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The Grey

The Elven Language

Below you will find simple grammatical rules and word lists for use in creating elven
phrases. Much effort has been put into making the process as simple as possible. A
section on elven roleplay may also be found after the word list. The Grey Company’s
Elven is a growing language based 'loosely' on the elven found throughout JRR Tolkiens
works. As we strive to nurture its growth, all input is encouraged and appreciated.

Lissenen ar' maska'lalaith tenna' lye omentuva

Lywnis Autumleaf, Tel'Mithrim

This dictionary and accompanying phrase guide represent uncountable hours of work by the members of the
Grey Company. Permission is given to distribute this dictionary for role-playing purposes as long as the
entire dictionary, including the credits for those who did the work, is kept intact. In other words, don't
pretend you made it when you pass it out. If you add your own words and phrases, please inform a member
of the Grey Company so we can see to it that the new words are added, you'll be given credit for it.


* Denoted r, ea, ie, or, io, and oo. Exact choice is left up to the person creating the plural.
* Use -rim to denote great numbers or respect
nimbrethie = birches
Aredhelrim = elf lords

* when used alone pronouns express subjects (amin mela lle - I love you)
* when used in possessive phrases they express possession (melamin - my love)

I (my,mine) amin him (his) ho

we, us (ours) lye her (hers) he
he ro they ron
she re them (their) sen
it (its) ta this sina
you (yours) lle that tanya
you(p) (yours-p) llie who ya


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* Append pronoun to end of object.
* Pluralize noun first.
irmo = desire, irmoamin = my desire or irmoieamin = my desires
atar = father, atarho = his father
Subject of Subject:possessor
* Seperate secondary subject (possessed by primary subject) with en
from the simple familiar of the primary subject.
mela en coiamin love of the life of I love of my life
tinu en atarahe daughter of the mother of her her mother's daughter


Subject of Possessor
* use when possessor is expressing distance/separation from object
or when possessor is proper.
* Seperate subject from possessor with en.
mellon en amin friend of I my friend (expresses distance)
megil en Lywnis sword of Lywnis Lywnis' sword

* Append to the front of the object/action they are describing.
corialote purple flower
lashae wide ocean (last 2 n’s from lann dropped)
* when expressing intensities (i.e. bright, brighter, brightest)
1) when stem ends in vowel append -n for -er and -nin for -est
tiri = bright, brightly tirin = brighter tirinin = brightest
2)when stem ends in noun append -in for -er and -inin for -est
calen = green calenin = greener caleninin = greenest

* Follows verb in unchanged form.
* Also see intensity rules listed above.
cormamin glina tiri my heart it gleams bright my heart gleams brightly
i'aredhelrim quene hodo the elf lords they spoke wise the elf lords spoke wisely

* Conjugate to past, present, future, conditional with e,a, uva, aya
past -e
present -a
future -uva
conditional -aya
amin elee = I saw, amin elea = I see, amin eleuva = I shall see, amin eleaya = I would see
* two or more conjugated verbs may exist in one phrase as long as are not strung together.
* use unconjugated verbs when stringing more than one together

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amin irma quen I desire to speak
lle delotha mel amin You hate to love me
* -ing endings are expressed by appending -ad or -ien to the stem if it ends in a noun
or - d if it ends in a vowel.
amin naa tulien a' i'til I am coming to the point
* -ed endings are expressed using the past tense conjugation.
nardane ron kaime e' i'ranquie en' ilye n'at entwined they slept in each others arms


* keep it simple, use portions of other words, and try to remain true to the flowing nature of elven
* before using the words your new words, either post them to the GC private folder entitled Elven
Language Discussion, or get written permission from the Keeper of The Dictionary.
* rationalize your derivation, before using the words that you create. If a suitable words for
derivation do not exist than make one up keeping in mind simplicity and the nature of elven.
* when taking a noun from a verb stem:
1) conjugate to present form for direct noun (i.e. ele- to see, elea(v) sees, elea(n) sight
2) for a related term, append either o or u to the stem (i.e. eleo - eye)
3) when ascribing the verb to a person, append ar to the stem
(i.e. oht-war, ohtar - warrior)
* when creating words from two or more words, append together and drop enough letters from
the appendor to avoid cumbersome letter sequences (see below)

* Use subject - verb - object (add adverbs and adjectives as above)
* Phrase questions as statements followed by question maker.
* Words such as a, does, would etc. may be inferred from the context of the phrase.
* When appending pronouns or adjectives, you may drop letters from the appendor
in order to eliminate awkward sequences of letters. Examples would be avoiding
3 consonants in a row, 3 vowels in a row, or 2 of the same vowel in a row.
Amin mela lle. I love you.
Lye nuquernuva sen e dagor We will defeat them in battle
Lle anta yulna en alu? Do you need a drink of water?
Uma, amin naa fauka. Yes, I am thirsty
Amin sinta thaliolle e dagor I know your strength in battle.
More Complex Examples:
Amin lastuva ten' aredhelamin quena hodo.
I will listen because my lord (elf) speaks wisely

Llie tula mellonea, vasa ni yulna en mereth en amin.

Come friends, eat and drink of my feast

Il'quen sinta mellonamin Lywnis?

Does everybody know my friend Lywnis?

Uma, lye sinta ho.

Yes, we know him.

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Common To Elvish Elvish to Common

himy- (v) to abide by a Ah!

nwaly- (v) to ache a' to
tyar- (v) to act a’re today
onot- (v) to add up aa' may
himb- (v) to adhere aaye hail (greeting)
weer- (v) to agree adanedhel male elf
lav- (v) to allow, yield, grant Adaron lord of trees
nias- (v) to ally adu double
ruth- (v) to anger Adurant Double stream
onsint- (v) to answer aegnor fell fire
hant- (v) to appreciate Aelin-uial meres of twilight
rakt- (v) to arrive Aerandir sea wandered
utune- (v) to ask agar blood
host- (v) to assemble agaru crimson
cronh- (v) to attack agarwaen blood-stained
anid- (v) to avoid aglar brilliance
cuiv- (v) to awaken aglareb glorious
mast- (v) to bake Aglarond glittering cavern
meiv- (v) to balance aglon defile, narrow pass
kalp- (v) to bale out ah- (v) to rage
dagor- (v) to battle aha rage (n)
na- (v) to be ai little
maur- (v) to be addicted ai short
nost- (v) to be born ai small
nwalk- (v) to be cruel ai' any
fini- (v) to be cunning ai'er anyone
amad- (v) to be foolish aikanaro hell fire
seim- (v) to be gentle ailoki drake
valin- (v) to be happy ai'loki faerie dragon
don- (v) to be like ailosacath snow leopard
nev- (v) to be near aimegil sword, short
feinil- (v) to be selfish ai'mithe mouse
irv- (v) to be sick aina' holy
din- (v) to be silent ainast- (v) to sting
lenk- (v) to be slow Ainulindale music of the Ainur
tanak- (v) to be sure ainur holy ones
valk- (v) to be visible aira copper (color)
natul- (v) to become aith mark
on- (v) to beget aiya oh!

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yest- (v) to begin akh duty
dur- (v) to believe Akh'Faer Army of Art
lungan- (v) to bend akh'faern mage, Army of Art
nak- (v) to bite Akh'Velahr Army of Might
ninquit- (v) to bleach akh'velahrn soldier, Army of Might
tiht- (v) to blink ala- (v) to grow
tamp- (v) to block alak- (v) to rush
pust- (v) to blow alalme elm
kaw- (v) to bow alasse' joy
yulm- (v) to brand alasse' merriment
rusv- (v) to break alata radiance
suul- (v) to breathe alda bush
luv- (v) to brood aldeon avenue of trees
tuim- (v) to bud Aldudenie Lament for the two trees
samn- (v) to build Alduya Thursday
naar- (v) to burn ale' after
yel- (v) to call ale'quel front
glak- (v) to capture alfirin small golden flower
mali- (v) to care alkar glory
kol- (v) to carry Alkarinque a star
ist- (v) to cast spell, ensorcele alma wealth
atsa- (v) to catch almare bliss
tyar- (v) to cause alqua swan
gal- (v) to celebrate Alqualond Swan haven
lir- (v) to chant alta big
quor- (v) to choke alu water
dethol- (v) to choose Alu'Quessir sea elves
poik- (v) to clean, cleanse aly- (v) to prosper
rist- (v) to cleave, cut alya prosperous
atalt- (v) to collapse alya rich
tul - (v) to come alye' together
tuul- (v) to come from am' yet
ettul- (v) to come out am- (v) to raise
nai- (v) to command amad- (v) to be foolish
enyal- (v) to commemorate amada fool
mauy- (v) to compel a'mael beloved
nur- (v) to complain amalda treetop
baug- (v) to constrain, withhold Aman blessed
vas- (v) to consume amandil cleric
vor- (v) to continue amarth doom
tur- (v) to control amatikse dot above line of writing
deas- (v) to cook ambal flagstone
noot- (v) to count amban hillside
tuup- (v) to cover ambar bosom

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kiris- (v) to crack amcar morning glory (flower)
kurw- (v) to craft amin I
ont- (v) to create amin me
tar- (v) to cross amin myself
rien- (v) to crown amir necklace
rust- (v) to crumble amon hill
nall- (v) to cry amon norsa hill giant
nirw- (v) to cushion amp- (v) to hook
kir- (v) to cut, cleave ampa hook
salk- (v) to dance ampano hall, wooden
ling- (v) to dangle ampenda uphill
very- (v) to dare amrun morning
wethrin- (v) to deceive an(n) long
nuquern- (v) to defeat ananta and yet
ost- (v) to defend anar sun
groth- (v) to delve Anarriima a constellation
lol- (v) to deny Anarya Tuesday
wany- (v) to depart anca jaws
ostek- (v) to describe andaith long mark
irm- (v) to desire andamunda elephant
marty- (v) to destine andatehta mark, long (in writing)
gurth- (v) to die andir pilgrim
fair- (v) to die naturally ando gate
qualm- (v) to die painfully Andor land of gift
wann- (v) to disappear Andram long wall
oqueni- (v) to discuss Anduin long river
um- (v) to do andune afternoon
uum- (v) to do not anfaug dry
ruw- (v) to doubt anfaug thirst
kalp- (v) to draw water anfauglir desert
kaimel- (v) to dream anfauglith gasping dust
yuln- (v) to drink anga iron (metal)
lipt- (v) to drip angband iron prison
quorin- (v) to drown anghabar iron delvings
bar- (v) to dwell angren iron (made of)
grod- (v) to dwell underground angrenost iron fortress
piik- (v) to dwindle angrist iron cleaver
mat- (v) to eat anid- (v) to avoid
hwind- (v) to eddy anka row, of teeth
fain- (v) to emit, send out ankalima radiant (adj)
luht- (v) to enchant anmegil sword, long
pel- (v) to encircle anna present
tyel- (v) to end Annatar lord of gifts
termar- (v) to endure annon door

