlilt and the squat. T]lese t)'Pes ol exercises [i11 keep rnetabolism high for a long Period after the tmining is oler. Ancl building rnore uruscle n-rass rvill also lteep rnetabolism hummurg along at a lastel lerel

on a daily basis.
There arc still rnote bene6ts [r-om pumping iron, *hich rnclude rhe consistent high level neutomusculer inlolve-

arive honre lrom the

ihey skip the posi-work


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ol the bodlt includlng the crtremities, thrt .rr . .1 .\rllen3.ng'.scrJlc.f....rr.


stra ghi to bed or lhat

as eep for lwo


Keeping those neuromusculal actions actir,e and liring their highes! 1e\els on a consislent basis is ivl,at weight ^t training cloes. and this in rurn is very helplul in pushing
bacl< agnrnst diabetes.

lnovelnenrs (bench press. bent ovel clumbbell torvs. weightecl lunges) as rvell as isolating mr-rscle groups (trtceps push-clorvns. dumbbell culls)








drat urnslt,rm your bodl: And a physicalll' trnnslormecl bodl' Iighrs dialletes best. i!


Upon geii ng a new

clienl don't lorgei to

find out before ihe f rst sess on I the c ent has

shou ders, neck or some olher area of ihe body.

experenc ng any parn or

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seleral rvell-conducted peer relierved studies that show a positi\,e trend belore reconmending ncrv tuining techHorver,eL. science cortinues lo cliscover the beneltts ol the naturel rvorld. ancl one ncrv cliscoveD ol the inler^c riolls oI Lhe earthi lree electrorls Nith hunan pl,lsiologl ma) hnve significant benellts for athLetes and c\crciscls. Wh,1t il thre rvas :r technique that could help us decrease rnuscle inllarnmalion. prevenl hee r-aclical chmage. heaL iquries lasLer, reduce muscle sllffiress and tcnsiLrn. recoler lasrer lrorn harc] trrining, sleep ltetter, lTcl

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improle our health and energl' Levels? It alnNsl sounds roo good to be true, cloesnl itJ Il we rverc lTcrlLl-rier, had more enelgll recovcred liom oul
rvorkours hsrer, and our muscle tissue anclinluries healed faster, $c couid train halder and longe], and our fitness rvorLlcl impr-ole lasrer.

The energcnce ol barcloor c^rthing as a scientific discipline hrrs m:rlcrr inplicetions lor all t)pesolathleLes BareloLrt rrthing slmply consists ol rvalking or slanding bare fuiot or, the surlace o[ N,lother'Eartl-r Herels hou'ir works: The surlace ol the ealth is elecuical\' coDcluctile ancl posscsses a continuousll' renelvecl supp\' ol fiee electrons, due to actilities such as tl,uncler

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and lightning stonns (ofrvhich there are 1.000-2,000 continually active around the globel). These stolms cleate a constanl currellt ol thousands ol ampeles that ls distrib-

uted across the planeti su ace. This natural and ln\'isible florv ol electtons. ancl its elec tric freld. exist on the surlace o[ all conductive objects includin8 people. plants and antmals - anything that's i1-I direcr physical contiict \\ith the earth. When we stand on the earth (must be in barc leet) rve become electricalll grounded to it, and this physical contact with the ealth mainlains our bodv at tlle same lleutral electrical vohage rrl the eer-dr. And these eleclrons that rve exchange with the e:rrth can help us in many wa)'s

rnurnalized ftom exercise and sttength uaining. Free mdicals are neutralized by electrons from any source, so it is thought rhat this florv ol free electrons lrom ihe earths s rlace into the bodl'teduces inllammation by blocking free radicaL ploduclion, and therelore helps the injury repair Pr.rcess. There just mr1 be somerhing to this theory Ma1ry of us notice how we leelbetter when we rvalk bareloot on the ea[h. You n:u;,, lor example, heve felt more relued and invigorated
after spending a dal rvalking bareloor on the beach.

c ents lslally eal before
coming to their sess ons with you. Yo!' be sur

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because some-


There arc some compelling studies lhat demonslmle that earthing, or groundinS, reduces pain and inllammation Renowned Atirletics west distance running coach, Dlck Brown, PhD (exercisc physiology), has iust finished a prom ising pilot stud) n! the Univetsity of Oregon on lhe elfecl ol grounding on dehled onset muscle soleness Uourn,il oJ Alterndti!..11d Corritrnrcnld,-y Mddicin., Vol 16, 2010).

persona tra ner, that hls eating hablts are

The problen is th:lt today we wear q'nthetic solecl with selcnl lelers thal cut off lhe {low ol e]ecttons from the earth ro out bodl and we live or work in an envi rcnmen! that insulates us from the earthl subtle electron charge, such as high rise br.tildings.
As a rsult ol this ins l;ttion, our body no longer maintains the natural fuee electron charge ol the eath. and thus we are not protected b) the earlhs eleclric freld and naru ral supply o[ fiee electrons. This lack ol grounding leads to a loss of electrical subilit) 1n the bodl and a deficiency

