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Amiot Family News

Your Missionaries to Costa Rican Students

Summer 2011

A Season of Planting

We participated in a leadership retreat sponsored by the National Youth Department. We made connections with student leaders at several Universities in other cities around Costa Rica.

Our team from Florida hiked out to a remote tribe where there is a small church. The team did an adult service and a kids service. They were a great encouragement to this little church.

Our ChiAlpha team from the U of Colorado made some key contacts on the campus of the U of Costa Rica. We held our first Bible Study on the Campus that week!

These are some of the UCR students we met and spent the week with. Pray that these relationships will be fruitful and will lead to Salvations!

Our team from Orlando, FL did a Childrens Outreach Event for a local church. By Sunday the pastors own father had accepted the Lord!

We have had 3 solid months of non-stop ministry and we are excited to see what the Lord is growing and forming. We continue to follow Gods lead and walk through the open doors He gives us. We continue to build the bridge of relationship from both ends ministering to University students and Local pastors. Keep us in your prayers as we work on relationship building.

Summer is the season of missions teams and we love having them. As youth pastors we saw the life changing difference that a missions trip can make in the students who go, and as missionaries we have the pleasure of seeing the changes that can be made when a missions team comes. This spring the Lord opened doors for us on the University of Costa Rica (UCR) campus using a Chi Alpha Team from Colorado State University. God blessed and encouraged a struggling, bi-vocational pastor and his church through a team from Faith A/G in Orlando, Florida. And a team of basketball players from Minnesota criss-crossed the country helping us make connections with professional athletes, students and school principals from the capital to the coast. We praise God for the connections he has given us, the open doors He provided, and the way the Gospel is going forth through unconventional methods. God uses missions teams and we are thankful for the unique blessing that each team brings to our field. Keep praying for the seeds that have been planted. Pray for: *Meaningful friendships with University Students, Faculty and Administrators on UCR and other private Universities. *Effective partnerships with local pastors who have a passion to reach young people in their communities. *Divine opportunities to share the gospel with the friends we have made- Because thats what this is all about!

Enrique is our bus driver. He is a wonderful Christian who enjoys participating in all our ministries.

This Doesnt Happen Without You

Friends, we need your help. Our cash budget is dangerously low and we need some miraculous provisions. When the cash budget gets too low there is no money for ministry projects- in addition, our personal salary is cut. If this continues for too long, a missionary simply can not stay on the field for the entire 4 year term. We know that times are hard back home and that we arent the only missionaries feeling the pinch. We trust the Lord with every worry and know that He is the source of our Daily Bread. He wont leave us stranded and without the resources to do what Hes called us to do. On average we are running $1,000 short of our monthly need. We are initiating a goal to raise $1,000 in new pledges over the course of the next 3 months. It would only take 100 new supporters at $10.00 each to complete this goal. Would you consider what you could do? We did a similar goal during our itineration with tremendous success and we are once again believing the Lord for a divine provision. If you would like to help please contact us at josh.amiot@agmd.org Thank you for your generous support both financially and in prayer! Together we can accomplish the work of the Lord of the Harvest!

Josh talking to students at our Proyecto U table at the National Youth Leaders Retreat.

Josh and two of our closest pastor-friends, Daniel (L) and Ema (R). Pastor Ema organizes a national school ministry on several campuses around the country.