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nardan- (v) to entwine annun sunset
way- (v) to envelope anor sun
orar- (v) to erode anoron dawn
usin- (v) to escape Anoron'Quessir Sunrise Elf
tulk- (v) to establish ant- (v) to need
telt- (v) to exceed anta face
palu- (v) to expand antha watchful
duil- (v) to expect anto mouth
tain- (v) to extend antoando lip
quell- (v) to fade anwa actual
lant- (v) to fall anwa real
car- (v) to fan apanonar men (the after born)
gorg- (v) to fear apsa herb
tyav- (v) to feel (physical) ar' and
feuy- (v) to feel disgust ar- royal
nyeer- (v) to feel grief ar- noble
quant- (v) to fill aran king
utu- (v) to find aranion kingsfoil (a plant)
tel- (v) to finish, end Aratar the exalted
tank- (v) to fix arato champion
runy- (v) to flame arauka swift (adj)
el- (v) to flank (go around) Arda Earth
loks- (v) to flex ardhon county, province
wili- (v) to float (in air) aredhel noble-elf
lut- (v) to float (in water) arfaern wing leader, Army of Art
ulund- (v) to flood arinya early
rink- (v) to flourish armar goods (trade)
sir- (v) to flow arme'- noble (f)
rip- (v) to fly arme'- royal (f)
khil- (v) to follow, obey arnfauglith sandstorm
soor- (v) to follow, track arnor land of the king
poldor- (v) to force arrn- (v) to storm
tamin- (v) to forge arrna storm
demad- (v) to forget arrna norsa storm giant
leith- (v) to free arrnek hail storm
hilkin- (v) to freeze aru beside
faug- (v) to gape Arvandor heaven
sangan- (v) to gather arwen lady
erde- (v) to germinate asc- (v) to make haste
tiuy- (v) to get fat asca haste (n)
on- (v) to give ascar impetuous
glin- (v) to gleam assa hole
tind- (v) to glint assa opening (n)
mirily- (v) to glitter astald brave

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aut- (v) to go astald valiant
thar- (v) to go athwart asto dust
kel- (v) to go away, leave at torso
nast- (v) to gore atalan down fallen
turn- (v) to govern atalt- (v) to collapse
lav- (v) to grant, yield, allow atani men (the second people)
map- (v) to grasp ataque construction
ala- (v) to grow atar father
nuur- (v) to growl atara mother
vakh- (v) to guard atendea year (leap)
inty- (v) to guess athrad ford
namb- (v) to hammer atost armor
maht- (v) to handle atsa- (v) to catch
ling- (v) to hang atse' herself
mart- (v) to happen atso' himself
cron- (v) to harm atta 2
deloth- (v) to hate, abhor atta two
cael- (v) to have atya' same
sarigr- (v) to have sex atyar peer
fallan- (v) to heal au' again
kunb- (v) to heap, pile aul- (v) to invent
ten- (v) to hear aula invention
ur- (v) to heat aure sunlight
qalum- (v) to heave, throw aut- (v) to go
riim- (v) to hem avaene without
gund- (v) to hew avahaire remote
nurt- (v) to hide avanooti numberless
kwar- (v) to hold avar- (v) to refuse, decline
tess- (v) to hold onto avara refusal
unk- (v) to hollow out avari unwilling
amp- (v) to hook awr- (v) to pain
estel- (v) to hope ba dead
ngwaw- (v) to howl baelnorn undead elven family defender
far- (v) to hunt band prison
hort- (v) to hurry bar- (v) to dwell
kaly- (v) to illuminate bara dwelling (n)
naus- (v) to imagine barad tower
oblet- (v) to imprison baru brown
suil- (v) to incite baug- (v) to constrain, withhold
pand- (v) to include bauga restraint
muat- (v) to interest beika excessive
aul- (v) to invent bel- (v) to move
riht- (v) to jerk beleg mighty
yanw- (v) to join beleg strong

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lakwen- (v) to joke belthil divine radiance
lem- (v) to journey beme trumpet
piry- (v) to juice beth word
turs- (v) to kindle braga explosion
miqul- (v) to kiss bragol sudden
tamn- (v) to knock bragollach explosion
sint- (v) to know brethil silver birch
naini- (v) to lament brilthor water fall
lips- (v) to lather brith gravel
lal- (v) to laugh buar- (v) to provoke
lirill- (v) to lay burro' vassal
cor- (v) to lead cabed cliff, precipice
talt- (v) to lean, slope cael- (v) to have
halt- (v) to leap cahwacu hand crossbow (drow weapon)
istim- (v) to learn cair boat
lemb- (v) to leave behind Cala'Quessir High Elf
tain- (v) to lengthen calen green
sulp- (v) to lick calen'loki green dragon
lapsa- (v) to lick frequently calma lamp
ris- (v) to lie (falsehood) cam hand
kea- (v) to lie down Cam'Wethrin Thief
kail- (v) to lie in bed car- (v) to fan
me'- (v) to light carad red
last- (v) to listen Caradhras redhorn
coi- (v) to live carad'loki red dragon
yelt- (v) to loathe carak fang
mily- (v) to long for carak tooth
ma- (v) to look, glance carnim pink
mel- (v) to love cartel rose
lov- (v) to lower carthin heraldic symbol, rose
rwal- (v) to lust caryave apple
karn- (v) to make cath cat
asc- (v) to make haste cath shee elven cat
karnel- (v) to make love cebir stake
tur- (v) to master, overmaster celeb silver
lest- (v) to measure celeb'loki silver dragon
oment- (v) to meet Celeb'Quessir silver elves
hab- (v) to mine Celebrant silverlode
palp- (v) to mix celebreth diplomacy, sweet talk
yaiw- (v) to mock celebrin silver like
bel- (v) to move Cermie July
ulmul- (v) to mumble chebin kept
ulm- (v) to mutter chil heir
ess- (v) to name circa sickle

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oront- (v) to nap cirdan shipwright
kwentr- (v) to narrate, tell a story cirith cleft
ant- (v) to need cirya galley (ship)
naut- (v) to oblige coi- (v) to live
pant- (v) to open coia life (n)
paly- (v) to open wide coiamen lifetime
thang- (v) to oppress coiasira time
awr- (v) to pain coiavano phase
waan- (v) to pass coimas life bread
leneem- (v) to permit coir- (v) to stir
eht- (v) to pierce, spear collanta mask
simp- (v) to pipe (musical) collo cloak
tyal- (v) to play cooshee elven dog
ng'and- (v) to play a harp cor- (v) to lead
saes- (v) to please/pleasure cora leader
hyar- (v) to plow coria purple
kallasil- (v) to polish corm heart (feeling)
nor- (v) to populate coron mound
hary- (v) to posses creos- (v) to welcome
her- (v) to possess power creoso welcome
ulu- (v) to pour, flow cron- (v) to harm
lait- (v) to praise cronh- (v) to attack
kyerm- (v) to pray cu bow (weapon)
erk- (v) to prick cuar archer
tait- (v) to prolong cuiv- (v) to awaken
aly- (v) to prosper cuiva awakening (n)
var- (v) to protect cul golden-red
buar- (v) to provoke curu skill
tuk- (v) to pull dae shadow
roit- (v) to pursue daedeloth land of the dead
tyen- (v) to quench dagnir bane
ah- (v) to rage dagor- (v) to battle
ros- (v) to rain Dagor NelWiit'iri PVP
am- (v) to raise dagora battle (n)
naigr- (v) to rape dal foot
ngw- (v) to reach out dalnya footprint
parm- (v) to read de up
not- (v) to reckon deanam possible
usquen- (v) to reek deas- (v) to cook
avar- (v) to refuse, decline deasar chef, cook
mary- (v) to rejoice del- (v) to worry
fain- (v) to release deloth- (v) to hate, abhor
rin- (v) to remember delotha abhorrence, hatred
nark- (v) to rend demad- (v) to forget


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taty- (v) to repeat deno' upon
nanquen- (v) to reply desiel ready
est- (v) to rest dethol- (v) to choose
entul- (v) to return dhaeraow traitor
suyoll- (v) to revive -dil devotion
dun- (v) to rise -dil lover of (append)
rom- (v) to rise din- (v) to be silent
kelum- (v) to rise (tide only) dina silent
mist- (v) to roam diol- (v) to thank
nuor- (v) to roll di'thang slave
toop- (v) to roof dol head
harn- (v) to rule dolen hidden
rim- (v) to run doltelme hood
alak- (v) to rush dome night, darkness
lung- (v) to sag don- (v) to be like
talal- (v) to sail -dor land of (append)
ramb- (v) to scream draug wolf
neek- (v) to see vaguely du night, dimness
ele- (v) to see, behold duhin heraldic symbol, marlet
map- (v) to seize duil- (v) to expect
tult- (v) to send for duilar expectations
tu- (v) to serve duin river
pany- (v) to set dulin bird
nuut- (v) to set (sun or moon) dun- (v) to rise
haly- (v) to shade -dur belief
kant- (v) to shape -dur faith
wain- (v) to sheath dur- (v) to believe
miul- (v) to shed e' in
sil- (v) to shine e'a into
yel- (v) to shout ear sea
girith- (v) to shudder earcalen sea-green
lind- (v) to sing earendil half-elves
salp- (v) to sip earka spine
ham- (v) to sit ear'loke sea serpent
norolind- (v) to skip (feet) Ear'Quessir Sea Elf
kiriss- (v) to slash earsira tide
ndengin- (v) to slay earuile vine
kaim- (v) to sleep echor fence
fir- (v) to smell (the sense) ed' by
yuul- (v) to smolder edain men
neum- (v) to snare, catch edainme woman
yarr- (v) to snarl edan man
los- (v) to snow edhel elf
waht- (v) to soil, dirty, stain eht- (v) to pierce, spear


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hiraeth- (v) to sorrow ehta spear (n)
lamy- (v) to sound ehtar spearman
rend- (v) to sow ehte puncture(n)
tint- (v) to sparkle ehtele' spring (season)
quen- (v) to speak eile else
tenkel- (v) to spell (words) eina happiness
mon- (v) to spend eithel well
puit- (v) to spit eket sabre
sank- (v) to split ektele fountain
palu- (v) to spread el- (v) to flank (go around)
pint- (v) to spread out elda, elena of the stars
qua- (v) to squeak eldalie elven folk
ainast- (v) to sting Eldamar Elvenhome, Evermeet
holm- (v) to stink ele- (v) to see, behold
coir- (v) to stir elea sight (n)
nit- (v) to stoop elear visionary
tamp- (v) to stop eledhwen elven light
arrn- (v) to storm elee eye
rany- (v) to stray Elemmiire a star
lenn- (v) to stretch elen star
pelekt- (v) to strike elendil elf friend (informal)
helt- (v) to strip elendili elf friends
hir- (v) to study Elenya Monday
onde- (v) to succumb/give up eligre ecstasy
farn- (v) to suffice eligri ecstatic
quoro- (v) to suffocate elin pool
yal- (v) to summon -elle little
tolk- (v) to support eller there
inty- (v) to suppose elmare rapture
solor- (v) to surge emyn hills
fios- (v) to surprise en look (exclamation)
luk- (v) to swallow en' of
siruluan'aty- (v) to sway ened middle
vest- (v) to swear, promise enedwaith middle-folk
tuiy- (v) to swell enga except
hwiny- (v) to swirl engwar ill
san- (v) to take ennorath middle-lands
tukali- (v) to tangle enque 6
lam- (v) to taste enquie week
sakkat- (v) to tear, rip ento next
nyar- (v) to tell entul- (v) to return
diol- (v) to thank enyal- (v) to commemorate
tups- (v) to thatch ephel outer fence
now- (v) to think er 1


