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Name : __________________________________________________ Form : 2____________________ RATIO, RATES AND PROPORTIONS 1 (MT F2) The paper consists of 10 subjective questions.

Show all your work. 1. Dahlia wants to get cakes and curry puffs 5. The ratio of Form 2 students who wear for a party in the ratio 15 : 8. She requires spectacles to those who do not in a 1380 cakes and curry puffs altogether. school is 4 : 13. If 48 students wear Calculate the number of curry puffs. spectacles, find the number of students who do not wear spectacles.

2. The ratio of the number of guests in a hotel to the number of hotel staff is 35:9. 6. The ratio of the number of books in three If the total number of guests and hotel boxes, P, Q and R is 7 : 5 : 4. The sum of staff is 528, calculate the number of the number of books in box P and Q is guests. more than the number of books in box R by 56. Find the total number of books in the three boxes.

3. Given that 14 : 5 = 98 : x, find the value of x. 7. The total cost of three tennis rackets, R, S and T is RM 850. The cost of the tennis rackets S and T are in the ratio 6 : 7. If the tennis racket R costs RM 200, the cost of the tennis racket T is

4. A box contains 100 pens. 48 of them are red, 20 of them are blue and the rest are black. Find the ratio of blue pens to black pens.

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Name : __________________________________________________ Form : 2____________________

8. 20 cm M N O 75 cm MNOP is a straight line. Given that MN : NP = 4 : 11, the length of OP, in cm is P

9. The number of stamps owned by Suneer, Nisham and Jack are in the ratio 5 : 6 :7. The total number of stamps is 540. Nisham gives 50 of his stamps to Suneer and 40 stamps to Jack. The new ratio of Suneers, Nishams and Jacks stamps is


105 cm

The diagram above shows a triangle RTV with RT : TV : VR = 17 : 10 : 21. RT is longer than TV by

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