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Tawheed is What You Need

Allahour Lordis One but not like a number. Allah is God alone and there is no other. Allah is without peers, partners, or parts. Allah is free of time and has no start. Allah was before any of the creations were. Allah isnt subject to timelike all the things that occur. For time: it comes and it has to pass. The present is nowbut it cant last. The past has come and gone and the futures yet to be. Being defined by time is a fact of our reality. Now time and change are both related: Time measures change and is initiated. God doesnt changefor a change must begin. It has to commence and it comes to an end. Start and change apply to all the created. And thats what Imam Al-Junayd clearly stated. Tawheed is What You Need Now, the atheists, they have Allahs worse curse*: For reason witnesses there is a Creator for this universe. All the creation stands as proof manifest That there is One God for all in existence.

Allahs existence is confirmed by the sound mind. But the sound mind knows that in it Gods not confined. For God was before the colors, light, or darkness. And Gods not a reflection or image grasped by the senses. Allah is Uniquethat is, completely Incomparable. Totally different, Gods Reality is unfathomable. Allah is not a picture or form to imagine or conceive. And this is an essential concept every Muslim has to believe. Tawheed is What You Need Allah was before the here or there The in or on the when or where Allah has no origin and has no compare. Allah is not like the bodies or their properties. Allah has no shape, or form, or extremities. Allah is not in motion nor is Allah still: For all movement and rest exists by His Will. Allah is Adh-Dhahir and Al-Batin. Nothing exists above or under Him* Or to the front, rear, or sides Allah needs no place in which to reside. Allahs not measured by a volume or quantity. And Allah is not a material or ethereal entity. Allah is not a light, soul or spirit.

Allah exists without a placealthough mushriks hate to hear it. Allah is greater than all human conception. Unlike us, Allah is without time, place, or direction. Allah is Al-Ghaniyy and Al-Qayyum. Allah has no need for anythingincluding, space or room. Allah has no consort, daughter, or son. And Allahs not a body out of which things come. Allah wasnt bornnor did Allah bear or sire. Allah doesnt sit or descend and Allah doesnt tire. No size, image, or limitsGods not in a dimension. Allah exists without a placeits a sign of Gods Perfection. Tawheed is What You Need Allah knows what was, is, and all futurity. Nothing is hidden from Allah or held in obscurity. Allah has the Perfect Power and immutable Will. Allah gives life and death and makes one well or ill. Good and bad both happen by Gods Decree. So, whatever Allah wills, it will certainly be. All occurs by Allahs Knowledge, Will, and Might. The Creator of all has the Perfect Hearing and Sight. Allah has Life without organs, flesh, or soul. Allah is Eternal and doesnt age, rest, or get old.

Allah is An-Nurto the light of Faith God Guides. But Allahs not an illumination that fills up the earth and skies. God is Onetotally beyond compare or need. This is the Message of all the Prophetsand the essence of Tawheed.