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fauk- (v) to thirst er one
nard- (v) to tie erchamion one-handed
nwalm- (v) to torment, sadden erda deserted
ungwal- (v) to torture erde- (v) to germinate
maink- (v) to trade ere' only
harm- (v) to treasure ere norsa cyclops
tintil- (v) to tremble ereb alone
quern- (v) to turn ereb lonely
quing- (v) to twang ered seed
rangw- (v) to understand Ered Lithui Ashen Mountains
magh- (v) to use ereg thorn
olvann- (v) to vanish, lose eresse solitude
fan- (v) to veil erin remains
quain- (v) to wail erk- (v) to prick
feith- (v) to wait ero once
van- (v) to walk Eru Correlon Larethian, the One
triall- (v) to walk eruumea outer (adj)
ran- (v) to wander erya single (adj)
mern- (v) to want eska home
oht- (v) to war ess- (v) to name
urn- (v) to warm essa name (n)
tir- (v) to watch over, guard est- (v) to rest
lann- (v) to wear esta rest (n)
yery- (v) to wear out estanesse firstborn
vair- (v) to weave estel (v) to hope
ver- (v) to wed estela hope (n)
ni- (v) to weep estolad camp
creos- (v) to welcome ethir spy
pirukend- (v) to whirl etsir river mouth
luss- (v) to whisper ette outside
tury- (v) to wield (weapon) ettelen foreign
hest- (v) to wither ettul- (v) to come out
moot- (v) to work, toil, labor faarea enough
del- (v) to worry faernaa circle leader, Army of Art
onoir- (v) to worship faernae half-wing leader, Army of Art
harw- (v) to wound faerne sphere leader, Army of Art
wait- (v) to wrap faerniir ring leader, Army of Art
tengw- (v) to write faernil half-circle leader, Army of Art
yang- (v) to yawn faernos half-sphere leader, Army of Art
lav- (v) to yield, allow, grant faika contemptible
er 1 fain- (v) to emit, send out
kainen 10 fain- (v) to release
laar 1000 paces (distance) fair- (v) to die naturally
minque 11 falas line of surf


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ratse 12 fallan- (v) to heal
atta 2 fallaner healer
nelde 3 falma wave
kinta 4 falmar waves
lempe 5 falmarin nymph
enque 6 falmenel sylph
otso 7 falqua pass in mountains
tolto 8 falquan halberd
nerte 9 fan- (v) to veil
Anarriima a constellation Fangorn tree-beard
Menelmakar a constellation fanya veil
Soronuume a constellation far- (v) to hunt
Telumendil a constellation fara hunt (n)
Wilwarin a constellation farea sufficient
Alkarinque a star farim prey
Elemmiire a star farn- (v) to suffice
Karnil a star fasse shaggy lock (hair)
Luinil a star faug- (v) to gape
Lumbar a star fauk- (v) to thirst
Neenar a star fauka thirst (n)
Nierninwa a star fea spirit
delotha abhorrence, hatred Feanor spirit of fire
thaur abominable, abhorrent feinil- (v) to be selfish
uuve abundance, abundant feith- (v) to wait
mandu' abyss fela cave
istimamen' academy fenda threshold
quentale account feuy- (v) to feel disgust
thar across fhaor tribute
tyaro actor filit small bird
anwa actual fimbrethil twig
laike acute finde tress
wea adult findl hair, lock of
kotumo adversary fine larch tree
sornion aerie fini- (v) to be cunning
ale' after fion wine
hildor after-comers, followers fios- (v) to surprise
andune afternoon fir- (v) to smell (the sense)
au' again firimar mortal
thar against foa hoard
tyaro agent for north
tyelka agile forenya northern
qualme agony formaite dexterous
weera agreement (n) formaite right-handed
a Ah! forya right (side)


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vilya air fuin gloom
sereg ale fuumella poppy
kuila alive gal- (v) to celebrate
ilya all gala celebration (n)
niasa alliance gandele continuous
sha almost gaur werewolf
tarasse aloft gaya awe, dread
ereb alone gela rite (ceremony)
tengwanda alphabet gil star
vithel also giliath stars
korda altar girith- (v) to shudder
ilyamenie always giritha shudder
yaara ancient gladden iris
ar' and gladhin heraldic symbol, fleur-de-lis
ananta and yet glak- (v) to capture
rutha anger (n) glaka captive
kelvar animals, living things, nature glamhoth din-horde, orcs
ai' any glin- (v) to gleam
ai'er anyone glina gleam (n)
caryave apple gollo mantle
Viresse April gon rock
vala archangel gor dread
valar archangels gorg- (v) to fear
cuar archer gorga fear (n)
Val'istar Archmage gorgorath horror
ranqui arm gorgorath terror
atost armor gorliante dread spider
hosse army goth enemy
Akh'Faer Army of Art goth foe
Akh'Velahr Army of Might grod- (v) to dwell underground
pelu around groda underground dwelling (n)
rakta arrival groth- (v) to delve
pilin' arrow grotha delving (n)
pilininge arrow, flight of guina undead
vee' as guinauruloki dracolich
orosta ascension gul sorcery
lith ash guldur magical weave
Ered Lithui Ashen Mountains gund- (v) to hew
lorna asleep gurth- (v) to die
Sereg'wethrin Assassin gurtha death (n)
otorno associate gwaith people
ie' at hab- (v) to mine
yallume at last haba mine
teret auger hae- far


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Urime August haime habit
yavie autumn haiyasse distance
aldeon avenue of trees hala minnow
kuile awake halatir kingfisher
cuiva awakening (n) halda shadowed
gaya awe, dread halla tall
pelekko ax haloisi sea, stormy
lapse' babe halt- (v) to leap
laito baby haly- (v) to shade
n'alaquel back halya shade (n)
umarth bad-luck, ill fated ham- (v) to sit
meiva balance hama chair
koron ball hama seat
dagnir bane handa intelligent (adj)
lindar bard handasse intelligence
rudh bare, bald, barren handele intellect
porm bark (tree) hant- (v) to appreciate
haudh barrow, mound hanwa male
dagora battle (n) har south
luth bay haran king
sii beach haranye last year of century
morko bear (animal) harenya southern
spanga beard harm- (v) to treasure
kolindo bearer harma treasure
vanima beautiful harma heraldic symbol, cross moline
vanim beauty harn- (v) to rule
ten' because harna ruler (n)
rath bed harw- (v) to wound
neldor beech harwa wound (n)
n'ala before hary- (v) to posses
yesta beginning (n) haudh barrow, mound
'khselee beholder he her
-dur belief he hers
nyelle bell heera principal (adj)
kumba belly helda' naked
a'mael beloved heledh glass
lok bend, loop helevorn black glass
nuin beneath helin violet (flower)
aru beside helka icy
im between helkelimbe icicle
Minhiriath between the rivers helma skin
tar beyond helt- (v) to strip
thar beyond, distant henneth window
tulma bier her- (v) to possess power


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alta big heren fortune (luck)
nimbreth birch herenya fortunate
dulin bird heru lord
nosta birth hessa withered (adj)
mor black hest- (v) to wither
morgul black arts higin heraldic symbol, mullet
mor'loki black dragon hiise fog
helevorn black glass hiise norsa fog giant
piukka blackberry hildor after-comers, followers
moore blackness hilkin- (v) to freeze
morthond blackroot him cool
tano blacksmith himb- (v) to adhere
hyanda blade himba sticky (adj)
megilindir bladesinger himbar glue
megilindar bladesingers himy- (v) to abide by
telme blanket hin child
urya blaze hiner heraldic symbol, label
Aman blessed hini children
almare bliss hir- (v) to study
agar blood hiraeth- (v) to sorrow
agarwaen blood-stained hirao student
lokte blossom hirma heraldic symbol, annulet
motto blot hisie mist
luin blue Hisime November
luin'loki blue dragon hith misty
laiquaninwa blue-green ho him
pano board ho his
cair boat holm- (v) to stink
quenat body holma odor
verya bold hoon heart (organ)
nnar' bone hoopa harbor (n)
parma book hoore impulse
ambar bosom hoorea impulsive
yuuyo both horme urgent
sundo bottom hort- (v) to hurry
cu bow (weapon) hos folk
salpua bowl hosse army
quingatelko bow-legged host- (v) to assemble
olwa branch hostain numbered
astald brave hostar tribe
lereth bread hosti number, large
mas bread hoth horde
suula breath (n) hrive winter
hwesta breeze huan dog


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iaur bridge hui murk
tiri bright huine darkness
aglar brilliance huiva murky
-ril brilliance of (append) hwan' sponge
rusva broken hwandi fungus
tankla brooch hwarin crooked, bent
nelle brook hwarma crossbar
toror' brother hwarmaeg main-gauche (parrying dagger)
tirne brow hwesta breeze
baru brown hwind- (v) to eddy
kalpa bucket hwinda eddy
samanar builder hwiny- (v) to swirl
samna building(n) hyanda blade
mundo bull (animal) hyar- (v) to plow
polda burly hyarmaite left-handed
naara burn (n) hyarya left
alda bush hyatse gash
nan' but hylama sea shell
wilwarin butterfly i'- the (common)
ed' by ia void
estolad camp iant old
liikuma candle iaur bridge
sarquindi cannibal ie' at
lunte' canoe -ien -ing
telimbo canopy iire when
nikerym captain, Army of Might ikotane so
glaka captive il' every
cath cat il- not
fela cave ilfirin immortal
gala celebration (n) ilm mansion
Rah'Edan Centaur ilmen sky, night
randa century ilterendi unbreakable
tincya chain, lit.: metal ring(s) iluov universe
tincyatost chain-mail iluve everything
hama chair ilya all
arato champion ilyamenie always
kelma channel (water) ilye each
deasar chef, cook im between
pio cherry imirie jeweled
hin child imlad narrow valley
hini children imu' during
luumequenta chronicle imya through
mallen circle imyan'e throughout
faernaa circle leader, Army of Art indo mood


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tal city indyo descendent
nyalme clamor inge trajectory
noore clan inty- (v) to guess
tangwa clasp inty- (v) to suppose
rakka claw intya guess (n)
poika clean inya female
latina clearing iolaa section leader, Army of Might
cirith cleft iralen jade
amandil cleric iraliante jade spider
cabed cliff, precipice iriador ruby (gemstone)
collo cloak irm- (v) to desire
lanne' cloth irma desire (n)
lanat clothes irste' itself
lanna clothing irv- (v) to be sick
loomi cloud isilme moonlight
vernien coast, beach Isilya Wednesday
liine cobweb iska pale (adj)
ringwe cold ist- (v) to cast spell, ensorcele
naia command (n) ista spell
kano commander istalindar spellsingers
mauya compulsion istalindir spellsinger
minda conspicuous istar wizard
ataque construction istim- (v) to learn
vaasa consumer istimamen' academy
faika contemptible Ita'istar Illusionist
gandele continuous ithil moon
naan contrary, on the ithildin star-moon
him cool ithilondo moonstone
aira copper (color) Ithil'Quessir Moon Elf
tambe copper (metal) ithin heraldic symbol, crescent moon
sarkuva corporeal kaane valor
kaivo corpse kai nothing
Eru Correlon Larethian, the One kail- (v) to lie in bed
russe coruscation kaim- (v) to sleep
ardhon county, province kaima sleep (n)
rant course kaimel- (v) to dream
selen cousin kaimelar dreamer
karaar cow kainen 10
nandor coward kaivo corpse
kurwa craft, art kaivokalma will-o'-the-wisp
kurwaer craftsman kalina light (color) (adj)
onna creature kallasil- (v) to polish
siril creek kallo' hero
kuune crescent kalmindon lighthouse


