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Functionality at a glance Student

Student is the heart of the college, and so is heart of this system also. This system makes the life of the student at SPCC easy. All functionality in this system revolves around the student. The Functionality available to student is listed below and explained precisely. This is to help the students to navigate through the system easily and in a user friendly manner. Functionality available to students: a. My Home b. My library i. Search A Media ii. My library Records c. E Learning i. Courses ii. Assignments iii. Online Exams iv. Quizzes v. Question Bank vi. Lecture Notes d. My Profile e. Examinations f. Departments g. Attendance h. Newsletter i. Events j. Student Forms k. Feedback/ Complaint l. FAQ m. E Mail n. My Targets o. News & Notices p. Discussion Forum

a. My Home: Currently My Home link refers to your user profile. When you sign in to the system, it will take you to this page. And if you click on Back to Home link from any other page, it will lead you to this page. From this page you will not be able to update your profile. For updating your profile you need to go on My Profile page. b. Library: Student can search a book online, reserve it. Also he/ she can look at the reserved and issued media with the help of My Library quick link. I. Search a Media: Students can search the existing media per section and reserve any of them online. II. My Library Records: From the quick links drop down, after selecting the My Library link, students are able to check which media they have reserved or issued. Also the return date along with the fine amount if applicable for all media is also mentioned on this page. c. E Learning: Students can check the existing courses, respective subjects, their topics & lecture notes, solve online exams, quizzes, assignments and question bank online in the E Learning package of the SPCC system. I. Courses: In the courses link, students will get the list of all courses, respective subjects per course, topics and their lecture notes per subject. Students can only view the courses, subjects, topics and lecture notes. Lecture notes can be downloaded and saved on their computers. II. Assignments: Students can view assignments created by the teachers for the subjects taught by them. Also they can post their responses which are sent to the respective teachers. III. Online Exams: Students can solve online exams. For objective exams, scores are displayed then and there. However, for subjective exams, the student needs to select the teachers name for sending the answers to him/ her. The respective teacher will receive an email informing the same. IV. Quizzes: Students can solve online quizzes given by teachers at the scheduled time. V. Question Bank: Students can refer the previous years question papers. They can download the question papers as and when required. VI. Lecture Notes: Considering the importance of lecture notes, there is separate link to access the lecture notes. Students can view the lecture notes and download them for their reference with the help of this link. d. My Profile: Students are able to view and update their profile online from this link. They can change their address details and career interests. e. Examinations: I. My Exam Schedule: All students are able to view the exam schedule per exam. II. Exam Result: Also they can view their results online through this link.

f. Departments: Along with all other users, students are able to view all departmental web pages, faculties of respective department, their profiles and departmental news and notices. News and notices pertaining to a particular department are displayed on that department page. g. Attendance: The students can view their monthly as well as semester wise attendance reports. Apart from this students can send an excuse description for not attending any lecture. This excuse description is stored in the database and is displayed in the report to teachers. h. Newsletter: Students can view the newsletters categorized according to the departments. The recent newsletters contain the newsletters of two months. I.e. current month and previous month. They can also view the older newsletters with the help of archived link on the same page. i. Events: Along with all other users, students can view the events in the current month on this page. The previous months events can be viewed through the Archived link on the same page. j. Student Forms: Various forms like Migration Form, Exam form, Duplicate mark list Form is available online to the students to download. k. Feedback / Complaint: The students can give their feedback about the site or anything in the college campus with the help of this screen. This feedback is recorded in the database and an E Mail goes to Feedback/Complaint group mail box. The concerned authority from SPCC will deal with the feedback. l. Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains the frequently required help to the users. These are general questions regarding the usage of the system. m. C Mail: This is a link to the mailbox of the individual users of the SPCC system. n. My Targets: This is a link to the Grade Tracking system. Once the student clicks on this link, he/ she will get a screen with his/ her reports available. This information includes Students targets, previous academic details, his/ her activities done in e Learning package, his/ her library transactions, the web pages he/she has visited on the system, and lastly the attendance report of the student. The student needs to assign targets for him /her per exam which his / her mentor can change after discussion. These reports help the teachers to analyze the performance of the student and his/ her key strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvements, career interests. Teacher can guide the student according to their needs and set the targets for them accordingly. o. Admission: The academic life of student starts with the admission. In the header navigation, Admission link is available. Here the student can get the information about the admission process in the college, the courses brochures, Loan facility, and accommodation information. The student can apply online for desired course. He / She can change his / her application form also. p. Quick Links: These are the frequently used links of the system. These are listed below.

I. My Exam Schedule: The students are able to see the exam schedule with the help of this link. II. My Class Schedule: This link refers to the class schedule of the student. The student gets the class schedule only for his /her elected subjects. The class schedule contains the Course name, subject, block number and the lecture notes available for that scheduled lecture. The student can download the lecture notes from the class schedule. III. My Library Records: This links gives the student information of the issued and reserved books by him/ her. The return date of the issued media as well as fine amount if applicable is also mentioned on this screen. IV. My Attendance: This link refers to the attendance reports of the student. Same link is available in the left navigation also. q. News & Notices: Along with all other users, students can view the news and notices in the window at right corner of home page. The previous months notices can be viewed through the Archived link on the same window. All departmental news and notices are displayed in the respective departments page. If you select any of the scrolling news, it will open in a new page. r. Discussion Forum: Students can create new discussion forum which is published immediately on respective page. They can be created for a particular department, course or for all users. However, their request goes to their mentor for approval. Once the mentor approves the request, it gets published on the respective page. So all teachers who are mentors will receive discussion forum approval requests. s. Other Information: The homepage contains other information like institute information, infrastructure of the college, Sports facility of the college; careers information etc.