30 nrinuies ol arrlv ng at ihe sesson, your c ient

inqested a hotdog, soda

This double bLrnd study involved four male subjects (aged 20-23) rvhrr rrere grounded with electrode patches and patented conductive sheets connected to the eanh.

of elecnons that rlltrrvs ranpant liee radical Production.

rvhile lour other conuol subjects appeared to be con_ nected to the eilrth. but their apparatus rvere tampered
with so the,v \lere nLrt $ounded.
The gronnded subjects were attached to grounded elecrrodes from 5 p.m. unti] 7 a.m. lor three consecutive days Both $oups did enough hea\ry exercise (2 sets o[ eccentric

WHAT EARTHING CAN DO FOR ATHLETES Barefoot earthing reduces muscle soteness and inllam
mation. We know thart inllannation is causeci b1'liee laclicals that are produced then muscle tissue is damaged or

roe laises \\'ith one-rhird their body rveighO to induce


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Ultrasound Body ComPosition
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Chevalier et al. (2006) looked at the effecrs of earthing on 58 healthy adults in a double blind stud,r' and concluded that it produced statisticalll srgnificant and nearl) instantaneous reductions in overall muscle srress and lension in the body.

delayed onser muscle soreness and acute inllammation in their calf muscles. A plethora of medical tests (42 in all) was performed before and after

the exercise and grounding treatmenl, including creatine kinase


marker o[ muscular damage), white b]ood cell count, serum cortisol, a visual analoSue of pain s(rle. plus magreu. re>onrn\e imagrng. Of 144 data poinls examined, 52 showed differences of 10 percent or grealer between the grounded and ungrounded group in favor ol the grounded group. ln other words, when the researchers used both objective and subjective pain measurements and blood markers ol inflamma-


electromy ography,

he lound rhat tensed


tion, the grounded subjects generally exhibited lower symptoms of inflammation and pain.

relaxed, and that hlpeltonic muscles rvere restored !o normal lension, when eanhed.' (E&rcpedn Biolog and ElectromIgnetics, January 2006).


Sports chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey Spencer (a forrner Ol1'rnpic
cyclist who
he used grounding Lrn the Amencan-sponsored cycling team; who went on ro win the 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2007 Tours de France.

*orks trth elite athletes) tells how

(in their sleep)

speeded up

He conciuded that rhis practice enhanced their recovery injun repair and improved their overall perlormance.

Dr. Spencer describes his experiences administering to cycllsts during the grueling Tour de France. "l have seen an absence of what we regard as r normal inflamrnatory response," he says of rhe cyclists who used grounding. "Grounding helps minimize inlury dowmime and speed rccovery I know how long iL takes Lo recover notmally" ftVith grounding). '\he changes in terms ofbody recovery irom day to da\: rhe abilily !o repair tissue, to recover from activity and stresses and strains of the dal are amazing."

EARTHING AND SLEEP Many subjects in eanhing studies notice that they sleep more soundly rvhen thel sleep in a grounded state. As sleep is a critica1 recovery mode. an)'rhing lhat could help us sleep berter is going to indirectll improve our running by enhancing physical

HOW CAN WE GET THE EARTHING EFFECT? Walking barefoot is the simpiest way to ger your elecrron fix lor the dal Sitting on rhe ground, or sitting with your feet touching the ground rvorks fine. Connecting with the earth several
times per day is benehcial.

I mlked with N{artin Zucker, who has been researching barefoot earthing since it ernerged as a science. According !o Zucker, "Occasionai barefoot exposure won't get the job done. We need to be grounded during the night when the body goes into repair and restoralion mode. llarhletes are looking for an advantage and to be able to sleep betrer and deeper, and speed recovery and healing, thats the rval to go. On the market are pads thar you piace on your bed and plug lnto an outlet. that $'ill keep you grounded to the earth (exchang ing rhe elecuons).
tate recoveD' from in{lammation and acute and even chronic injury. These eflecrs are seemingly related to our Lissues absorbing mobile electrons lrom the earth. These findings come at a
time when rhe inflammarion theory of disease is receiving much interest from the biomedical community According to its advocates, it restores and maintains our natural electrical state. reducing inflammation and pain. thereby promoting health and recovery from vigorous activities such as run ning. The implications ol earthing, if verified, are too great for athletes to ignore. Should you try barefoot earthing to help your fitnessl You have nothing ro lose by walking around outside on the grass or dirt for hall an hour, a couple of times a day. @
There is some Sood evidence that shows earthing could facili-