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kuu crescent moon kalp- (v) to bale out
agaru crimson kalp- (v) to draw water
loel'var crocodile, fresh water kalpa bucket
shael'var crocodile, salt water kaly- (v) to illuminate
hwarin crooked, bent kano commander
hwarma crossbar kant- (v) to shape
korko crow kanta shape (n)
rimbe crowd kanu lead (metal)
sanga crowd kanuva lead (made of)
nwalka cruel karaar cow
karythar crusader karakse spike
nalla cry kard house (dwelling)
kwayuln cup karka tusk
koromindo cupola karn- (v) to make
umartempla curse (magical) karneambara robin
nirwa cushion karnel- (v) to make love
rista cut (n) Karnil a star
ere norsa cyclops karythar crusader
tincmaeg dagger, lit.: metal-pointed kauka humped (adj)
hwarmaeg dagger, main-gauche (parrying) kauko humpback
ringa damp kaurea timid
salka dance (n) kaw- (v) to bow
veryien daring kea- (v) to lie down
mori dark kel- (v) to go away, leave
lumbo dark cloud kelma channel (water)
morchiant dark shapes kelum- (v) to rise (tide only)
morwen dark, daughter of the kelvar animals, living things, nature
morion dark, son of the kemen earth
huine darkness kemen soil
tinu daughter kentano potter
thalion dauntless kerta rune
anoron dawn khelek ice
re day khelondo quartz
ba dead khemir diamond
melyanna dear gift khiasa nomad
gurtha death (n) khil- (v) to follow, obey
wethrina deceit (n) khila follower
Ringare December khilasa nomadic
pende declivity (downward slope) 'khselee beholder
yerna decrepit kiirar lorekeeper
tumba deep kilne mountain goat
taureliloomea deep forest shadows kilya gorge
nuquerna defeat (n) kinta 4
osta defender kir- (v) to cut, cleave


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osta tel'quessir defender of the people kiris- (v) to crack
aglon defile, narrow pass kiriss- (v) to slash
ulundo deformed kirma part (n)
nal dell kirya ship
grotha delving (n) koire spring, early
maikar demi-god kol- (v) to carry
rauko demon kolindo bearer
mar den korda altar
indyo descendent kordon idol
anfauglir desert korima round
erda deserted korin enclosure
irma desire (n) korko crow
maranwe destiny korma ring
nilaa detachment leader, Might korna globed
tanwe device korne loaf
-dil devotion koromindo cupola
rosse dew koromindo dome
formaite dexterous koron ball
khemir diamond koron globe
n'ataya different kosta quarrel (bolt)
glamhoth din-horde, orcs kotumo adversary
celebreth diplomacy, sweet talk kotya hostile
tie direction 'ksh- evil
nilindale dirge kua dove
waara dirty kuila alive
puurea discolored kuile awake
vene dish kuluina orange (color)
ruukina disordered kuluma orange (fruit)
haiyasse distance kumba belly
valya divine authority kunb- (v) to heap, pile
belthil divine radiance kunba pile (n)
valasse divinity kuruni witch
huan dog kurw- (v) to craft
koromindo dome kurwa craft, art
orteluume dome, high kurwaer craftsman
amarth doom kuu crescent moon
annon door kuune crescent
tikse dot kwar- (v) to hold
amatikse dot above line of writing kwayuln cup
nuntikse dot below line of writing kwentr- (v) to narrate, tell a story
adu double kwentra narrator (n)
Adurant Double stream kyerm- (v) to pray
makse dough kyerma prayer
kua dove laar 1000 paces (distance)


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ndu down laara' flat
atalan down fallen lad field
guinauruloki dracolich lad plain
sgiathatch dragon lagil rapier
uruloki dragon lagista cutlass
ailoki drake laide meadow
gor dread laika piercing (adj)
gorliante dread spider laike acute
kaimelar dreamer laike keen
liante'dhaeraow drider laiquaninwa blue-green
runda driftwood Lai'Quessir sylvan elves
yulna drink (n) laire summer
lipta drop of water lait- (v) to praise
morimatra Drow spiced wine laita praise (n)
Mori'Quessir Drow, dark elves laito baby
lorda drowsy laive ointment
Taur'Amandil Druid laiwa sickly
anfaug dry lakil victor
nandin dryad lakilea victory
ujere dull lakwen- (v) to joke
imu' during lakwenta joked
moth dusk lal- (v) to laugh
lome dusk, evening lala laugh(n)
lomelindel dusksingers lalai mirth
asto dust lalaith laughter
akh duty lam- (v) to taste
naug dwarf lambe tongue
naugrim dwarves lammen language
bara dwelling (n) lamy- (v) to sound
orofarne dwelling on a mountain lamya sound
ilye each lanat clothes
thoron eagle langon throat
arinya early lann wide
Arda Earth lann- (v) to wear
kemen earth lanna clothing
rhun east lanne' cloth
rhunenya eastern lant- (v) to fall
lom echo lanta fall (n)
lomi echoes lantaraana setting moon
eligre ecstasy lapsa- (v) to lick frequently
eligri ecstatic lapse' babe
hwinda eddy lasse leaf
reena' edge last- (v) to listen
yee eek! late honored


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ooleme elbow latina clearing
andamunda elephant latuuken tin (metal)
edhel elf latuukenda tin, made of
Sha'Quessir elf friend (Formal) laure mead
elendil elf friend (informal) Laurelin tree found in Evermeet
elendili elf friends lav- (v) to allow
telella elf, young lav- (v) to grant
alalme elm lav- (v) to yield
eile else leith- (v) to free
cath shee elven cat leitha free (n)
cooshee elven dog lekmee letter (message)
eldalie elven folk lem- (v) to journey
templa tel'Quessir elven high magic lema journey (n)
eledhwen elven light lemb- (v) to leave behind
lythari elven werewolf (sort of) lemba left behind
Eldamar Elvenhome, Evermeet lembas journey bread
Tel'Quessir elves. literally 'The People' lempe 5
yuula ember leneem- (v) to permit
lost empty leneema permission (n)
luhta enchantment lenk- (v) to be slow
pela encirclement lenn- (v) to stretch
korin enclosure lenwa narrow
tela end (n) lereth bread
termara endurance lest- (v) to measure
goth enemy leuthil gem
faarea enough lhach leaping flame
nardane entwined lia thread (n)
orara erosion liante spider
oira eternal liante'dhaeraow drider
quettasundolie etymology liiko wax
undome evening liikuma candle
oio ever liine cobweb
oiolaire ever summer limpe milk
il' every lin mere
iluve everything lina song (n)
'ksh- evil linae lake
varda exalted lind- (v) to sing
enga except lindale music
beika excessive lindar singers
palla expansive lindar bard
duilar expectations lindel melody
braga explosion lindelea melodious
bragollach explosion lindir singer
taina extension lindor songbird


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elee eye lindornea oaks, a stand of
anta face ling- (v) to dangle
quella fade, fading (n) ling- (v) to hang
ai'loki faerie dragon lingwe fish
vanya fair lips- (v) to lather
shee fairy lipsa soap
-dur faith lipt- (v) to drip
voronda faithful lipta drop of water
lanta fall (n) liquis transparent
talant fallen lir- (v) to chant
malwa fallow lirill- (v) to lay
moina familiar (adj) lirima lovely
nosse family lirit poem
carak fang liritar poet
hae- far lirva sickness (n)
palan far and wide liske reed
palantir far watcher lisse' sweet
namaarie farewell lissuin mint
tiuka fat (adj) lisyul nectar
umbar fate lith ash
atar father Lithlad plain of ashes
ragwe fathom (6 feet) litse sand (n)
gorga fear (n) litsondo sandstone
mereth feast lle you
quesse feather lle yours
Nenime February llie you all
talwi feet llie you all's
aegnor fell fire loeg pond
inya female loel'var crocodile, fresh water
nisse female sentient being lok bend, loop
echor fence loki snake
Pelennor fenced land loks- (v) to flex
merende festival lokte blossom
merya festive lol- (v) to deny
n'nir few lom echo
marta fey lome dusk, evening
lad field lomelindel dusksingers
uruite fiery lomi echoes
narwa fiery red lond haven
uuranor fiery sun londe havens
meetima final loomi cloud
tereva fine lorda drowsy
mau' finger lorna asleep
tela finish (n) los- (v) to snow


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naur fire losa snow (n)
sanda firm loske hair
yeste' first losse snow white
estanesse firstborn lost empty
lingwe fish lote flower
paur fist Lotesse May (month)
ninya fjord lov- (v) to lower
ambal flagstone luht- (v) to enchant
runya flame (n) luhta enchantment
ruin flame-red luin blue
laara' flat Luinil a star
ue fleece luin'loki blue dragon
sarko flesh luk- (v) to swallow
sarqua fleshy luma' heavy
ripa flight (n) Lumbar a star
tinga flint lumbo dark cloud
talan floor lumbule shadow, heavy
pore flour lumna ominous
sira flow (n) lung- (v) to sag
lote flower lungan- (v) to bend
simpina flute lunte' canoe
wing foam luss- (v) to whisper
goth foe lut- (v) to float (in water)
hiise fog luth bay
hos folk luu' occasion
khila follower luume' time
-ser fondness toward luumequenta chronicle
vasa food (n) luurea overcast
amada fool luv- (v) to brood
dal foot lye our
dalnya footprint lye us
ten' for lye we
athrad ford lythari elven werewolf (sort of)
ettelen foreign ma- (v) to look, glance
taure forest maa glance (n)
taurea forested maa look (n)
tauron forester maama sheep
ten'oio forever maara useful
tamina forge maeg sharp
yaa former magh- (v) to use
yaare former days mahalma throne
nost fortress maht- (v) to handle
herenya fortunate mahta handle (n)
heren fortune (luck) maia lesser angel


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mande fortune (riches) maiar lesser angels
saura' foul maikar demi-god
saurikumba foulbellied maink- (v) to trade
talma foundation mainka trade (n)
ektele fountain mainkar trader
ronyo fox maite handy
leitha free (n) maite skilled
rimba frequent maiwe seagull
wenya fresh maksa soft
ween freshness makse dough
Menelya Friday mal- golden
mellon friend malda gold (metal)
tuulo' from mali- (v) to care
ale'quel front malina yellow
pinquelek frost malle' road
yave fruit malle' street
quanta full mallen circle
hwandi fungus malle'ondo paving stone
cirya galley (ship) mal'loki gold dragon
tyalie game (fun) Mallorn golden tree
pelenlotaure garden malmallen golden circle
morelinlotaurond garden, underdark malo pollen
riel garland Mal'Quessir gold elf
hyatse gash malta gold (color)
anfauglith gasping dust malwa fallow
ando gate man which
Sirannon gate stream man- unmarred
leuthil gem mande fortune (riches)
norsa giant mandu' abyss
naur norsa giant, adult fire mani what
hiise norsa giant, fog manka if
amon norsa giant, hill manke where
runya norsa giant, juvenile fire mankoi why
orod norsa giant, mountain mano whose
ondo norsa giant, stone manu spirit, departed
arrna norsa giant, storm map- (v) to grasp
ona gift (n) map- (v) to seize
ruid glade maquissar minstrel
maa glance (n) mar den
heledh glass maranwe destiny
glina gleam (n) marde hall
Aglarond glittering cavern Marquelie October
rilma glittering light mart- (v) to happen
koron globe marta fey


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korna globed marth luck
fuin gloom marty- (v) to destine
morna gloomy mary- (v) to rejoice
aglareb glorious mas bread
alkar glory mast- (v) to bake
himbar glue mat- (v) to eat
nogoth gnome mau' finger
nyeene goat maur- (v) to be addicted
kilne goat, mountain mauy- (v) to compel
sulo goblet mauya compulsion
Seldarine gods mavar shepherd
malta gold (color) me'- (v) to light
malda gold (metal) me'a light (n)
mal'loki gold dragon mear gore (bloodiness)
Mal’Quessir gold elf meena region
mal- golden meetima final
malmallen golden circle megil sword
Mallorn golden tree megilar swordsman
Mellryn golden trees megilindar bladesingers
cul golden-red megilindir bladesinger
wanwa gone megure sword, two-handed
tombo gong meiv- (v) to balance
quel good meiva balance
armar goods (trade) mel- (v) to love
waani goose mela love (n)
mear gore (bloodiness) melar lover
kilya gorge mele passion
tyeller grades melima lovable
tengwesta grammar melindo lover, male
yaon grape melisse lover, female
salque grass mellon friend
sapsa grave Mellryn golden trees
brith gravel melyanna dear gift
mith gray men path
Mith'Quessir Gray Elf men way
mithollo gray mantle -men' place of (append)
mithlin gray-blue menek hail (icy precipitation)
-ra great menel sky, day
rond great hall Menelmakar a constellation
-rim great number meneluin sky-blue
milme greed (n) Menelya Friday
milka greedy (adj) merende festival
calen green mereth feast
calen'loki green dragon Merethond hall of feasts


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winde grey, pale (adj) merka wild
talar' ground mern- (v) to want
vakha guardian merya festive
vakhar guardians Methedras last peak
intya guess (n) me'urra lightning
nalwi gull me'urra kosta lightning bolt
yaawe gully me'urramya thunder
haime habit milka greedy (adj)
aaye hail (greeting) milme greed (n)
menek hail (icy precipitation) mily- (v) to long for
arrnek hail storm minas tower
loske hair minda conspicuous
findl hair, lock of minda prominent
falquan halberd mindon turret (of castle)
perya half Minhiriath between the rivers
peredhil half elf minque 11
faernil half-circle leader, Army of Art minya second (not time)
peredhel half-elven miqul- (v) to kiss
earendil half-elves miqula kiss (n)
faernos half-sphere leader, Army of Art mir jewel
faernae half-wing leader, Army of Art mirdain jewel smith
marde hall mire jewels
Merethond hall of feasts mirily- (v) to glitter
oromarde hall, lofty mist- (v) to roam
ampano hall, wooden mith gray
namba hammer (n) mithlin gray-blue
cam hand mithollo gray mantle
cahwacu hand crossbow (drow weapon) Mith'Quessir Gray Elf
mahta handle (n) mitya interior
maite handy miul- (v) to shed
eina happiness moile tarn (mountain lake)
hoopa harbor (n) moina familiar (adj)
ng'ande harp mon- (v) to spend
nandaro harper mone spent
naraka harsh mool servant
yaavan harvest moore blackness
asca haste (n) moot- (v) to work, toil, labor
lond haven mor black
londe havens morambath panther
ro he morchiant dark shapes
dol head mordo obscurity
fallaner healer morelinlotaurond underdark garden
corm heart (feeling) morgil sphere
hoon heart (organ) morgul black arts


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ura heat (n) mori dark
Arvandor heaven morimatra Drow spiced wine
luma' heavy morinuin Underdark
taarie height morion dark, son of the
chil heir Mori'Quessir Drow, dark elves
aikanaro hell fire morko bear (animal)
thol helm morlin navy-blue
riima hem (n) mor'loki black dragon
he her morna gloomy
hirma heraldic symbol, annulet morthond blackroot
ithin heraldic symbol, crescent moon morwen dark, daughter of the
harma heraldic symbol, cross moline moth dusk
gladhin heraldic symbol, fleur-de-lis motto blot
hiner heraldic symbol, label muat- (v) to interest
duhin heraldic symbol, marlet mundo bull (animal)
higin heraldic symbol, mullet n'- not, not of
tolote'hin heraldic symbol, octofoil n’uma no
carthin heraldic symbol, rose na- (v) to be
apsa herb naan contrary, on the
sinome here naar- (v) to burn
kallo' hero naara burn (n)
he hers nai- (v) to command
atse' herself naia command (n)
dolen hidden naigr- (v) to rape
taurn high naik sharp pain
Cala’Quessir High elf naikelea painful
amon hill naini- (v) to lament
tolmen hill, isolated nak- (v) to bite
emyn hills nal dell
amban hillside nal vale
ho him n'ala before
atso' himself n'alaquel back
tella hind portion nall- (v) to cry
ho his nalla cry
quenta history nalwi gull
nierwes hive namaarie farewell
foa hoard namb- (v) to hammer
periannath hobbits namba hammer (n)
assa hole namo judge
ungue hollow -nan valley of (append)
nogrod hollow delving nan' but
piosenna holly tree nanda swamp
aina' holy nandaro harper
ainur holy ones nandin dryad


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yaana holy place nandor coward
eska home nanquen- (v) to reply
nekte honey naraka harsh
nier honeybee nard- (v) to tie
late honored narda' knot
doltelme hood nardan- (v) to entwine
ampa hook nardane entwined
estela hope (n) Narie June
hoth horde nark- (v) to rend
tarka horn (animal) narn story
rass horn (mountain) narn tale
romba horn (musical) Narvinye January
tilion horned narwa fiery red
gorgorath horror nast- (v) to gore
roch horse nastar spearhead
Rohirrim horse riders n'at other
rokko horses nat' thing
rimde host (army) n'ataya different
kotya hostile natse net
urra hot natul- (v) to become
kard house (dwelling) naug dwarf
nosse house (familial) naugrim dwarves
opele house, walled naur fire
sut how naur norsa adult fire giant
ngwawa howl (n) naus- (v) to imagine
nukumna humble nausa imagination (n)
tumpo hump naut- (v) to oblige
kauko humpback ndengin slain (n)
kauka humped (adj) ndengin- (v) to slay
fara hunt (n) ndor land
verno' husband ndu down
amin I n'e out
khelek ice neek- (v) to see vaguely
helkelimbe icicle Neenar a star
helka icy neenuvar waterlily
noa idea neithan one who goes without
kordon idol nekte honey
manka if nekter nereid
engwar ill nelde 3
Ita'istar Illusionist nelde three
nausa imagination (n) neldor beech
ilfirin immortal nelle brook
tualka immovable neltil triangle
ascar impetuous NelWiitiri NW's and NWA's


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hoore impulse -nen water of (append)
hoorea impulsive nenda watery (adj)
e' in nengwea nasal
penda inclined (upward slope) nengwi nose
-ien -ing Nenime February
handele intellect ner more
handasse intelligence nerte 9
handa intelligent (adj) nessa young
mitya interior nesse youth
e'a into nessima youthful
aula invention neum- (v) to snare, catch
gladden iris neuma trap
angren iron (made of) neuro successor
anga iron (metal) nev- (v) to be near
angrist iron cleaver neva near
anghabar iron delvings ng'and- (v) to play a harp
angrenost iron fortress ng'ande harp
angband iron prison ngw- (v) to reach out
tol isle ngwaw- (v) to howl
yatta isthmus ngwawa howl (n)
ta it ni- (v) to weep
ta its nia weeping (n)
irste' itself nias- (v) to ally
iralen jade niasa alliance
iraliante jade spider nibin petty
Narvinye January nibin trite
anca jaws nieninque snowdrop (plant)
mir jewel nienor mourning
mirdain jewel smith nier honeybee
imirie jeweled Nierninwa a star
mire jewels nierwes hive
lakwenta joked niire tear (sad, not rip)
lema journey (n) niite moist
lembas journey bread nikerym captain, Army of Might
alasse' joy nikym platoon leader, Army of Might
namo judge nilaa detachment leader, Might
pirya juice nilindale dirge
Cermie July nim white
Narie June nimbreth birch
tanda juniper shrub nim'loki white dragon
laike keen nim'ohtar paladin
chebin kept nimphel pearl
nosse kin nimras white horn, Unicorn
nostale kind nin wet


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tursa kindling ninde slender
aran king ninniach rainbow
haran king ninquit- (v) to bleach
halatir kingfisher ninya fjord
aranion kingsfoil (a plant) niphred pallor
miqula kiss (n) nir' many
sikil knife nirw- (v) to cushion
tolos knob nirwa cushion
noola knoll nisse female sentient being
narda' knot nit- (v) to stoop
sinta knowledge (n) nnar' bone
arwen lady n'ner less
linae lake n'nir few
Aldudenie Lament for the two trees no' on
calma lamp noa idea
ndor land no'a onto
-dor land of (append) nogoth gnome
Andor land of gift nogrod hollow delving
Rochand, Rohan land of horses noldo wise
daedeloth land of the dead nole lore
arnor land of the king nomin wisdom
numendor land of the west nomo oak
lammen language noola knoll
fine larch tree noore clan
ure large noot- (v) to count
tella last nooti number
Methedras last peak nor- (v) to populate
haranye last year of century nora population
telwa late norn wheel
lala laugh(n) norolind- (v) to skip (feet)
lalaith laughter norsa giant
sanye law nosse family
palis lawn nosse house (familial)
kanuva lead (made of) nosse kin
kanu lead (metal) nost fortress
cora leader nost- (v) to be born
lasse leaf nosta birth
lhach leaping flame nostale kind
hyarya left not- (v) to reckon
lemba left behind now- (v) to think
hyarmaite left-handed N'Shanesti not elf friend
telko leg n'taurn low
n'ner less N'Tel'Quess not of the people (drow & others)
maia lesser angel n'tyene unquenched


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maiar lesser angels nu under
tengwer letter (alphabetical) nuin beneath
lekmee letter (message) nukumna humble
risa lie (falsehood) (n) nulla obscure (adj)
shaalth lieutenant, Army of Might numen west
coia life (n) numendor land of the west
coimas life bread numenenya western
coiamen lifetime numenore people of the west
kalina light (color) (adj) nuntikse dot below line of writing
me'a light (n) nuor- (v) to roll
kalmindon lighthouse nuquern- (v) to defeat
me'urra lightning nuquerna defeat (n)
me'urra kosta lightning bolt nur- (v) to complain
ve' like nurt- (v) to hide
teema line nuur- (v) to growl
falas line of surf nuut- (v) to set (sun or moon)
tea line, straight (precise) nwalk- (v) to be cruel
raa lion nwalka cruel
ravenne lioness nwalm- (v) to torment, sadden
antoando lip nwalma sadness (n)
siirima liquid nwalma torment (n)
-elle little nwaly- (v) to ache
ai little nyaare saga
korne loaf nyalme clamor
yelta loathing nyano rat
tara lofty nyar- (v) to tell
ereb lonely nyeene goat
an(n) long nyeer- (v) to feel grief
andaith long mark nyelle bell
Anduin long river o' one (subj)
andram long wall oaris mermaid
en look (exclamation) oblet- (v) to imprison
maa look (n) obleta prison cell
windele loom oht- (v) to war
heru lord ohta war (n)
Annatar lord of gifts ohtar warrior
Adaron lord of trees oio ever
nole lore oiolaire ever summer
kiirar lorekeeper oira eternal
wanwa lost (adj) olin secret
melima lovable oline secrecy
mela love (n) olinima secretive
lirima lovely olva plant
melar lover olvann- (v) to vanish, lose


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-dil lover of (append) olwa branch
melisse lover, female olwen stick (n)
melindo lover, male oment- (v) to meet
n'taurn low omenta meeting (n)
marth luck on- (v) to beget
tolos lump on- (v) to give
salma lyre ona gift (n)
akh'faern mage, Army of Art onde- (v) to succumb/give up
templa magic ondo stone
selu magical arts ondo norsa stone giant
guldur magical weave ondoealle paved road
wen maiden -ondol rock of (append)
wendele maidenhood onna creature
hanwa male onoir- (v) to worship
adanedhel male elf onot- (v) to add up
edan man onsint- (v) to answer
vie' manhood ont- (v) to create
wea manly ontaro parent
ilm mansion ooleme elbow
gollo mantle ooma voice
nir' many opele house, walled
Sulime March (month) oqueni- (v) to discuss
aith mark orar- (v) to erode
andatehta mark, long (in writing) orara erosion
veru' married pair ore sub-conscious
collanta mask orme violence
tyulmi mast orn tree
tura master (n) ornpirya syrup
ture mastery (n) orod mountain
vesta matrimony orod norsa mountain giant
aa' may orofarne dwelling on a mountain
Lotesse May (month) oromarde hall, lofty
amin me oront- (v) to nap
laure mead orosta ascension
laide meadow orqu orc
sarpsa meat orteluume dome, high
omenta meeting (n) ossa moat
lindelea melodious ost- (v) to defend
lindel melody osta defender
rina memory (n) osta tel'quessir defender of the people
edain men ostar town
apanonar men (the after born) ostek- (v) to describe
atani men (the second people) otorno associate
lin mere otso 7


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Aelin-uial meres of twilight otso seven
oaris mermaid palan far and wide
alasse' merriment palantir far watcher
rem mesh palis lawn
tinco metal palla expansive
ened middle palme surface (n)
enedwaith middle-folk palp- (v) to mix
ennorath middle-lands palu- (v) to expand
beleg mighty palu- (v) to spread
limpe milk palurin world
haba mine paly- (v) to open wide
hala minnow pand- (v) to include
maquissar minstrel pano board
lissuin mint pant- (v) to open
lalai mirth pany- (v) to set
hisie mist parm- (v) to read
hith misty parma book
ossa moat parth sward
niite moist parymo scroll
Elenya Monday paur fist
uuvanimo monster pel- (v) to encircle
indo mood pela encirclement
ithil Moon pelekko ax
Ithil'Quessir Moon Elf pelekt- (v) to strike
teu'kelytha moon horse pelenlotaure garden
isilme moonlight Pelennor fenced land
ithilondo moonstone peltas' pivot
ner more pelu around
amrun morning penda inclined (upward slope)
amcar morning glory (flower) pende declivity (downward slope)
firimar mortal peredhel half-elven
atara mother peredhil half elf
coron mound periannath hobbits
orod mountain perya half
nienor mourning piik- (v) to dwindle
ai'mithe mouse pilin' arrow
anto mouth pilininge arrow, flight of
sai- much pinnath ridges
hui murk pinque thin
huiva murky pinquelek frost
tuo muscle pint- (v) to spread out
lindale music pio cherry
Ainulindale music of the Ainur piosenna holly tree
ulma muttering pirukend- (v) to whirl


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amin myself piry- (v) to juice
takse nail pirya juice
helda' naked piukka blackberry
essa name (n) poik- (v) to clean, cleanse
kwentra narrator (n) poika clean
lenwa narrow poika pure
imlad narrow valley polda burly
nengwea nasal poldor- (v) to force
seorsa nature poldora strength, brute force
morlin navy-blue pole oat
neva near pore flour
yat' neck porm bark (tree)
amir necklace puit- (v) to spit
lisyul nectar pust- (v) to blow
nekter nereid putta stop (punctuation)
natse net puurea discolored
qual neutral qalum- (v) to heave, throw
qualentie neutral-person qua- (v) to squeak
winya new quain- (v) to wail
winyar newbie quaina wailing (n)
ento next qual neutral
dome night, darkness qualentie neutral-person
du night, dimness qualm- (v) to die painfully
tindomerel nightingale qualme agony
n'uma no quant- (v) to fill
ar- noble quanta full
arme'- noble (f) quel good
aredhel noble-elf quelie waning (adj)
uuner nobody quell- (v) to fade
raun noise quella fade, fading (n)
raumo noise, of a storm quen- (v) to speak
suu noise, of wind quena speech (n)
khiasa nomad quenat body
khilasa nomadic quendi speakers
sanya normal quenta history
for north quentale account
forenya northern quentele sentence
nengwi nose quern- (v) to turn
il- not quesse feather
N'Shanesti not elf friend quesset pillow
N'Tel'Quess not of the people (drow & others) quessir people (elves)
n'- not, not of quettasundolie etymology
kai nothing quing- (v) to twang
Hisime November quingatelko bow-legged


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sii' now quor- (v) to choke
nooti number quorin- (v) to drown
hosti number, large quoro- (v) to suffocate
hostain numbered -ra great
avanooti numberless raa lion
rimba numerous raama wing (n)
NelWiitiri NW's and NWA's raamavoite winged
falmarin nymph raava riverbank
nomo oak raavea roaring (adj)
lindornea oaks, a stand of ragil claymore sword
pole oat ragwe fathom (6 feet)
vesta oath Rah'Edan Centaur
nulla obscure (adj) raika wrong (adj)
mordo obscurity rais peaks
luu' occasion rakka claw
shae ocean rakt- (v) to arrive
Marquelie October rakta arrival
holma odor ram wall
en' of ramb- (v) to scream
tel' of the ran- (v) to wander
elda, elena of the stars rana wander
aiya oh! randa century
laive ointment ranga pace (distance)
iant old rangw- (v) to understand
lumna ominous rangwa understanding (n)
no' on ranqui arm
ero once rant course
yaluumesse once upon a time rany- (v) to stray
er one ras peak
o' one (subj) rashwe trouble
neithan one who goes without rass horn (mountain)
erchamion one-handed rast shore
ere' only rath bed
no'a onto rato soon
assa opening (n) ratse 12
thanga oppression (n) rauko demon
ri' or raumo noise, of a storm
kuluina orange (color) raun noise
kuluma orange (fruit) ravenne lioness
orqu orc re day
n'at other re she
lye our reena' edge
n'e out rem mesh
eruumea outer (adj) re'na while


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ephel outer fence rend- (v) to sow
ette outside rhovanion wilderness
urnai oven rhun east
vanwa over (past) rhunenya eastern
luurea overcast ri' or
taruku ox riel garland
ranga pace (distance) rien- (v) to crown
naikelea painful rig wreathe
nim'ohtar paladin riht- (v) to jerk
iska pale (adj) riim- (v) to hem
niphred pallor riima hem (n)
morambath panther -ril brilliance of (append)
ontaro parent rilma glittering light
kirma part (n) -rim great number
falqua pass in mountains rim- (v) to run
tarna passage rimba frequent
mele passion rimba numerous
wanwie past (time) (n) rimbe crowd
men path rimbor paw
malle'ondo paving stone rimde host (army)
rimbor paw rin- (v) to remember
seere peace rina memory (n)
ras peak ringa damp
rais peaks Ringare December
nimphel pearl ringwe cold
sarnie pebbles rink- (v) to flourish
atyar peer rip- (v) to fly
gwaith people ripa flight (n)
quessir people (elves) ris- (v) to lie (falsehood)
numenore people of the west risa lie (falsehood) (n)
valilnore people of valar rist- (v) to cleave, cut
leneema permission (n) rista cut (n)
sintar person of knowledge ro he
nibin petty roch horse
coiavano phase Rochand, Rohan land of horses
laika piercing (adj) Rohirrim horse riders
kunba pile (n) roina ruddy
andir pilgrim roit- (v) to pursue
tarma pillar rokko horses
quesset pillow rom sound of horns
tankil pin rom- (v) to rise
thon pine tree roma uprising (n)
carnim pink romba horn (musical)
simpa pipe (musical) romen sunrise


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simpetar piper ron their
sungwa pitcher ron they
peltas' pivot rond great hall
yamen' place rond vaulted roof
-men' place of (append) ronyo fox
lad plain rooma shoulder
Lithlad plain of ashes roota tube
olva plant ros- (v) to rain
tarat plate rosa rain
taratost platemail (king body fortress) rosse dew
nikym platoon leader, Army of Might rudh bare, bald, barren
seasu pleasant ruid glade
seasa pleasure ruin flame-red
saipio plum ruin red flame
lirit poem runda driftwood
liritar poet runy- (v) to flame
til point runya flame (n)
tulwe pole (n) runya norsa juvenile fire giant
malo pollen russe coruscation
loeg pond rust- (v) to crumble
elin pool rusv- (v) to break
tyulusse poplar tree rusva broken
fuumella poppy ruth- (v) to anger
nora population rutha anger (n)
deanam possible ruukina disordered
sama post (n) ruw- (v) to doubt
kentano potter rwal- (v) to lust
val power saes- (v) to please/pleasure
laita praise (n) sai- much
kyerma prayer sai- very
anna present saipio plum
yana previous sakkat- (v) to tear, rip
farim prey sal' still
taren prince salk- (v) to dance
tarien princess salka dance (n)
heera principal (adj) salma lyre
band prison salp- (v) to sip
obleta prison cell salpua bowl
tumna profound salque grass
minda prominent sama post (n)
vesta promise (n) samanar builder
alya prosperous sambe room, chamber
vara protection (n) samn- (v) to build
ehte puncture(n) samna building(n)


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poika pure san' then
coria purple san- (v) to take
saura' putrid sanda firm
Dagor NelWiit'iri PVP sanga crowd
kosta quarrel (bolt) sanga throng
khelondo quartz sangan- (v) to gather
tari queen sank- (v) to split
tyene quenched sanya normal
tekil quill pen sanya regular
wainole quiver (for arrows) sanye law
alata radiance sapsa grave
ankalima radiant (adj) sara wheat
vene raft sarigr- (v) to have sex
aha rage (n) sarko flesh
rosa rain sarkuva corporeal
timpe rain, misty drizzle sarn small stone
ninniach rainbow sarnie pebbles
taur'ohtar ranger, woodsman sarpsa meat
elmare rapture sarqua fleshy
tearc rare sarquindi cannibal
nyano rat satulwe standard (flag)
desiel ready saura' foul
anwa real saura' putrid
carad red saurikumba foulbellied
carad'loki red dragon seasa pleasure
ruin red flame seasu pleasant
Caradhras redhorn seere peace
liske reed seere repose
avara refusal seim- (v) to be gentle
meena region Seldarine gods
sanya regular selen cousin
erin remains seler' sister
avahaire remote selu magical arts
seere repose sen them
takel'var reptile seorsa nature
esta rest (n) -ser fondness toward
bauga restraint sereg ale
alya rich Sereg'wethrin Assassin
pinnath ridges serinde seamstress
forya right (side) sgiathatch dragon
formaite right-handed sha almost
korma ring shaalth lieutenant, Army of Might
faerniir ring leader, Army of Art shae ocean
yatost ringmail shael'var crocodile, salt water


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gela rite (ceremony) Sha'Quessir elf friend (Formal)
duin river shee fairy
etsir river mouth sii beach
raava riverbank sii' now
malle' road siirima liquid
ondoealle road, paved sikil knife
raavea roaring (adj) sil- (v) to shine
waima robe silma starlight
karneambara robin simp- (v) to pipe (musical)
gon rock simpa pipe (musical)
-ondol rock of (append) simpetar piper
stafol rod simpina flute
toopa roof sina this
telda roof, having a sinome here
sambe room, chamber sint- (v) to know
thond root sinta knowledge (n)
cartel rose sintar person of knowledge
korima round sintar sage
teema row sir- (v) to flow
anka row, of teeth sira flow (n)
ar- royal sira stream (n)
arme'- royal (f) Sirannon gate stream
iriador ruby (gemstone) siril creek
roina ruddy siruluan'aty- (v) to sway
harna ruler (n) solor- (v) to surge
kerta rune solos surf
eket sabre soor- (v) to follow, track
nwalma sadness (n) sornion aerie
varna safe Soronuume a constellation
nyaare saga spanga beard
sintar sage stafol rod
atya' same suil- (v) to incite
litse sand (n) suilpar soup
litsondo sandstone sul wind
arnfauglith sandstorm Sulime March (month)
Valanya Saturday sulo goblet
tarai scale sulp- (v) to lick
taraiost scale-mail sundo bottom
parymo scroll sungwa pitcher
ear sea sut how
Ear’Quessir Sea elf suu noise, of wind
Alu'Quessir sea elves suul- (v) to breathe
ear'loke sea serpent suula breath (n)
hylama sea shell suyoll- (v) to revive


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wing sea spray ta it
Aerandir sea wandered ta its
haloisi sea, stormy taarie height
earcalen sea-green tai' toe
maiwe seagull tain- (v) to extend
serinde seamstress tain- (v) to lengthen
hama seat taina extension
uile seaweed tait- (v) to prolong
minya second (not time) takel'var reptile
oline secrecy takse nail
olin secret tal city
olinima secretive talal- (v) to sail
iolaa section leader, Army of Might talan floor
ered seed talant fallen
quentele sentence talar' ground
Yavannie September talath tundra
temar series tallune sole of foot
mool servant talma foundation
tuar servant (n) talt- (v) to lean, slope
tua service (n) talwi feet
lantaraana setting moon tambaro woodpecker
otso seven tambe copper (metal)
halya shade (n) tamin- (v) to forge
dae shadow tamina forge
lumbule shadow, heavy tamn- (v) to knock
halda shadowed tamp- (v) to stop
wethril shadowy tamp- (v) to block
fasse shaggy lock (hair) tampa stopper
kanta shape (n) tanak- (v) to be sure
maeg sharp tanda juniper shrub
naik sharp pain tangaa tough
re she tangwa clasp
waina sheath (n) tank- (v) to fix
maama sheep tankil pin
mavar shepherd tankla brooch
tinechor shield tanna toward
kirya ship tano blacksmith
cirdan shipwright tanwe device
rast shore tanya that
ai short tar beyond
rooma shoulder tar- (v) to cross
yela shout (n) tara lofty
giritha shudder tarai scale
circa sickle taraiost scale-mail


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laiwa sickly tarambo stud (n)
lirva sickness (n) tarasse aloft
elea sight (n) tarat plate
tehta sign taratost platemail (king body fortress)
tehtar signs taren prince
dina silent tari queen
celeb silver tarien princess
brethil silver birch Tarion Sunday
celeb'loki silver dragon tarka horn (animal)
Celeb'Quessir silver elves tarma pillar
celebrin silver like tarna passage
Celebrant silverlode taruku ox
lindir singer tarya stiff (adj)
lindar singers tathar willow
erya single (adj) taty- (v) to repeat
seler' sister taur wood (forest)
curu skill Taur'Amandil Druid
maite skilled taure forest
helma skin taurea forested
menel sky, day taureliloomea deep forest shadows
ilmen sky, night taurina wooden
meneluin sky-blue taurn high
ndengin slain (n) taur'ohtar ranger, woodsman
di'thang slave tauron forester
kaima sleep (n) Taur'Quessir wood elves
ninde slender Taur'Quessir Sylvan Elf
ai small tavar wood (substance)
filit small bird tea line, straight (precise)
alfirin small golden flower tearc rare
sarn small stone teema line
loki snake teema row
yarra snarling teena' straight
losa snow (n) tehta sign
ailosacath snow leopard tehtar signs
losse snow white tekil quill pen
nieninque snowdrop (plant) Tel' the (when expressing importance)
ikotane so tel' of the
lipsa soap tel- (v) to finish, end
maksa soft tela end (n)
kemen soil tela finish (n)
akh'velahrn soldier, Army of Might telco stem
tallune sole of foot telda roof, having a
eresse solitude telella elf, young
utinu son telimbo canopy


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lina song (n) telko leg
lindor songbird tella hind portion
rato soon tella last
gul sorcery tella’re yesterday
uuaina'liante soul spider (minion of Lolth) telluma vault
lamya sound telme blanket
rom sound of horns telmello top
suilpar soup Tel'Quessir elves. literally 'The People'
har south Tel'Quessir The People (elves)
harenya southern telt- (v) to exceed
tinta sparkle (n) Telumendil a constellation
quendi speakers telwa late
ehta spear (n) temar series
nastar spearhead temol wand
ehtar spearman templa magic
quena speech (n) templa tel'Quessir elven high magic
ista spell ten' because
istalindir spellsinger ten' for
istalindar spellsingers ten- (v) to hear
mone spent tengw- (v) to write
morgil sphere tengwa writing (n)
faerne sphere leader, Army of Art tengwanda alphabet
liante spider tengwer letter (alphabetical)
ungwe spiders web tengwesta grammar
karakse spike tenkel- (v) to spell (words)
earka spine tenna' until
fea spirit ten'oio forever
Feanor spirit of fire teret auger
manu spirit, departed tereva fine
hwan' sponge termar- (v) to endure
ehtele' spring (season) termara endurance
tuile spring (water) tess- (v) to hold onto
koire spring, early teu'kelytha moon horse
ethir spy thalion dauntless
wandil staff thang- (v) to oppress
waen stained thanga oppression (n)
cebir stake thar across
satulwe standard (flag) thar against
elen star thar beyond, distant
gil star thar- (v) to go athwart
tindome star lit thaur abominable, abhorrent
tingilinde star, twinkling thol helm
silma starlight thon pine tree
ithildin star-moon thond root


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tindome starry evening thoron eagle
giliath stars tie direction
voronwe steadfast tiht- (v) to blink
tulunka steady tikse dot
telco stem til point
vano step tilion horned
olwen stick (n) timpe rain, misty drizzle
himba sticky (adj) tincmaeg dagger, lit.: metal-pointed
tarya stiff (adj) tinco metal
sal' still tincya chain, lit.: metal ring(s)
ondo stone tincyatost chain-mail
putta stop (punctuation) tind- (v) to glint
tampa stopper tindome star lit
arrna storm tindome starry evening
narn story tindomerel nightingale
teena' straight tinechor shield
sira stream (n) tinga flint
malle' street tingilinde star, twinkling
poldora strength, brute force tint- (v) to sparkle
beleg strong tinta sparkle (n)
tarambo stud (n) tintil- (v) to tremble
hirao student tinu daughter
ore sub-conscious tir- (v) to watch over, guard
neuro successor tiri bright
bragol sudden tirion watchtower
farea sufficient tiris town, walled
laire summer tirne brow
anar sun titta tiny (size)
anor sun tiuka fat (adj)
Tarion Sunday tiuka thick
aure sunlight tiuko thigh
romen sunrise tiuy- (v) to get fat
Anoron'Quessir Sunrise Elf tol isle
annun sunset tolk- (v) to support
solos surf tolmen hill, isolated
palme surface (n) tolos knob
tuilindo swallow (bird) tolos lump
nanda swamp tolote'hin heraldic symbol, octofoil
alqua swan tolto 8
Alqualond Swan haven tombo gong
parth sward too' wool
lisse' sweet toop- (v) to roof
arauka swift (adj) toopa roof
megil sword toror' brother


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ragil sword, claymore triall- (v) to walk
lagista sword, cutlass tu- (v) to serve
anmegil sword, long tua service (n)
lagil sword, rapier tualka immovable
aimegil sword, short tuar servant (n)
megure sword, two-handed tug vigor
megilar swordsman tugea vigorous
falmenel sylph tuile spring (water)
Taur'Quessir Sylvan Elf tuilindo swallow (bird)
Lai'Quessir sylvan elves tuim- (v) to bud
ornpirya syrup tuiy- (v) to swell
narn tale tuk- (v) to pull
halla tall tukali- (v) to tangle
moile tarn (mountain lake) tul - (v) to come
niire tear (sad, not rip) tul’re tomorrow
yaana temple tulk- (v) to establish
gorgorath terror tulma bier
tanya that tult- (v) to send for
tupsa thatch tulunka steady
i'- the (common) tulwe pole (n)
Tel' the (when expressing importance) tum valley
Aratar the exalted tumba deep
Tel'Quessir The People (elves) tumbale valley, deep
ron their tumbo vale, dark
sen them tumna profound
san' then tumpo hump
eller there tunga tight
ron they tuo muscle
tiuka thick tups- (v) to thatch
Cam'Wethrin Thief tupsa thatch
tiuko thigh tur- (v) to control
pinque thin tur- (v) to master, overmaster
nat' thing tura master (n)
anfaug thirst ture mastery (n)
fauka thirst (n) turn- (v) to govern
sina this turs- (v) to kindle
ereg thorn tursa kindling
lia thread (n) tury- (v) to wield (weapon)
nelde three tusture tinder
fenda threshold tuul- (v) to come from
langon throat tuulo' from
mahalma throne tuup- (v) to cover
sanga throng tyal- (v) to play
imya through tyalie game (fun)


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imyan'e throughout tyar- (v) to act
me'urramya thunder tyar- (v) to cause
Alduya Thursday tyaro actor
earsira tide tyaro agent
tunga tight tyav- (v) to feel (physical)
coiasira time tyel- (v) to end
luume' time tyelka agile
kaurea timid tyeller grades
latuuken tin (metal) tyen- (v) to quench
latuukenda tin, made of tyene quenched
tusture tinder tyulmi mast
titta tiny (size) tyulusse poplar tree
a' to ue fleece
a’re today uial twilight
tai' toe uile seaweed
alye' together uin whale
tul’re tomorrow ujere dull
lambe tongue ulm- (v) to mutter
carak tooth ulma muttering
telmello top ulmul- (v) to mumble
nwalma torment (n) ulu- (v) to pour, flow
at torso ulund- (v) to flood
tangaa tough ulundo deformed
tanna toward um- (v) to do
barad tower uma yes
minas tower umartempla curse (magical)
ostar town umarth bad-luck, ill fated
tiris town, walled umbar fate
mainka trade (n) undome evening
mainkar trader ungue hollow
dhaeraow traitor ungwal- (v) to torture
inge trajectory ungwe spiders web
liquis transparent unk- (v) to hollow out
neuma trap ur- (v) to heat
harma treasure ura heat (n)
orn tree ure large
Laurelin tree found in Evermeet Urime August
Fangorn tree-beard urn- (v) to warm
amalda treetop urna warmth
finde tress urnai oven
neltil triangle urnu warm
hostar tribe urra hot
fhaor tribute uruite fiery
nibin trite uruloki dragon


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rashwe trouble urya blaze
beme trumpet usin- (v) to escape
roota tube usquen- (v) to reek
Anarya Tuesday utinu son
talath tundra utu- (v) to find
yanta tunnel utune- (v) to ask
mindon turret (of castle) uu- un-
karka tusk uuaina'liante soul spider (minion of Lolth)
fimbrethil twig uum- (v) to do not
uial twilight uuner nobody
atta two uuranor fiery sun
uu- un- uuvanimo monster
ilterendi unbreakable uuve abundance, abundant
guina undead vaasa consumer
baelnorn undead elven family defender vair- (v) to weave
nu under vaira weave
morinuin Underdark vairar weaver
groda underground dwelling (n) vakh- (v) to guard
rangwa understanding (n) vakha guardian
iluov universe vakhar guardians
man- unmarred val power
n'tyene unquenched vala archangel
tenna' until Valanya Saturday
avari unwilling valar archangels
de up valasse divinity
ampenda uphill valilnore people of valar
deno' upon valin- (v) to be happy
roma uprising (n) Val'istar Archmage
horme urgent valk- (v) to be visible
lye us valya divine authority
maara useful van- (v) to walk
nal vale vanim beauty
tumbo vale, dark vanima beautiful
astald valiant vano step
tum valley vanwa over (past)
-nan valley of (append) vanya fair
tumbale valley, deep var- (v) to protect
kaane valor vara protection (n)
burro' vassal varda exalted
telluma vault varna safe
rond vaulted roof vas- (v) to consume
fanya veil vasa food (n)
sai- very ve' like
lakil victor vee' as


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lakilea victory vene dish
tug vigor vene raft
tugea vigorous ver- (v) to wed
earuile vine vera wedding (n)
orme violence verne' wife
helin violet (flower) vernien coast, beach
wenesse virginity verno' husband
elear visionary veru' married pair
ooma voice very- (v) to dare
ia void verya bold
quaina wailing (n) veryien daring
ram wall vest- (v) to swear, promise
temol wand vesta matrimony
rana wander vesta oath
quelie waning (adj) vesta promise (n)
ohta war (n) vie' manhood
urnu warm vieme' womanhood
urna warmth vilya air
ohtar warrior Viresse April
antha watchful vithel also
tirion watchtower vor- (v) to continue
alu water voronda faithful
brilthor water fall voronwe steadfast
-nen water of (append) waan- (v) to pass
neenuvar waterlily waani goose
nenda watery (adj) waara dirty
falma wave waen stained
falmar waves waht- (v) to soil, dirty, stain
liiko wax waima robe
men way wain- (v) to sheath
lye we waina sheath (n)
alma wealth wainole quiver (for arrows)
vaira weave wait- (v) to wrap
vairar weaver wandil staff
vera wedding (n) wann- (v) to disappear
Isilya Wednesday wanwa gone
enquie week wanwa lost (adj)
nia weeping (n) wanwie past (time) (n)
creoso welcome wany- (v) to depart
eithel well way- (v) to envelope
gaur werewolf wea adult
numen west wea manly
numenenya western ween freshness
nin wet weer- (v) to agree


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uin whale weera agreement (n)
mani what wen maiden
sara wheat wendele maidenhood
norn wheel wenesse virginity
iire when wenya fresh
manke where wethril shadowy
man which wethrin- (v) to deceive
re'na while wethrina deceit (n)
nim white wili- (v) to float (in air)
nim'loki white dragon Wilwarin a constellation
nimras white horn, Unicorn wilwarin butterfly
ya who winde grey, pale (adj)
mano whose windele loom
mankoi why wing foam
lann wide wing sea spray
verne' wife winya new
merka wild winyar newbie
rhovanion wilderness ya who
kaivokalma will-o'-the-wisp yaa former
tathar willow yaana holy place
sul wind yaana temple
henneth window yaara ancient
fion wine yaare former days
raama wing (n) yaavan harvest
arfaern wing leader, Army of Art yaawe gully
raamavoite winged yaiw- (v) to mock
hrive winter yal- (v) to summon
nomin wisdom yallume at last
noldo wise yaluumesse once upon a time
kuruni witch yamen' place
yassen with yana previous
hessa withered (adj) yang- (v) to yawn
yassene within yanta tunnel
avaene without yanw- (v) to join
istar wizard yaon grape
draug wolf yarr- (v) to snarl
edainme woman yarra snarling
vieme' womanhood yassen with
taur wood (forest) yassene within
tavar wood (substance) yat' neck
Taur'Quessir wood elves yatost ringmail
taurina wooden yatta isthmus
tambaro woodpecker Yavannie September
too' wool yave fruit


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beth word yavie autumn
palurin world yee eek!
harwa wound (n) yel- (v) to call
rig wreathe yel- (v) to shout
tengwa writing (n) yela shout (n)
raika wrong (adj) yelt- (v) to loathe
yen year yelta loathing
atendea year (leap) yen year
malina yellow yerna decrepit
uma yes yery- (v) to wear out
tella’re yesterday yest- (v) to begin
am' yet yesta beginning (n)
lle you yeste' first
llie you all yulm- (v) to brand
llie you all's yuln- (v) to drink
nessa young yulna drink (n)
lle yours yuul- (v) to smolder
nesse youth yuula ember
nessima youthful yuuyo both


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Roleplaying Aids

Story of the elves:

There are many creation stories of how the elven race came about. Elves and magic originated
close to the same time, and it was only later that the creation of humans, dwarves and other lesser races
came about. Although interesting, the following is where we are at today as this world often becomes a
confusing place.
There are four primary branches of the elven race, most common being the high elves, then gray
and wood elves and unfortunately, dark, drow elves. Elves tend to be a bit slimmer than most humans, and
depending upon variety, either taller or shorter than humans, but rarely an average height. They do not have
facial hair. (Although some elves have been seen with beard disguises, <not popular with our sword
The spoken language is one that is as flowing as a melodic brook. An elf may live to be older than
1,200 years and is generally about 130 before he earns the stature of being accepted as mature by other
elves. It is very rare, if ever, that an elf is ever known to pass from this life due to the wearing of years.
Before that happens, they become compelled to depart the realms of men. Where they go is uncertain.
Elves are generally not evil, with few exceptions such as the drow. Most would be considered
neutral as the world is seen more as gray or a balance of good and evil, life and death. Often times there will
be a tendency to lean towards being good, just because of the caring of others and nature.
Elves are quite handsome and have a greater appreciation for nature’s beauty, dancing and singing.
Their humor is clever, as well as is their song and poetry.
As compared to human and dwarves, elves are generally brave and not foolhardy. Their common
drink is, unless of course a good Fey wine would happen to be available <sometimes even a poor one if
given the choice of ale> that of mead, preferably heated to a blood warm temperature. Drinking to the
excess is uncommon, although there are times when a bit of Fey wine or a bit of Dwarven spirits are
misjudged. Ale is a very uncommon and somewhat bitter beverage. However some of us have traveled so
much with the dwarven clan, a slight taste has been acquired in order to become a gracious acceptor of an
offered mug.
Relationships with humans is often times distant. Whether it is by choice or that a human is often
hasty, indecisive, and comparatively short lived is questionable. Dwarves are competent allies and some
make good friends, but they have different lifestyles that are not generally compatible with elves. Elves do
not care for the caverns, caves or mines that our dwarf neighbors are so fond of.
To some other races, elves are sometimes considered aloof, snooty and frivolous and have
personalities that are impossible to fathom. In fact they are not, perhaps because of their longevity. Elves
have learned the benefits of patients before passing judgment and take time before making judgments. This
is also why the waiting period before acceptance into the Grey Company is generally one month. For an elf
to not even have patience that long sometimes shows traces of having spent to much times with the other
races and their values.
Although they do not make friends easily, elves consider oftentimes associates and friends as near
equals. An elf-friend is a very close, dear and honorary title that is difficult to earn and given to those who
are stoic, honorable and follow many elven ways. Likewise, an enemy of the elves is never forgotten,
especially the evil ones of the woods.
All and all it becomes apparent why the elves have always endured throughout the years and are
the most superior of races. With values, pure hearts, respect, honor and closely held blood ties, the elven
race will continue far long after man has gone.


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Elven holidays
Yenearsira - Winter Solstice, the Elven new year. A day of rebirth.
Sheelala - A day of games and practical jokes celebrated in early spring.
Ehtele'mele - Vernal equinox. A week of romance and song.
Faradome - Summer Solstice. A celebration of the battle between Corellon and Gruumsh One-Eye.
A night of orc hunting.
Yavieba - Autumnal equinox. A week of reflection and a time to remember those who have left this world.
Most important decisions and judgments are made during this week.

Favorite Elven Wines

Saerloonian Glowfire-pale wine, luminous, taste reminiscent of pears.
Saerloonian Topaz-yellow amber wine w/ nutty quality and bold fruit overtones.
Mead-sweet wine of fermented honey.
Elverquisst- a ruby-colored liquor magically distilled from sunshine and rare summer fruits. Utterly
smooth, the liquor is nonetheless flecked with gold and has an iridescence of both color and
flavor. It is highly prized at all times, but in the autumn rituals it is savored as if it is the gift
of one final, perfect summer day.
Evermead-THE elven mead, imported from evermeet. The one to which all others are compared
and found wanting
Clarry-table wine blend sweetened w/ honey and spices.
Arabellan Dry-fine red wine, very dry woodsy overtones and a slight berry taste.
Berdruskan Dark-heavy sweet and burning, almost black, HIGH alcohol content.
Morimatra-a spiced wine favored by the Drow.

Other Items Of Interest

Kholiast-elven card game consisting of a 1000 card deck, dice and a very difficult method of counting
points. A high elf favorite.
Shalaquin-long necked elven instrument, plucked or strummed string tension is controlled by a
ratcheting wheel.


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The Grey Company
GUILD MOTTO: With the ancient is wisdom; and in lengths of days understanding.

Captain: Thranduil Graywolf

Lieutenant: Lightheart
Priestess: Coriadae Draugenmith
Swordmaster: Allanen Elendil
Chronicler: Brisid Celemegil
Councilor: Talanithus Tarant
Councilor: Glorfindle

MEMBERSHIP: Approximately 30 Elves

STATUS: Private
REQUIREMENTS: Non evil and of Elven Blood.

The Grey Company represents Elven interests here, particularly the security of Yew as a port of call for
Elven vessels. The company provides an Elven society, forming friendships among the Elves here,
bestowing upon those worthy the titles of Elflord (Aredhel or Etriel), and titling the most esteemed outsiders
Elf-Friend. The company encourages Elven role-playing, adventures, and battle, and provides a resource for
Elven information.

Founded in the fall of 1992 in the lands around Neverwinter, the Grey Company was sanctioned in
December of that year, then attained Private Status one year later. The Company strives to incite exciting
adventures and role-playing.


All eves follow the way- "No Elf shall do intentional harm to another Elf, and except in a case where an Elf
acts with malicious intent, he shall be helped by other Elves." This pact protects all those of Elven blood.
Any Elf found to be in violation of the Way through action or inaction shall be cast out (N'Tel Quess).

Most Grey Company Elves do not engage in PVP, preferring to adventure to the unknown reaches of the
world peacefully. Of course, there are notable exceptions. In all things, the Company encourages each Elf
to decide for themselves where they will stand, then stand there proudly.

Prospective members must complete the following:
1) Post an application containing a role playing history in the Guild public folder.
2) Spend time with the elves of the Company, be it adventuring or drinking in an Inn.
3) Obtain the sponsorship of a current member of the Grey Company.

If your application is accepted, you will be granted private access to the guild hall.


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Elves who show particular talents or perform certain duties beyond expectations are granted titles.

Professional Honors

Warrior - Ohtar
Wizard - Istar
Healer - Amandil
Rogue - Wethril

Performance Honors

Elflord - Aredhel
Elflady - Etriel
Scout - Ethir
Golden Warrior - Ar’Ohtar
Golden Eagle - Ar’Tauron
Scholar - Sintar

Lywnis Autumnleaf Othar, Istar, Wethril, Sintar, Ethir
Arrow Landsrest Aredhel, Sintar
CarnalDave Aredhel, Captain
Wild Wil Aredhel
Culindar Aredhel
Thranduil Graywolf Aredhel, Ethir, Ar'Ohtar, Ar'Tauron
Coriadae Ohtar
Riklaun Sambria Bladesinger, Swordsmaster
Elenlanta Ranar
Wal i'Atya
Laerithil Irithyl

>>>>-------------------------------------> Tel’Mithrim <-------------------------------------<<<<

Copyright © 1998-2001 The Grey Company. All Rights Reserved.


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